Westen pulsar d e10 boiler

Westen gas boiler error codes

Consider the following models Westen Quasar D 24 and Westen Pulsar D 24. Option of mounting these devices wall mounted, they are designed for heating and water heating for domestic use, in other words, it is a two-stage device. Can heat an area of 180 m2.

Westen Pulsar D24F. in the program the summer operating mode of the boiler is put, when the temperature exceeds a concrete maximum, the heating circuit is switched off. The external gauge is also switched off so that the boiler does not start up again at night when the temperature drops. Circulation of liquid through the system is due to the circulating pump.

Efficiency of about 91%, is fed from a network of 220 V, the power consumption of 80 watts. Able to pass the heated liquid to 35 degrees 9 liters for 60 seconds. Open firebox.

Westen Quasar 24 is also designed for heating with underfloor heating. Efficiency of the device is 90%, type of furnace open, chimney, mechanisms of protection against freezing of the system, liquid overheating, draft failure, lowering of gas pressure are taken into account. A monitor is suggested for comfort of operation.

Westen gas boiler error codes

The gas boiler Westen does not come out on ignition. No access of gas mixture to the burner unit. Inlet gas pipe shut-off valve closed. Distribution valve must be opened. Bleed the piping line when starting the appliance for the first time. Measure the pressure of the gas supplied to the gas block. The required pressure specifications are given in the operating instructions. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the gas mixture pressure at the nozzle (maximum/minimum). Gas valve failure. The gas valve must be replaced if it is found to be defective. Unstable or damaged ignition electrode. Check and adjust the distance between the ionization electrode and the burner. If there is too much soot on the ionization electrode, clean it. Faulty gas appliance parts, including a short circuit or breakage in the contacts on the gas valve coil. If this fault is found, change the gas valve. Gas valve sticking. The valve has a fitting on the front. Insert a rubber tube into it and bleed off excess pressure. The ignition power of the Westen Quasar D gas boiler is insufficient. Use the service menu on your appliance and adjust the power. Control board malfunction or defective. If the ignition transformer fails to operate, you must restart the appliance. If error E01 reappears, repair or replace control board. After all the grounding is checked. Not allowed to have any potential on the housing. Boiler unit shutdown can in some cases be caused by high humidity. The ignition electrode, furnace and burner must be thoroughly cleaned of condensate. Flame control electrode is damaged. There is no flame on the burner unit, although it is recognized by the control module. There is a contact or short circuit in the wiring from the electrode to the control module. Diagnose electrical connections and correct problems.

Pressure drop in the system. Westen gas boiler signals error E10 when there is not enough liquid in the heating system. Loose connections from control module to pressostat. Differentials are broken.Pressure switch. First thing to do is check what the pressure gauge reads. If there is insufficient pressure, fill the heating circuit. Make-up valve on the boiler for filling up the liquid. If error E10 recurs, check the system to determine the cause of any leaks. Leaks may occur at the hydraulic pump, emergency dump valve, at the main heat exchanger, as well as in damaged seals and gaskets.

Westen boiler overheating. Safety thermostat heating temperature 103 degrees. Error code E02 will not be detected if there is no ignition signal at this time. When the temperature in the heating line gets high, the burner unit switches off, but the heat exchanger does not stop heating. When the temperature of the overheating protection sensor rises to 103 C, the unit will switch off after 15 seconds, because the automatic unit has tripped. When the probe detects a temperature higher than 100 C in the heating cycle, the automation system waits about 30 seconds for a possible temperature drop. If the sensor temperature decrease in the heating temperature and the safety thermostat does not occur during the set period, the gas boiler Westen shows error E02. Stopping the operation by ignition of the burner. If the temperature of the emergency overheating thermostat in the flame formation stage is higher than 103 C, the automation system shows a fault after only 10 seconds of waiting. The overheating protection thermostat or the heating water temperature sensor is tripped, which disconnects the unit. If the temperature of the liquid reaches 103 ° C, the temperature sensor for overheating will turn on. Reset the machine to zero by pressing the reset button once it has cooled. Over-temperature sensor malfunctions or is damaged. Change the valve. Circulation of water in the heating circuit is obstructed. If during pressure measurement of an unheated heating circuit, if it is clear that the pressure is too low, top up the device. Excessive air in the heating pipe. We recommend using a bleeder valve to bleed air from the piping system. No circulation. Open the distribution valves on the water pipes fully to allow the fluid to circulate smoothly. The water circulating pump begins to function irregularly. Pump does not rotate smoothly. Stable mains voltage is not available. In case of frequent voltage interruptions, the unit should be connected to the network using a stabilizer. Circulation pump motor broke or stator winding shorted. Poor pressure, but the circulation pump runs satisfactorily. The impeller is probably broken, so you need to change the pump. The water to the hydraulic pump is pumped intensively, but it does not rotate. The pump should be tested for possible rotor shaft defect. Remove the plug, then twist the rotor shaft of the motor by hand. No pulse from the board to the pump, that is a functional failure of the automation module. If the same problem occurs again after resetting the machine, change the control board. The combustion product thermostat has overheated. Restart the unit when the thermostat has cooled.

No traction. Gas boiler Westen Quasar D works reliably and stably if there is a good draft in the chimney. The electronics monitor that the flue gases do not enter the room, and if a malfunction is detected, the pneumatic draught relay suspends the operation of the unit with error E03. Here are some reasons for poor or no traction. The smoke evacuation duct is too narrow or there are faults in the duct installation period. Presence of clogging or ice on the internal walls. The maximum length of the smoke exhaust duct has been exceeded. Read the standards and regulations in the operation manual. Thrust pneumatic relay has failed. It is necessary to test it and if it is necessary to replace it. The connection from the pneumatic draught controller to the electronic module is loose. Check and correct electrical connections. Condensation has formed and tubes are not properly connected to the sensor. Remove condensate and re-connect the tubing to the inlet air hose. Fan failure. Fan impeller is dirty. Fan rotation is insufficient because there is no grease on the fan shaft. Contacts from the control board to the fan are damaged.

Temperature sensor in the heating circuit is broken. Westen boiler reports error E05 when the permissible temperature increases, or when the temperature sensor of the heating system fails. Electrical circuit of the heating water temperature sensor is damaged. If the signal from the temperature sensor to the control board is interrupted, this malfunction occurs. The unit’s functions will be restored after 10 seconds if the malfunction was spontaneous. If during the checkup it is determined that there is no moisture on the contacts of the electronic board and the temperature sensor connector, replace the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor wiring is short-circuited or the water temperature is very high. Check on the sensor first. If the resistance is not up to standard, it is recommended to replace the sensor. If correct temperature sensor is connected but error E05 is displayed again, replace or repair PCB.

