What are the threads for the overlock Janom

Threads for overlock

Girls, please advise inexpensive threads for overlock polyester 20. I sew mostly calico, cotton, flannel. For a sewing machine, I buy Madeira, but take 4 coils for 50-60 r for 4. It is very expensive. Madeira sold coils with winding 1000 m., It turns out to take them profitable. But with the condition that they can be rewound to 4 coils.Is there such a rewinding service?

Yes, they throw me with slippers, I sew all the universal threads of IDEAL and Dortak, including on the overlock. There were no problems. Only the dejection can take some special threads.

Yes, I would also be sewn with pleasure, if I could))) I have both a machine and an overlock Janome. The typewriter did not like ordinary threads, tears them.Therefore, I buy only Madeira. With an overlock another story. The shov on the Byazi turns out to be a curve, and I set up for a very long time. I bought threads in a needle, I was advised to take them there for an overlock. But they turned out to be fat.They have 0, for the calico, apparently it is too much. These threads went well to flanels, but with thin fabrics the problem. And these universal threads have what thickness?

Hm. And I have a machine and an overlock Janom, no problem. I don’t know what number it is. Actually, we have Madeira at all from 70-90, before I could not afford. And now I don’t see the point of changing something.The only thing that noticed that there are the same threads, but as if leftist. Thicker and worse twisted than original.

Thank you, I’ll try to look for these threads. If you approach the typewriter, then I will only be glad) and before that I tried some very ordinary on the typewriter, I don’t even know the company. After she broke the thread several times and broke the needle, I began to buy Madeira so as not to spoil the machine.I live. We have Madeira 1000 m. Costs in the area of ​​100 r. In general, buying colors that are often used profitable. It turns out anyway cheaper than the cheapest due to winding) I should not run into leftist, I buy everything in only two stores. Needle and sewing world, they have them next to the house. Everything seems to be decent there)

I also have a janome machine. Scribbles everything that turns up by the arm. The first time I hear that for the sewing machine “only Madeira”. This is you somehow unnecessarily gently.

I have a horizontal shuttle, which opens under the paw. And if the threads are bad, then it clogs and begins to simply tear them. I somehow told me the seller from a needlework store that cars with such shuttles are more capricious in terms of threads. And the Madeirov threads will not shake and there are no problems with them.But maybe there is still a thing in fabric. I mainly sew something for a house made of thin fabrics. Although I tried to use different threads, I remembered now. There are sets of colored threads, so I tried to sew them. It goes badly.

And I have a horizontal shuttle. I don’t take sets at all. There are a couple of old, bought by stupidity 13 years ago. I am shuffing them, I took it to work in case to sew/sew up urgently. Their quality is generally sloppy. Gammovsky threads were also terrible, but for 2 years I haven’t even looked at them, because I don’t know how they are now.

I took it once, now I don’t take it either. And Gamov took the first time, on thin fabrics, it is unsuccessful. Something is not unlucky for me apparently with threads I will try to buy the threads that you advised

I’m plusing, I also sew an ideal without any problems. I usually refuel the textured mettler to the buttonholes, they are translucent and one color is suitable for many shades. Generally, textured threads in the buttonholes. This turns out very economically, they are also thin, on the bobbin there is a lot of mileage, and the seam is thinner and softer, almost factory quality.

Janome 9300DX Overlocker Video

Can you give a link to the photo? These are so thin fluffy?Although I already have 4 boxes of thread, I take 2 coils per thing. In overlock on the buttonholes, the main color, on the needles. Close colors.

Yes, thin and fluffy. Mettler is good because they have a household winding of 1000 and 2000 meters, otherwise I bought 15 thousand yards.E industrial bobin was rewinded to coils and bobbins. Tin))) True cheap to disgrace, in Raina 70 re by Bobin)))

Thanks. For me so advertise, granate. Any gold delivery comes to us, because I buy everything only in live stores. I’ll see if we sell this.

And you have textured any fabric sews? I read about this type of thread on the aspen. And there were ambiguous opinions. Someone did not like it.

Although I am from Moscow, I prefer to buy needlework alive. Although I am a big lover of online stores. I even order clothes without fitting. And because of three threads, pay 300 r. It is not at all profitable for delivery. It’s easier then to take high.Quality threads and you don’t need a lot at once, you choose for a specific thing.I really don’t sew much))

Of course any. The main thing in the needles can not be thrust them, only in the buttonholes, but just on the buttonholes the largest consumption.

I also buy colored threads alive, but I take black and white in a bunch, and I follow that the strategic supply is not exhausted))).

