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DIY Falshkamammammamm (75 photos): Beautiful ideas

The fireplace in the interior is able to create a unique home coziness, fill the surrounding environment with heat and respectability. But what to do if there are not enough funds for the purchase of such the desired interior item? Falshkamammam, which can be built with your own hands, will come to the rescue. Of course, it will not work to create additional heating with it, but you can adorn the interior of any dwelling with dignity. In our article, we will consider various options on how to imitate the fireplace with your own hands, and the photo gallery will demonstrate the best work of home craftsmen.

You will not need to buy expensive materials for the manufacture of falsomes with your own hands. This is another significant advantage.

Most often, unnecessary cardboard boxes, plywood, drywall are used for the base. Also, in the process you will need working tools: roulette or centimeter, tape, island, pencil or marker, glue (superclles or carpentry), paints, brushes. If you want to simulate the fireplace more plausible, you can purchase a finishing material that imitates brickwork (for example, voluminous wallpaper), or cut out separately “bricks” from foam, staining them in the desired color.

In specialized construction stores, you can purchase polyurethane foam details imitating stucco molding, columns, and supplement them with the design of the fireplace. In any case, before starting work, it is necessary to draw a preliminary sketch of the desired interior item, make the necessary measurements and calculations.

Falter-kamin made of cardboard boxes

Having a large amount of cardboard or small cardboard boxes of shoes or small equipment, you can very simply “build” a real fireplace. In addition to cardboard, you will need:

  • A lot of carpentry glue;
  • Maslar adhesive tape;
  • Roulette;
  • Scissors or stationery knife;
  • Something heavy as a press;
  • Something writing.

The charm of this method is not only its funny value, but in the fact that the process of creation can be carried out in a playful way, in which your children will be happy to take part.

Over, nothing needs to be drilled, and there is nothing to spoil. So, let’s begin.

For the first time we recommend using simpler forms for the manufacture of the portal. Over, such a false stone can be used in the form of a one-time. For example, to make it for the New Year and hold a small family photo shoot against his background.

You will receive a lot of positive and memorable moments, surprise your friends and loved ones and make the most unusual decoration from the most ordinary materials.

If you have a large box from large equipment, then it must be carefully expanded and made a pattern. To do this, draw on its surface the dimensions of the rear and side walls. You must get out of a rectangle, which must be folded by the letter P.

Sidebugs must be made voluminous. To do this, they should be folded as shown in the figure.

If one box was not enough, do not despair. Glue small boxes among themselves, forming a frame. If necessary, put the press in the junction. All edges and joints at the end must be glued with masking tape and fixed with glue. After the structure completely dries, it can be painted with sprays, pashed with foam bricks or decorated with any other way.

Remember that this is a decorative, very fragile design.

What can be made of?

Almost any materials are suitable for the manufacture of a fake fireplace: from cardboard to brick. The whole question is in the cost of forces, finance and time.

Out of the boxes

The easiest and most budget option. Such a decorative fireplace portal can be made in one day, spent only on PVA glue and materials for finishing.

New Year’s fireplace

Any boxes are suitable for manufacturing: from household equipment, building materials, food, office paper (A4), etc.P. The final type of finished product will depend on the number of boxes, their shape and size.

For manufacture, you will need:

  • Boxes;
  • Glue (PVA or carpentry);
  • Stationery knife;
  • Ruler;
  • Pencil;
  • Scotch;
  • Press (a pack of books or something heavy, but compact);
  • Level.

For the first time it is better to choose models of the simplest shapes, without arches and complex elements. But if you have confidence in your own strength, you can swing the exclusive design.

Step-by-step instruction

The drawing is pre.Drawn up. It should indicate all sizes, places of bends and malls. To facilitate the work of the box, it is better to numb and note in the drawing where what should be.

Production of side pillars. They can be made of one narrow, but long box, or from several glued together. Here you need to understand that the weight of the entire structure will hold on these columns.

