Washing machine LG malfunction IE What does it mean

What does error 1e (IE) mean in the LG washing machine

So that unpleasant surprises no longer arise, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions in order to prevent breakdown. How to prevent an error?

First of all, you need to make sure whether water is brought up to the washing machine correctly. Sometimes the wrong installation becomes the root cause of the problem.

washing, machine, malfunction, does

It is recommended to clean the mesh filter of the washing machine at least 1 time a year, as well as the hose through which water comes. They tend to block. This is fast enough, and the result will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the LG machine.

In order to prevent breakdowns of electronic system systems, it is necessary to pay attention to power supply. It must be debugged

This will ensure even operation of all electrical engineering. If there is no stability of electric supply, it is recommended to use a special electricity stabilizer for technology.

At least once a year, it is necessary to clean a special sensor of water volume. press.

It is necessary to monitor the serviceability of the valves, with which the typewriter opens access to water. They must be working and easy to move.

It is advisable to monitor the quality of the incoming water. The durability of many parts of the washing machine depends on this. If necessary, it is recommended to use special products to soften water.

It is necessary to make it a rule to place things with empty s in the washing machine, as well as make sure that outsiders do not get inside. This will cause a breakdown, the elimination of which can be complex and expensive.

Flexing for the electronic system of washing machine may be forced stopping the washing process. It is worth remembering that such an action is extremely undesirable.

The washing machine, like any equipment, is not eternal, but you can make its service life as long as possible. To do this, you need to take prevention measures, eliminate the malfunctions in time and other problems in the work

It is also important to observe safety measures during the operation of equipment and do not leave the washing machine to work completely unattended. IE error in the LG washing machine, regardless of the causes of its occurrence, means that the unit does not have enough water to launch the washing or rinsing process

Remember that if the process of independent elimination causes difficulty, or you do not know where to start, the best option would be to call an experienced master.

How to eliminate the problem

To independently eliminate the malfunction, you need to perform several actions that do not require special knowledge. Where to start if the error is not connected either with the pressure of water, much less with its absence in the house.

The first step to eliminate the machine malfunction is to turn it off and re.enable. If, after secondary inclusion, the sound of the water bay in the tank is not heard, then it is recommended to start studying the causes of a failure from the Aquastop hose. It is necessary to understand whether the defense from the leak has worked. If the indicator on the block shows that the protection worked, then the hose must be replaced.

Then you should examine the hose for the lack of compression or other effect on it and go to cleaning the filter. To do this, you need to block the water supply valve and unscrew the hose to set it. At the junction of the hose with the case of the machine there is a filter from a mesh, the microscopic holes of which may have been clogged. For cleaning, you need to lower the net for 30-40 minutes into a solution with citric acid, followed by flushing running water. After installing the grid in place and connecting the hose, you need to make sure that E1 error has disappeared.

To do this, you need to partially disassemble the smell. Turning off the washing machine from communication joints, remove the top cover to find the inlet valve. Inspect the wire going to it, and the multimeter is tested. If a malfunction is detected, it is necessary to replace the valve.

If the malfunction is associated with the control module, then its repair is recommended to be entrusted to the master.

The main malfunctions of the LG washing machines

According to statistics, breakdown of LG washing machines with direct drive occurs after five years of operation. To understand where to start searching for a malfunction, we will analyze how the direct.wheel drive cm and standard machine work.

Look at the LG washing machine circuit:

In the first case, the drum rotation is provided using a drive belt. In the second. the drum rotates the engine directly. Such a motor also does not have brushes that constantly wear out. With a breakdown, you immediately determine that the reason is in the motor, and not adjacent details.

We dismantled the principle of operation, now we will consider which nodes most often fail:

  • Heating element (TEN). You notice that washing passes in cold water, the powder is poorly dissolved and leaves stains on clothes. You can make sure the heating fault can be made by measuring its resistance by the tester.
  • The failure of the press. The pressure sensor controls the amount of water in the tank: when it breaks, you may notice a constant self.sophisticated, or the system signals about water overflow. Repair and replacement of the sensor can be done with your own hands.
  • Bearings and seals. With the wear of driving elements, you will hear a roar, noise when working washing. It’s easy to learn about it yourself: twist the drum with your hand, if you hear a rattle, then the matter is in the bearing.
  • Electronics often suffers from voltage drops. The main module rarely breaks, the wires and terminals are more often burned.
  • Drain pump. Its design in LG lg is such that the drain system is often clogged. Therefore, if you notice that the washer does not drain water, it is necessary to check the pump.
  • Problems with the input valve also arise. It is quite possible to repair Elji’s washing room with your own hands by replacing this element.

