Water does not leave the drum of the washing machine

Monitoring the working condition of the pump

After completing the previous items of recommendation, it is important to constantly monitor the drain pump. It is necessary to connect the automatic machine to the power supply, selecting the option “drain”, and in its absence “spin”. In such a situation the pump starts to rotate. you can see it in the filter hole. You should pay attention to how the impeller rotates. If it does not rotate, then you need to replace the pump. The first actions on its replacement coincide with the procedure of cleaning from clogging the pipe which connects the tank with the pump, but without disconnecting the pipe from the “volute”. It is necessary to tilt the washing machine on the back wall, disconnect the volute and then disconnect the pump from the casing and from the volute. In most of the new generation washing machines are equipped with drain pumps of common types and models that are on sale.

There is one more thing to note. There are cases when everything is fine, but the washing machine does not drain the water. Remove the filter, check the spigot and drain hose, there are no blockages, the pump set to the “drain” program rotates.

There are two reasons why the washing machine has stopped draining: the first. there was a clogging of the hose for drainage and cleaning is required, the second. the pump has exhausted its life and rotates only on a “dry”. That is, it can work without water, and with water. it jams and not enough power. Therefore, such a pump must be replaced.

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What can cause a washing machine to drain poorly?

There can be many reasons for which the washing machine poorly or does not drain, but the result is one. the inability to perform the next step of washing. Such a malfunction occurs quite often, but to solve this problem you can even yourself, without the need to call the appropriate master. But to do this, you must find the reason why the water does not drain out.

If such a problem occurs, the first thing to do is not to try to find the cause of the problem, but to remove all water and things from the drum of the machine. If you do not do this, then there may be an unpleasant smell, which is very difficult to get rid of.

In the case of a malfunction that you have detected, clearly adhere to this scheme of actions:

  • If you see that at the next start-up the washing machine leaks, immediately disconnect the unit from power and do not even enter the room where it stands. You may receive a strong electric shock. If you can not do without entering the room to disconnect the unit from the mains, then turn off the electricity in the whole house (apartment);
  • After that, turn off the faucet through which water enters the device;
  • Then open the filtration compartment and drain all the water from the machine through it;
  • Take the clothes out of the drum.

Only after performing all these steps step by step can the washing machine be inspected to determine the cause of the malfunction.

A quite correctable situation is when the machine does not empty the dirty water after the first wash. But how to make sure that this is the problem?

Pay attention to the main signs that the device does not drain water:

  • The water used goes slowly, due to which the operation of the machine is completely disrupted and it can not function further;
  • The device does not drain only when programmed for certain modes;
  • The appliance from the moment of start-up works normally, but the water in the washing machine does not leave at the stage of washing, when it should happen, so the machine does not wring out or rinse things, but stops and gives a failure;
  • If the washing machine does not drain the water after the next rinse step;
  • When the water does not leave at the final stage after unscrewing the laundry.

There can be many reasons why the washing machine does not drain the water. We will consider in detail how to identify and if possible eliminate them with your own hands. Why the washing machine does not drain water, how to find ways to fix the flaws and make repairs to the machine.

  • Debris clogged sleeve for water drainage, which connects the device to the drainage system. This problem often extends to the siphon, if it is present;
  • Coins, toothpicks, paper and other debris ended up in the filter compartment;
  • The channel through which water passes from the drum to the pump is clogged;
  • When the washing machine poorly drains water and at the same time emits a loud monotonous sound, it may indicate a breakdown or a small malfunction of the pump. On average, this part is designed for 5 years of trouble-free operation. But it can fail sooner, if it gets debris in the form of hair and threads;
  • The dispenser does not flush the water if another main element of the impeller fails. This problem can be detected and corrected only by the master;
  • The malfunction of the electronics with which the machine is controlled. This can happen due to fluctuations in the electrical voltage in the house or due to the long life of the machine;
  • The hose for the liquid drain is long enough. Standard pump can pump water as long as the distance from the pump to the sewer pipe is less than one and a half meters. In the other case (for example, after moving the device to another place and replacing the hose), it can fail, and then it is not about a failure at all.

Electronic malfunction

When you are faced with the fact that the Samsung washing machine does not drain water, but there are no visible reasons for this (the sleeve and filter are clean), try to reset the device.

After that, on the control panel of the washing machine LG, Samsung, Indesit exhibit the mode “Stripe / Spin”.

It happens that an Indexit does not drain, as well as LG washing machine does not drain, and washing becomes problematic.

If everything continues to function smoothly, then the cause is a fluctuation in the electrical voltage in the house. If not, ask a machine repairman for help.

The pipe between the pump and the tank of the machine

As we have already mentioned, the cause of “stagnation” can be a clogged internal channel that connects the drum and the pump.