If the false fireplace will carry only a decorative role, then such columns will be enough. If there is something on the fireplace shelf (massive figurines, candles, a basket with fruits, etc.P.), then the pillars should be strengthened with an additional layer of cardboard, rails or other materials.

The construction of the basis. If the pseudo is attached to the wall (using painting tape, or in another way), then one or more flat boxes can be used as the basis. In the absence of boxes of the desired shape and size, a piece of polystyrene with a thickness of at least 10 cm can act as the basis.

In the case when the fireplace cannot be reliably attached to the wall or floor, it is better to place the counterweight (load) inside the base. Its role can play a stack of old magazines or several books. So the product will be more stable.

Fastening columns to the base. It is not enough to attach the side walls to the bottom with PVA glue. For additional stiffness, all joints must be glued with wide tape. At the same time, the level should be used so that the pillars stand vertically.

Reliable adhesion can be achieved if, until the column is completely dry, the press will be under the press (inside the box, you need to place a heavy object suitable in size, thereby pressing the column to the base).

Installation of the rear wall. It is not necessary for her to take a full.Fledged box. Enough a simple sheet of cardboard. To reduce the consumption of materials, the box can be expanded (but you need to ensure that the back side is even without bends).

The back wall is glued to the side columns using PVA or adhesive pistol. For a stronger fixation, the joints can be fixed with wide tape.

Production of the facade. It’s easier to make a pseudo without an arch. In this case, only one narrow and long box for the upper part (or several smaller boxes fastened with each other) will be required for the facade.

The lower part of the facade can be made from similar packaging, but the fireplace grille in this part looks better.

In the manufacture of an arched hole for the hearth, it is better to take a solid sheet of dense cardboard. For example, the front of the box from a large plasma TV.

You can draw a flat circle for the arch in three ways:

  • Using a large circul;
  • Circle a round item of the desired radius (pelvis or large pan);
  • With the help of a rope. A pencil is tied to it from one end, and a nail or needle from the other. Using a nail, the edge of the rope is fixed in the right place and a pencil is planned for a cutting trimmer (it is better to practice first).

The circle is needed only in the upper part, the lower parts are marked using a ruler. The slot is made by a clerical knife.

If you need a voluminous arched facade, then two identical sheets of cardboard with arched slots are made. Between themselves, they are connected by a strip of cardboard of the desired width (when cutting the connecting bar, it is necessary to take into account the allowance for the bend and gluing).

The facade is attached to the side walls in the same way as the back.

The fireplace cover. The design of the upper plate will directly depend on the required functionality.

If there will be nothing on the fireplace, except for the New Year’s decor of garlands and cones, then for the manufacture of the cover there will be enough ordinary hollow box.

If photo frames, candles and light decor items are stored on it, then it is better to place stiffener ribs inside the box. To do this, trimming cardboard or sheets of thick paper must be folded with “accordion” and placed inside horizontally.

To store more massive things, it is better to use a sheet of polystyrene, plywood or drywall as a fireplace shelf. But in this case, you need to pay attention to the mass of the finished craft. The dummy of the fireplace from the boxes cannot be called a solid and reliable design, from a large load it may form.

Decoration. Jewelry for a false stone from boxes should be as easy as possible. Wallpaper, paints, polyurethane moldings or false foams are best for these purposes.

Corner fireplace

For the manufacture of a corner fireplace, it is best to stock up on at least one box from bulky equipment: a refrigerator, washing or dishwasher, etc.P. The rest of the list of tools and materials is similar to the list of workpieces for the New Year’s fireplace.

Step.By.Step instructions and drawing

When drawing up the drawing, you need to build on the size of the angle (free distance to the nearest window or doorway or furniture), in which the future fireplace will be located.

Artificial fireplace made of drywall

Drywall and profiles allow you to create decorative fireplaces of any size and configuration. First of all, you need to decide what size the portal you want to do, draw it on a sheet of paper or in one of the design programs, put down the size, think over the type of finish. Only then, according to the finished drawing, can you start work. So do it right.

