What does an umbrella on the refrigerator Ariston mean

What do the letters on the refrigerator mean?

The first symbol. the Latin letter G. means the type of product. refrigerator. The next letter is the country in which the LG refrigerator was produced. r. LG refrigerator is produced in Korea. W is the country of the refrigerator-Poland.

If you need to stop the fast frost mode, press the Super Frz button./Vacation “. The badge will go out, fast freezing will be stopped, and the refrigerator will return to the usual mode of operation. electricity, which is recommended to include when leaving on vacation.

How to properly adjust the temperature in the refrigerator?

Rotating the regulator clockwise. we increase the cold, we reduce the clock. The numbers on the handle do not indicate the temperature in degrees Celsius, this is the serial number of the position. They show in what position the regulator will be more cold, and in which less. Typically, the cold adjustment scale has values ​​from 1 to 7.

  • 1 Buy a thermometer designed for refrigerators and freezers.
  • 2 Put the thermometer in a glass of water, and put the glass itself on the middle shelf inside the refrigerator.
  • 3 after 5-8 hours check the temperature on the thermometer.

Hotpone Ariston malfunction codes

If you saw an error code on the screen, try to restart the technique. To do this, disconnect it from the network for 15-20 minutes. After turning on, look at the scoreboard. If the icons are displayed again, look for the decoding in the instructions or in our table.

  • Intended ice.
  • Violation of the wiring.
  • The fan motor burned out as a result of voltage drops.
  • The lubricant has dried in the motor bearings.
  • When the ice on the blades intends to defrost the chamber.
  • Inspect the wiring for damage. Replace the train in violation of integrity.
  • Install a new fan engine.
  • Use the lubrication of bearings.

Below are errors that indicate problems with the keys on the control panel.

Error code Key What to do
F 40 Start Check the wiring, tighten contacts. Install a new button.
F 41 I saga
F 42 vacation
F 43 Ice Party
F 44 Ever Fresh
F 45 Super freeze
F 46 Super cold (Super Cool)
F 47 Emergency message
F 49 Frigo
F 50 Frigo-
F 51 CCZ
F52 Freezer
F53 Freezer-

Breakdown A1 and A2 in HotPoint Ariston refrigerators

A1 breakdown code means that in compartments the temperature exceeds the norm.

  • Ice overgrown fan and does not work. Cold air does not enter the department.
  • The evaporator freezes. His sensor is broken.
  • The heater burned out.
  • The main board works incorrectly.
  • Check the density of the door of the door to the body. Perhaps the loops sank or the seal was worn out. Then warm air enters the chamber and the temperature rises. Replacing the seal is easy with your own hands. Try to tighten the door fasteners or replace the loops.
  • The refrigerator is disabled because there is no electricity. Reload the system and re.turn on the technique.

If you recently uploaded products into the camera, wait 20-30 minutes while the temperature recovers.

If these methods do not help, it is better to contact a specialist.

Error A02 speaks of excess temperature in the freezer compartment. Actions are the same as in the previous case. Additionally, you can check the thermostat, whether the correct values ​​are set.

Hotpoint NFFUD 191 X Combi Fridge Freezer

Now you know what to do if the code is displayed on the screen. Do not tighten with the check so that the breakdown does not become fatal.

What temperature corresponds to the number of thermostat.

Mechanical regulators are regulated by rotating the regulator handle. Rotating the regulator clockwise. we increase the cold, we reduce the clock. The numbers on the handle do not indicate the temperature in degrees Celsius. This is a serial number. They show in what position the regulator will be more cold, and in which less. Typically, the cold adjustment scale has values ​​from 1 to 7. The weakest cold will correspond to the number 1, it will be cold as possible on the number 6-7.

We increase the number. increase the cold. We recommend installing the number 3.

You should not without the need to set the value of 5-7, since the cold is achieved by a longer compressor operation and works with a greater load. In some cases, with such installations of a thermostat, a refrigerator-breaker may not turn off. Even if your refrigerator is disconnected, then electricity consumption increases significantly.

  • on the top panel of the refrigerator
  • The electronic board is mounted on the door, the display on the front surface of the door reports information about the state of temperature inside.