Trouble with the DHW temperature sensor. Automation system boiler Westen will display error code E06, if there is a breakage of the DHW temperature sensor or a noticeable increase in temperature, recommended for stable operation. If the hot water temperature sensor is damaged, it must be replaced. Damaged contacts from the control module to the temperature sensor of DHW. Check electrical contacts and look for faults. If electric contacts between the sensor and control module are not broken, the temperature sensor itself is without defects, but error E06 is displayed, it means that we can talk about the electronic board failure.

Failure of the burner device at the stage of ignition. Error E35 informs that the ignition has not started as a result of burner flameout. Examine the contacts of the electrical circuit from the ionization electrode to the ignition assembly or from the gas valve to the control board. Repair the electrical contacts when problems are detected. In addition, insufficient draught can be the source of malfunctions that cause the flame to break away. Inspect the chimney for debris.

Boiler westen pulsar d error e10

Leave a request for repair of your boiler in our service if:

Gas boilers require regular service, at least once a year. Installation and the first power-up should be performed by specialists. For the correct installation of the equipment, and in order to verify the serviceability of the system and to carry out appropriate checks, you can invite a master from the company “Ideas Complex”, which deals with the maintenance of private houses, cottages and summer cottages.

In rare cases, the equipment generates errors, although in fact the boiler is in good condition. This happens due to the incorrect self-installation of the boiler. You can call a specialist to solve your problem. Fill in the form, briefly describe your problem and we will call you back for advice.

The heating equipment is blocked? There is probably a malfunction in the system. How to fix the problem? Error codes of boilers “Westen” will help you. The self-diagnostic system scans all nodes and reports failures of the control board. As a result, digital symbols appear on the display. Their deciphering indicates the cause of the malfunction.

Features of Westen boilers The most popular models are Westen Pulsar and Westen Quasar. These are wall mounted gas boilers with two circuits. One circuit is responsible for the heating system, heating an area of up to 180 square meters, the other. heats the liquid for hot water (DHW).

Westen Pulsar design includes a circulation pump, so the coolant moves through the circuit forcibly. The unit program uses automatic switching to summer mode. In the warm season the heating circuit is switched off with an external thermostat. Also the appliance does not start heating at night.

The boiler has a closed combustion chamber, the smoke is forced out with a fan. Requires an additional connection to the mains. The efficiency is 91%. Flow rate up to 9 l/min.

Westen Quasar is connected to the same system as the underfloor heating. Open combustion chamber requires connection to a fixed chimney. The air for the flame is taken from the room, so good ventilation is essential. 90% EFFICIENCY. Protection against freezing, overheating, no draught. Errors and malfunctions

The meaning of the error codes can be found in the operating manual and in the table below. Reset the boiler first to reset the malfunction. To do this, keep R button pressed. Didn’t help? Then you need to look for the cause of the malfunction.


Despite the adaptation of Italian Westen boilers to our reality and in spite of a lot of checks in the production, there are errors in operation.

  • Power surges in the mains.
  • Improper self-installation of equipment.
  • Faulty sensors.
  • System overheating.
  • Lack of gas, water supply.
  • No service.

If the equipment is completely suspended, a manual restart is required and determine and correct the cause of the malfunction. Modern boilers are able to shut down in case of faults and signalize faults through special codes displayed on the screen.

Sometimes the error can clear itself and the boiler can start operating on its own. But it happens in very rare cases. In all other cases, you must immediately call a specialist to of subsequent boiler repairs.

E01 No ignition. Reverse the plug in the socket; Unscrew the gas valve as far as it will go. If the boiler has not been operated for a long time, bleed the system. After that, run the technique several times; Inspect the ignition electrode, its contacts. If they are clogged, clean them with fine sandpaper. The distance of the electrode from the burner should be 3 mm.

E03 Stimulation sensor tripped. What to do: Check that the flue gas duct is correctly connected. According to the regulations, the pipe must have a certain diameter and the inclination level must correspond to the documentation. All joints are carefully sealed; Check the draught. Light a match and hold it up to the inspection window. If the flame deflects, there is a draught. If it burns evenly. it’s time to clean the chimney. Shaft could be clogged with soot and debris; Disconnect pressostat tubing. Remove accumulated condensate; Open the shutter, install the ventilation valve.

Error E10 (triangle in a circle with an exclamation mark on the screen) No communication with hydraulic pressostat. Check the pressure in the system; Check the pipes and connections for leaks. You can use a dry piece of cloth. The damaged place must be sealed; Check the heat exchanger and other components for leaks.

E25 Fluid does not circulate properly. How to fix it: Clean debris from the intake filter; Clean and flush the pump, repair it if necessary; Remove limescale from the heat exchanger. Remove the unit from the case and flush with reagent. Use a 1:3 citric acid solution at home; Diagnose the electronic board, its wiring and connections.

F35 Stray flame detected. Restart the boiler; Check the ground terminal on the module; Reverse the plug in the socket.

E97 Unstable power supply: Possibly mains voltage surges. Reboot the system. Connect a voltage regulator. Repair or replace electronic board.

Other malfunctions That are not indicated by an error code can be easily identified by external signs.

If the boiler is in heating mode, but the radiators are not heated: Intake valves are blocked or not fully open. Open all taps;

There is an air lock. Bleed excess air from the circuit using the Mayevsky cocks;

The three-way valve is defective. In a two circuit model the valve switches the flow from heating to hot water. If it is broken, one of the circuits may not be heated. Need valve diagnosis and repair.

Low system pressure: Leakage in pipes or components. Check tightness of connections. Use plumber’s hemp or sealant for insulation;

The membrane in the expansion vessel is leaking. Replace the diaphragm;

Insufficient quantity of coolant. Refill with fluid. Keep an eye on the boiler, clean components from deposits and debris. Once a year call for an inspection.

When sensors are triggered, a code is shown on the display. The most common codes for Westen boilers:

E01. The boiler doesn’t ignite due to a system malfunction, lack of or insufficient gas supply, breakage of the electronic board or the valve.

E05, E06. Sensor malfunction. It is necessary to replace them.

E10, E25, E26. pumping problems or lack of water circulation.

E32. the appliance needs to be descaled


Interference in the system of gas equipment can lead to unfortunate consequences. Such as:

Installation nuances

At first glance, the installation of the device, especially room wall models, may seem very simple. In practice, this is not exactly true. Baxi boilers use gas as fuel, and it, for all its obvious advantages, remains dangerous. The gas equipment requires professional attitude. One, even the smallest error in installation can lead to serious consequences. Only specialists who have the necessary access should install the equipment.

Even a short list of consequences, which can lead to tampering with the gas equipment looks frightening. The most frequent of them:

Display on the front panel Of course, Baxi boilers, like any modern gas equipment, are equipped with safety systems, but even automation can not always cope with mistakes made by non-professionals. If we talk about less tragic consequences, the main problem of independent installation becomes incorrect operation of the boiler. For example, the equipment does not turn on and displays error codes, despite the fact that all elements are in working order.