Useful tips

Pull out the power plug out of the outlet (de.energize the SMA). withstand pause for 15 minutes. perform the re.start of the washing machine.

If LG showed the malfunction code again, look for the cause of the problem.

The inclusion of household appliances controlled by electronics through the stabilizer will level the risks of failures due to false errors.

Identifying LG Error Codes and Problems

  • The absence of a multimeter in the house is not a reason to call the master. It is possible to determine the compliance of the power parameters with a normative requirement without a device, turning on another household appliance “filled” with electronics. If it works incorrectly, “failing”, then the LG error is the result of problems with the energy supply of the object. When using an autonomous source, to control the work generated parameters, to adjust.
  • Start diagnosing a washing machine with water drainage. Searching for the reasons for the error, LG will have to be tilt. There is a risk that the fluid remaining in the tray, hydraulic system will flood the control board, connectors, nodes and mechanisms. This is done in a few ways, as more convenient: through the hatch (by choosing manually), an emergency hose, a plum pipe. see the instructions for “your” washing machine.
  • LG brand technique is reliable. You should start a search for the cause of the washing machine breakdown by checking the joints, the integrity of the train. In the work of the smell vibrates, dampness affects the nodes. Errors are often caused by violation of contacts, cliffs or short circuits in electrical circuits.
  • If the measures taken did not give a positive result, evaluate the state of the control of the washing machine. errors are formed by this block. What to do, at the end of the article.

List of errors LG

Indication: an error message in LG washing machines that do not have a display is indicated by signal bulbs.

le, le error code, Lg error code LE, washing machine error code le

Code interpretation: emptying the Tank of the washing machine for the time provided by the program (5-8 minutes, depending on the LG series) is not completed.

What to check

  • Drain sleeve. An excess, a cavity clogged with dirt prevents water from the LG tank. Fix, rinse, error will withdraw.
  • Sewage. Blockage in it is the cause of the code. If the LG hose is attached to the siphon under the sink, then the knee is often “guilty”. The problem is solved by cleaning. Turn on the mixer in the bathroom, kitchen, evaluate how speed the water leaves (or is it if it is a cork in the pipe). It will become clear in which area the accumulation of garbage.
  • The condition of the filter. For the convenience of the user, the device is equipped with a handle.

Removed easily. twisting. In order not to fill the floor with the remains of dirty fluid, substitute the bath, turn the filter on a banded, wait for water flowing.

Open the door on the lower panel of the LG washing machine

washing, machine, malfunction, does

Remove the drainage plug of the LG washing machine

Remove all extraneous items from the LG washing machine filter

  • The “garbage” that came from the LG tank (buttons, fibers, coins) is removed).
  • The filter is washed with warm water. Do not use hot. housing plastic and sealing cuff at high temperatures are subject to deformation.
  • Inspect. Lime deposits on the filter frame are not uncommon, especially with “hard” water. You can get rid of mechanical cleaning after exposure in a concentrated citric acid solution (5-6 hours).
  • Level sensor. In the event of a malfunction of the pressostat, LG gives an error even with an empty tank, and when the program is re.starting, the water is not gained. The upper panel is removed to access the device.

The sensor is not subject to restoration, when a breakdown is rejected. Frequent cause of the error. the clogged cavity or deformation of the capillary (puncture, crack). Inspect, clean, LG washing machine error will be removed. Verify the good condition of the connector, a dense connection.

To check the level sensor, remove the phone, put the same, but longer. To the conclusions. tester probes in measurement mode R (Ohm). The end of the capillary is clamped with lips, breaths and exhalations are made. If the press starts is working, characteristic clicks are heard, and the resistance changes from urb to 0.

  • water pump. LG drain pump is rarely broken, but with intensive operation of the washing machine, it causes an error. Inspect, clean nozzles, transitional knee. Dirt, gradually layering on the walls, reduces the. The speed of the fluid duct drops, and the lump does not have time to drain the water for the time allotted by the program.

Indication with bulbs: flashes (burn) LEDs of washing, rinsing, temperature (all).