But to be sure that the machine has stopped draining liquid due to clogging of the pipe, you need to see it, first disassembling the machine.

  • From the back of the machine remove the holders that secure the structure to drain;
  • Take out the part in the form of a small plastic bent tube, and wash it well;
  • Put the duct back in its place.

Drainage hose

If the device does not drain the dirty liquid, the hose for its drainage is easy to check for clogging with their own hands:

Sewage pipe or siphon

The washer can “refuse” to eliminate dirty water for another reason as well. Here is a clogged drainage system in the room where it stands.

To remove debris you can use special chemicals for pipes or you can disassemble and clean them yourself.

If the “intermediary” between the machine and the drain is a siphon, remove it and check for contamination.

Water in the drum when Washing Machine is off!!


The washing machine does not drain the water and buzzes? Look deeper into the problem. It may be a malfunction of the rotating element of the pump-impeller. A malfunction can occur even if the slightest object falls on this part.

To fix this problem, you need to:

  • Open the filtration compartment and remove the filter. there is an impeller behind it;
  • Rotate the element to make sure that it works properly;
  • If nothing is obstructing the movement of this part. the reason why the machine has stopped is something else;
  • If the element does not rotate, remove all visible debris near it. It can be not only coins or pebbles, but also threads wrapped around it.

Faulty wires

The reason why the machine does not empty the water and does not spin may be the wiring inside the device. But you should not check it yourself without special tools, knowledge and skills.

water, does, leave, drum, washing, machine

You can tell if this problem exists after checking the drain hose, drain, filter element and impeller. If they are not clogged, the cause may be in the faulty wiring.

Clogged filter

One of the most popular reasons why the washing machine does not empty is trivial and easy to fix: the filter compartment is clogged. Before ordering an expensive machine repair, check the filter.

  • Place a small container of water;
  • Open the compartment with the filter (in the lower right corner of the appliance);
  • Turn the special screw inside this compartment counterclockwise;
  • Remove all debris and put the element back in place;
  • Check how well the washing machine Indesit, Veko, Ariston, etc. works. after these manipulations. If the washing machine is Atlant, how to make it drain water.

Reasons for a bad drain

What is the reason for the accumulation of water in the machine drum? After all, modern devices for washing have a special function of protection against leaks, called Aquastop. Everything is prepared in such a way that the aqueous medium has no ability to escape and arrange a flood. There are also devices with check valves, if the machine is not necessary to use.

Nevertheless, even with preventive measures, the water appears. Immediately determine the source of water infiltration in the machine at rest. Let us analyze this water in the tank:

water, does, leave, drum, washing, machine
  • with contaminated water emitting a sewage stench, we are dealing with the connection of the machine in some way with the sewer;
  • Provided the water is dirty and odorless, it is the fault of the plumbing and malfunction in the machine itself.

If connected improperly, there is a problem with the drain, and the water drain does not function. This in itself causes the emergence of liquid in the tank, and if this is added to the faults in the machine itself. this further aggravates the situation. Let’s turn to specific examples of the appearance of water in the drum, and consider ways to eliminate it.

Types of possible malfunctions

The reasons for which the washing machine does not pour water, can be associated with improper operation of the unit or failure of its individual elements. Such malfunctions include:

  • Lack of or low pressure in the inlet hose due to problems in the water system;
  • clogging of the inlet hose or the cleaning filter at the machine’s inlet;
  • loose closing of the door of the machine, when the lock lock does not work;
  • Breakage or insulation failure of the connecting electrical wires;
  • Failure of the intake valve;
  • Door lock breakage;
  • Liquid level sensor (pressostat) malfunction;
  • Malfunctions in the program control module.

In some cases, it is enough to simply fix the problem (open the faucet, shut the door, etc.).д.), other malfunctions require repair or replacement of defective parts.

The washing machine does not empty the water: we can cope with it ourselves!

A common problem of washing machines: the washing program is started and runs up to a certain point. Water in washing machine remains, spin and drain functions do not work. The rotation of the drum stops, the machine will stand on, but not working. There are several causes of water stagnation in the washing machine.

It is impossible to use the device if this malfunction occurs. Regular unscheduled stops of washing programs, forced emptying of the tank negatively affect the condition of the washing machine. You can try to repair it yourself or call a master at home.

