Weland boiler does not warm hot water

Why the boiler stopped warming water. The causes and methods of solving

Gas boilers are designed to create comfortable existence conditions. Double.Circuit units provide a living room with warm and hot water in the tap. But it happens that a working boiler does not warm the water well and does not give the necessary comfort.

The degree of efficiency of the entire heating system depends on how the boiler works. If the malfunctions in the gas boiler itself, then this can negatively affect the efficiency of the entire system and be the cause of excessive expenditure of energy resources. What happens when the boiler stopped warming the water? We will analyze the reasons and ways to solve this problem.

What to do if the Vailant boiler does not heat hot water

I found this method. At the entrance to the boiler, I have a magnetic converter that should remove water hardness, but it does not remove it, in my opinion it is a fiction. But it is good for me that it is installed right at the entrance to the boiler. The photo in the bottom is visible.

On it is a nut of an American unscrewing which you can easily fall asleep into the pipe pipe with citric acid pipe.

But for this you need to block water. I have a collector next to the boiler. He is in the photo below.

Now on it all the ducts are open and in one easy movement, I block the supply of water to the boiler.

All water is blocked, now you can unscrew the American on a magnetic filter. And do not forget, to come up with something, from current water from the boiler, it is not much but it is. I wiped my rag.

Then in the inside of the pipe I fall asleep of citric acid.

I tighten the American back and open the tap water tap to the boiler.

Now it is important to understand when the acid enters the heat exchanger. Since my water tap is a meter from the boiler, I determine whether the acid has come to the heat exchanger to taste. I just open the crane with short jerks and taste, as “sour” has gone, the whole system from the magnetic filter to the tap is filled with citric acid.

Next, you need to block the crane so that your home does not pour all the acid ahead of time.

I refuel the system at night and until the morning it is worth acidified. In the morning I open the water supply crane into the boiler and drain all the acid. The water will hiss, not Pugaites.

The question may arise, not the heat exchanger acid? I swap on the forum of chemists and came to the conclusion that organic acid (citric relate to it) is harmless to copper.

I use this method as it is impossible. If you do not like how the boiler heats water or the pressure of hot water has become weak, I take and process the heat exchanger with citric acid.

If you have an eyeliner to a polypropylene boiler, and there is no way to fall asleep, then think that a similar one will not take much time.

Why it is necessary to repair gas boilers by professionals

The gas boiler of this brand is attributed to complex equipment, which requires a qualified approach. The functioning of the unit with failures becomes source of danger for a person. Untimely repair work of the installations lead to serious breakdowns with large investments. Professional repair of the Vaillant gas boiler is made in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. To replace faulty parts in the equipment, original spare parts and high.Quality consumables are needed.

Our masters know the specifics of the unit of a given brand and repair the Viland gas boiler quickly and efficiently.

The gas boiler does not warm hot water

The installation of a gas boiler allows you to forget about cold water in batteries and cranes. Double.Circuit models are able to simultaneously work for heating and hot water supply (DHW) of the room. But what to do if the boiler does not warm water? If you are faced with a similar problem, our recommendations will help to find the reason and eliminate the problem with your own hands.

The principle of operation of the boiler

To understand the reasons for the breakdown, you need to understand how the boiler works. Double.Circuit devices “Ariston”, “Bax” and other models have several blocks. In the gas node there is ignition and burning, the water node is responsible for the supply of water and the pressure in the highway. The chimneous unit removes combustion products to the street.

As soon as you start the boiler, the pump is triggered, which pumps water into the system. The gas valve opens. The liquid circulates through the heat exchanger tubes, and the burner evenly warms its case. Sensors control the heating process. As soon as the temperature reaches the given, the gas supply is turned off, the heating stops.

Когда температура начнет снижаться, датчики пошлют сигнал управляющему модулю — цикл нагрева снова запустится.

When the mixer is opened, the flow sensor is triggered. It gives a signal of the transfer of the three.Way valve to heating the hot water. When the mixer closes, the valve switches to the heating system. Some models are equipped with a fast start mode. Then the valve periodically switches, warms up both the first and second heat exchanger.

Why does the boiler do not heat well, does not gain temperature

No hot water? For what reasons the technique does not work? Sometimes a matter of external factors. Consider in more detail.

