What capsules are suitable for your Lavazza Firma coffee machine?

Do Lavazza Firma capsules have analogues? Let’s find out.

Are there any analogues of Lavazza Firma capsules?? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

The Lavazza Firma capsule system is the latest generation of capsule machines from the manufacturer Lavazza. Since this system is relatively new, there are simply no analogues on the market. But what to do if you want to save some money and buy coffee in capsules a little bit cheaper?

Let’s say at once: there are no analogues, and no one knows when they appear. For 2 years already our clients have been asking whether Lavazza Firma capsules are available in our store? The answer is always the same. “no.”. But recently a client came to us who brought this machine from Italy, but he could not buy coffee in Ukraine, and then our interesting experiments began. Looking ahead, I will say that they have paid off. We started to choose capsules for his coffee machine and we chose Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules which were very similar to each other. These two systems are as similar as possible. Let’s take a little bit of numbers: the upper diameter of 47mm, the lower diameter of 34mm, here everything was the same, but the height is different (Firma 20mm; A Modo Mio-17mm).

But if the capsule is lower, how is the coffee made of it?? And now the Focus: Firma capsules have a concavity at the bottom, 5 mm deep. That is, the needle mechanism of the coffee maker penetrates a capsule with a thickness of 15mm or more. That’s why we managed to make coffee from Lavazza A modo Mio capsules in a Lavazza Firma coffee machine.

This is the essence of the experiment. The desire to save money. It is normal and peculiar to each person. Coffee in capsules Lavazza Firma, today costs 18rn\ capsule, and there is no alternative. But with coffee capsules Lavazza A Modo Mio is a completely different situation. There are cheaper analogs for this type of capsule. In our store you can buy capsules from 12 hryvnia / pc.

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How to choose a coffee Lavazza: a review of popular blends

The main difficulty in compiling a guide to coffee types is the fact that taste is a completely subjective concept. It has no special criteria or units. What delights one person will cause only bewilderment to another. So, choosing a blend, keep in mind that your experience with coffee may not fully coincide with the one described by the tasters.

Today we’re going to look at the most popular Lavazza coffee blends available at Kofe online store.We’ll tell you about their differences, flavor and aroma peculiarities. This information will help you to get oriented in the assortment of the brand and choose the best type of coffee for you.

Lavazza Oro is already not the first year leader in our store among all varieties of coffee of the popular Italian producer. This versatile blend is suitable for coffee machines as well as for geyser coffee makers. For lovers of coffee made in a turkey, we would recommend a richer variety.

Lavazza Oro is made from 100% Arabica, so it has a delicate flavor, without bitterness, with the characteristic slight acidity and well-balanced sweetness. Medium roast, high flavor intensity.

The aroma has a light smoky hint, with predominantly fruity and chocolate notes. The beverage is full-bodied with a velvety texture, it gives a lush, but not very stable foam. When combining Lavazza Qualita Oro with milk you need to choose the optimal proportion. A little milk simplifies the taste of this coffee. While with increasing the proportion of milk, the fruit and chocolate flavors become more prominent.

Lavazza Super Crema

Дегустация кофе LAVAZZA||Капсулы FIRMA

Super Crema coffee, one of the best selling Lavazza blends in the world, is versatile. It can be used to prepare any beverage. Make an espresso and you’ll get a lush, dense crema, try a latte with some caramel syrup and you’ll clearly hear the taste of coffee: neither milk nor caramel will drown it out.

Super Crema consists of washed Brazilian beans, which give it a deep flavor and richness, with coffee from Central America and Indonesia added to give it the creamy texture the blend is known for. consisting of. 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta.

Lavazza Super Crema is medium roasted, so its taste is delicate, but bright. Ready coffee has no bitterness or burnt aftertaste. The flavor is dominated by fruity and chocolate notes. Great with milk and suitable for making cappuccinos or lattes. We recommend this blend for the first introduction to Lavazza.

Lavazza Crema e Aroma

This blend is generally similar to Super Crema in taste with a little lighter fruity aftertaste. Like many other Lavazza blends, Crema e Aroma consists of Arabica with a touch of Robusta (80% Arabica, 20% Robusta). Only selected highest quality robusta beans are used for its production, while for a more complex taste washed arabica beans are mixed with dried beans.

Lavazza Crème Aroma. the most popular blend for home and office coffee machines, it gives the steady golden foam and contains enough caffeine to cheer up before the start of the working day. Has a pleasant creamy texture, a bright, rich flavor with notes of dried fruit. Ideal for coffee drinks with toppings, as well as for iced coffee.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa

Lavazza Qualita Rossa is an inexpensive, versatile coffee blend made from highland Brazilian Arabica and African Robusta. Consistently ranked among the top five coffees in our store in terms of sales.

