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What is film wax for depilation without stripes and how to use it?

Film wax is designed for processing large and small surfaces on any parts of the body. Preparing the mixture at home is not difficult. But the effectiveness of the procedure will be the higher the better preparation. It is necessary to heat the composition to optimal temperature and properly treat the skin before depilation.

depilation, italvax

Melting wax

With the help of a wax, a composition for depilation is prepared, whether it be granules, cartridges or a thick mixture.

  • The equipment allows you to prepare an impressive volume of wax. from 1 kg or more. But such wax are used in beauty salons. If there is no tools, use a water bath. Granules melt at a temperature of 40 ᵒc. They begin to work with wax, which has reached a cream.shaped state.
  • Women have learned to drown wax in a microwave oven. With a microwave capacity 1000W, the melting procedure takes 30-40 C. Heating the mixture is made in a dishes made of heat.resistant glass. Similarly heat the sugar mixture for shugaring.


The temperature of the composition before use should be in the range of 37-45ᵒc.

  • Wax is distributed on the skin with a spatula. The direction of movements is not regulated. Previously, wax mixtures were applied according to hair growth, and removed against growth. Modern films “bind” hairs, regardless of their growth.
  • After the distribution of the mixture, a piece of wax is left, for which the film is clung to delete. The cooling period of the mixture does not exceed 10 minutes.
  • If the wax stops sticking, then the composition is time to delete. Removing the film in small areas (armpits, face, bikini zone) occurs in one trick. The remaining wax is removed with vegetable oil.

Hot wax

The procedure is carried out by three options: cold wax, warm or hot. Experts say that hot wax greatly facilitates the procedure. Not only masters, but also clients say that in this case there is much weaker pain.

For such a procedure, a wax for hot wax is necessary. However, if it is not, you can try to drown wax in the microwave or in a water bath. However, it should be borne in mind that without a special device you can either boil wax, which is a fatal for this substance, or overheat it so much that a burn will occur on the skin.

Such wax is on sale by bars, granular or in plates. It depends on the manufacturer, volume and devices included in the kit.

A few hours before the procedure, it is necessary to take a shower. To cleanse the skin, it is recommended to use a body scrub. Among other things, this will help to open pores. After a shower, apply a lotion to the skin, allowing it to be completely absorbed. After that, treat the skin with talcum. For sensitive skin, it is better to use baby powder.

The wax for depilation is set to warm up to 50 degrees Celsius. After waiting for the necessary temperature, apply wax in the growth of hair. To speed up the procedure, you can apply more than one strip.

Эпиляция подмышек воском Italwax \ Underarm waxing Italwax

After 15 seconds, wax can be removed. You can do this both with the hands on which gloves are previously put on, and use paper or fabric stripes. It is necessary to tear off wax in one time, only against hair growth.

After the skin is completely processed, a soothing lotion softening the skin is applied to it. In addition, this tool will remove the remaining wax from the surface of the body.

After wax depilation, depending on the features of the structure of the bulbs, the hairs will not appear from a week to four. The longer use the wax, the slower the new hairs will grow. Each time they will become lighter and thinner. Sometimes they stop growing completely.

Sometimes women complain that such epilation helps to grow hairs. To avoid this, it is worth using a body scrub 2-3 times a week, daily-a hard washcloth and moisturizing the skin.

Wax for depilation Italvax how to use

It’s no secret that hair removal with wax is gaining more and more popular due to the small cost of consumables and the simplicity of the procedure. This is an affordable and effective way to quickly and for a long time get rid of unwanted hair. In our catalog is widely represented waxes and cosmetics for depilation.

We present to your attention Hot Waxes Italwax. new word in removing unwanted hair. ItalWax products are made according to an innovative formula and successfully combines Italian quality with high efficiency. Never before the hair removal procedure has never been so fast and accessible to every woman!

Film waxes for depilation are most common in hair removal in the zones of axillary hollows, bikini and upper lip. This is one of the leading methods of getting rid of unwanted hair in beauty salons and SPA centers. Using this method, you will easily achieve a quick and high.quality result. In addition, they are suitable for use at home. Not only a professional cosmetologist can work with them, but also ordinary women. When using the method of depilation with hot wax on a regular basis, the sensitivity, the number of ingrown hairs and their repeated appearance gradually decreases.

The formula of classic hot wax improved due to the addition of special components gives Italwax products special advantages. The operating temperature is only 42 ° C, thereby excluding the probability of a burn. Application occurs in an even layer with a spatula, without thin edges. The direction of hair growth does not matter. Due to its high plasticity, they repeat the contours of the body and relieve unwanted hair in hard.to.reach places (bikini, armpits).