Calculation of proportions and preparatory work

To make it easier to estimate the proportions, you can use the finished drawing. It is possible and necessary to change the dimensions for your conditions. This is not a real brick fireplace, in which all sizes should be observed for normal operation, but only its imitation. So boldly adjust the dimensions to our own representations and the size of the source »Fire”.

Drawing of a decorative fireplace with dimensions

If an electric fireplace is inserted into the portal, it is necessary to bring a fishing line for a power.Cancer in this area in advance. When laying a cable, use the laying rules: bring the wires to the outlet from above, strictly vertically (not under inclination or arbitrarily). In this case, when fastening profiles for drywall to the wall, you definitely will not get into the wiring, since it is visually easy to determine the place of its location. On top above the outlet. The fasteners simply do not install in this space.

make, false, fireplace


If you are going to make a portal for candles, the sizes can be even smaller. One of the drawings of the candle fireplace in the next drawing.

First we draw the main lines of the portal on the wall. Then, we fasten the starting profile chopped into pieces (it in the section has the form of the letter “P” without shelves on the sides).

Profiles on the wall indicate the size of the portal

Then, according to the drawing, we create a voluminous frame for a false stone. Immediately install vertical strips marking the size of the portal. The same frame gathers on the floor as on the wall. There are sizes in the drawing, but it will be useful to compare them with actual so that there are no distortions. The finished frame is installed at the desired distance, fixed with short segments of the profile, creating a voluminous box.

Lastly, the frame for a small podium is assembled before the “fire” of the decorative fireplace. If you make it before, it will be inconvenient to work.

Features of work with GKL

Often questions arise when creating arches. To get a rounded fishing line for a trimmer, every 5-6 cm are cut the sidewalls of the profile, leaving the “back” of the whole. In this form, he is easily bends. When installing to the crossbar, each “petal” is attached (on both sides).

After the frame is ready, sheathe it with drywall. It is cut by an ordinary stationery knife. In addition to it, you need a long ruler. We mark a fishing line for a trimmer on a drywall, according to which it must be cut off. We put a ruler and a knife along it along it. The main task is to cut the upper sheet of cardboard, cut gypsum through and through. A block is placed under the fishing line for the cutting trimmer, they knock on the sheet on one or the other side. Gypsum breaks along the cutting line, all that remains is to fold it and cut off the second elephant of cardboard.

make, false, fireplace

The rounded lines on drywall can be cut out by an electrolobian, if there is, or break the gypsum in small pieces, and then align the edge with a knife (gypsum is well grinded).

How to fix it

Drywall sheets are attached to special screws with a screw at the end. Due to the small size, they are called “fleas”. They need to be twisted so that the heads are drowned, but at the same time you can not break the cardboard. Installation step-15-20 cm in straight sections without load and 10-15 cm in areas with bends. Briefly, this is all the wisdom of the installation of drywall.

To bend the gypsum sheet that shears the set of “fireboxes”, it is cut on one side with stripes of 5-7 cm wide. Gypsum is broken along the cutting lines, but the second sheet of cardboard is not cut. It turns out that the stripes of gypsum hang on this cardboard, because of this, the strip bends well. It is applied to the profiles that form a bend, fastened with self.Tapping screws. When installing, be careful, put the fasteners in the middle of the strip. From the edge the pieces may break.

The frame for false fireplaces is sheathed with drywall


After the portal for an artificial fireplace is sheathed with drywall, you can start the finish. You can put it and paint it, you can clad tiles under a brick or stone, another option is an artificial facing stone.

It is more convenient to glue the lining on drywall on liquid nails or a special glue for the selected material. It is only important that it can be used with drywall.

So that the portal for an artificial fireplace seem more voluminous, so that the game of Flame is more interesting, part that goes to the wall is closed with a mirror (if the electric fireplace is not installed). The mirror can be ordinary, on glass, or maybe with flexible. Acrylic. It is preferable, since it does not beat.