The device works, but does not heat or warmly warms

Airlock. Check if the air has accumulated in batteries. With the help of cranes, remove excess air. If you do not have an air vent on radiators, then you need to install it. Adjusting its tap, you can lower the accumulated air in the system.

Also inspect the valve for the blockage. Most often he clogs a drop.

Blockage in radiators. After cooling, lower the water from the pipes. If it is strongly contaminated, drive off the batteries until clean.

Inappropriate connection. If there is no hot flow, make sure that the diameter of the pipes corresponds to the stated in the instructions. Whether the hoses are brought correctly, shut.Off valves are mounted.

Low pressure in the highway. It is not enough to open the valve and ignition the burner. Share water.

Clustering the scale in the heat exchanger. You may notice that the technique heats the liquid for a long time, the batteries are weakly warming up. Clean the radiator tubes from deposits.

For this, it is better to remove the knot, but this can not be done in all models. Therefore, remove the casing, turn off the device from gas and water. Connect the pipe from the pump to the heat exchanger, drive the treatment liquid through the system.

Special tools can be selected in the store. Then rinse the parts with running water.

Adding reagents to the coolant liquid helps reduce the formation of salts on the details.

When buying, it is important to pay attention to the brand and the boiler model. For example, manufacturers of Navien, Elektolyux, Ardery, Ariston, Buderus prohibit the use of the reagent. It is recommended to install treatment filters or use distilled water.

Antifreeze can be applied to the models of Baxi, Beretta, Wylant, Potter, Celtic, Korea Star. But for each manufacturer a separate reagent is available.

Filter blockage. Another reason for the poor warming of batteries. The mesh filter is clogged with small garbage, so it is periodically removed and cleaned under running water. With strong suction or wear, it is better to replace the part.

Vaillant Boiler no hot water- no heating

Inappropriate adjustment. Check the set values ​​on the panel. Perhaps too low temperature is chosen, so the gas does not warm hot water.

Problems with the operation of the circulation pump. Overheating, the pump is turned off when hot water is turned on. Its power may not be enough for normal circulation. Adjust the settings.

The design of the batteries is not suitable for your equipment. Each design has its own cross.Country ability and heat transfer. Incorrect choice leads to a decrease in heating due to the patency of the system.

Non.Compliance with the slope of the highway. The problem is characteristic of natural circulation systems, which is ensured by compliance with the installation standards. According to the documents, the bias of the pipes for each linear meter should be at least 10 mm. No slope. No heating. The coolant stagnates, the batteries remain cold.

The gas boiler does not turn on, does not give hot water on the hot water

The main reason for non.Proceeds in the work is the deposition of salts. The larger the layer of scale in the heat exchanger, the worse the conductivity. The water warms up for a long time, a thin slightly warm stream flows at the output. Also, a piece of scale could break off and block the passage to the mixer. What to do in this situation, we described above.

Fluctuating hot water on Boilers

Problems with the flow sensor. The part is working on the principle of the fan, which rotates due to the movement of the flow. The sensor may not work when sucker. For cleaning without dismantling, open and close the crane that is located near the circulation pump.

If the procedure did not help restore the work, you will have to remove the sensor, clean and install in place.

A three.Way valve malfunction. If the valve is jammed or it broke, it will not be possible to switch the water supply from the heating system to the hot water. The cause of the malfunction could be the blockage of part, gas hose or filter. Clean all the elements.

There are a lot of causes of malfunctions. Determine what problem has arisen in your circuit, the signs described by us will help. Pay attention to the operation of the equipment and compare with the indicated problems. If you can’t fix the malfunction yourself, contact a specialist.

Use the water heater

A water heater, cut into a hot water supply circuit, acts as a buffer capacity. Its purpose is to align the temperature of hot water and smoothing out possible temperature jumps. The drive heater and the gas boiler heater is set at the same operating temperature.

Even in the case of simultaneous inclusion of hot water taps at different points of its fence, all users will first receive water from the drive at first. The expenses of time associated with the expectation of a comfortable water temperature are reduced. Unproductive water consumption is reduced.

Turning on and off the supply of hot water at any point of the fence causes a water temperature difference at the output of the gas boiler. However, this water enters the lower part of the water heater, and when it exits the upper part, the temperature leap is completely smoothed out.