Gas boilers Baxi. energy-dependent equipment. They can not work without being connected to the power grid. Requirements for connection are very simple, not different from the rules of installation of conventional electrical household equipment. The unit is connected to the 220V network, and must be grounded. Grounding is also better to entrust to professionals. Even if the lack of grounding will not lead to serious consequences, it can affect the performance of the equipment. Quite often the device gives out error codes and the burner does not ignite due to trivial electrical connection errors.

In case there is no possibility to fully ground equipment (there are cases like this), it is necessary to install a stabilizer providing galvanic isolation. In some cases the potential can pass through a gas pipe. This situation is already dangerous and the connection must be made through a special dielectric adapter.

Troubleshooting and repair of boilers Westen

We have wall mounted gas boiler Westen in operation. Connected with the use of a stabilizer, the phases are set correctly. The “Safety thermostat tripped” error has recently occurred. There is no dependence of the error response on the cycle, sometimes immediately after switching on and sometimes after several hours of operation. Why does this happen??

Westen quasar 24i chimney wall mounted boiler broke down. The water pressure is getting less and less every day. And immediately after you open the tap water comes as it should, but then turns into a trickle. There is no such problem with the cold water supply. It works steadily, everything heats as it should, the flame is good, there are no errors. What is the cause of these problems with the pressure?

Check and clean the special mesh, which is located near the sensor actuation on the pipe DHW. If this doesn’t work, you have a very dirty heat exchanger. It can either be flushed or put a new one.

Connected gas wall mounted boiler Westen Pulsar, stopped working properly. The problem is in the DHW circuit., but the heating system is working fine. And with hot water the problem is as follows. After opening the tap for hot water, it starts to work and starts to heat as it should. But there is no water pressure, and water barely flows to the tap. It started relatively recently, after a visit from a service technician. The master was called to adjust it. After about six months of normal use, the pressure began to drop. Which part should be repaired??

There is no connection between the hot water supply pressure and the boiler settings. You probably have a clogged heat exchanger. Also, if you installed a filter on the water supply pipe, the problem may be in it.

In a two-circuit gas boiler Quasar D there is some strange noise, like the gurgling of water. In this case, and the cycle is broken, although the water still heats. The work cycle is about this: after turning on the heating for about 10 seconds, then the unit stops, again working for 10 seconds and so on. As I think something happened to him when we were draining the water in the summer and rearrange the pipes. I also noted that there is excess air in the radiators, which must be drained. I thought that it was in the pump, and that’s why there is such a strange noise, but the theory is not confirmed. everything is fine there. Where else should I look for the source of the noise??

often than not, the noise is caused by some problem with the heat exchanger. To repair your unit you can go two ways. Buy and install a new heat exchanger. Flush it. But here you can not only not get a positive result, but also further damage the system, as it is easy to puncture the inner tube of the device. Flushing is recommended if the boiler is no more than five years old. And since your unit is over 8, it’s more correct and safer to choose the first option. In principle, even with a punctured tube, it will work and heat as it should, but it will constantly leak water. But some customers find it easier to keep a bucket of water than to buy a new heat exchanger.

In operation gas wall mounted boiler Westen Pulsar. This summer it started to stop because of error E25. Called a specialist service, who after examining it suggested installing a new heat exchanger. It also reduced the pressure of the incoming gas. The unit started working properly, the DHW circuit provides the house with hot water. It is getting cold and you need to set it to “Winter” mode. After that, it could not be started up. Error E01 on the display. You had to call a specialist again, and this time he increased the gas supply to the burner. The heating system works without problems, but the problem with DHW. the water is barely warm. I still have to replace the heat exchanger?

Be sure to check the temperature sensor and try at least flushing the heat exchanger. Perhaps this will help to avoid replacement.

Westen Pulsar boiler shows error E03. What does it mean?

Check if the fan blades rotate freely. If there is no problem there, you have a jammed pneumatic relay.

Westen Energy has stopped heating water. When I turn on the DHW, there is a drop in pressure (according to the sensor below), and sensor 5 is triggered (not enough water). If you close the utility faucet, the pressure in the system quickly returns to normal. What could be the cause of the malfunction?

Most likely you have an intercircuit breakdown of the heat exchanger. Buy and install a new one.

Please tell me what the problem could be with the boiler Westen pulsar D? When you open the tap on the cold water supply, it does not heat, it still goes cold. But the heating circuit is working properly. The unit is not displaying any errors and is not stopping on failure. If you look at the display, only the water temperature in the heating system is recorded there. Tried switching it from “Summer” mode to “Winter” mode and vice versa. Nothing has changed in the unit.

The problem is most likely with the DHW flow sensor.

Wall mounted boiler Westen Energy is installed. When I turn on the heating system at 55-65C, it starts to work erratically. Between the on and off takes about 15 seconds. I tried to turn it off with the heating regulator, but nothing has changed. At the same time, when the DHW is working, there is no problem. If you turn the unit in winter mode (with disabled air thermostat) unit and pump start and shut off when they reach 40-65C (depending on what temperature is set). There is a 10 second pause and then it works again. Perhaps this is how the overheated water protection behaves. The regulator of the heating system, which is on the left side of the body, is not active. It should be concluded that when the appliance operates in winter mode, only the hot water temperature regulator does not work. I used a tester to check the microswitch on the three-way valve. it’s fine. The sensor for hot water is also normal. Could not check the NTC probe, because I do not understand how it can be done. Installed the air thermostat. Now when I set the hot water to 50C (I do the setting with the temperature controller). The thermostat shows 18C. Then the heating goes up to 49C and the thermostat triggers, turning off the boiler. The pause is 20-25 minutes. If the water heats up to 50C, it has already triggered protection, which turns off the gas for 10 seconds. Having studied this situation, I tried to set the regulator to 65C. This is the maximum possible value. And the temperature at the air thermostat is 20C. Now it is turned off by the thermostat when the water reaches 62C. In theory, in this mode you can live, but not convenient. Firstly, for DHW this temperature is too high, and to wash yourself, you have to use the same regulator to make new settings. Secondly, for the heating system 62C is not enough.

Probably a problem with the NTC probes. But in essence they are the same, but sometimes, if you switch them in places, you can get a good result. Also, if you take them off, you can check the resistance on them.