Code interpretation: no hatch lock. An error appears when launch LG or in the process of working out the cycle.

washing, machine, malfunction, does
  • Loading. A significant amount of linen prevents the tight closure of the door. Take out a part of things from the tank of the washing machine, and the mistake will be removed.
  • The cuff. Wear, gap, displacement of the RTI. the causes of the appearance of the LG code. Replace or adjust the hatch seal.
  • The handle of the door. With breakdown, loose closing, the automation gives an error. It is eliminated by the replacement of the part.
  • Loop.Often, to eliminate the error, there is enough adjustment to the puffing screws. It does not work. replace.
  • Lock. Performance is disturbed due to mechanical damage, displacement of the tongue, a foreign body entering the hole. Sometimes LG error disappears after repeated closing the hatch.
  • Ub. The device gives a signal to the control control board. Its absence is the reason for the error of the washing machine. If, after removing the voltage from LG and cooling the bimetallic plate, the hatch does not open, the reason is in the mechanical part of the ubble. Contact group is checked by the tester. When measuring the resistance between the “neutral” and the “phase” of a good UBB, the device will show a three.digit number. 0 or urb. a sign of a malfunction, the cause of the error. Castle of the washing machine is changing.

Calling the master is not required

If, in case of error, IE becomes clear that the breakdown of parts is unlikely, and most likely the reason lies in a one.time electronics failure, water supply violation, but does not concern mechanical damage, that is, the probability that the problem can be solved independently.

If the unit requires professional replacement of parts, work with the “electronic brain” of the machine and certain skills, it is recommended to call a proven repair master. There are situations where it is better to entrust the repair to a professional, so as not to aggravate the malfunction and not increase the cost of repairs at times. The cost of such repairs may depend on the model of the LG washing machine, the service life, as well as on the number of manipulations and replaced parts.

We eliminate the error on our own

To get rid of the mistake yourself, you need to clearly try to identify the cause of its occurrence:

  • We check the presence of water supply. If this is a planned or emergency disconnection of water, then we simply wait for the restoration of water supply;
  • We pay attention to the valve that supplies water directly into the car. The problem will be eliminated if it is in the right (open) position;
  • We look at the pressure of water. IE error may appear with weak pressure. To normalize the operation of the washing machine, it is necessary to restore good water pressure;
  • We straighten and check for the integrity of the hose, leading water to the typewriter;
  • We clean the filter grid through which water enters the drum of the washing machine. It can be clogged with small litter, which is contained in tap water. Remove the filter, rinse it. You can soak the mesh in a solution of citric acid for 30-60 minutes;
  • We pay attention to the water fence valve. To do this, remove the cover of the washing machine, check the presence of rusty areas, use a special measuring device (multimeter). Its display is normal to show the value from 2 to 4 kOhm;
  • If there is a malfunction in the sensor of the water level (press start), it is necessary to check it for the presence of a blockage. Когда трубочка набивается мусором, вода не может поступить в барабан, а машина не может начать стирать. Here you can also apply measurement by a multimeter;
  • Check the presence of a failure in the electronic module: turn off the machine from the network, wait a few minutes (experts recommend at least fifteen) and connect it again. Thus, a peculiar restart of the system occurs. If this does not help, you need to inspect the block. If there are malfunctions in it, dark dashes will be visible, which are a sign of burning.

Elimination of error IE

With a breakdown, you must first understand why this is what happened. If the water is gained, then you will have to change the press. How to eliminate the error, you need to know each owner of the LG washing machine. If the liquid is not heard, then it is necessary to check the hose first, since it could beg. Clogs often arise, for this it will be necessary to clean it. It will be necessary to completely remove the hose and rinse it well.

The filter is also clogged with dirt, there is a net in the valve. It will be necessary to clean. The first thing to do is completely disable water. Then remove the hose and gently pull out the filter. Rinse the net thoroughly and put in place. You need to do it also for prevention.

There are cases that the valve breakdown occurs, and it will need to be replaced. You can conduct this procedure yourself, you will only need to purchase a suitable part and correctly install it. To do this, you need to take and disconnect the flood hose, then remove the washer cover. At the same time, unscrew the two bolts that hold the valve and turn it off from the pipes.

Next, check in what condition the elastic band, because they are a common cause, because of them a failure occurs in work. If this happens, it is necessary to replace the elastic bands, but it happens that the problem is to break down the electronics of the valve. Then you will need to purchase and install a new part.