Connecting a water heater through a ball valve allows you to switch to a regular gas boiler operation at any time, which can provide uninterrupted hot water supply in the event of a water heater breakdown.

Using the bypass of a jumper with a tap in close proximity to the boiler allows you to exclude a boiler from a hot water supply system. If the boiler is on maintenance, the use of an existing water heater will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the hot water supply system.

Questions about the malfunctions of Arderius boilers

Question: I have an Arderia esr 2 gas dual.Circuit boiler.13 FFCD display shows AA error (boiling water). You put the temperature, it as usual, it picks it up, and then, as soon as it falls by several degrees, it turns on, and so it is indefinitely? It turns out that it turns on every 10 seconds. The pump works, cleaned the filter, all the taps are open, the sensor works. Most likely, in the 3-chassa, the problem. Tell me what to do?

Answer: You need to call the master to reconfigure the boiler, namely, Arderia has a service menu in which you can get out of the control panel, there you need to increase the difference in the difference with the set temperature and the start temperature.

Question: After 2 years of normal operation, such things began to happen: when heating is connected, when heated, a sharp increase in pressure occurs (according to the indications of the arrow “manometer”) and the emergency discharge of the coolant. What is the problem?

weland, boiler, does, warm, water

Answer: Most likely. Damage to the membrane of the expansion tank or lack of air (nitrogen) in the air chamber (unless of course there is no locking reinforcement on the tank, which “accidentally” closed. It is also possible that the three.Way valve is not working.

weland, boiler, does, warm, water

Question: They installed and connected the gas wall.Mounted boiler Arderia 2.13, which served without complaints for exactly 2 years and faults began. Heating works fine. But hot water does not want to bask. The burner either goes out, then it lights up again and the water is barely warm or generally cold. And even when opening the crane, batteries suddenly begin to warm up. Who has come across this, tell me what it could mean?

Answer: If barely warm water flows, it means that a three.Way valve switches. As an option 2nd heat exchanger from heating. That is, if the boiler works steadily and goes to the face value, then no. If the pressure of the water is hot in order, it is possible that the secondary heat exchanger was clogged through the heating channel. At the request of the DIS, the boiler is filled, goes into the face value but heat is not removed, so the boiler is stewing the burner. Even as an option, the temperature sensor of the hot water is heated.

Question: They installed and connected the wall boiler Arderia ESR 2.13 FFCD. He worked for 4 years. Recently, everything has turned off. Up to the backlight of the remote control. The emergency mode does not go out. I took a fee, pulled out of the casing, there are 2 fuses. But they are intact. What happened and how to escape? The complete feeling that the meal was just gone. Food through the stabilizer. The stabilizer works.

Answer: change the fee, di on a new board to put it on the old.

Question: The Arderia ESR 2 gas boiler was installed and launched and launched.20. There is a question about the mode of his work. The boiler works almost without stops of the pump, while the temperature of the coolant drops to a given size after the burner is turned off, and the burner is only triggered. And so virtually no pauses. I haven’t noticed this before. It is also noticed that when the hot water is turned on, at first very hot water comes from the tap, you cannot substitute your hands. Is this a malfunction and how to increase the time of pause.

I also wanted to ask about such a moment. I tried to adjust the operation of the boiler on the temperature of the room.

How the boiler works?

For a more clear understanding of the situation, you need to figure out the principle of the boiler. Two.Circuit gas wall boilers such as Baxi or Ariston consist of several components. In the gas part, the incoming fuel is burned, the water part ensures the supply of heated water from heat exchangers to the heating system, part of the smoke removal is responsible for the removal of combustion products outside the home.

After the boiler is launched, the pump is turned on, which provides the necessary water level in the system and the valve that supplies the gas opens. The coolant moves in the heat exchanger, which is heated by the flame of the burner. The temperature regime is monitored in the room, temperature sensors control the indications on the supply and reverse pipelines. The pressure indicators of fuel, coolant in the contours, the presence of traction and burning are also removed.

Depending on the user settings, temperature sensors configure the water heating mode. The sensor on the reverse pipeline turns off the boiler, depending on the achievement of the required temperature set for the return. However, the system pump does not stop working until the temperature of the heat exchanger decreases.