Broke the Westen Quasar plus 24 dual circuit boiler that was installed and working successfully. The supply of hot water to the house, works without problems. But when it works for heating, there are problems. When you turn on the heating it starts to heat water normally and bring it to a predetermined temperature. But then it starts to go on and off with an interval of 10 seconds. Sensors for water overheating and draught do not show the error and do not respond to the accident. The resistance of the NTC probes are the same. I also checked the flow and pressure sensors, but they are fine as well. Could not check the condition of the filters and the pump myself. But since the device, heating water works properly, nothing bubbles, no buzzing, and the water does not boil, I think there is nothing wrong with them. But be sure to check them later. You can also try moving the jumper “JP-2 = Toff “. Adjustment of the heating switch-on delay. But I highly doubt that someone switched the jumper without my knowledge. I was also thinking of putting a thermostat on the very last pipe. I was told by someone that this is a problem called “tapping”. That’s exactly what I have?

In your case it’s not really a “ticking”. Since the heating in winter mode still heats to the desired temperature and even maintains it, it just can not be adjusted.

When I turn on the boiler Kvazar D, the gas supplied “explodes”. This happens as follows: there is the gas supply (you can hear it), then the piezo element clicks and then a loud pop. Is there any way to adjust this.

I have a Westen Pulsar D wall mounted open chamber boiler (24kW). With two heat exchangers. Recently the following problem has occurred. When I open the supply to the DHW, about 5 liters of cold water passes and only then begins heating. And the water temperature does not reach the set point, but increases until it reaches the maximum (boiling). To the touch of a secondary heat exchanger is very hot, and strongly heats the outer casing of the unit (previously this was not the case). I checked the draft in the chimney. it is good. The appliance is working in heating mode without any problems. I think the problem is with the three-way valve or maybe the DHW temperature sensor is broken. I have had the unit in service for about five years, never had any maintenance, as there were no problems before. I do not want to disassemble it until I hear the views of an expert.

Please tell me what your DHW temperature setting is, and what the indicator actually shows? You may have a clogged heat exchanger and need to flush it. And you also need to look at the three-way valve.

I need advice from someone who understands the work of the boiler Westen Pulsar D (24 kW). I installed it in 2005. I’m getting ready for winter and there are a few things I’d like to correct before the heating season begins. A pipe near the micro switch is leaking. True, I could not figure out around which. Is it a differentiation of the hydraulic pressure sensor or of the primary flow in the DHW system. Studying the functional schematic was not helpful. Visually, the microswitch closest to the switch is leaking. I took it off and saw a piston inside (which extends and closes the contacts) with elements of grease. So water droplets appear when this piston is in the extended state. Maybe there is a gasket that needs to be replaced. When I turn on the DHW, the boiler ignites with a loud noise, like an explosion. Spark is present, but ignition does not always occur on the first try. For some unknown reason the pressure in the system is inconsistent, but there is no leakage. When the weather is warm it does not exceed 0.7 bar, and when you want to heat the coolant to 65C, the pressure can grow to 3 bars or higher. There have even been cases where the safety valve reacted. I think the first thing I need to do is to check the pressure in the expansion tank, and the water in the system has to be drained. Do I have to take it apart for further testing??

We recommend that you contact the service center for a complete maintenance.

I have a Westen boiler in my house. After we bought and installed it, we called the service department once a year for three years for maintenance. Further limited to self-cleaning of the heat exchanger: a solution of citric acid, before the heating season. And now the machine is not working properly, it just goes on and off. Sometimes it happens, the unit has not yet had time to ignite, and has already turned off. The DHW system also does not work. When you turn it on, the LEDs start to glow at 80C, and then everything goes out. And sometimes the device seems to work, but it does not heat. What can be wrong with it??

You should install a new temperature sensor and NTC sensor. The price of a question no more than 1000r for all. Although, most likely the breakage is in the DHW sensor (located to the left of the others).

Last year I had a Westen Pulsar 24kW, but never needed to use it last winter. Now I can not get it to work. No gas supply through the Sitma Sigma 845 valve, and the error E01 always flashes. To fix the problem I bought and installed a new valve and control board, but this did not solve the problem. Also, I forgot to mention, the unit is plugged in through the stabilizer. The error itself on the indicator starts to burn as soon as I turn it on.

Troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of boilers Westen Pulsar

We use a wall mounted boiler Westen Pulsar D 24. Appliance quickly catches up with the temperature over 96C, but then locks on overheating. Subsequently, when it cools down, it goes into overdrive. What’s the reason?

The blockage on overheating indicates a problem with the circulation in the system. Initially, we need to pay attention to the taps on the radiators. They must be opened. Then check if the filter element is clean, and make sure the heat-exchange unit is not limescale.

Performed the start-up of this unit in February of this year. After about six months the unit suddenly started making noise. Explain why he is noisy?

It is assumed that there is lime scale in the heat exchanger. If the water is hard, then over time lime accumulates in the radiator pipes.

I decided in a country house to install a gas boiler Westen Pulsar D 24. Interested in how to launch this device without errors?

The following procedures must be followed in order to put this appliance into operation correctly. Connect the appliance power supply. Turn the gas tap to the open position. Then turn on the burner device. Finally set the desired temperature.

Want to make repairs. Advice on how to drain the coolant from the unit?

According to the instructions, this work is done in the following order. Disconnect the unit from the electricity. Close the gas valve. Open the air vent valve a little bit. Open the drain valve. Then collect the spilled water. You can also drain the water using the drain valve. This valve is located at the bottom of the boiler.

Explain to me how to diagnose a 3-way valve? There is a suspicion that this component does not open correctly. In heating mode does not pump the far radiators, and on DHW heats the pipe to the heating inlet under the boiler unit.

It is indeed necessary to check the 3-way valve to see if its stem is hanging in the middle position. We also advise to perform an inspection of the heating system itself.

I use a two-circuit boiler Westen Pulsar 240 Fi in the room. Until yesterday morning it was heating properly. Now after five seconds after turning on the unit turns off.

It seems to be failing to deliver fluid to the system. Please advise what the cause is? Possible cause of this malfunction could be the ignition electrode not detecting the flame, or the lack of circulation process.

Westen Pulsar 240 gas boiler does not start. As long as you hold the start button depressed, the burner is in operation. The appliance shuts down immediately if the button is released. Please tell me the reason?

Could be a defect in the thermocouple or a problem with the gas valve. There is also a drop in gas pressure in the supply line. Sometimes the control board voltage is too low.

We have a malfunction. Difficulty in starting. The pilot burner lights up, but the main burner remains without light. I can not understand what is the reason?

Possibly a malfunction of the ignition mechanism. We recommend checking the boiler and cleaning the ignition unit.

For what reason the Westen Pulsar 240 i boiler can not turn off when the heating reaches the desired temperature? Heating up to 85 degrees, after that malfunctions. When restarting the situation starts again.

We assume that the control board is faulty, the temperature sensor has a malfunction, the sensor on overheating is broken. It is possible that the automatics has malfunctioned.

Please tell me why I can not raise the temperature above 70 degrees? I’m trying to set a higher value, but the screen shows that this is the maximum value. How to increase the heat?