Suitable for coffee makers, drip coffee makers, geyser coffeemakers Moka. It has a bright aroma and balanced flavor with chocolate notes. Some may be confused by the presence of 30% of Robusta, but for someone it has an unobtrusive bitterness to its taste.

The finished drink has a velvety texture, decorated with a dense creamy foam. Excellent breakfast coffee, which can be drunk with milk or without any additives. It goes excellently with cookies, rolls and croissants.

Lavazza Grand Espresso

One of Lavazza’s most popular blends, made from Central and Occidental coffee beans, then with a small amount of coffee from Asia to give the drink a balanced taste. Medium roast gives the coffee strength and depth. Spice and chocolate flavors prevail in a brewed drink.

Composition of the blend. 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta. Fans of pure Arabica may not like the bright character of Grand Espresso. But for those who prefer a strong, invigorating beverage, it has everything they need to get a boost of energy in the morning.

Like all Lavazza blends, Grand Espresso is suitable for any espresso-based coffee beverage, but is particularly good with classic espresso or latte macchiato.

Lavazza Tierra

Lavazza Tierra is a premium organic coffee grown on high altitude farms. Limited quantities are grown and handcrafted, mostly in small communities patronized by Lavazza. The principles of sustainable farming and social support practiced in these plantations are certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Lavazza provides technical and technological assistance to small farms located in Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Peru and other countries. The support of the world coffee producer makes the farms more sustainable and competitive in the market.

Plantations are located at the altitude of 800-2100 m above sea level and only arabica beans are grown there. The high altitude climate is ideal for high quality coffee with an intense aroma. Slow, dark roasting makes the beans have a pleasant, caramel-like sweetness and the aroma develops chocolate and floral-fruity notes.

Lavazza Tierra has a strong, but delicate flavor, gives a soft and high crema, suitable for making classic espresso and espresso-based drinks.

Lavazza Pienaroma

Pienaroma is one of the most expensive coffee blends of Lavazza beans. This is a very successful and balanced combination of washed Arabica from the best Brazilian plantations and fragrant mild Arabica from Central America. A perfect find for those who prefer pure arabica. Pienaroma. has velvety soft flavor with low acidity. The finished drink has a pleasant flavor with notes of figs, jasmine flowers and a chocolate and nutty aftertaste.

According to the experts’ opinion, full-bodied, flavorful Lavazza Pienaroma blend is best suited for espresso-based coffee drinks, combining perfectly with milk. Sure, the classic espresso on Pienaroma is just as good, but if your goal is to make a truly outstanding latte, you should definitely consider this blend.

Lavazza Gold Selection

According to renowned experts of the world, Gold Selection is something special. It’s said that someone who tries this coffee at least once will find it extremely difficult to switch to something else.

Like most of the Lavazza blends, it is versatile, suitable for espresso, but also for different types of coffee drinks, because it blends well with milk. If you use a lot of sugar or like to add syrups in your coffee, Gold Selection is definitely your choice, because the aroma and taste of this coffee is felt even through the tops and additives.

Gold Selection. mixture of washed and dried coffee beans from plantations of Brazil, Asia and Central America (70% Arabica, 30% Robusta, medium roast). It has a balanced, full flavor, with notes of vanilla and milk chocolate, a pleasant aftertaste, which you will appreciate. Not the most expensive in the Lavazza range, but it can be exceptional just for you.

Lavazza Top Class

We would place the taste of this coffee somewhere between Tierra and Gold Selection. Full-bodied, intense, with chocolate aftertaste and bright notes of dried fruits. Freshly brewed coffee is decorated with dense creamy foam.

A mixture of aromatic coffee beans from Central America and Brazil with a sweetish, rich Robusta, grown in Asia. Medium roast blend consists of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta. Top Class is best for making espresso, ristretto, flute white, cortado and latte macchiato. Some of our customers, who have spent a lot of time in Spain, Italy and Greece, prefer Lavazza Top Class because it reminds them of the taste they got used to abroad.

Lavazza Gran Riserva

Perfectly balanced blend with the dense and velvety crema, rich and rounded taste. Delicate notes of liqueur, expressive flavor of roasted coffee beans and sweet, intense, persistent aftertaste.

Gran Riserva is a blend of Brazilian coffee beans and washed beans from Colombia and Guatemala. The secret ingredient: Indian Cru Kaapi Royale, which gives this coffee a deep and recognizable aroma. Recommended for connoisseurs of strong black coffee with a strong character.