This is provided for not to boil water in it. As soon as the coolant cooled to the maximum level, the electronics will send a signal to turn on the pumping of water and the gas valve. The whole process will begin again. When opening a crane in a mixer in a dual.Circuit boiler, a flow sensor responds, which informs the electronics about the need to switch a three.Way valve to the water heating mode for DHW.

When the hot water crane is turned off, a reverse transition to heating mode occurs. Some manufacturers provide for the heating of both heat exchangers during periodic switching.

Heating systems of country and country houses. Boilers, gas speakers, water heaters. Repair, service, operation. Installation and installation recommendations.

Vaillant boiler has worked for 1 month and gives an error F75. What could happen?

If the unit gives out an error F75, then it is equipped with a pressure sensor. The device does not fix the increase in pressure when starting the pump. It is necessary to check the heating system as a whole, the presence of expansion tanks, a way of inserting them. Perhaps this error is associated with the incorrect installation of the system.

I have a two.Circuit Viland boiler with the withdrawal of combustion products to the street. The problem is this: when hot water is turned on, a failure occurs in the heating system, the temperature drops and the unit does not heat the batteries. After a complete reboot, the system works again. Honestly, already tired of rebooting it.

The unit when turning on hot water goes into the preparation mode of the hot water, while heating at this time does not work. When hot water is turned off, the device begins to heat the heating system. This is the normal principle of operation of wall.Circuit models with separate heat exchangers.

There is a boiler VU Int 240/2-3 R1. He periodically stops. Masters came, looked, cleaned. Changed the fee, but there is no result. Adequate diagnosis is needed. So far, three specialists have not been able to find the cause of the stops. Before that, the unit worked for six years without problems.

To get started, look at which bulbs are blinking when the device stops. Indication of a malfunction will help to understand what the reason is. If the bulbs do not flash, then the prognosis cannot be done.

Wall condensation boiler Vaillant Ekotec VU 656 E, gives out F28 error. Gas is suitable, clean.Out clean, empty glass, grounding is normal. When starting, the gas valve opens, and after 1 second closes, makes such 3 attempts and then gives an error.

F28 error can be caused by several reasons. Inappropriate gas parameters. A gas valve malfunction. Automation malfunction.

I have a problem with a wall gas boiler Vylant Turbo Max Plus int 282/2-5. It is single.Circuit, for DHW is connected to VIH R150 (new). Heating works fine. When the heating of the water is turned on in VIH, the temperature on the indicator quickly flies out in 100 degrees, noise appears in the pump area and impacts are heard, while the pressure indicator fixes pressure surges (from the installed 1.5 atm to 2 atm). The burner immediately turns off, the pump continues to work. After the temperature drop (somewhere around 80 degrees), the pump turns off, the unit goes into the operating mode of S54. Next, if you do not turn off the water heating mode, everything is repeated. An emergency shutdown with an error F24 may occur. A new one is installed. Changed 3 days ago (before that, the device did not want to work for heating. Turned off on S54). The pump changed 3 months ago. A three.Way switch is also new. What could be the reason?

Typically, this behavior of the device is associated with the inability to transfer power to the system (deposits on the heat exchanger due to poor.Quality coolant). If it has changed, then perhaps in other hydraulic groups of the unit there are pollution.

I have a question about the boiler Vylant Floor, the series Atmovite. After several years of use, he stopped seeing the flame, rearranged the fee, the other also does not see. It is clear that the problem with the payment. Is there a solution without replacing such?

To solve this problem, equipment diagnosis is required. It is possible that the replacement of the board does not need.

We have a weland boiler. The temperature for the batteries is disabled, only hot water supply works. Question: Why batteries heat up?

Most likely, the device gives excess power to the heating system. It protects it from overheating.

I have a problem with the Vaillant Turbotec Plus boiler. Stronged unable to all summer. When turning on, only the boiler warms up. There is no circulation on the heating system. The pipes are not frozen. Water comes from the battery from the battery and at the same time the pressure in the system drops.

Changed the pipe to the roof. Vylant boiler gives an error f29. What need to do?

Check the grounding of the device and the gas distribution system.