The relatively high heating temperature and prolonged exposure (5-10 seconds) allow you to steam the skin and capture even short (4 mm) hard hairs. No strips are required to remove wax. The application is removed with one jerk, removes the hair with the root, does not leave broken roots and irritations on the skin. Ideal for bikini depilation.

How to use film wax for depilation at home

All polymer compilation compositions are easy to use independently without visiting a cosmetic salon. Before starting the procedure, you should prepare the necessary tools, materials and responsibly approach the preparation. this reduces the risk of complications. For a session, you will need:

  • wax composition;
  • spatula for application;
  • heating device;
  • fabric strips;
  • Lotion or oil for removing sticky residues.

It is recommended to purchase a talc (baby powder), as well as a soothing cream for applying the skin to relieve irritation. And you can find out about shugaring in this article.

Rules for preparation

Start preparing for vaxing a few days before the procedure directly. Basic Rules:

  • 2-3 days before depilation, piling to remove dead skin particles;
  • test the product for allergies;
  • shorten the length of the hair;
  • qualitatively clean the site of pollution;
  • treat the place with an antiseptic, and then dry and, if necessary, apply a talc for degreasing.

With increased sensitivity, take a tablet of NSAIDs or a suitable analgesic drug.

For wax depilation of hard.to.reach parts of the body, the presence of a large mirror is recommended. This ensure uniform treatment of the entire surface, will notice the shortcomings.

What should be the length of the hairs

The optimal hair length for depilation with film wax is 4-8 mm. If they are longer or shorter, the composition will not be able to cope, which leads to undesirable consequences. Before the procedure, hairs should be shortened with a trimmer for grass, shaving machines. This preparation is desirable no later than a day before vaxing to prevent irritation.

Instructions for use

After preliminary preparation, you can proceed directly to depilation. You need to tune in advance to the procedure, since hair removal is waxing. a painful method. To work with an intimate zone, especially when forming a full bikini, the help of another person may be required, it is necessary to hold a strip tightly during the removal of the working composition from the body. It is important to take into account that from the moment the antiseptic is applied to the skin, no more than 30 minutes should pass, otherwise you will need to use the product again.

Preparation of film wax. how to use and melt

Polymer wax in any form is the basis for the preparation of a working mixture for depilation. Before the procedure, the product must be heated to a temperature of 40-45 o C, specific characteristics can be less or more depending on the brand. For heating, it is permissible to use a steam (water) bath, a can wax or a conventional microwave. The average cooking time is 20 minutes. Before applying, the composition should have a consistency of dense yogurt, acquire a rich smell of paraffin.

Before the first use of the wax, you should carefully read the instructions. For convenience, it is recommended to purchase devices with built.in temperature control control.

Face depilation with HOT FILM WAX “Italwax”

Is it possible to melt in the microwave

For heating in a microwave, only special brands are suitable for this purpose. The packaging is always indicated labeling, the way of preparation. Traditional film wax with this method of melting can lose useful properties, since polymer compounds are disintegrated.

How to apply correctly

When everything is ready, you can proceed directly to depilation. Step.by.step algorithm:

  • Put on rubber gloves, a spatula or cartridge, apply a thin and uniform layer of wax to the required area.
  • Drive it with your hand and press it tightly to the body, moving towards you.
  • Leave a small edge of the application for removal (not required when using strips). After 5-10 seconds, the product must harden.
  • With a sharp movement, remove the film in the direction from hair growth.

Professionals recommend using only a spatula for the first procedures. Manual technique often leads to errors. an uneven layer of wax, weak contact with the skin.

How to remove the remnants of film wax from the skin after hair removal

Subject to all the rules of the polymer wax is easily removed. If there are sticky areas, they can be treated with a special lotion or use natural oil. After the session, rinse the skin with warm water to avoid irritation.

Skin care after waxing the house

After depilation of the house, ice should be applied for 5-10 minutes. After that, apply a soothing cream without alcohol and fats in the composition. For 24 hours, do not use a washbasin for washing the processed area. In the next 2-3 days, visiting the sauna, pool, tan and active physical exertion should be avoided. Use moisturizing cosmetics daily to reduce the severity of irritation. If side effects do not pass in 7-10 days, be sure to consult a doctor.