When the device can not realize the temperature increase cycle in the heating circuit, the following problems can be assumed. There is a limit of maximum temperature of heating to 70 C in the settings. There is a drop in the draft rate in the chimney.

Wall mounted gas boiler Westen Pulsar does not work correctly in the cycle of heating the hot water system. Mixing of hot and cold water comes out of the tap. Please help me to find the reason for this fault?

The causes of the problem appear to be. Cold water can come in because the 3-way valve is out of order. The heat exchanger is heavily soiled. Cleaning is required.

Water constantly leaks from the tap on the bottom of the boiler. The unit itself is not turning on. What do I have to do??

The water seems to be flowing out of the safety valve. In this case, it indicates a high pressure in the system. Alternatively the system make-up valve can be open or the expansion tank has to be primed.

What is the reason for the pressure constantly increasing and the dump valve opening?? The heating icon on the display is constantly flashing when the unit is heating. What is it??

The temperature sensor in the heating circuit is defective. The water circulation in the heating circuit is poor.

Why the boiler Westen Pulsar constantly switches off? The other day the piezo igniter would not work. The boiler was serviced at the beginning of the month. What’s wrong?

We can assume that there is a functional defect in the smoke exhaust system. You need to check the chimney. Failure of the electric ignition may indicate a malfunction of any part due to power surges or water leakage.

Help me fix the problem with the chimney? Soon there is a return draft and the smoke goes straight to the kitchen. The chimney was handled by ourselves. It consists of a metal pipe. Maybe there is something wrong with it.

The unit produces hot water without any problems, but if you start heating, the water starts boiling and the unit fails. What kind of problem it is and how to fix it?

Probably the circulation pump is out of order, the electronic board is defective, the temperature sensor is broken. At the same time the filter screen may be clogged.

During the hot water circuit the unit alternately starts to deliver cold and hot water. Don’t understand what the cause is. How to adjust the heating fluid?

Apparently the heating system is dirty or the heat exchanger needs cleaning. There may also be damage to the sensor that controls the pressure, or a faulty circulation pump.

The main reason is the wrong chimney construction. The chimney is often clogged with combustion products, which quite reduces its performance. In addition, it is necessary to inspect the exhaust vents in the living areas.

The other day we had a problem with the heater. It started whistling when it’s working. Decided to perform a restart. Attempted, but it still whistles. Tell me what causes the whistling?

Very often a sharp whistling occurs when the pressure is incorrectly adjusted at the nozzles of the gas burner. We recommend checking the gas pressure setting and correct if necessary.

Water has entered the gas boiler and the appliance began to function intermittently. Let’s say, set at least what temperature, and the heating cycle takes place exclusively to 22 degrees, celsius, and then it shuts down. Please tell me what happened?

If there is water on the electronic board it can be assumed that it is damaged. We recommend resetting it using the linear shutdown of the appliance from the electric power supply. Then restart it and test that it works.

Appliance of the same model is in operation. Today, at start-up the wick lights for 8 seconds, and the main burner does not take fire, and the unit begins to fade. How to fix the malfunction?

Probably a defective ignition mechanism or burner malfunction. In any case, see if the phasing is correct when you connect it to the electricity.

Performed a startup of the same unit in October of that year. After a few months there was a problem with the hot water supply, but the heating works as it should. I wanted to open the hot water tap, but it only shows the temperature and is not going to heat. What’s the problem?

I suspect that the problem is with the three-way valve. It needs to be replaced.

Explain the functions for which a safety temperature sensor is installed in the boiler?

This part stops the gas supply to the burner, in case the liquid in the primary system overheats.

The primary heat exchanger must be flushed and cleaned. Please help me with what steps to take in order to properly remove it?

The primary heat exchanger is easily removed from the unit with an ordinary screwdriver. Below is a description of the disassembly procedure. Drain the unit using the discharge valve. Next empty the hot water system. Unscrew the fastening screws of the heat exchanger and remove it from the frame.

We had this unit installed. After some months the water pressure in the appliance has dropped. It often lets up and stops working. Or should I say it doesn’t hold pressure at all. Why doesn’t it hold pressure??

If the unit doesn’t hold water pressure, we can assume that the booster valve is leaking. When shutdown occurred and the water pressure decreased to zero limit, then the 3-way valve is broken.

Can you tell me how to clean the cold water filter??

First you need to empty the hot water circuit. Second, unscrew the nut of the flow sensor. Then remove the sensor and filter from the recess. After that clean it from accumulated impurities and dirt.

The unit may have started up with a buzzing noise, but now it is rumbling even louder. In the beginning the sound was short, but now it lasts longer. Has anyone had this problem??

Formation of unnecessary unpleasant sound indicates the presence of lime scale inside the heat exchanging unit, which heats up unevenly due to different wall thicknesses. The more dirty the heat exchanger, the more noisy the unit and the lower the heat output.

The unit is functioning, but there does not seem to be any water circulation in the system. The return line pump is too hot. How to fix it?

Apparently a clogged dirt filter or taps have been closed somewhere, preventing the heating fluid from flowing. The circulation pump can also be defective.

What can’t heat the mountain? Water? Water is pouring quite warm. Help me figure out what’s wrong?

We can troubleshoot in the following ways. If the hot water temperature sensor is damaged, we need to replace the sensor. Possibly the DHW heating output setting is off.

From time to time we notice flame failure during ignition. The burner is clean, the chimney is normal, the draught is good. Where to look for the problem?

Appliance fails to register a spark due to a bad pulse from the ignition control unit. Need to check the wires from the ionisation sensor to the electrode. It is obviously necessary to tighten it up. There may be a defect in the sensor insulation, which should be replaced.

Error and malfunction codes in gas boilers Westen

Indicates insufficient pressure inside the system. The main reasons for this malfunction are: Low fluid pressure in the heating circuit. Contact between the pressostat and the control board is faulty. Pressure switch defective. First you should check the pressure gauge readings. Most often the problem is eliminated by a make-up valve designed to add water to the heating system. In the case if there is a recurrence of the emergency situation, you may have a leak of coolant. Hydraulic pump, primary heat exchanger, excess pressure relief valve, damaged gaskets, make-up valve and other parts may be leaking. Leaks can be detected during inspection of hydraulic components.

Insufficient draught. In order to ensure correct and trouble-free boiler operation, it is necessary to create a draught for flue gases, so that they do not enter the room. The gas outlet is controlled by the automatics, and when any malfunctions occur, the draught sensor is activated, and the gas appliance is blocked. The main causes of the draught diverter failure are: the restricted size of the diverter, clogging with dirt, ice on the inner wall. Reduced diameter of the flue gas exhaust duct is a factor of decreased draught. Exhaust pipes are too long We advise you to carefully read the user manual of your appliance and follow all the instructions. A very long horizontal flue pipe can lead to a lack of draught. Pressostat. draught sensor is defective. A characteristic click can be heard when there is vacuum in the inlet pipe. Lack of contact between control board and pneumatic control sensor, condensate in tubes, as well as poor fixing of tubes with pneumatic control sensor. Fan has a malfunction. The fan impeller is clogged. There is no lubricant on the fan shaft, so it does not reach the required rpm. The contact between the fan and the electronic board is broken.