Of course, it’s hard to talk about all the variety of coffee blends produced by Lavazza in a short article. A recognized leader in the coffee industry. We have only covered the most popular and best-selling blends. You may find your favorite flavor among those varieties we haven’t mentioned in this review.

How to choose a capsule machine

Capsule coffee machines are not universal: devices from different manufacturers fit different types of capsules. For example, for Bosch coffee machines will fit Tassimo capsules, for Lavazza Blue capsules you have to get a Lavazza coffee machine, and coffee machines for Nespresso capsules are produced by such brands as DeLonghi, Krups and Bork.

Nespresso was the first manufacturer of coffee capsules (read more about their history in our previous article), and now the Nespresso format is the most universal. Most roasters, including Torrefacto, make capsules which are compatible with Nespresso machines. So if you want to be able to choose a variety of coffees without being limited to a specific brand, the best thing to do is to buy a Nespresso capsule coffee maker. At the same time it is possible to make good coffee even in budget models: the technical characteristics allow it.

For Bosch Tassimo

Alternative capsules for Bosch Tassimo almost impossible to buy. The original packaging has a barcode that is read by the machine and then the machine starts to work. If there is no barcode, the machine will not start. The range of Bosch Tassimo is small, and there are no analogues on the market.

Another disadvantage for lovers of cappuccino and various milk combinations. You have to buy the capsules separately, which doubles the cost of the drink.

Consumers can get instant capsulated coffee with all sorts of synthetic additives, which is also not good. This applies to milk formulas.

Another disadvantage: in the past, there was natural milk in the milk preparations. Nowadays the producer saves and uses dry analogues, which are not natural. It’s bad for your health and it tastes bad.

The perfect amount of coffee in one serving. 9 grams of powder.

BLUE capsules

Creamy standard espresso or lungo with a balanced aftertaste and a chocolate touch.

Composition: 40% Arabica, 60% Robusta

LAVAZZA Caffe Crema (BLUE) Capsules

Coffee has a full, balanced and creamy taste with a long aftertaste and a hint of liquor.

LAVAZZA Cioccolato Fondente (BLUE) capsules

Hot chocolate with the refined flavor of dark chocolate with a pleasant bitterness.

LAVAZZA Decaffeinato (BLUE) Capsules

High-quality decaffeinated coffee with a sweet, delicate flavor, in which you can feel the pleasant chocolate notes.

LAVAZZA Delicato (BLUE) capsules

Sweet, delicate and fragrant espresso with a strong crema has a mild and full flavor.

LAVAZZA Dolce (BLUE) capsules

Traditional espresso with lush foam, bright aroma and notes of sweetness in the aftertaste.

LAVAZZA Intenso Capsules (BLUE)

Intense espresso with a creamy crema and a pleasant long aftertaste.

Composition: 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta

Capsules LAVAZZA Ricco (BLUE)

Coffee with a rich flavor dominated by caramel and chocolate notes.

Composition: 60% Arabica, 40% Robusta

LAVAZZA Rotondo (BLUE) Capsules

A classic espresso made from premium dark-roasted Arabica beans with a rich chocolate flavor.

LAVAZZA Tierra capsules (BLUE)

Medium roasting gives the blend a pleasant flavor, inconspicuous acidity and a rich sweet fruity taste.

LAVAZZA Vigoroso (BLUE) capsules

A strong and distinctive blend. The coffee is characterized by clean, caramel and chocolate notes with a pleasant sourness and bitterness.

Lavazza capsules are mini containers in the form of cups with lids, filled with ground roasted coffee, which is packaged in a factory and pressed into disposable hermetic capsules.

The beverage is prepared in a special machine where the bottom and the lid of the capsule are placed, water is injected under high pressure and the prepared coffee is taken through the lid of the machine and into a cup. People liked the scheme for its simplicity. No need to wash coffee machine filters or figure out where to pour the brew out of the brew kettle, you just put the pod, add water and wait a while. And voila, a cup of aromatic coffee on your table.

Lavazza company developed the original capsule system in 2004. Its essence is that the ground coffee placed in tiny batch capsules does not lose its aroma and flavor qualities for quite a long time.

Capsules for Lavazza coffee machines are placed in special containers BLUE or Espresso Point, through which water passes, extracting a thick beverage with foam. You think it’s no big deal? Whereas the Italian company packs more than 2 billion of these microdoses per year.

than 10 different flavors are used by the manufacturer to create capsule coffee. The Lavazza Blu Espresso brand offers a variety of flavors:

Espresso lovers will appreciate Lavazza Espresso Ricco with good depth of flavor combined with liqueur. Connoisseurs of coffee capsules with a chocolate flavor will like Lavazza Blue Cioccolato Fondente. And taking into account the low-carbohydrate and low-fat composition we get a low-calorie and healthy beverage.