The electronic control of the refrigerator changes the operating mode by pressing the keyboxes. Basically used a control scale from 2 ° C to 8 ° C. Typically, next to the temperature value nearby is a button to change the characteristics. After each press on the button, the value increases by 1 degree. After reaching the maximum adjustment value, the refrigerator automatically goes into a minimum range.

  • Antiquity temperature greatly affects the operation of the refrigerator. The hotter around, the harder it is to create the necessary cold. Most of the refrigerators work normally at the air temperature range of 16-32 ° C degrees. Although the refrigerators have a different climatic class, you should not ask too low temperatures in the summer, since this can cause an increase in energy consumption and the load on the refrigerator. Above the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere is less the number on the regulator.
  • unequivocally say which number of the thermostat should be exhibited in the refrigerator is difficult. The temperature indicators in the refrigerator are determined by a large number of factors: technical condition, refrigerator load, room temperature, door opening frequency, etc.D.
  • Spend the quality of cooling regularly or install a stationary thermometer.
  • If when turning the regulator or changing the value on a digital scoreboard, the real temperature remains the same, call the master.


  • A corrugated cylinder (bellows), seasoned with freon, from which a capillary (bellows) pipe is emerging, which is a sensitive element.
  • Lever that changes its position depending on pressure inside the bellows.
  • Contacts opening and closing the lever.

The principle of the thermostat

The bellows tube is attached to the surface of the evaporator, and when the temperature is reduced in the evaporator, the pressure in the bellows tube and the belliphon itself falls, the bell tower is compressed, and the lever opens the contact of the power supply circuit of the motor-compressor.

The refrigerator is turned off, the temperature on the surface of the evaporator begins to increase, the pressure in the bellows tube and the bellows increases, and the bellows, expanding, presses on the lever, thus closing the contacts.

The principal scheme of the thermostat

Here we will consider three main types of thermostats. Outwardly they look the same, the differences are in the temperature of opening and closing contacts.

The thermostats of the following designations were installed on single.chamber refrigerators:

How to reset hotpoint FF200E fridge

T-110; T-111; T-112. The thermostat T-112 may have a designation of TU-112, or TU-112-1M. In terms of temperature parameters, all these thermostats are the same. They differ by the appearance. the diameter of the handle of the handle and the bellows tube, the presence of a transverse bar for attaching the thermostat. The end of the thermostat bellows tube is usually attached directly to the evaporator through a plastic gasket. The length of the bellows tube is indicated on the thermostat case and has the form of two digits separated by a comma. Example: a) 0.6. the length of the tube. 60 cm.; b) 1.3. tube length. 1 meter 30 cm.

There are three terminals on the end of the thermostat case. Divine is “Earth”, t.e. Thermostat case. The other two under numbers 3 and 4 are contacts through which the motor-compressor is written.

To install the thermostats of the new TU-112, instead of T-110, an installation kit consisting of a bar, a nut and a nylon adapter, which increases the diameter of the adjusting rod, is provided.

The thermostat of the next designations were installed on two-chamber refrigerators and refrigerator chambers of two-motor two-chamber refrigerators: T-130; T-132; T-133; Tam-133 and there-133-1m.

The temperature parameters are the same. Differ in the appearance, the diameter of the handle of the handle and the bellows tube, the presence of a transverse bar for attaching the thermostat.

Basically, T-144 and T-145 thermostats were installed on freezers.

On the thermostat T-144 there is no rod for regulating temperature, this value is set at the manufacturer.

There are four terminals at the end of the thermostat case. Divine is “Earth”, t.e. Thermostat case. The other two under numbers 3 and 4 are contacts through which the motor-compressor is written. A red emergency lamp is powered through contact 6, which means elevated temperature in the freezer cabinet. The opening temperature of this contact is −15 ° C.

Separately, we will consider the thermostats for STINOL refrigerators:

It can be the thermostats of the K-57 and K-59 RANCO, as well as the domestic thermostats TAI-133-1M and TU-145-1M. They differ from other thermostats by the bellows tube, which is covered with a vinyl shell. In addition, they are equipped with a third contact at number 6, from which a motor-compressor is powered.

HotPoint Ariston refrigerator. instructions for eliminating a malfunction

Complex household appliances will last a long time if you follow the instructions for maintaining the device. For refrigerators, Hotpont Ariston will move to the years if the equipment is connected through the voltage stabilizer. It is important to provide environmental temperature. While cleaning out of the cameras or notice the problem that has arisen with automatic removal of condensate.