The press starts controls the fluid level in the tank, and if there are any problems, then error 1e appears. If the details have occurred, then the repair is impossible, it is necessary to purchase a new. You can check if the press starts can be used using an oscilloscope. Oxidation of wires and contacts may also be, in order to correct the problem, it is necessary to process the means. The control module can also fail, because it is responsible for all the work of SMA lg. In this case, it will be necessary to purchase or flash the module. It is not recommended to do this independently, since in such matters only an experienced master should understand.

If the washer is connected incorrectly, then there may be a fluid leak from the tank. Then a failure occurs and an error Ie appears on the screen. To solve the problem, you will need to make the correct installation of the LG washing machine.

If all methods have been tried and failed to correct the breakdown on your own, then it is best to contact a professional. He will help to find the reason and eliminate it. Many do not even realize that if you do the repair of modular control themselves, then a washing machine can get out of order. The best option would be to call a master who is versed in this well.

There are still such cases when an error 1e appears due to some simple reasons:

  • A person forgets that he closed the crane and water does not enter the washing machine. It is necessary to check whether it is closed.
  • It happens that there is no water in the tap. Perhaps there were some kind of malfunction in water supply.
  • It often happens that the shut.off valve is not completely open, therefore, the washing room for a long time gains water and eventually gives out an error.
  • You need to try to restart the machine and turn it off for 10 minutes and turn it on again. There may be a slight failure in modular control.

Therefore, you do not need to have a panic if an error has appeared on the display, it is possible to eliminate it quite simply. It happens, of course, and such that repairs are needed, but do not be upset, because the main thing is that after eliminating the breakdown, the LG machine will work again. The most important thing will be to find a good specialist.

Prevention of breakdowns

To prevent breakdowns, you must follow some rules. First of all, it is necessary to clean the filter and hose once a year. This will not take much time, but the car will last a long time. You need not to forget to put a stabilizer for a washing machine. This is necessary so that the voltage is stable, and then the control module and other parts will not be subject to voltage surge.

Strongly affects the work of washing water quality and assembly. But if all the prevention rules are respected, the washing machine will serve durable. Many experts say that it is preferably regularly every two years to disassemble and watch all the details in good condition. You can do this both independently and call the master.

First of all, before you need to check your s, because if something gets stuck in the drum, this will lead to a breakdown. Do not often put washing at high temperature, so the LG machine will last less. Do not forget after the washing room washed to open the lid and wipe the drum dry. It is important to remember that it is undesirable to interrupt the wash. This can lead to a complete breakdown of the electronic module. Do not leave the house on time of the washing machine, as there are times that the machine is out of order and this leads to serious consequences.

washing, machine, malfunction, does

Many do not know what to do if a breakdown has already happened. You do not need to engage in repair on your own if there is no experience in this matter. The best option would be to cause a good specialist so that he himself understands the breakdown. It is better to pay immediately for repairs than then only to aggravate the problem and as a result, work will cost more.

What does the specific code IE or 1E mean?

IE- Error code

The IE code indicates the impossibility of at the moment of the LG washing machine to type water during the time programmed in the control unit. You can independently eliminate the malfunction or invite a highly professional specialist in the repair of the washing machine. The causes of malfunctions are possible, requiring high qualifications of the master, the number of which is more than one.

IE error in the LG machine. the effects of independent repair, how to get the result?

  • The LG washing machine very often slowly picks up water with a weak pressure of water in the water supply! This often happens when plumbing services are turned off and then it begins to connect it. You need to wait for a good pressure of water, and the question will disappear by itself.
  • Perhaps you were turned off the water, and today the water is simply absent, as a result of which the machine does not turn on, the motor works, but the water is not gained! Alas, this is not so! Then see p.3.
  • Very often in the apartment or house the crane is blocked or the water flow hose to the washing machine is turned off. Carry out check and turn the shut.off valve “until the stop”. In addition, you need to check all the hoses, perhaps in some place it is sold.
  • Check the filter set for the presence of contaminants! It is necessary to rinse and clean the filter grid, you can use lemon water. The filter is located at the place of connection of the pouring hose to the washing machine.

Important! Try to turn off the LG machine from the network for 15 minutes, and turn it on in the outlet again. Sometimes it helps!

The reasons

Good news is that IE error does not always sign up about the breakdown of the washing machine. Usually she informs the owner that the pressure of the water is too weak. The common causes of error are such.

