Water was planted in a boiler what to do

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Tips on how to rinse the boiler from the smell of hydrogen sulfide

If hot water from the boiler has the smell of gouache, anise, plastic, medicines. It’s time to sound the alarm. Most likely there is phenol or formaldehyde in the water. These substances are dangerous to health, in small doses lead to headache and sleep disturbances. And in large ones. To serious poisoning and violations in the work of internal organs

Phenols and formaldehyde most often selects low.Quality plastic from which water pipes are made. Alas, the only way to get rid of it is to completely replace the system of hot water supply pipes.

Some cheap manufacturers make a tank of a storage boiler made of plastic. It can also distinguish harmful substances when heated. In this case, everything is also regrettable. It is necessary to change the boiler. From phenols and formaldehyde, no filters will help.

Elimination of external causes

Filters for the boiler

But let’s start in order. Eliminate the smell of hydrogen sulfide, the cause of which is not a water heater can be in three ways:

  • Deepen the well or well and take water from another horizon.
  • Set the appropriate filters at the input of the water supply system to the house.
  • Contact the Housing and Public Utilities Service or Vodokanal, which should be responsible for the quality of water supplied to your house.
water, boiler

The first two points depend exclusively on you, but the reactions from public utilities can be expected for a long time, because they have such a habit, blame their problems for the lack of funding, the inaccessibility of materials, and so on and so on and so forth.

Feed Water System in Boiler

What to do

To increase the pressure of hot fluid or establish water supply, adhere to several tips:

  • Check the cleaning filter by twisting the side nut. Then remove the net and clean it with a brush.
  • The check valve must be removed and blowing towards the fluid movement. If it is not blown, go to the store for new.
  • The pressure gearbox also needs to be seen: unscrew the adjusting screw and watch the changes in the output. Nothing has changed. Remove the entire gearbox and clean it, or buy a new one.
  • You can check the mixers. It is always useful to clean the filtration nets.
  • The scale in the case is cleaned very easily: unscrew the lid and flange at the bottom of the water heater. Access is open.

We hope that these tips will help you establish the work of your water heater. If you have encountered other reasons and ways to eliminate the problem, share your knowledge in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to eliminate the smell of water from the boiler

Before proceeding with radical measures to eliminate the smell, it is necessary to clean the tank tank from dirt and scale. It is easy to do it yourself. To do this, unscrew the lid and drain dirty water. You can simply call a specialist so that he will clean and prevent the unit.

Next, it is necessary to find out the reasons for the appearance of poor smell from hot water flowing from the water heater and try to completely eliminate them.

  • With putrefactive stagnant phenomena caused by the rare use of the boiler, you just need to well drain the contents several times during the day. Pure boiling stream rinses the container from mucus and microorganisms, the stench will completely disappear.
  • At low or very high temperature, it is necessary to adjust the most comfortable temperature so that the water does not boil, but was not barely warm. Experience shows that the temperature level of 80 °. 90 ° C is an optimal indicator that prevents the multiplication of harmful microorganisms.
  • If the filtering element has become unusable, then it just needs to be replaced by installing a new.

You can try to eliminate the smell yourself, but it is better to contact the appropriate utilities. If the main pipeline or water is worn out, it is of poor quality, then it is necessary to contact the communal services to demand the replacement of pipes or improve the composition of drinking water.

IMPORTANT! In case of smell in a private water supply connected to the well, just deepen the well to a pure aquifer.

Installation of additional protection

If you nevertheless called an electrician or installation was carried out by professionals of their business, then they must have put an RCO-a device for automatically shutdown power supply. It is needed so that if the water heater beats with current, the system automatically disconnects, thereby giving a signal about the breakdown and the need to correct it.

In the future, the installation of such a small but very necessary part will protect you and your device from large loads in a broken state. In such issues, do not save on money, because your own condition is much more important than some kind of electronics there.

These are all the main problems associated with why the water heater beats through water. We talked about the basics of their solution and possible exits from the situation. Finally, one advice: electricity is a very dangerous undertaking even for an understanding and knowledgeable expert, so be careful and adhere to all safety rules.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you came across the fact that the boiler is currently shocked through the crane or case, as well as in what way you were able to solve the breakdown.

Elimination of internal reasons

So, the experiment with a bottle was conducted and did not give any results, which means that the boiler is to blame for the unpleasant odor that stinks of hot water. Somewhere inside it, microorganisms were rushing their colony, which actively do their harmful work. It is worthwhile to figure out why they appeared there, because understanding this leads to the fact that such a phenomenon will become impossible.

  • The first reason is savings. No matter how strange it sounds, but the work of the boiler does not contribute to this very power. Water heated to a temperature of 30-40 degrees is the most optimal environment for bacteria life.
  • The second reason. The boiler does not work constantly. Stagnant water in itself begins to bloom and rotten with all the consequences that arise from this.
  • The third. Untimely and poor.Quality maintenance of the water heating device. This leads to the formation of scale and the deposition of other precipitation, where bacteria settled.

From all this, the correct conclusions can be easily drawn, but the methods of eliminating it is necessary to describe.

  • The first method. If the smell is not yet too strong as follows:
  • Completely drain all the water from the boiler.
  • Fill it with fresh water.
  • Enable heating at full power.
  • Let the water heater work in this mode for several hours.
  • Drain all the water.
  • Fill in fresh water.
  • Turn on in the usual mode.

As already mentioned, bacteria feels good at a temperature of 30-40 degrees, but they do not tolerate the temperature close to boiling. Excessive heating is a kind of disinfecting operation, which is very effective.