The manufacturer has developed the section of the instructions, which indicates the possible faults of the Ariston Hotpoint refrigerator, and the measures that should be taken before the master call. For refrigerators with electronic control, a self.diagnosis unit has been developed. The malfunctions will be played on the display in the form of an error code, a sound signal is supplied. With the help of self.diagnosis of the refrigerator Ariston Hotpoint, it is easier to figure out where to look for an error. Indesit has a lot of models with electronic management, error codes differ.

Refrigerator Hotpont Ariston. malfunctions and their elimination

The main malfunctions in the refrigerators is a violation of the temperature regime in the chambers. The problem arises in cases:

  • temperature sensor failure;
  • problems in the management system;
  • Freon leak;
  • clogging the capillary tube;
  • refusal of a sensor or heating in the evaporative block;
  • Compressor malfunction or starting relay.

In all cases, it is necessary to invite a specialist to diagnose. Summarizing indirect features, the master will determine the malfunction. Often a freon leak is associated with the corrosion of the door heating circuit. there are tubes with a refrigerant, preventing sulking. But if the cleaning in the chambers occurs irregularly, damp and rust are corroded by the tubes.

In refrigerators with the No Frost system, the problem of ice growth can be a faulty heater, a thermostat that does not connect the heater between the cooling cycles. There is an evaporator temperature sensor in the system, which is responsible for turning on the touch when condensate drip removal. All these sensors and relay provide condensation to the tray above the compressor. If the water is accumulated in the chamber, sometimes it is enough to clean the drain hole with your own hands. The master is required if the tube is clogged or torn, the crack in the tray. Sensors do not repair. If the power line is not found, the element is simply replaced with a new.

The most problematic node in the refrigerators of the new generation hotpont is the electronic unit. Therefore, diagnostics begin by checking whether management correctly.

Disconnecting the refrigerator

If when the refrigerator is turned on, it turns off, then the malfunction can be in a protective or starting relay, a more serious reason is the failure of the compressor motor. If the reason is the burned winding, then the compressor will be hot all the time, and the machine in the apartment regularly knock out.

When the refrigerator compressor does not start when turned on, the reason is most likely in the thermal attew. The thermostat may fail as a result of a rupture in a circuit with a motor when the latter does not receive a signal for turning on.

Excessive ice formation

In cases where excessive intention occurs in the refrigerator, and ice forms, the problem can be in the thermostat.

It should be noted that defrosting in modern models should be carried out once every 6 months to prevent such troubles.

In models No Frost, snow formation unusual for this type of device may form. This effect is obtained if the evaporator freezes in the freezer due to a faulty timer, and the thawing function does not turn on. In this case, the temperature in the freezer rises, as a result of which the motor begins to work continuously, forming as a result of ice.

When the cause of the error A2 is in a malfunction

Ariston leads to an increase in temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator, here are the main ones.

Freon leak. from 2000

The heating circuit of the perimeter of the freezer, the locking joints (mainly the junction of the evaporators of the refrigerator and the freezer), the evaporator. the main places of leaks. They lead to poor cooling of both refrigerator chambers or only one and an A2 error. It is necessary to find a leakage place, eliminate it, change the filter-dryer and season the refrigerator with a freon. With a leak in the evaporator in the wired part of the refrigerator, the master cuts it off and sets the hinged evaporator inside the refrigerator compartment.

Management module. from 1900

Erroneously disconnects the cooling of the freezer ahead of time or turns on later than necessary. This leads to a weak cooling of the freezer and the appearance of A2 code on the display. The control unit is repaired or completely changes to a new. During the repair, buried or rotten paths are fought, burned elements of the microcircuit change.

Compressor motor-from 1900

The motor burned, it stacked or the closing of windings on the case happened. Therefore, respectively:

  • The motor does not turn on at all,
  • buzzing, but does not provide the freon’s pressure necessary for cooling,
  • the engine turns on and immediately turns off.

In both departments of the refrigerator heat. Error A2 burns on the scoreboard. The compressor cannot be repaired, it is required to replace it.