Precautions and possible consequences after vaxing

When conducting depilation of the house, you should follow the technique of performing the procedure, properly prepare for the session. Particular attention is paid to the temperature of the working mixture. too hot wax can lead to the appearance of burns. Possible complications:

With healthy metabolism, all negative effects disappear independently for 5-7 days. To accelerate healing, you can use a soothing cream, pharmacy drugs to enhance blood flow.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Before removing the hair, the vaxing method should study all the issues regarding this topic. Before self.removal, it is recommended to get a cosmetologist’s consultation or carefully observe the manipulations of the master in the cabin. For the first time it is better to visit a professional.

How to wash wax for depilation from dishes

After the depilation, the container used for the wax mixture should be cleaned immediately. Otherwise, then it will be quite difficult to do it. If this nevertheless happens, there are several ways. To remove the remaining wax on the dishes, you can use the mechanical way. Gently scrape the frozen mixture with a wooden spatula, then wash with hot water. However, if “physical strength” cannot be applied to the dishes, so as not to damage it, which way to choose? Effective method. degreasing substance. Step.by.step execution:

  • Score.
  • Pour a small amount of detergent, mix.
  • Put on fire.
  • Place dirty dishes in water.
  • When boiling, the wax will lag, the washing composition will not allow him to stick to the capacity again.

Another option on how to clean dirty dishes. You can use steam from a boiling teapot. The container is placed under the stream of hot steam with the stained side. As soon as the wax begins to lag, remove it with a soft cloth or a gauze cloth.

The glass container before using this method should be lowered into hot water to prevent it from cracking from steam. Performing manipulation is required with accuracy, since you can easily burn with hot steam.

How can you replace wax for depilation

A rather similar wax depilation method is shugaring. Therefore, if there are allergic reactions to a bee product, you should think about using sugar paste. Working material also consists of natural components, like wax. He gently cares for the skin, moisturizes, softens and exfoliates dead tissue cells. You can also use a hair removal cream. However, the effect of smooth skin in this case lasts no more than 12 days. And you can find out about a shiny face mask here.

Which is better. cream or wax for hair removal

The use of wax is allowed in all areas with unwanted hair. He effectively removes the rod along with the root, without injuring the follicle. Wax strips can be used above the upper lip, for modeling mustache and beard. Their use in the deep bikini zone is not allowed. Wax depilation. painful procedure. However, the patient is painful depending on the individual threshold of sensitivity. If the client has an allergy to wax, you can use a cream for depilation. The product is painlessly used in all parts of the body, including antennae. With particular caution, the cream in the bikini zone should be used. Its chemical effect can damage delicate skin and mucous membranes. In addition, the cream may not cope with hard and curly hairs. Many women do not like the chemical smell of the product. Hair after depilation with cream begins to grow after 10-12 days. The choice depends on individual preferences and the duration of the effect.

How to apply wax for depilation. by hair growth or against

The mass can be applied using a spatula or cassette with a roller application in the direction of growth. If the wax is warm, its thickness on the skin should not exceed 2 mm. With a hot mixture, the height of the application should be 1 mm. The coverage area depends on the length and width of the strips. Quite often the wax is applied in small portions. For film depilation stripes are not required. The cooled film is easily removed with hands. Warm withstands on the skin from 7 to 10 seconds, hot-15-60 seconds. The working mass should be applied along the growth line, tear off the skin in parallel against the direction of growth. This is done with a sharp movement with skin pulling in order to prevent the appearance of bruises. Sometimes manufacturers write in the instructions that wax can be carried out regardless of growth. However, this is inherent in a small number of some foreign brands.

How to warm up a liquid agent in a microwave or in a water bath of a house

If there is no wax, you can use improvised methods. For example, a microwave oven. Depending on the power of the device and the amount of wax, the warming mode is set for 1-3 minutes. After the signal, the contents of the wax container should be thoroughly mixed. If the wax is thick, it is again put in the oven for 10-15 seconds. Each time, a sample should be carried out, dripping a few drops of mass on hand. This will help determine the approximate temperature and fluidity of the working material.