But you can at least a reference to your threads for the buttonhole?(this is only in the overlock or what else the thread will do?)

I understood) I will not put it in the needles)) and what do you take twisted or non.Burned? I looked at your links, there are 2 types of thread.

Device for rewinding of threads to bobbins. Honestly did not quite understand why it. Like not to interfere with sewing when winding.

threads, overlock, janom

This is a device for winding threads on a bobbin. But usually such a device is attached to embroidery semi.Industrial machines. T.They have no sewing function and, accordingly, there is nowhere to wrap the bobbins. This is separately this device. Usually the box is connected to the network or on batteries.

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Standard Schmetz 0 (2), 80 (2), 90, 5pcs

With a slightly rounded point; It is used to work with a material of various types: brocade, fleece, leather (thin), velvet, batist, artificial silk, taffeta, terry fabric, linen, crepe, prylin, jacket.

The color of the thread

Going to the store for threads, be sure to take a piece of fabric with you. At the same time, you need not to apply a coil to it, but the thread itself. If there was no tone among the entire color scheme, take the threads 1-2 tones darker. Dark threads are not as noticeable on fabric as light. If your product provides for finishing, then you can delay with lighter threads, or, conversely, contrasting.

The thread of good quality is smooth, it has uniform thickness over the entire surface, when tension it stretches slightly, and if you put an effort, not immediately, but it breaks. Before you start sewing, check the thread tactilely and visually, after which it makes sense to try the quality of the line on a sewing machine or an overlock on a piece of material from which you will sew the product. If everything suits you, then feel free to turn to sewing.

Tip: If you use both a sewing machine and an overlock, buy 4 coils at once, then you do not have to constantly re.Refilize the equipment. Since there is much larger on the overlock, there are much more threads, you can purchase threads in industrial winding. But keep in mind that on a household sewing machine to install them without special devices will not work. You can take the dowel and install the threads on it, or lower the bobbin into the cup and pass the thread into the hole.

The use of old threads from the grandmother’s inheritance often leads to breakdowns of sewing technology, and also increases the likelihood of rupture of the line in the process of socks. Old threads are best used for estimates, but not on thin and delicate fabrics.

Schmetz 0 (2), 90 (2), 100 5pcs skin needles

Skin needles with cutting tip (LL = with left.Handed point) for easier penetration. For skin, artificial skin, vinyl and similar materials. Do not use for fabrics, knitted products and knitwear.

Nuances of knitwear

Very useful innovation convenient adjustment of the length of the stitch. Select the length of the stitches depending on the stitched materials and the threads used. Since the knitted line simultaneously sews and grins, the threads should be durable, the width of the stitch is small. Some knitted canvases may need to replace the needle with a special with a rounded tip. This is necessary when the usual needle damages the material or the previously well.Working machine begins to loop.

threads, overlock, janom

Most overlocks are equipped with special paws, with their help you can sew an elastic band into the seam or special braid to protect the shoulder seams from stretching. Work will be very convenient when using a foot for a secret seam. With its help, you can carefully bear the bottom of the knitted products. Sometimes there is no way to use differential feed, then the seam can be fixed using a water.Soluble canvas Avalon. In general, knitwear is easier to sew than fabric, especially in the presence of a modern overlock.

Types of threads for overlocks

Various types of threads can be used in overlocks. The varieties of threads are as follows:

  • Universal. They are suitable for most fabrics and seams. Such threads hold the temperature well. Have universal threads with a good margin of strength and resistance to fading.
  • Translucent. They have good softness. Use it to perform invisible seams. The color of the fabric is visible through it. Such threads despite their softness have sufficient reserve strength.
  • Textured. They have good elasticity. They are used for sewing clothes from elastic types of fabrics. They are bathing swimming trunks, swimwear, sports shorts, T.Shirts, pants. They produce polyamide.

DIY Overloks setting and repairing and repairing.

Overlock even household is much more complicated than sewing machines and configure it, especially, to carry out an overlock repair without special knowledge and skills is almost impossible. However, overlock repair or adjustment is not always required, sometimes it is enough just to adjust the tension of the threads and it will again be high.Quality wrapping in the fabric. Some overlocks are very sensitive to setting up the thread, and when switching to others in quality, you have to reconfigure their tension.

Some instructions provide for the repair of the overlocks, their adjustment and the settings of the installation of loopers and needles are given in the event of a malfunction of these gaps or the replacement of the buttonholes. As a rule, they are indicative, ideal. The master who performs the repair of overlocks has to experimentally bring them to the desired value, so this type of repair is recommended to a professional.