It means that ignition of burner is blocked. The flame ionisation sensor, which monitors the ignition, reports it. This sensor-electrode analyses the presence of the flame and stops the Westen boiler during insufficient combustion of the main burner or in the event of a malfunction in the gas supply. Functions are interrupted after 3 unsuccessful starts. To restart the process, press and hold the reset button. Gas valve defect. The gas valve action is controlled by the electronic board. Check this element by measuring the resistance and the voltage. If it is found that the values do not correspond to the nominal ones, the valve must be replaced with a functioning one. No gas supply to unit. There is a valve in the gas distribution system that can shut off the gas supply. A malfunction at the start-up of the unit can occur due to a blocked valve. Insufficient contact or signal from the flame ionisation sensor is not detected. Control board has malfunction. When the ignition process is performed correctly but the boiler goes out immediately, the electronic board is most likely unable to detect the flame. On this basis, it should be tested.

Westen boiler heat exchanger overheating. The unit is blocked. The thermostat that prevents overheating has been activated. Temperature sensor and overheating thermostat are mainly located at the outlet of the main heat exchanger. Important function of the thermostat. securing the appliance against excessive temperature. Malfunction occurs due to problems with the thermostat, temperature sensor, or a malfunction in the main circulation circuit. Damage to the temperature sensor. Wrong signal on control board or bad contact between control board and sensor. The high limit thermostat has failed. If the component is suitable for operation, but the actual overheating of the fluid is detected, then perhaps there was a problem with the circulation of the coolant in the main circuit. Main heat exchanger or heating circuit filter element is clogged (low circulation means high temperature of fluid heating).

Faulty circulation pump or there is a blockage of air in the heating system.

Temperature sensor for hot water supply is not working correctly. This situation indicates that the DHW temperature sensor is defective or the required temperature is too high. The main reasons why this malfunction occurs: the temperature sensor for the hot water supply is out of order. Contact between the DHW temperature sensor and the control board is broken. Damage to the electronic board. If the temperature sensor for DHW is intact and reliably wired to the control board, but the unit still displays an error, the electronic control board appears to be malfunctioning.

Ignition malfunction. This code occurs when the ignition fails or the burner flame fades. It is recommended to check contacts between ignition unit and flame electrode and between control board and gas valve. The main reason for flame failure could be the lack of draught.

Malfunction of the temperature sensor in the heating system. This is an indication that the temperature sensor in the heating circuit is defective or that the temperature required for operation has risen. Circuit breakage of the heating circuit temperature sensor. This fault can occur if the connection between the temperature sensor and the electronic board is broken, or the temperature is below the nominal. Five seconds after the detection of an accident, the Westen boiler will restore normal operation, in case the malfunction occurred accidentally. Check if there is no moisture on the temperature sensor and control board connector If there is no moisture, the temperature sensor must be replaced. There is a short circuit of the heating water temperature sensor. This situation can occur when the temperature probe contacts short-circuit, or when the water temperature reading is abnormally high. First of all check the resistance of the sensor. If the resistance characteristics differ from the standard, it is recommended to change the sensor. If installing a faulty sensor does not bring results, replace the controller.

Westen gas boiler in operation. Recently almost every day starts giving out error code E01 on ignition. After resetting with the Reset button, the boiler occasionally starts without any problems, but this happens quite rarely. The other day I removed the air plug and it started to function better. What is this fault??

When the chimney error pops up, you should open the safety covers. This will help the air flow from the room. Next, inspect the chimney pipe for ice and, if there is any, clean it. In case of a combustion accident, you should check whether there is gas flowing into the room.

The error code E05 is constantly lit on the boiler. Please tell me what it is signaling?

This code refers to a problem with the temperature sensor of the heating system. This is most likely a problem with the thermostat or temperature sensor.

What is the problem when the Westen gas boiler stops working? Also, the error E02 comes on intermittently. What to do?

This fault can be caused by any problems with the thermostat or temperature sensor, or by malfunction of the main circulation circuit. Fluid overheating in heat exchanger could be suspected. If the thermostat and temperature sensor are functional, the problem is with the electronic board. The electronic board needs to be replaced.

Why the appliance doesn’t start and displays error E10? The pressure in the system is normal, there are no signs of leakage. Trying to disconnect the power, but the problem is not solved. Please tell us what the problem is?

The problem is usually caused by low fluid pressure in the heating circuit. In this case you need to check the pressure sensor. It is obviously broken.

The unit has the following problem: The hot water temperature is set at 40 degrees. If you use hot water, the burner stays on for a few seconds and then goes out. This process happens all the time. The faucet emits cold and hot water at the same time. The error code E02 is not uncommon. What is the reason for this?

This fault signals overheating in the DHW circuit. There may be a clogged heat exchanger or the thermostat has an incorrect setting.

The following problem has occurred. During the ignition the unit goes to the error E35 (flame failure). When I restart it, it turns on normally, but when I barely ignite the burner, I hear a few clicks, and then the error is displayed. Did the ignition electrode change, flushed the sensor, flipped the plug, but no result. Has anyone encountered this?

There are several reasons for this malfunction. Failure of the ignition electrode. Improper gas supply. The electronic board fails.

The unit has shut down autonomously and shows code E10. What to do?

Lack of coolant in the appliance or a defect in the pressure switch sensor. Firstly fill the system with thermal fluid.

The unit stops working with error E02. Cleaned and blown. Zero result. What to do?

This code indicates a lack of draught and it is advisable to check the flue duct. Diaphragm may be stuck. In other cases we advise to address to the experts for the thorough inspection of the device with the subsequent its.

I have a Westen boiler. Error E06 is displayed. The device itself is functioning, the temperature of the heating medium is regulated manually. When it was installed, apparently there was overheating, because the auto temperature mode was activated. The outdoor air temperature sensor was not installed. What is the cause and how to fix?

Most likely there is a problem with the temperature sensor for DHW. In another case, the electronic board was damaged.

The unit operates for about 2-3 minutes, then the gas burner shuts down and the error code E03 appears. It flashes for no more than one minute, the burner, turns on again, and the device operates acceptably for another three or four minutes, and so on constantly. This failure, based on the manual, indicates that the sensor on the draught, but the chimney is not dirty, flue gases are good. It is not possible to find out what is the reason of malfunction?

In this case, the probable cause of the lack of traction may be: damage to the sensor on the traction. Contact of pressostat and control board is broken. Condensation in the tubes, as well as incorrect connection of the tubes with the pressostat. Damage of the fan components. Presumably, it operates at a low torque.