  • The second method. Boiler cleaning. This procedure should be carried out when the filters are standing and boiling, and the water did not stop smelling, or the unpleasant smell returned very quickly. This means that the reason is that too many scraps, mucus, mud and other harmful substances have accumulated inside the water heater, which can lead to breakdown. The algorithm of actions is as follows:
  • The boiler should be dismantled by draining all the water and disconnecting all the wires and hoses.
  • Remove the heater and the lower flange.
  • Clean the heater thoroughly, hold in a solution of citric acid or put a new.
  • Rinse the tank itself with a soft sponge, thoroughly rinse the strong pressure of the water from the shower. The use of special detergents is welcome.
  • Pay special attention to magnesium anode. If there is little left of it, go to a specialized store, buy and install a new.
  • Collect the boiler back, carefully monitoring the correctness of the connection of wires and hoses.
  • Fill with fresh water, and turn on the maximum heating mode.
  • Drain all the water again.
  • Dial fresh water.
  • Turn on.

If you do these operations on time, you can avoid not only the return of an unpleasant odor, but also serious breakdowns.

What to do and how to eliminate the smell of hydrogen sulfide in the water heater

There are many ways to help get rid of the unpleasant odor from the boiler. Among them, the following can be distinguished.

Destruction of bacteria

The rotten aroma can be caused by the development of pathogenic microflora in the middle of the water heater with its not frequent operation.

Important! There are bacteria with the ability to survive at a temperature above 70 degrees. To destroy them, it is recommended to use the method of heating the fluid to the maximum.

If this option has not given positive results, you will have to resort to the use of special chemicals. Among the most effective, the following can be distinguished:

water, boiler

When working with them, it is necessary to follow the safety rules.

The correct flushing of the boiler

The boiler is cleaned manually. For this, it is recommended to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  • Close a tap for supplying cold water.
  • Drain the entire liquid from the container.
  • To unscrew the heating element.
  • Clean the Ten about the scale.
  • Manually extract dirt from the tank.
  • Wash the walls of the tank with a special chemical tool.
  • Rinse it several times with clean water.
  • Connect the heating element.
  • Turn on the water supply tap.

Important! In order for the water in the boiler to be completely clean, it should be heated to the maximum temperature and drain, repeating this procedure several times.

water, boiler

Thus, it will be possible to completely eliminate the aroma of hydrogen sulfide from the water heater.

An unpleasant smell from the boiler: the causes and methods of elimination

The smell of rotten eggs can come from the boiler. This is hydrogen sulfide. It is a consequence of a number of reasons.

The unpleasant smell of water causes the presence of hydrogen sulfide in it


Why is there an unpleasant smell of water from the boiler:

  • Chemical processes occur. In the water, which is supplied through the water supply, there are sulfides. There is a magnesium anode in the boiler, in the conjugation of which water produces hydrogen sulfide and begins to wander.
  • If the water heater is included very rarely. It happens that the boiler was installed in the country or even at home, but they almost do not use it. Then the water stagnates and becomes an excellent environment for the development of Legionell. Bacteria. The unpleasant odor is the product of their life.
  • Water heating to low temperature. Water that is heated only to 40 degrees becomes an excellent habitat of microorganisms that cause a rotten smell.
  • If a hydrogen sulfide is already present in the water from the pipes, then this smell will remain in the water heater. You can conduct a test: to score cold water from the tap into the container, shake it. If there is a smell of rotten eggs, then there is already a hydrogen sulfide in the water.
  • The cause of the appearance of microorganisms is the scale inside the device.

To avoid such an unpleasant moment, experts advise draining water from the tank if you rarely use the device.

From time to time, you need to heat water to a hundred degrees to kill all microorganisms that can become source of unpleasant odor.

In the event that you made the manipulations described above, but the stench did not pass, then you should start cleaning the parts of the case and the walls of the tank from the scale.

In order to get rid of the problem you need:

  • First of all, turn off the device from the network.
  • Next, drain water from the tank.
  • Disconnect the elements of the fastening of the Ten flange.
  • We take out the heater and clean it. If the plaque is strong, then a knife will need to be cleaned. Next, you need to hold the mechanism in a solution of citric acid, until it completely disappears.
  • Now proceed to cleaning the body. To do this, wash the walls with a soft sponge, and wash off the dirt with a shower. If a very thick raid is formed, then a special tool will help to eliminate scale. Following the instructions for use, apply the mixture to the inner part and rinse after the right time.

For the correct operation of the water heater, the magnesium anode should be replaced in time. Models of boilers that are now produced have an indicator, which lights up if necessary in replacing parts. If there is no such device in your boiler, then once every six months you need to open the tank cover and check in what condition the anode.

Also to achieve high water quality, you need to use filters. You can put a remedy for mold for complete disinfection measures in the flask. Thus, both pipes and boiler will be cleaned. After filtering, the boiler must be rinse several times with warm water.

If the water in the boiler is fading, no need to hesitate

It is required to drain old water, rinse the container with sodium hypochloride to destroy bacteria.

The main task for the elimination and prevention of microorganisms in the future is to eliminate predisposing factors. First of all, water should enter the boiler appropriate quality, for this it is necessary to install water treatment filters.

Set the maximum heating temperature and actively use the boiler. It is not necessary that the water heater is idle and keep water for a long time, which will lead to stagnation and inevitable pollution. Remember, cleaning water for the home and its preparation is the key to a healthy life.

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