How to remove and remove hot wax for depilation from clothes

If the clothes are stained during depilation, do not throw it away. There are many ways to remove the remains from any material. The main factor is high or low temperatures. Natural fabrics are better to be cleaned. The material is laid out on a flat surface, you can use an ironing board. Paper napkins or gauze fabric are laid out under the wax spot. A cotton piece of fabric is covered on top. “Design” is ironed with a hot iron. In this case, the remains are melted and absorbed into the upper and lower layers: napkins and x/b. The procedure can be repeated 2-3 times, replacing the used napkins and a piece of x/b matter. If the spots remain on denim matter, they are removed in the same way. However, before that, the thing is frozen, placing in the freezer for 30-40 minutes. After freezing crumbles, the thing rubs with his hands, as with manual washing. Only then use an iron, napkins and x/b matter. There is a simpler way. A stained thing is soaked in hot water. As soon as the wax softens, it is removed with a wooden spatula and wet it with a napkin. A fat spot is removed during ordinary washing.

How to wash and wipe wax for depilation from the skin

In this case, you can use the oil after depilation. This will not only remove the remains of wax, but also moisturize the skin. Soften it and accelerate regeneration after mechanical exposure. It is worth knowing that the tool for and after depilation is not much different from the baby oil or cosmetic oils for skin care. You can also use:

  • You can get rid of unwanted hair with vaxing.
  • It implies the use of a wide variety of types of wax.
  • The product is divided into several types.
  • Working material is used to remove hair throughout the body.
  • The mixture for depilation can be prepared at home.
  • Before applying, a test is carried out for the possibility of allergic reactions.
  • Replaced by sugar paste or depilation cream.
  • The product is heated in a microwave or in a water bath.
  • The remains of wax mass are removed from dishes, clothes and bodies in several ways. Also with Garnier face masks in this material.

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Wax-film: indications and contraindications for use in a beauty salon or at home

  • A certain degree of soreness of the procedure (especially in the bikini zone). Compared to sugar paste, an intimate zone experiences somewhat more discomfort during the procedure;
  • Inevitable loading of fluff hair;
  • The need to control the length of the removable hair (at least 5 mm). This length is necessary so that the hairs are well applied to the wax film and do not break off;
  • The need for some time to lie completely motionless while the wax freezes on the body. In this case, you can not touch the epilized zone so as not to damage the film;
  • Dermatitis after the procedure. Small red spots (dots) may appear on the skin, which will disappear after 2-3 days. To prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to carefully take care of the skin so that microbes do not get into the steamed pores;
  • The problem of hair growth may occur. You can fight this if you do not forget to brush the body a couple of days before hair removal and on the third day after the procedure;
  • Experience in handling a product. Like any new type of depilation funds, from a novice master or lady, on an independent house with unwanted hair, a certain dexterity in working with the product will be required. If you apply wax with a too thick layer, it can crumble and crumble. The procedure in this case will have to be carried out extremely carefully.
  • Do not want to spend money on expensive epilators or often visit salons;
  • Do not have an experienced waxing master in their city;
  • They want to save on costs by acquiring everything necessary for the procedure at home;
  • They do not want to injure the skin, resorting to razor machines due to the risk of folliculite formation;
  • They want to spend as little time as possible on the procedure, without resorting to long.term training;
  • Already have a reliable wax and want to reduce the cost of the procedure due to the greater efficiency of the material. Film wax should be applied with a layer of only 2 mm. In addition, due to its liquefied texture, the film-Vosk is better eliminated from the hair, as it is able to take the shape of the body without breaking the hairs. Due to the lower melting point, it adapts the skin of different zones to the procedure as a whole faster. Not to mention the fact that, unlike a razor and an epilator, it also works as a magnificent SPA-product!
depilation, italvax

Film Biovosky hair removal: a list of necessary materials and rules for preparing for the procedure

Are there any contraindications for the use of wax depilation

There are certain situations when the use of hot wax is contraindicated. So, if you have any damage (for example, abrasions and scratches) on your skin or skin diseases appear, the procedure will only aggravate the situation.

Wax depilation can harm in the presence of multiple moles or papillomas. Doctors do not advise resorting to this procedure also with varicose veins and during pregnancy, although in the latter case it all depends on your condition and well.being.

It is worth remembering the individual intolerance of the wax components, and in the case of severe irritation or pain after the procedure, contact the doctor immediately.

To protect yourself as possible from possible troubles, use only high.quality cartridges from trusted manufacturers and with a normal shelf life.

Shugaring the feet of the cartridge yourself. convenient and fast!

If you first decide to do hair removal with wax, it is better to visit the salon for starters, where you will clearly explain how to do it correctly. No need to immediately take on sensitive zones (armpits or a bikini area), as this can forever discourage hunting for hair removal.

It is better to try to carry out the procedure on the arms or legs, and if the pain is too strong, then it may make sense to use a special anesthetic cream. However, if in this case it is too difficult, it is better to look for a less painful way to get rid of unwanted vegetation.