  • Utility services turned off the water supply. You should immediately check if there are problems with plumbing. Perhaps repair work is underway in the area, so the water supply is disconnected.
  • The tap was blocked immediately in front of the launch of the washing machine. It is worth remembering that it is the lack of pressure that most often causes this error. You should check all the places where the water can be blocked on the way to the washing machine. If the taps were closed, then it is enough to open them, and the operation of the equipment will resume.
  • The tap is not enough before the machine hose. In this case, the technique receives too weak pressure of water, which is simply not enough for full work. You should always completely open the crane in front of the hose.
  • The water supply hose is spoiled or bent. Check the connection of the equipment to the pipes. It happens that the hose is too much, in this case, the washing machine simply cannot pick up water. If there is damage on the tube, then it is necessary to replace it. With a new hose, the technique will again receive water in the right volume, and the error will leave.
  • The filter clogged. The net caps various garbage, does not allow it to get into the tank of the washing machine. If it clogs, then the liquid simply does not seep. Should periodically check and clean the filter under running water. In some cases, to remove dirt, you need to use additional cleaners. Before you remove the mesh, it is necessary to block the water supply.

In most cases, the absence of water or weak pressure is associated with easily eliminated problems.

Before disconnecting any parts of the washing machine, it is necessary to de-energize it, so it will be much safer. If there is water in the pipes, then before turning off the hose, it is necessary to block the feed.

Diagnose LG Front-load Washer. IE Error Code

In some cases, the taps for disconnecting water break and open until the end. You just need to replace the design so that the washing machine receives the right pressure.

How to eliminate?

Typically, the solution to the problem is to resume the supply of water or strengthen the pressure. It happens that manipulations do not help. This means that the error is related to equipment breakdown. Sometimes repairs can be done independently, but in some cases you will have to contact specialists. Here are the types of breakdowns and the way to solve.

  • Typically, the problem is related to a malfunction of the filling valve. It is this part that guarantees fluid flow into the tank. The breakdown is manifested in the fact that the water does not enter, because the valve simply does not open. In rare cases, the opening is too small, and the liquid comes in insufficient quantities. To solve the problem, the valve needs to be changed. It is worth noting that in normal working condition the part is always in a closed position. The discovery occurs only when it is necessary to get water.
  • Pressostat can break. This part is a sensor that controls the water level inside the tank. Pressostat electronic and generates a current of a certain frequency. With a filled tank, the indicator should reach 24.6 kHz. If the value is different, then the corresponding error appears. To eliminate the malfunction, you must first blow the phone. It happens that she just clogs. If the manipulation did not help, then the sensor must be replaced with a new. To repair the washing machine, you will have to contact a specialist.
  • In rare cases, an electronic controller breaks. This is a small microcircuit that controls the washing machine. With such a problem you will have to contact the service center. Usually the part can simply be repaired. It is enough to solder the details that burned out. However, in some situations, the controller must be replaced.
  • The cause of the error may be spontaneous flow of water from the tank. This can happen if the washing machine is incorrectly connected to the sewage system. It turns out that the water goes right after it comes. The program sees an error and displays it on the screen, stopping the work.
  • In some cases, an IE error appears on the screen as a result of a software failure. To solve the problem, just turn off the power for 15 minutes. After repeated inclusion, the equipment should start working as usual. Be sure to click on the shutdown button before pulling out the power cord from the outlet.

Error codes LG washing machines

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What does the specific code IE or 1E mean?

The IE code indicates the impossibility of at the moment of the LG washing machine to type water during the time programmed in the control unit. You can independently eliminate the malfunction or invite a highly professional specialist in the repair of the washing machine. The causes of malfunctions are possible, requiring high qualifications of the master, the number of which is more than one.

IE error in the LG machine. the effects of independent repair, how to get the result?

  • The LG washing machine very often slowly picks up water with a weak pressure of water in the water supply! This often happens when plumbing services are turned off and then it begins to connect it. You need to wait for a good pressure of water, and the question will disappear by itself.
  • Perhaps you were turned off the water, and today the water is simply absent, as a result of which the machine does not turn on, the motor works, but the water is not gained! Alas, this is not so! Then see p.3.
  • Very often in the apartment or house the crane is blocked or the water flow hose to the washing machine is turned off. Carry out check and turn the shut.off valve “until the stop”. In addition, you need to check all the hoses, perhaps in some place it is sold.
  • Check the filter set for the presence of contaminants! It is necessary to rinse and clean the filter grid, you can use lemon water. The filter is located at the place of connection of the pouring hose to the washing machine.

Important! Try to turn off the LG machine from the network for 15 minutes, and turn it on in the outlet again. Sometimes it helps!