Decorative fireplace is made with your own hands

The seams between the tiles are covered with grout. Often it is chosen in a dark gray color, similar to a solution. Then from afar the portal is similar to the real.

As you can see, making a decorative fireplace with your own hands is not too difficult. Especially those who have at least a little experience with drywall. A more complex option, with stucco molding, made “in place”, watch in the video.

Symbolic designation of the fireplace

The symbolic designation of the fireplace in this performance only in general terms resembles the shape of a traditional fireplace.

The contours with a form similar to the original image are marked on the wall with wooden guides, decorative stripes, stucco molding and other details on the wall surface.

For genuine reproduction of the fireplace, drawings are often applied to the walls, even imitating fire. A symbolic false stone is ideal for lovers of non-standard solutions.

Completing our False Chimney Breast. DIY Journey

How to decorate a fireplace: a selection of fresh ideas for the New Year 2022

You can decorate the fireplace by the New Year 2022 to your taste: we already told you a little about the methods of decorative design with our own hands. Look at several options in the photo. Imitation of white or red brick, snow.White finish or impromptu stucco. All these ideas can be easily embodied at home with the help of improvised materials. Colored paper, old wallpapers, paints, drywall residues.

A little fantasy and festive decor, and a chic fireplace for the New Year 2022, made by yourself, will delight you and your loved ones. See how you can transform the false kamin to the New Year and Christmas holidays.

There is nothing better than gathering a winter evening by the whole family by a cozy fireplace, even if it is not real. These touching moments are remembered for life.

It is just incredible how such beauty is born from ordinary materials! Decorate the Christmas tree, light candles, turn on the New Year’s garland and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the holiday.

What materials are needed

The best material is cardboard boxes. It is easiest to make a fireplace fireplace if there is a box from under a large monitor or TV. All you need is to cut the portal and glue the side walls.

Can be made from a large cardboard box or a certain amount of small

There will be a little more work if there are only small boxes like shoe. But from them you can assemble a more interesting model in form.

  • Scissors;
  • Stationery knife;
  • PVA glue;
  • Paper (painting) adhesive tape.

These are all the materials and tools that will need. From the entire list, questions can arise only relative to tape. Why paper? He is good at any decoration. Including when staining. So the option is universal. If you are not going to paint the fireplace, you can use the usual sticky tape.

The finishing material will also be necessary, but we’ll talk about this later, since much depends on the method of finishing.

Faux Fireplace Build


It is very important that the fireplace harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. You should carefully choose the style, color. But besides, decorative decoration should delight the eye and create comfort.

How to achieve imitation of fire in the fireplace? Above, we offered options with LED ribbon, which provides backlight with the effect of combustion. But progress does not stand still, and an electronic photo frame can serve you a good service. It is a liquid crystal display that is adapted for showing pictures. You need a model that can play animated files, for example, in GIF format. Download the image of burning fire on the photo frame and enjoy!

An electronic photo frame with the image of burning fire will help you revive a false stone

  • Many owners of false kamin are very fond of decorating niches with placed candles of different heights. It looks beautiful, stylish, and gives a real living fire.
  • An excellent choice would be the installation of a mirror in the depths of the furnace niche, on the wall. The mirror will multiply the reflections from the candles or electric backlight and give the fireplace mystery.
  • Artificial stone will help you to ensure the effect of expensive finishes. It is presented in many options for color and texture. Tiles, bas.Reliefs and decorative tiles will give an expressive personality to build. But do not overdo it: excessive pomp may be out of place in your interior.
  • The doors for false stone, perhaps, will be superfluous, but if you decide to install them, make them out of plexiglass. They can be transparent or tinted, but the light and glare of “fire” are simply required to pass.
  • It is better to arrange a firebox of the fireplace forged metal grate. You can buy or order it in the workshop.

Falter-stone made of drywall: phased assembly instructions

The instructions for the independent design of the false stone will be considered on the example of sheet drywall.