Advantages of hot film wax Italwax azulen

This is a kind of improved wax, which is based on rubber elements. Thanks to special rubber, the consistency is much denser and more viscous, which will allow the wax to capture even short hairs and completely remove, without leaving missed areas.

Also, the melting temperature of italwax wax is much lower (approximately 43 degrees), so burning them is simply unrealistic. The hardening of the applied wax occurs much longer, which allows you to warm up the hair follicles well, and the hair is pulled out much better and painlessly.

The difference between the film wax and the hot is that it does not need any additional materials to remove it from the skin, since the film, although thin, is not more than 3 mm, but very durable. In addition, applying such a thin layer saves the product, and therefore it will be enough for a much greater time.

How to use wax italwax azulen

First you need to carefully treat the skin with an antiseptic, as it is recommended to do with any wax depilation. After that, you need to apply a special lotion for depilation to the prepared area of ​​the skin, then get it off with a napkin, making the skin dry. You can use talc for depilation to provide better clutch with hairs.

Take the required amount of hot film wax for depilation, you can take a little in granules, because if not enough, it can always be added. Melt the granules in a water bath and apply a traction consistency with a special spatula. After a few seconds, it can be sharply torn off in the direction of the opposite hairs. Finish the depilation procedure, applying a way to moisturize and relieve irritation.

You can buy any wax for depilation from us, and the product will be of excellent quality. Experienced sellers will always help advice and select the most optimal wax, as well as all the necessary accessories for cleansing the skin from unnecessary hair. Contact, we are always happy!


Before you buy a wax mixture and try the vaxing procedure, you need to listen to the recommendations of specialists when you should refrain from it. In particular, this concerns the use of such tools at home. So, getting rid of unwanted hairline with wax is contraindicated in such conditions and diseases:

  • varicose veins;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • diseases and damage to the surface and deep layers of the skin;
  • diabetes;
  • infectious diseases;
  • blood coagulation problems.

Release form and type of wax

Perhaps the most common classification feature is the form of release. If you visit a shopping center or look through the catalog of an online store, you can find several varieties of wax: in cassettes, cartridges, granules or banks. Let’s try to figure out which of the listed options is more preferable.


This is a depilation agent with a low melting point, which forms a peculiar film after applying to the skin surface. After solidification, it breaks down with the hairs. The advantages of this type of vaxing include:

  • smooth and delicate skin at the end of the procedure;
  • minimum risk of burns;
  • economical consumption, since the mixture is applied with a thin layer;
  • The film is not destroyed during removal;
  • uniform distribution and heating of follicles;
  • The possibility of applying in sensitive areas.

After depilation, the site is treated with an antiseptic and a cooling composition.


Another common form of release of the film depilator is cartridges. It is very convenient to use such products: they are easy to place in wax.

  • Convenience and safety. This is not a bank that can be accidentally overturned;
  • economical expense. Application is carried out by a special roller, so the mixture is distributed on the surface of the body with an even thin layer;
  • A variety of brands. You can choose the composition of the hair of any thickness and color;
  • Various structures. The gel composition is hypoallergenic, cream. has a moisturizing and anti.inflammatory effect. Classic wax is recommended for skin areas with especially high sensitivity.


This is an innovative form of release. The principle of use is no different from the described above. Cassette with wax is heated in wax. The mixture is applied to the skin using a roller mechanism, in accordance with the instructions. Hair is removed using special strips of paper.

Criterias of choice

It is necessary to choose a depalat with maximum thoroughness, since the result of the procedure depends on this. Important factors when choosing. skin relief and vegetation structure. For example, in large areas (legs, arms), it is most convenient to use a remedy in a cassette or cartridge. The film composition is more suitable for the bikini zone. Cold wax will help to remove small hairs on the face. This classification will help to choose the right composition.


As a rule, it is packaged in banks. Looks like a solid substance that needs to be melted before use. Since hot wax is heated to high temperature, it is better that a specialist is offended by depilation. Apply it with a spatula, and then tear it off using a paper or textile strip.


Most often, produced in the form of a cartridge. The difference from a hot depilator is that heating is carried out to low temperature. Warm wax is optimal for independent removal of vegetation on the arms, legs or in the armpits. For the bikini zone, this option is ineffective, since the hard hairs of warm wax eliminate worse. Special stripes are also used to remove the remnants of the mixture from the skin.