Compressor launcher.protective relay. from 1600

Relay function. help the compressor of the refrigerator start and protect it from overheating. If the relay is malfunctioning, then the engine does not work at all or turns on and immediately turns off. The relay is not subject to repairs, replacement is required.

Temperature sensor. from 1400

The temperature sensor failed and turns off the cooling of the freezer compartment before. Or cooling does not turn on at all if the temperature sensor is in the cliff. Damage is eliminated by replacing the sensor.

Blockage of the capillary tube of the freezer. from 1800

Due to the blockage of the tube, the products of the interaction of freon and oil from the compressor, the value of pressure at the inlet and exit of the capillary is changing. In the HotPoint-Ariston one-compressor refrigerator, this leads to poor cooling in both chambers, in models with two engines-only in the freezer. Partial blockage is poured using a converted car jack, with full clogging, the capillary tube changes completely.

Helpers sealing. from 1200

The sealing gum has worn out or damaged. As a result, warm air enters the chamber, and the temperature in it rises. You need to replace the seal with a new.

Outka No Frost. from 1400

In the refrigerator Ariston with the hits of No Frost due to its failure in the freezer, an intended ice, which blocked the flow of chilled air from the evaporator into the refrigerator, and it completely stopped cold. In the hike, they could have been out of order:

  • fuse;
  • Square sensor (defroster), according to which thaw is turned on and disconnected;
  • heating element;
  • Timer tie.

It is necessary to replace the failed elements.

Fan in refrigerators with No Frost. from 1800

Fan function. drive cold air from the No Frost evaporator, which is located in the freezer, in the refrigerator. If it fails, then the refrigerator department stops cooling, and error A2 appears on the display.

In the fan the engine burns or the blades break. Often the breakdown is caused by a malfunction. The intended ice blocks the rotation of the fan, the blades break or the motor breaks down. When breaking the fan, it is necessary to replace its motor, propeller with blades or completely the entire fan.

Hotpoint NFFUD 191 X Combi Fridge Freezer

Spare parts are not included in the price and are paid separately.

How to reset the A2 error in the refrigerator Hotpont-Ariston

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the error A2, after which you can drop the error. To turn off the sound signal, open and close the refrigerator door or press the temperature change button once. To discharge the A2 code, press the temperature change button twice or turn off and turn on the refrigerator with the vkl/off button.

Whatever the cause of the A2 code on the display, remember that independent repair can lead to a more serious breakdown. Call a professional specialist, for example, from the outdoor service “Ice Men”. We will arrive quickly, repair the refrigerator with you, give a guarantee up to 2 years.

What models are equipped with a special recreation function

Often these are new technologies. They can contain both 1 and 2 compressors. Also, they can use 2 independent cooling contours for 1 compressor. The models have these models with other modes “Vacation”.

This mode consumes less electricity, but retains the refrigerator. The owner chooses the appropriate temperature for work. The device supports it, preventing it from forming harmful substances inside.

Conditions for the correct use of the “Vacation” function

For the correct use of this function, it is necessary to study the documentation that is included in the purchase. Here you need to find his class. He speaks of the range of a variable and acceptable temperature at which manufacturers determine the normal operation of the refrigerator.

There are several classes:

  • N is normal. (from 16 to 32);
  • SN. subnormal (from 10 to 32);
  • ST. subtropical (from 18 to 38);
  • T. tropical (from 18 to 43).

These are models and the ambient temperature corresponding to them. Also, the description of the device sets out information about the temperature that can constantly be inside the refrigerator.

Common breakdown “Hotpoint Ariston

Although Ariston refrigerators have proven themselves as reliable, sometimes there are problems. It’s good if the display appeared on the fault code, then you can look into the instructions and calculate the breakdown. If this does not happen, and the device does not function normally, you can start the test mode. How to do this is also described in the user guide.

Common problems of the refrigerator:

  • Noisy and buzzing at work.
  • Makes strange sounds (cracks, clicks).
  • The light does not burn in the cell.
  • The refrigerator does not cold, the freezer is poorly frost.
  • The freezer is badly freezed, the products freeze.
  • Squeaks, red light bulb burns.
  • The motor-compressor does not turn off, it works without stopping.
  • The compressor does not turn on.
  • The rear wall of the camera.

Why do such breakdowns happen and how to eliminate them, read below.