There is a problem with the boiler westen quasar 24! Namely: I can not adjust the water, as indicated by the boiler, the water to the mixer is 80 degrees, although the temperature regulator is at a minimum, with no stable operation, 1-2 minutes heats, then turns off after 1-2 minutes, then restarts in 1-2 minutes and is off again, and so the water in the tap for 1-2 minutes is very hot, 1-2 minutes cold and so constantly! What could be the cause and how to fix?

The problem is in the adjustment of the gas valve. The boiler does not heat the DHW to 80 degrees. It just can’t! Water heats water! The temperature is 80gr. For the primary circuit when heating DHW, this is normal.

I have the following problem: it heats up to 70 degrees for about 20 seconds, then the burner goes out, cools down to 30 degrees and then heats up again. Batteries are barely warm. Please advise what can be checked and exclude?

Check the operation of the pump and filter on the return.

Westen Pulsar boiler. When trying to turn on the heat all the red lights come on and no heat is coming on. But the hot water circuit works properly.

Change the sensor НТС on a heating circuit.

westen, pulsar, boiler

WESTEN QUASAR 24F. 5 years. Domestic water supply: starts to flow warm, cold, warm then very hot, no time to wash, have to add cold water on the faucet. High water flow rate. Water temperature regulator at B.Н., Set in different positions, you can not choose the best. Regulator position on a boiler is in a Winter mode.

In the Summer position, you need to wait a long time for the water to heat up (you need to open the mixer full throttle for the boiler to ignite) again a large flow of water. At the big temperature of heating, in a line of the boiler you hear murmuring of water. I would be grateful if you tell me if there is a reason for such a boiler.

Westen QUASAR 24f, heats service water poorly, the temperature display shows heating to 60 degrees, but in reality the water is warm (20 degrees approximately), heating works fine,

Boiler WESTEN QUASAR 24F. When starting the boiler burners work about 15 seconds, murmuring, gurgling in the heat exchanger, like boiling. Stands at 60 degrees, but the system does not heat, after bubbling immediately the burners turn off. Can you advise what may be a failure, if the cause of the heat exchanger, how to wash it properly. Would be very grateful for your advice.

Boiler Westen Pulsar. The following problem: when you turn on the boiler can hear a crackling piezo, but nothing happens, after three attempts, the boiler drops out in the error “gas block alarm”. Removed the lid, opened the combustion chamber. carefully cleaned the fouling from the ignition electrode, also slightly lowered it to 3 mm, but almost nothing has changed, the spark appears once in a while. noticed that when I open the lid, which seals the combustion chamber, the spark appears immediately, and, accordingly, the gas ignites. but as soon as I close the lid tightly, after a while the spark disappears again. Please help me advice.

Please advise which UPS will suit Westen Kvazar D?

When I turn on the hot water the “hot water system” signal lights up and the boiler is switched on. The water goes out, but the error does not give out what can be done?

The water is still running. After the boiler was disassembled and the heat exchanger washed by the master, the pressure in the boiler is increasing. In a few minutes from normal 1-1.2 bar to 3-3.5 and stopping. After draining the water for a few minutes the same thing. After calling the master said that it is because the heating pipes are clogged and need to call a plumber to clean them. It’s really so? Is it safe to leave the boiler with such pressure??

there are two reasons for such increased pressure: a breakdown between the DHW and CO circuits (possible after flushing) or a leaky make-up valve, the CO pressure does not increase above 3.5 then what at a pressure of 3.0 bleed valve opens t.к. Nothing is written about a puddle under the boiler, then the excess water goes through the discharge valve on the pipe to the sewer or just on the street.

Single-circuit boiler Westen Pulsar, 3 years of operation. Constantly drops pressure and shuts off. Pumping up to 2 atm., enough for 3-4 hours of operation. Checked all the piping 1000 times. No leakage. There is a suspicion of a leak in the boiler. When the supply and return cocks closed in the boiler, the cold pressure also drops, but much slower than during operation (maybe on hot when expanding inside the boiler steam leaks somewhere, but it evaporates immediately there).

When calling a repairman after explaining the reason “pressure drops”. The answer is. Look for a leak. Checked all the pipe connections inside the boiler and supply pipes. There is no leakage, removed the front panel and the combustion chamber panel. The fins of the heat exchanger are covered with greenish fouling in many places. Question: Does this mean there is a leak in these areas? (once I saw a similar fouling on the copper pipes where the water was leaking).

If the water goes out at this rate. there would be a swamp under the boiler. Unless the water goes to the drain through the break valve. Otherwise it only leaks where you can’t see. Turn off the flow and return tap for 3 hours. The water must go out of the boiler.

Cyclic on and off of the gas boiler Westen Energy 240I. In a heating mode at a temperature of 55-65 C, the boiler shuts down and then turns on with an interval of 10-15 seconds., The heating regulator has no effect, in hot water mode. everything works without a hitch. What is the cause of this fault??

try to check the heating temperature sensor.

the boiler is set to summer mode. all taps are closed? The boiler starts on and heats up by itself and then shuts down on overheating. Any thoughts on?

Boiler Westen turbo Kvazar gives an error on the lack of traction, the turbine snail clean, change of presostat had no effect, the boiler runs only with the lid open. Help.

Either the venturi tube is faulty or the chimney is not tight, or the heat exchanger passage is clogged with carbon deposits, or the presostat is of low quality and has a high sensitivity threshold

Westen Quasar 24F boiler. Sometimes a pop can be heard when igniting the burner. Coaxial chimney length. 2.5м. Diaphragm removed. Cleaned it all up. So far all is normal, the defect has been eliminated. But I’d like to know what’s causing it.

The starting gas pressure should be 3-5 mbar. 2. The distance of the spark must be at least 4mm.

How can I check the starting pressure on the boiler Westen?

Starting pressure is very easy to check. Remove the wire from the ionisation electrode and have 7 seconds to check the starting gas pressure.

Troubleshooting Westen Pulsar boilers

Can you please tell me what is causing the Westen Pulsar D boiler to go out?

Flame detection malfunction. Minimum gas pressure. Deterioration of gas supply. Gas valve defect. Malfunction of the ignition device components or their connections are damaged. In addition, the electronic card can burn out.

Please tell us what is the reason if the boiler switches off? How to remove? We have been operating the boiler for exactly six months.

Causes of interruption of gas boilers: incorrect capacity of the device, reduced gas pressure, problems with the chimney, interruptions in the electrical network, functional failure of automation.

Can anyone tell me what the reason is that the pressure in the boiler is dropping without leaks? Appliance was installed the year before last. How to fix?