Weilant 242/5-3 works for 5 minutes, then dramatizes the temperature sharply, a strong hum occurs, and turns off. After a while it turns on and everything again. What can be the reason?

Such work can be caused by the presence of deposits on the heat exchanger. Deposits arise when used as a coolant, water.Quality water or poor.Quality antifreeze as a coolant.

Problem: Double-circuit wall-mounted boiler Vaillant Turbotec Plus VU Int 242/3-5; works on water, without additives. Periodically “buzz”. What is the cause of the noise?

Noises in the Int 242/3-5 model can be caused by deposits on heat exchangers, failure of the pump or valve. It is also necessary to diagnose the heating system in general.

Vylant boiler. There is hot water in the sink in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bottom in the bathroom shell, but in the shower mixer hot water is only with small water pressure, if you turn it on stronger pressure, the water ceases to be hot, just in the shower mixers. And the device is also very noisy when something is happening in it.

You need to check the secondary heat exchanger, most likely it is very contaminated. It is also necessary to check the state of the pipeline.

Who will tell you, Vylant 24 turbo boiler with green regulators. Upon reaching the displayed temperature, a whistle begins and a rattle in the area of ​​secondary heat exchanger and pump. The 3rd skid valve is serviceable, the clean pump turns normally without loss of power. Heating and DHW gives as it should, only after using the DHW can go into an error.

The whistle can be caused by the wear of one of the gaskets in the hydroblok, the device can go out due to overheating by inertia, in old models this can be caused by the slowed work of the three-way valve.

Gas 2-dashed Viallat-24 Hydrofig House in a private house works with water from a well. Periodically water goes with sand, although the input filter is worth. Does this affect the boiler work? What do you advise?

A typical problem of using well water is soft, but dirty. Mechanical pollution, of course, affect the operation of the boiler, as the built.In heat exchanger is gradually clogging, and it stops warming the water. Ordinary fabric filter misses a small sand fraction. Therefore, for adjusting work in the DHW mode, you need to install a cascade of cartridge filters.

Filter at the input of heating water into the heat exchanger of the hot water

Hot water heating problems sometimes occur and aggravate due to clogging of the filter installed at the input of heating water into the plate heat exchanger of the hot water. The filter protects the plate heat exchanger of the hot water from the dirt from the heating circuit.

If the filter is strongly clogged with dirt, then in DHW mode this most often manifests itself as an error: “overheating of the primary circuit on the feed (NTC2)”. The protection against overheating is triggered and the boiler is disconnected.

All brands of boilers are removed in different ways. But this procedure usually does not represent any particular difficulties. Some special tool is not required. But it will be better to find instructions, site, pictures or videos on the Internet on this topic. For the first time you can invite a service specialist and see how he shoots a filter.

Cleaning filter DIS Double.Circuit gas boilers Protherm Gepard and Panther (Panther)

Fasteners, holders of the heat exchanger; 2. A screw of the holder; 3. Laying; 4. Filter of heating water at the inlet to the heat exchanger; 5. Heat exchanger of the gas station of the gas boiler;

To clean the filter of the heat exchanger DHW, you need:

  • Close the taps on the supply and return of heating water.
  • Open the drain valve on the boiler, on the right under the pump, and drain heating water from the boiler.
  • Close the tap at the inlet of cold water and disconnect the tube of cold water from the boiler. Water will merge through the open pipe of cold water from the boiler. Open the water cranes of hot water for the complete release from the water of the hydraulicular tract.
  • Remove the screws (2) and the holder (1) on both sides of the plate heat exchanger.
  • Remove the plate heat exchanger DHW (5). The housing of the plate heat exchanger is pressed with fixing tires to the base. After the tires are removed, pull the heat exchanger up and take it out.
  • Remove gaskets (3).
  • Get a filter (4) from the hydrogen group.
  • Clean the filter and return everything back.

It is recommended every time when installing to change the gaskets between the heat exchanger and the base (3). HBS heat exchanger gasket, rubber ring: 22.2×13.5×5 mm. From the inside. Ring recess. Article number: 0020014166 (10 pieces).

When installing the installation, the correct location of the heat exchanger is checked. The inscription of the marking on its side wall should look forward. I recommend using the moment and the heat exchanger removed from the boiler is cleaned of scale. How to do this. Read the next article on this topic.

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