The first stage is the preparation of tools and materials

Start by preparing a set for work. First of all, you need drywall itself. When choosing the material, focus on the features of the selected finish cladding. If you plan to finish tiles, it is better to buy a moisture.Resistant modification of drywall.

Next, purchase rack and guide profiles. The fireplace frame will be assembled from them.

To fasten the frame elements, buy screws. Recommended fastener length-1.4-1.6 cm. You also need to buy self.Tapping screws with a secret head for fixing sheets. In addition, you need to purchase a dowel-grooves for attaching the profiles of the floor and walls.

Next, focus on the features of the selected finish. If you are going to overlay the portal with wallpaper or paint it, purchase a primer and putty. If the false fireplace is faced with tiles, buy glue for tiles and grout for seams.

Choose the required amount of materials individually, taking into account the dimensions of the future decorative fireplace. The design made of drywall can have a wide variety of sizes. When choosing a specific option, focus on accessible space and personal preferences.

A set of necessary tools includes:

The second stage is the installation of the frame

First step. Apply to walls and floor to install profiles. Work in accordance with the drawing. Put the tags taking into account the selected fireplace sizes.

The second step. Fix the guides on the applied lines. If fixed to the concrete surface, first attach the profile to the base, drill the openings on the markings, insert the dowels into them and then attach the guides.

The third step. Install the racks in the guides. Fighting products with self.Tapping screws.

Before fastening the profiles, it is recommended to check the evenness of the wall using a plumb line. If deviations are detected, fix the guides using straight suspensions. These products will make the installation of products strictly vertically.

First collect the frame for the entire structure, after. For the portal with a deepening under the “furnace”. To give the base of greater stiffness, combine long horizontal profiles and vertical racks with additional jumper.

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If desired, you can give the top.Down opening shape. To do this, it is enough to carefully cut out the ribs of the stiffness of the mounting profile and bend the product in accordance with its idea.

Third stage. Cladding of the frame with drywall

Mark the sheet according to the size of the fireplace and cut out the necessary details. It is most convenient to use an electric jigsaw for cutting material. In the absence of this, cut with a simple wallpaper knife. In this case, you will first need to cut the cardboard layer on one side of the sheet, carefully break the stove, and then cut the second layer of cardboard.

Fix the elements of the casing on the frame. Screw the screws into the material so that their hats are slightly drowned. Recommended steppes placement step-100-150 mm.

No problems should arise with the fastening of sheets. Without even having such an experience, you can cope with the skin. Remember only that drywall is a relatively fragile material, so try not to drop it and do not press it too much on an electric screwdriver when screwing fasteners.

Most often, artificial stone, decorative brick and ceramic tiles are used for cladding false-stone-cones from drywall. To fasten the elements of the finish, tile glue or liquid nails are used. When performing cladding using tiles of the correct shape, lay them with the same gaps. For their design, use special plastic crosses.

Brick or stone finishes is unlikely to fit into a modern interior. In such a situation, it is best to use paint or decorative plaster for the final decoration of the fireplace. Previously, the surface must be thoroughly treated with putty, covering the joints between the elements of the skin and eliminating any kind of irregularity. After puttying, the surface is additionally cleaned with sandpaper.

Otherwise, when choosing a finish option, focus on your taste preferences.

In conclusion, you will have to install an electric fireplace into the opening of the “firebox” or to finish free space at your discretion. For example, instead of installing an electric fireplace, you can equip warm and soft backlight in the firebox. An excellent option for a classic interior. A more modern and bold solution. The design of the “firebox” using a multi.Colored LED tape.

To decorate the rear wall of the firebox, you can use a mirror. Attach it to the surface, and lay the bottom of the furnace with decorative logs or other material, for example, shells and pebbles.

By installing several candles of different shapes and sizes in the furnace, you will create a real fire in your fireplace.

There are many ideas for the design of the false fireplace. You can use the proposed solutions or come up with something yourself-everything is limited only by your imagination.

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