Too much air in the heating circuit. The air outlet valve is defective. We recommend you to replace it. The filter of the heating circuit is clogged. Clean the filter. There is a leak in the boiler or heating pipes. Water make-up valve breakage. Problems with the flow sensor. Inspect and replace if necessary. Circulation pump is defective. Low revolutions due to damaged blades.

Can you tell me why the Westen Pulsar D boiler can’t start? How to fix it?

Increased duration of burner ignition shows that the thermoelectric flame sensor is clogged. To fix the problem, it is recommended to clean the sensor and turn the unit back on. Damage to the draught sensor. Gas mixture stops flowing to the gas burner. We recommend cleaning the sensor or installing a new one.

Can anyone explain what the malfunction is when a gas boiler doesn’t work in heating mode? What the question is? Boiler has been in operation for only half a year.

Inspect the heating circuit filter. If the filter is dirty, disassemble and clean the filter element. Circulation pump blades are worn out. Check the hydraulic pump and install a new one if necessary. Also check the liquid circulation in the heating pipe. Worn out or contamination of the heating circuit reduces the volume of circulating water, which can cause the appliance to malfunction for heating.

Can you tell me how to fill the heating system of a two-circuit boiler??

This procedure must be performed according to a certain scheme. Open air cocks on radiators and check the operation of the air vent installed on the boiler. Carefully open the filler tap, testing the reliability of all components of the heating system air vent. Close the air valves on the radiators when the water starts to appear. Next close the make-up valve and bleed air again through the valves on the radiators. Start the unit and bring the heat to the correct temperature in the heating line, then turn off the hydraulic pump and perform air venting a second time.

Can you advise me what is the fault if the gas boiler Westen Pulsar ignites and then extinguishes?? How to fix the problem? Operate the boiler for exactly six months.

The flame is not detected by the control box: neutral and phase are not connected correctly. Connect neutral and phase correctly. If there is no improvement, repair the automatics unit. The wire of the flame detection electrode is broken or disconnected. Connect or change wiring. Gas pressure is extremely low. Set it to higher pressure.

Explain what the problem is if the boiler does not light up? I have connected the appliance this year. What could malfunction?

The ignition process does not work. No gas supply. Open the gas tap and check the pressure. Improper electrode spacing or electrode deformation. Electrode spark is weak. It is assumed that there is a problem with the power supply.

Как работает котел Westen Pulsar D

What is the problem, if during the start of the gas boiler you hear a strange bubbling sound and then the burner fades away. Error code appears on the screen, indicating overheating. I was advised to change the heat exchanger. How to eliminate the problem?

The unit shutdown due to water overheating may not always be due to a fouled heat exchanger. Unnecessary noises can also be heard if there is a large amount of lime scale on the heat exchanger fins, and if there is air in the heating system. But first you have to make sure that the temperature sensor, 3-way mixer and circulation pump are in working order.

What is the reason for the Westen Pulsar gas boiler making crackling noises as the temperature increases? In particular, the gas burner ignites, the temperature begins to rise, then the unusual metallic knocking is emitted. But if you unscrew the screws fixing the front trim, then there is no knocking. Can you tell me what the reason is?

In some cases, the boiler unit crackles, rattles and cracks, mainly when the function of the main burner is interrupted. A substantial cause of this malfunction is the uneven heating of the heat exchanger ribs due to dirt or lime scale. You need to clean the heat exchanger in the nearest future.

Why the boiler does not switch off at the set temperature? It heats up to 90 C, then it gives out a breakage. If you restart, the problem resumes.

We assume that the control board fails, the boiler water temperature sensor is damaged, the sensor for overheating is broken. It is possible that an error has occurred in the automatics.

It is impossible to find out exactly how to reduce pressure in the boiler Westen Pulsar D? And whether it is allowed to reduce the pressure of the gas fuel? There is a regulator in the unit, which adjusts the gas pressure or it is not recommended to make this adjustment?

The regulator allows you to adjust the pressure of the fuel entering the unit. If it is extremely weak, the gas burner will not start, when it is raised, the flame can detach from the wick, and the gas burner will go out soon after ignition. The next measures in the correction. Warm up the appliance intensively. Open the whole flue. Set main burner to maximum level, during this the flare turns yellow-blue. Close the fuel inlet tap and the yellow flame will be shut off. After that, test the boiler action on numerous modes.

There is a tap on the underside of the boiler that constantly oozes water. The unit itself does not turn on. What to do?

It seems that there is a draining of the heating medium from the valve. In this case, it indicates an increased pressure in the system. The fill valve might not be closed or the expansion tank must be pumped.

Can you tell me what the malfunction is when the pressure rises sharply and the safety valve is triggered?? On the display always lights up the heating symbol when the unit is heating. What’s wrong?

Temperature sensor of the heating circuit is defective. There is no proper circulation of water in the heating system.

Recently identified a problem with the boiler Westen Pulsar 240 Fi. During the heating cycle it started whistling. Tried to reset it. I got it, but it won’t go away. Can anyone tell me why the unit whistles?

westen, pulsar, boiler

Very often a loud whistling occurs when the pressure adjustment on the nozzles of the gas burner is not done correctly. Gas pressure adjustments need to be checked and corrected if necessary.

After two years of quality work, the following malfunction occurred. When we start the heating cycle, at the moment of heating the pressure rises quickly and the coolant starts dumping accidentally. Please advise what is the reason?

Apparently, the membrane of the expansion tank has worn out or the air chamber has no air. There can also be breakage of 3-way valve.

The unit was humming occasionally when starting up, but now it is making a louder noise. At first the sound was heard intermittently, but in recent days it is heard longer. I heard it for a short time, I observed such a malfunction?

The appearance of a strange unpleasant sound indicates the presence of mineral deposits on the inner walls of the heat exchanger, which is not heated equally due to the uneven thickness of the walls. The more clogged the heat exchanger, the louder the noise and the lower the heat output.

I plan to connect the boiler Westen Pulsar in the heating system. I would like to know how to start this unit in the right way?

For correct start-up of this appliance certain actions must be performed. Connect the power supply to the unit. Turn on the gas tap. Then start the main burner. Then set the correct temperature.

How to clean the filter for cold water?

First, it is to remove water from the hot water system. Second, unscrew the nut of the flow sensor. Then we remove the sensor together with the filter from the pit. After that we remove the accumulated debris and dirt.

Why has the hot water stopped heating?? The water comes out of the faucet is very warm. Explain what’s wrong?

To look for faults it is possible in the following directions. Could be a faulty DHW temperature sensor, need to change it. There is also a possibility that the appliance capacity setting for domestic hot water heating is off.

Can someone help with the chimney? Already 2 days there is a return draft, due to which the smoke enters directly into the room. The chimney was made by me. It is made of steel pipe. There seems to be something wrong.

Incorrectly made chimney structure can be an important factor. Often happens contamination with soot, which limits its functionality enough. In addition, it is advisable to check the ventilation holes in the room.

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