If the washing machine does not drain, there may be several reasons:

  • clogged drain hose, which ensures the drainage of water into the sewer. The hose can also be kinked or crushed. First of all, you need to check its position and the presence of debris inside;
  • The drain filter is blocked. In the process of washing small beads, buttons, coins, paper can fall into the filter. Therefore, before loading the laundry in the machine, you need to turn out the s. To check the filter, simply open the cover on the front panel;
  • clogged drain tube, located inside the housing. You can check it yourself, but if you doubt that you can cope with this task without damage to the machine, it is better to contact the professionals;
  • if the washing machine is badly pumping water and thus humming, most likely the pump, responsible for pumping water is broken. The electric pump usually consists of several elements (two nozzles, impeller and motor), to get to them, you need to put the washing machine on its side and remove the bottom tray. First of all, try to spin the impeller, perhaps it prevents the rotation of a foreign object. Troubleshooting of other faults is better to entrust to professionals.

When there are failures in the operation of the washing machine, the first thing to do is to make sure that the correct program is set. The next steps should be to unplug the appliance and check the hose and siphon. If everything is okay with them, it is necessary to proceed to the inspection of the filter.

Quite often the cause of failure lies in the fault of the pump. Check it yourself is not so easy, so you should call a specialist.

The reason that the washing machine does not flush the waste water, are often violations in the operation of the pump

Any appliance can malfunction during use. However, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of machines depending on the brand.


The company’s products are an example of technical art, but failure to comply with the instruction manual can lead to equipment failure. Often users are also faced with the problem of water drainage.

If such a situation has occurred and the reason is a clogged filter, it is necessary to use an emergency drain, clean the filter, disconnect and thoroughly inspect the drain hose, and then restart the machine. If it is not possible to eliminate the malfunction, you should call a master.

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The performance of the machine depends primarily on how it is used. If the appliances are old, and the drain filter was not cleaned regularly, of course, there may be malfunctions in the drain system. But if three years have not passed since the purchase, you should pay attention to the problems that are characteristic of the products of “your” manufacturer.

Malfunctions can occur in the work of the drive belt, pump, motor brushes, tachogenerator or control module. Also, problems with Indesit machine can occur due to a very long or incorrectly connected drain hose. Please note: its length should not exceed 3 meters.

If the problem cannot be detected by yourself, the control board may be defective. In this case it is necessary to send it for repair.


Often owners of older models, which are more than 10 years old, face the problem of water drainage. Before proceeding to solve the problem, the unit should simply restart.

If resetting has not produced the desired result, the causes may be hidden:

  • in clogs;
  • in the pump malfunction. It could have burned out;
  • in the pressostat. water level sensor. When it fails, the appliance may “freeze”;
  • in the control module. This is the most unpleasant case, because without the help of specialists the machine can not be repaired.

The cause of poor water drainage can be clogged drain filter

What to do if the machine from the Korean manufacturer began to work with failures? To begin with it is necessary to conduct an independent inspection of the equipment, adhering to a certain plan:

  • check the pump, filter and pipes for blockages;
  • Carefully inspect the pump to determine if there are no electrical or mechanical failures;
  • Test the pressostat using a multimeter;
  • In conclusion, pay attention to the control module and the wiring inside the housing.

Following the plan, you will be able to understand why the drain in the washing machine does not work without the help of a master. According to the same plan, you can act during the inspection of the machine from the company “Atlant”.

Malfunctions in the drain may occur if the pressostat (water level sensor) is malfunctioning


The Italian manufacturer Candy is constantly improving its products, but failures in the washing machines of this brand still occur. The most common complaint. problems in the drain.

The causes of such problems are similar to those that occur in appliances of other brands. However, while checking the filter of the Candy washing machine, you should be careful to turn the handle carefully so as not to tear it off. Some models have a screw, which is a means of additional protection.


It is important to remember that many models of washing machines from the company Zanussi have a vulnerable place. the drive belt of the motor, which stretches quickly. It can be the reason that the water does not drain (if the machine has a mechanical drain pump). To the inspection of the belt should proceed immediately after checking the drain filter.

Another disadvantage of Zanussi appliances. inexpensive collector motor. In the process of operation, such motors have much faster wear and tear brushes. If possible, it is not difficult to replace the brushes yourself.

water, does, leave, drum, washing, machine

Пральна машина, що не зливає воду. нерухома


The company’s products are very popular among consumers. Household appliances usually work well and perform their functions to the full. But if there are problems with water drainage, you should pay attention to the presence of blockages in the hose and filter.

Further inspection is carried out according to the following plan: from simple to complex. Parts that do not require unscrewing the housing are checked first. If you can’t find the problem on the surface, you’ll have to check the parts of the internal device.

The clogged drain hose can not provide high-grade water drainage

Self-repair of household appliances can only aggravate the malfunction. Therefore, if you doubt yourself, contact the service center. Specialists are much faster and better to perform an inspection and eliminate the cause of the breakdown.

What to do if there is water in the washing machine drum after the wash

If the washing machine leaves water in the drum after washing, it is necessary to check the function of the pump, the settings of the electronic unit, the state of the valves, filter and pump.

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