Causes of error IE or 1E

Here we indicate the most frequent reasons for the breakdown of the machine and possible solutions to eliminate the Error or IE error code:

So, the main reasons for the breakdown of the washing machine with the IE error code were identified:

  • There is no water in the water supply, the valve is blocked, the hose is clamped;
  • The electronic controller of the machine is faulty;
  • Faulty valve of the water bay;
  • Flapsed water levels!

The table spells out the full price of elimination of the problem, including the work of the master and the cost of all spare parts. For different models of LG washing machine, the price of spare parts and the variability of their replacement can be different, which is why the exact cost of the repair depends. After the diagnosis of the required repair and the LG machine model, the master will set the final price.

A professional master will usually be able to go to your house since the call for 24 hours and repair the machine! You will receive a guarantee for repairs made for 2 years!

Attention! When preliminary approval and your consent to repairs, you will not need to pay for the arrival of the master at home and establish the causes of problems and malfunctions!

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How to eliminate the IE error in the LG washing machine

In most cases, error IE in LG during washing is caused by small failures that do not require serious repair. Eliminating a malfunction is easy with your own hands without specialized experience.

How to remove a clogging filter-grids

A small mesh filter is located at the valve input responsible for the supply of water at the place of connection of the filling tube to the washing device. This element can clog hard mineral salts present in the tap liquid. To clean the filter and remove the error code IE, you need:

  • Disable the LG washing machine from water supply.
  • Unscrew the flood hose.
  • Extract a filter set using pliers.
  • Place the part in a solution of citric acid for an hour, and then rinse under the tap and clean the small holes with a needle.

The cleaned filter is dried and installed in place, and then the LG washing machine is connected back to the water supply.

With low quality water water, it is recommended to clean the filter of the pouring hose every few months

How to eliminate self.sophisticated

With an incorrect installation of LG washing machine, water can enter the drum in the right volumes, but immediately go into the sewer due to the too low location of the hose. The problem causing IE is solved very simply:

  • The machine is pre.disconnected from the water supply.
  • The hose is raised so that it is above the level of the drum.
  • A flexible tube is fixed on the wall so that it does not shift back down with vibrations.

Then you need to make sure of the tightness of all the connections, start the unit again and check that the IE problem does not appear on the display anymore.

Advice! To arrange a flood and drain hoses so that they do not twist and are not pushed by furniture.

How to check the condition of the locking crane

A special valve is responsible for the supply of water to the LG washing machine. It is usually located near the place where the filling hose of the unit is connected to the water supply. If the tap is completely or partially closed, then the water will not enter the device.

When an error IE appears on the small screen of the LG washing machine, you need:

  • Find a shut.off crane in the bathroom or in the kitchen, depending on the installation site of the washing unit.
  • Make sure that he is in the open state.
  • If necessary, scroll the valve to the end. if it is turned only half, the water can enter the washer too slowly.

If the shut.off crane is old, or it was not used for a long time, it can be completely impossible to open it. In this case, it is better to replace the reinforcement with a new one, in order to face the IE code no longer had to.

How to eliminate the electronic system failure

In some cases, an error 1e in the LG washer is caused by a normal electronics failure. The problem can be eliminated as follows:

LG Front Load Washing Machine IE Error | How To Fix IE Error LG Washing Machine In Hindi

  • Stop the working program and completely turn off the unit from the network.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes.
  • Insert the fork again into the outlet and check the operability of the LG machine.

Reloading especially often brings positive results when IE errors appear on new washing units. Such machines are completely serviceable, but can give random failures.

In some cases, reloading has to be reloaded several times in a row

Preventive measures

If the LG washing machine shows IE, you can eliminate the failure in simple ways. But it is better to in principle prevent an error. So that the unit does not experience problems with a set of water, it is necessary:

  • Before starting the typewriter, after a long non.use, check the position of the locking crane;
  • Once every few months, prevent a filter grid from plaque;
  • do not wash with temporary weakening of the pressure of water in the water supply;
  • set voltage stabilizers with frequent current surges in the mains that can disable the control of the machine;
  • When installing the unit, make sure that the wires and flexible hoses do not twist anywhere, and the drain tube would be located above the drum.

If the water is very tough, it makes sense to install a trunk filter at the water supply input into a single apartment. This will require financial costs, but will extend the service life of the washing unit. When using purified water, a dishwasher will be less likely to fail, and applying liquid for household needs will also become much more pleasant.

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