The Intenso, Crema Dolce, Delicato, Ricco, Dolce, Decaffeinato, Magnifico, Perfetto capsules make a special espresso, latte, velvet cappuccino and a rich Americano.

New: Lavazza capsules for Nespresso coffee machines

Lavazza brings a line of portioned coffee capsules compatible with its main competitor, Swiss Nespresso, to the Russian market. Now every owner of the coffee machine Nespresso has the opportunity to taste the real italiano caffè right at home.

All coffee connoisseurs, amateurs and professionals, agree that Italian espresso is the benchmark of coffee taste. 30 ml of this drink contains a whole bouquet of flavors and deep aromas. The new line of Lavazza capsules consists of five espresso blends with different intensities of taste to find the perfect match for your tastes.

The launch of batch coffee capsules made it possible for the Italian company to increase its presence in this market segment. After the launch of Nespresso-compatible capsules, Lavazza’s retail sales in Italy alone grew by more than 50%. The international market is just as enthusiastic about the new product. Experts think that the launch of a new product. This is quite a courageous move compared to the market leader Nespresso.

Head of Marketing Department Pietro Mazza is sure that Lavazza coffee is one of the Italian symbols which should keep pace with the time and meet all the challenges of modern times. The production of capsules compatible with Nespresso coffee machines is just such a step, unexpected, audacious, but able to bring together more than 3 million families (and this only in Italy!) with the art of making real espresso from the finest beans in just one stroke.

Previously capsule coffee was a second class product, losing out to properly brewed coffee made with freshly ground beans. Lavazza capsules are changing the perception of this product. The special roasting technology Noble Roasting and sealed packaging Salva Aroma, preserves all the flavors and aromas of natural beans!

The new line of capsules Lavazza consists of five flavors: Delicato. Decaffeinato Ricco, Armonico, Deciso. These are different blends of high quality Arabica and selected Robusta, each of which has a different intensity and richness and can satisfy the most demanding gourmet.

    – has a delicate, smooth taste, velvety texture and luxurious aroma with notes of mountain flowers full-bodied coffee with a rich flavor and pleasant sweetness. The modern decaffeinated technology allows to fully preserve the natural aroma and flavor of the drink Italian espresso from 100% Arabica with a harmonious taste, which stands out notes of caramel and roasted cereals blend of Brazilian and East Asian coffee beans has a pleasant texture and a rich, bright taste with chocolate and woody notes strong, bright, with a luxurious golden foam and a caramel aftertaste. strong coffee for strong character.

Lavazza coffee pods for Nespresso are ready for tasting and ready to surprise you!

Only Lavazza LB 910 coffee capsules of LB.Lavazza Blue format are compatible with the machine, each capsule contains from 8 to 9,5 g of natural ground coffee. The line consists of, for example, Delicato. 100% Arabica with a mild flavor, Crema Dolce. 1.5g larger portion of 100% Arabica with a rich creamy flavor, Amibile. 40% Arabica and 60% Robusta with a strong aroma and strong flavor, light and sweet Espresso Dolce and many other flavors. There are also decaffeinated coffee and cocoa.

The capsules are stuffed to the top with natural ground coffee

LB capsules are sealed, so the coffee doesn’t lose aroma while in storage

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Nestle makes a budget version of its capsule system, the Nescafe Dolce Gusto. Coffee machines for Dolce Gusto are produced by Krups company, they cost from 4990. considerably cheaper than Nespresso. The capsules themselves are also inexpensive: only 399 for 16 cups of black coffee or 8 cups of milk drink. And you can buy them at the nearest supermarket, rather than order them, unlike Nespresso. All the classic drinks are available, as well as cocoa and the Starbucks line.

But not everything about Dolce Gusto is so great: apparently, due to the prevalence of these capsules, many people are skeptical about capsule coffee in general. Cappuccino and latte are made with powdered milk and added sugar, and caramel macchiato includes caramel and cream flavorings. Flat white, cortado and coffee with milk are all made from instant coffee. Of course, real coffee connoisseurs won’t be thrilled with these drinks. The Absolute Origin line of coffees from Honduras, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico is designed to satisfy gourmet tastes. However, for 12 capsules. If you like black coffee and prefer the capsule method, you’d better choose a Nespresso coffee machine and enjoy a limitless range of good coffee.

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