All our recommendations in the Overlok Repair Service section are generalized and are suitable for any overlock model, but do not forget to carefully read the instructions for your model, where you can find information on configuration, lubrication, needles and more.

Passes and a deaf knock. A needle swept or bent

If you have gaps or a deaf knock. This is more likely to swept or a needle bent.

threads, overlock, janom

Defects of the tip of the needle: A. Stupid cut; b. Curved tip; in. Normal point.

Dumb needle can cause many problems. The needle for the overlock is a very important detail, many parameters depend on its condition, in particular the gap of the needle with the buttonhole. The main parameter of the estimated line without gaps. The dull needle can be determined by running the thumb with the right hand along the needle from the flask to the end. The nail will definitely find a curved place on the tip. Can be used to inspect the magnifier.

If the needle is bent, do not try to straighten it, the overlock settings are very accurate and do not allow the use of such needles. To check the condition of the needle, put it with the flat side on the flat surface.

Inspect the needle from above and from the sides: 1. Parallel clearance. 2. Flat surface (glass and t.P.)

Use for overlock only the needle recommended by the plant

Pay special attention to what type of needle is installed in your overlock. Required condition. The use of only recommended by the manufacturer of needles.

In addition to the fact that needles can be with a round or sawn flask, they can still differ in the length and thickness of the flask, the length of the needle itself and other parameters. If in your overlock, needles with a round flask are used, you need to put a needle with the same thickness and length of the flask when replacing. The dimensions and types of needles used are indicated in the instructions, sometimes they are on the sticker inside the overlock. It is best to write down the type of needles on a small piece of paper and glue it with transparent tape on the case. In any household overlock, the needle is installed with a long groove. On itself, or the sawn part of the flask. Push. You should definitely install a needle all the way, and if you have two needles, then they are located with a displacement (one above the other).

After long work, you should clean the compartment of the buttonholes and other affordable places from scraps, honors, etc.P., preferably a hard hair brush (for glue).

Overlocker Basics. Lesson 1. How to thread up your Overlocker/Serger

The thickness and elasticity of the thread for overlocks play an important role

Threads for overlocks play a crucial role in the process of formation of a regional savor. If you use threads of different quality or thickness. This will immediately affect the tension and therefore will change the drawing of the line. Overlock is very sensitive to tension, and the slightest change in one thread can affect all the rest. It is ideal to use the threads of the same brand, changing only colors. But in practice, this is rare, therefore, when replacing threads with another type or thickness, we recommend weakening all tensioners and at the very slow speed, gradually increase the tension of each thread, periodically checking which thread, and how much, pull up. Sometimes, when setting up a line of overlock, you can use different colors of the thread, for the clarity of adjustment of the tension of each, and then install the necessary.

Try not to use x \ B or thickened threads. The thinner and more elastic the thread, the easier it passes in the hidden fabric, needles, buttonholes and a high.Quality line.

Overlock lubrication should be paid more attention than a sewing machine

Lubrication of overlocks should be performed at least 1 time every six months, and with intensive use 1 time per month. It is advisable to use a medical syringe for this, instead. A long needle can always crawl into hard.To.Reach places, and spend less oil. Excess oil in the needle area can ruin the processed fabric. Try to carefully lubricate the nodes that have contact with the fabric. The instructions include a lubricant scheme, but you can make it a rule. Lubricate any available places where there are friction of metal parts, even if they are not indicated by the factory. In order to carefully grease all the overlock nodes, sometimes it is necessary to remove the protective covers of the case, but if it is difficult to remove them, you can do with factory lubrication marks for lubrication. The grease of the overlock should be paid more attention than the sewing machine, since the overlock works at high speeds and the lack of lubrication in some nodes leads to their overheating and even jamming.

List of the main faults of overlocks:

The fabric does not move: the pressure of the clamping paw is too weak. If the fabric is too thin, then the pressure must be reduced, otherwise the fabric will be collected. When hugging thick fabrics, the clamping of the paw should increase. Basically, the paws should not be changed if there is no obvious need for this.

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How to choose threads and needles for overlocks

Overlock threads are one of the important factors affecting the quality of its work. Even the perfectly tuned overlock will not form a high.Quality line if you use unsuitable threads. These threads need to be selected separately from the sewing, otherwise the product will have an unsightly appearance, the seam will turn out to be a curve and the mood will deteriorate for a long time, and sometimes so that it will no longer want to sit down for sewing anymore.

Sewing threads Aurora Cotton 0/3 200m. 20869 (white)

Aurora threads made of 100% cotton. Cotton 50/3. Great for both manual and machine sewing, freely. Cherry wires. Produced in India, in the region, famous for high quality cotton. Cotton threads.

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