Another variety of warm depilator is a film that is produced in granular form. It quickly melts, hardens well and removes even without auxiliary devices. This option is effective for the bikini area, since the film quickly takes the shape of the processed area.


This option is the easiest. Wax is produced by ready.made applicators with the mixture applied to them. To warm it up, just rub the strips with your palms. Ideal for small thin hairs (for example, on the face, above the upper lip). Disadvantage. low efficiency. Sometimes you have to repeat the procedure several times, which can provoke irritation of the dermis.

Italwax film wax Cleopatra

One of the best funds in our ranking. A means with a unique synthetic formula that allows you to effectively eliminate unwanted vegetation throughout the body, in particular, in the intimate area. Plastic texture makes it possible to perform large applications. The substance is applied to the surface of the body with a spatula (the direction of hair growth is not taken into account), easily removed with a film. At the end of the procedure, there is no sensation of unpleasant stickiness. Thanks to the hypoallergenic composition, wax can be used even for the most sensitive areas. The skin is well steamed and the removal of hairs, including hard and short, occurs with minimal discomfort. This is one of the best options for removing hair on a male body.

  • low melting point (40 degrees);
  • careful removal of hairs;
  • the ability to use on top of the talc;
  • simplicity of application, without taking into account the direction of hair growth;
  • Removing the film without the use of a special strip. This allows you to save on consumables;
  • A great option for getting rid of short and hard hairs;
  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • Attractive price.

Starpil in the cartridge

Universal warm wax in a cartridge with plant extracts, for a bandage way of hair removal. Can be used for all skin types. The product gives the best effect when working with hard hair. Does not injure the skin, does not cause stickiness sensations. It has a natural composition. Its components soften and moisturize the skin.

Using the cartridge is very simple: the wax is heated and applied to the body in the direction of hair growth. Remove the composition with a sharp movement using a paper strip. At the end of the procedure, they use special oil.

Depilflax wax in the cartridge

A dense depilator in a cartridge with talc and titanium dioxide, designed for particularly sensitive skin. Among the main components of the depilation composition are natural bee wax, olive oil and pine resin. The product is consumed very economically, since it is applied using a video. A dense opaque film allows you to quickly and purely remove the shortest hairs.

Disadvantage: the need to use special paper for depilation.

White Line Italwax in granules

Depositor containing titanium dioxide. It is distinguished by high plasticity. During use, drawing threads are not formed. The product does not cause skin irritation. The application freezes very quickly, in just 6-7 seconds. After removing the polymer film, there are no hairs on the skin, even the shortest and most rigid are removed effectively. Low melting point (42 degrees) helps to avoid burns. The composition is applied by a spatula, not taking into account the direction of hair growth. Due to its high plasticity, the film exactly repeats the contours of the body, which allows you to remove hairs from the most inaccessible parts of the body.

  • economical spending (30% less than for similar compositions of other brands);
  • low melting point, which reduces almost zero the probability of injury to the skin;
  • complete removal of hair with roots;
  • a minimum of discomfort when used, since with moderate thermal effects the skin is steamed;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • removal of unwanted vegetation without paper strips;
  • nice smell.

Depileve wax in a bank

Film wax in a jar designed to remove vegetation of hard and medium stiffness. Ideal option for hairs that are poorly depiled. Does not cause irritation when it enters the mucous membranes. Thanks to natural oil, cocoa in the composition has a moisturizing and anti.inflammatory effect.

Active ingredients. vegetable oils:

Melting temperature 39 degrees, which minimizes unpleasant sensations during the procedure. After heated by jars in wax, the composition is applied in the direction of hair growth. The removal of the wax film is carried out in the opposite direction. At the end of the procedure, a special lotion is used after depilation to eliminate discomfort.

In general, customers like wax, but there are negative points:

VEET warm wax

Warm depilation mixture containing essential oils. Designed for home use, but at the same time provides professional quality of depilation. Hair removal method. bandage. After the procedure, the skin remains smooth up to 4 weeks. Heating is carried out in a microwave oven (the composition acquires the desired condition in about 40 seconds). Thanks to a special spatula with the indicator, you will learn that the wax is hot. This minimizes the risk of random burn. The film is removed with a fabric strip, its remains are easily washed off with water.

Before the first use, be sure to test the skin for sensitivity. You can not use the product in damaged areas.

Contraindications to use: elderly age, dermatological diseases, diabetes mellitus.

  • effective depilation;
  • nice smell;
  • simplicity of use;
  • the possibility of using fabric strips several times;
  • It is well washed off with water.

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