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What can and cannot be washed in a dishwasher: features of washing dishes from different materials

Household appliances for washing dirty dishes are increasingly found in domestic cuisines. The presence of a dishwasher greatly simplifies the life of the owners of the house, allowing to free themselves from the routine near the kitchen sink.

However, not everything in an automatic dishwasher can be placed for washing. There are a lot of materials, kitchen utensils of which should be kept away from this unit. We will talk about what cannot be washed in a dishwasher, and what is allowed.

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Washing dishes in PMM

There are many materials that are perfectly cleaned in the dishwasher. This does not affect their quality.

Pots that can be cleaned in the car:

  • Enameled. Pay attention to chips. If they have, the container will quickly become unusable. The enamel will crack and rust will appear such dishes for microwaves, it is not afraid of high temperatures.
  • Ceramic with high.Quality spraying. This coating protects, including from PMM.
  • Cast iron, enamel.

Restrictions on the type of materials

Dining rooms and items made of materials such as::

  • Wood. Stylized as an old dining room utensils, spoons, plates, shoulder blades and cutting boards due to contact with hot water may completely deteriorate. The tree will swell, and when dried, it will begin to crack and change its shape.
  • Plastic. The restriction applies to objects that are made of plastic that does not tolerate high temperatures.
  • Copper, tin, silver. From contact with chemicals, they can fade, change color, oxidize.
  • Aluminum. Pans, pots, details of meat grinders and other aluminum products darken, plaque forms on their surface. Long.Term contact with water is also undesirable.

It is also undesirable to wash cast.Iron dishes in the car, as potent detergents help to remove the protective layer from them and the appearance of rust.

In a dishwasher, working modes can last from 30 to 150 minutes. It is clear that wooden dishes, being so much time in a humid environment, absorbs a large amount of water and, when dried, can lead itself differently-to swell, crackle

A full list of permitted and prohibited items to the dishwasher is given here, with very useful information.

Arrangement of plates and dishes for cooking

Lower basket. The main part of the dishwasher. Large plates should be placed closer to the edges of the compartment, and smaller or deep. Closer to the center. Since loading dishes of the same shapes is not always possible or convenient, flat and deep plates are better to alternate. There should be enough space between them.

All dishes for cooking are recommended separately. So it can be more rationally arranged without reducing the quality of the sink of other devices. Opposions and pans are placed vertically so as not to block the nozzles. If additional handles cannot be disconnected, they are directed up or along the basket. Large and small pots properly load upside down, similarly to glasses and mugs.

This location significantly reduces the amount of water for the rest of the dishes, but provides good quality of work. As a result, it is recommended to separate large utensils from fine dishes.

For a clear example, how to wash the dishes in the dishwasher, you can watch a training video. For example, interesting videos on how to use the built.In dishwasher of the German company Bosch. A leader in the production of household appliances.

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The composition always matters

When studying the packaging of a new product, pay attention to active substances. So, chlorine.Containing products are suitable for washing highly contaminated dishes, are perfectly bleached, but they are able to damage delicate cutlery. They cannot be used for products from Faor, silver, melchiora.

Enzymes cope with pollution of any type. They are part of sparing detergents and are effective even at low water temperatures (40-50 degrees), but a pronounced bleach is unlikely to be expected.

Eco-tools without bleach, fragrances and phosphates do not always differ in high efficiency, but they are safe. When choosing, also take into account the pH. The indicators are best considered 4-5

The funds may include active oxygen. Such drugs carefully wash and bleach the dishes. This is a great alternative to chlorine.Containing compounds.

What is still better to wash

Crystal and phaory products can be washed in a dishwasher only if they have a special icon that determines this possibility. If there is no this designation on the label of the dishes, then when washing, crystal and FAOR can crack, as well as become dull and muddy. For this material, powder and gel abrasive products are destructive. If you are going to wash crystal automatically, then you should purchase a drug with a soft composition without abrasive particles.

If you are going to wash crystal automatically, then you should purchase a drug with a soft composition without abrasive particles.

dishes, dishwasher

Faor products with silver.Plated or gilded drawings can not be washed automatically. Expensive items must be cleaned manually in order to maintain their appearance.

Faor products with silver.Plated or gilded drawings can not be washed automatically.

Thermos and thermal circles with automatic washing are easily damaged and lose their insulating properties. If you do not want to wash the thermos manually, then when buying it, it is necessary to look for an icon allowing the use of PMM.

Thermos and thermal circles with automatic washing are easily damaged and lose their insulating properties.

It is useless to put in a dishwasher and an intricate shape, such as graters, a press for onions, a meat grinder. The device will not cope with the removal of food, which means that it will be necessary to wash the items manually.

It is useless to put in a dishwasher and an intricate shape, such as graters, a press for onions, a meat grinder.

Multicaries and pressure cooks should also be cleaned manually. Automatic washing damages the surface of the bowls, their anti.Stick properties worsen.

Multicaries and pressure cooks should also be cleaned manually.

Features of the work of PMM

Engineers have implemented special programs, according to which household appliances operate. Due to the use of hot water (plus 50-75 degrees Celsius), high temperatures, detergents (concentrates, salt, rinses) at the output of the housewives receive shining plates, cups, dining rooms and other kitchen inventory.

A variety of materials are used for the manufacture of dishes, and not each of them is able to withstand such heavy “tests”. For the convenience of consumers, manufacturers of dishes supply their products with a special marking, which is easy to understand whether or not a product for washing in the PMM.

But, firstly, not all companies put the icons, and secondly, there are no such marks on the old dishes.

dishes, dishwasher

As a result, in the unit chamber, sometimes there are objects to which such procedures are contraindicated. This leads to damage and damage to the dishes, as well as to breakdowns of household appliances.

That is why it is important to know what can and what can not be washed in a dishwasher, what modes to choose for certain materials.

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It is advisable to make a list of utensils and inventory for yourself, which shows an exclusively manual sink, and do not forget to look into it from time to time.

Plastic and wood

Not all plastic products are suitable for dishwasher. Disposable dishes and plastic containers can deform or change color. And what can be washed is the products from heat.Resistant plastic. Any forms of this material are also suitable.

Cutting boards and other objects of wooden kitchen utensils are undesirable to use in the dishwasher. Under the prolonged effect of moisture and thermal drying, the structure of the tree is destroyed. After automatic processing, you can see the stratification of wood or cracks. For the possibility of prolonged operation, it is better to wash the wooden dishes in warm water with your hands.

The exception may be the use of a special water.Repellent coating on wood products.

Program and download: Faor washing instructions

We turn to the operating manual for dishwashers. There are several programs in each unit. At home, the owners most often wash all the dishes in one beloved mode and forget about delicate washing.

You can also use sparing detergents and, judging by the reviews, they are quite suitable for cleaning the phaoor sets.

There is an icon that allows them to wash in delicate mode in the dishwasher on Czech and Japanese products. Such sets appeared not so long ago, less than 15 years ago, and due to special additives in them, they managed to reduce fragility and increase resistance to temperature extremes.

An important point is the loading of the machine. You can not overload the unit, put the dishes with a stack. The rule works: less, but better.

If there is no sparing regime in the technique, then you will have to stop it before the drying of the drying, so as not to expose objects by high temperatures.

FIRE Antiques, alas, is categorically to wash in PMM. He will deteriorate. Forever and ever.

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