Elimination of HotPoint-Ariston refrigerator malfunctions

Consider the main reasons for the appearance of malfunctions and options for their solution.

Noisy work of the refrigerator

If a two.chamber unit used to work normally, and recently he began to make a lot of noise, buzz, rattle, check:

  • Consheals in the cell touches each other. When starting the motor, it rattles.
  • The refrigerant circulates along the contour, while gurgling sounds can be heard. This is not a breakdown.
  • Extraneous objects or furniture are in contact with the unit housing.
  • Maintain the distance between the refrigerator body and walls, furniture at least 5 cm.
does, umbrella, refrigerator, ariston, mean

Clicks and crackling during work

Similar sounds can indicate both the normal operation of the equipment and the problems that require repair. If the unit works normally and freezes, then:

  • Clicks are possible while shutting off the motor. The materials of the walls of the camera are deformed at a temperature difference.
  • When starting and off the engine, thermostat can click. In this case, the sounds should be from the first day of work.
  • The electromechanical model clicks when turned on, but the engine does not work. There were problems with the work of the thermostat. He sends the board a message about increasing the temperature in the camera, then the fee gives the command to include the motor. If the latter does not start, check the thermostat.
  • The technique includes the engine starts, but stops. Relay clicks the motor. The compressor is faulty and requires replacement. At the same time, light is on in the department.
  • The refrigerator clicks, the engine does not turn on, it is dark in the chamber. The launch relay was out of order.

No light in the department

Check the connection: whether the fork is sitting tightly in the outlet, press them stronger. If there is no light, replace the light bulb. Pay attention to the type of lighting and choose the appropriate model.

No cold in departments

If the chambers are elevated, the refrigerator can inform about this with a blink of a red bulb or a sound signal. a squeak.

The refrigerator does not cool? Read the publication “The refrigerator does not work”, and also check:

  • The density of the door of the door to the body. Inspect the seal on integrity and suitability. With pollution, wipe it with soapy solution and ammonia alcohol. With wear. replace the element. Tighten the door mounts.
  • Frequency and duration of door opening. If you keep the doors open for a long time, warm air penetrates into the chamber, which leads to an increase in temperature and the formation of condensate.
  • Thermoregulator. Is the correct value set?
does, umbrella, refrigerator, ariston, mean

With the simultaneous load of a large number of warm products, you need to wait 20-30 minutes, while the indicators recover.

  • Capillary’s blockage leads to a violation of the refrigerant circulation and a deterioration in cooling. It is better to call the master to eliminate the malfunction.
  • Compressor failure. Error A2 may appear on the scoreboard. The refrigerator will consume a lot of electricity, and the production of the cold will decrease.

Also, the reasons that the camera does not freeze could become:

Products in the department freeze

A serious malfunction is a malfunction of the thermostat, then you will need replacement and repair.

The motor works without stopping

Normally, the compressor works in periods, with the shutdown “On vacation”.

How to reset hotpoint FF200E fridge

If he does not turn off at all and works for wear, then:

  • The camera door does not close. Constant penetration of warm air leads to an increase in temperature. To restore the indicators, the engine works without respite, bending cold. Check the seals and door location.
  • The temperature in the room exceeds the norm. Each model, including Ariston, has a climatic class. which indicates at what temperature it can be operated.
  • Snow coating and ice exceed 2-3 mm. The heat transfer in the refrigerator is broken. Try up the unit immediately.

The compressor does not start

The engine does not function, the light in the chamber burns:

  • Problems with the work No Frost. It is recommended to contact the service center for searching and solving problems.
  • The motor winding is faulty. Need repair or complete replacement.
  • Thermostat does not work. Perhaps the wiring between the regulator and the motor is disturbed. Diagnostics and replacement are carried out.
  • Damage to the launch relay.
  • Defect of the main board.

The compressor does not turn on, the light does not burn:

All other reasons are identical to the first case.

Owl on the back wall

If a “fur coat” grows on the evaporator or on the walls, the reason may be a faulty thermostat.

Defrost the drip type models at least once every six months. For models with No Frost, the formation of ice is uncharacteristic. If this happens in the freezer, the point is a faulty timer of hidden.

Water at the bottom of the refrigerator

Products pressed to the back of the department accumulate condensate, which does not go into the drain, but flows down. Sort products and remove accumulated water.

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