What does ie on the washing machine mean

The most common error codes of LG washing machine

The most common errors (malfunctions) include the wrong actions of the user of the device himself, committed through negligence or carelessness in relation to the rules of operation of LG brand washing machines. Such flaws include:

  • Overloading the machine.
  • Problems with the hatch locking device (UBL).
  • Setting childproofing and the like.
  • Problems with pouring, heating, draining the ACM, etc.

All these errors are marked with codes OE, DE, UE, CL, IE, etc.п.

In fact, there are many times more such errors in operation of such a complex appliance as a washing machine. But in this article we will only review the error codes, the correction of which is not difficult to do and can be resolved by your own efforts.

Error code IE in LG washing machine

When placing dirty laundry in the tank and running standard programs, your unit shows no sign of proper normal operation. And after a certain idle time, the screen displays an IE malfunction. Occasionally, your unit will run the pump for a very long period of time and try to pump water. And the result is the same, it is not enough in the tank for the washing process, and on the LCD screen you see the same code IE. Sometimes the mistresses of the machine think that I is the usual number 1, so there may be a combination of 1E.

If the model of your device does not have a display, then you can determine such a failure by the blinking or glowing indicator lights, which are responsible for all washing modes, including prewash.

Description of common errors

Information code can appear on the display as a result of a one-time failure in the control module. Therefore, before proceeding to troubleshooting, manufacturers recommend restarting the washing machine by unplugging it and plugging it in again after 10-15 minutes. If “remove” the error in this way failed, proceed to its deciphering.

All possible faults can be divided into three conditional categories:

It is worth highlighting the CL code, which lights up on the display when the control panel lock mode is activated, or as it is also called. “childproof mode”. To make the machine respond to commands again, you must simultaneously press a combination of several buttons on the dashboard. Usually there is a small lock next to these buttons.

Errors related to water

If the water in the washing machine tank rises above the permissible level, the FE code appears on the display. In machines not equipped with an information display, in this case, the indicators opposite the prewash and main wash modes, as well as synthetics, wool and comforter will flash or light up.

Such malfunction may be caused by: breakage of level sensor, water inlet valve, electronic controller malfunction. If at the occurrence of such a code on the scoreboard in the washing machine drum there is an excessive amount of foam, the cause of tank overflow. in low-quality powder or exceeding its dosage.

The reason for the FE error may be that you are using a low-quality powder which creates too much foam

To “remove” the error yourself, you need to unload the laundry and dry the washing machine. If the appliance door will not open, and there is water inside the tank, use the emergency drain hose located behind the door on the front panel.

Troubleshooting of the sensor, valve, and controller is best left to professionals.

An IE error occurs if the machine cannot draw the quantity of water necessary for washing in the set time (about 5 minutes). This malfunction will indicate the glow of the indicators of the main and prewash in models not equipped with a display.

Causes of the fact that the washing machine does not fill with water or cannot determine its level as sufficient for washing, most often are:

  • Low water pressure or no water in the water supply network;
  • Water supply hose or filter clogged, hose is kinked;
  • Breakage of the water supply valve;
  • Level sensor (pressostat) malfunction;
  • Control module malfunction.
does, washing, machine, mean

If the IE error occurs, the filter at the hose connection of the water inlet to the washing machine can be cleaned by yourself

What to do if the machine displays an IE error? The first thing to do is to check whether there is water in the water supply and whether the faucet that supplies it to the washing machine is open. Then inspect the water supply hose for kinks, remove the hose and check it and the filter for clogs. Faults that require the sensor or valve to be replaced must be resolved by specialists.

Error OE (03) appears on the screen when the unit cannot drain. Rinse and spin indicators (800, 500, Nospin) illuminated will signal the same error.

The cause of malfunction may be a broken drain pump or clogged drain filter, hose or drainage system. Before you start troubleshooting, you need to drain the water left in the tank. You can independently check the patency of the filter, hose and drain. To inspect the drain pump is better to call a specialist.

It is better to have the drain pump repaired or replaced by professionals

Error 1E appears in the event of a water leak. First of all, the machine is unplugged, and then check the tightness of connections, the integrity of the tank and the body of the washing machine.

The machine displays the PE information code when the water pressure in the drum is not detected. Most often the error is caused by a faulty water level sensor (pressostat). To restore the operation of the installation, you need to check the sensor contacts and blow out the sensor tube in case it is clogged.

Occurrence of an error when the machine dials and immediately drains water may be due to improper connection to the sewer. The place where the drain hose connects to the pipe must be above the level of the tank, otherwise the automatic drainage will occur.

Mechanical faults

The DE error appears on the screen when the washing machine hatch is not properly closed.

The first thing to do is to open the door, remove foreign objects that prevent the door from closing, including those from the lock mechanism, and then try closing the washing machine again. It is important not to apply excessive force, if the door does not yield, you must leave it open and call a repairman.

The rubber seal in the door of the washing machine becomes deformed over time and prevents the door from closing

Specialists know how to fix this situation: you may need to replace the lock mechanism, handle, hinge or rubber cuff, located in the hatch.

LE error means the washing machine drum is blocked. A foreign object may interfere with the rotation, or the mains voltage is too low.

Too low or sudden changes in the mains voltage can also cause the appearance of information code PF on the washer’s display. In this case it is better to disconnect the appliance and wait for the voltage to stabilize.

Error 5E (SE) is associated with problems in the electric motor: the cause of failure may be a breakage of the hall sensor or the motor itself.

IE Error LG Washing Machine You Can Fix Easy

Heating errors

Error code TE means that the washing machine is unable to heat water. In machines that do not have a display, this error will cause all the water temperature indicators to light up or flash simultaneously.

The TE information code usually appears when the heating element (electric tube heater) or the temperature sensor is broken. Repair and replacement of such parts should be performed by professionals.

The heating element in a washing machine often fails due to scale buildup

The heating element most often fails as a result of overheating. It is possible to prevent its failure, if periodically to carry out cleaning of scale inside elements of the installation, to use special means for softening water.

Error HE also indicates the need to replace the heating element.

What do codes 4e and f4 mean??

Error 4e on the Samsung washing machine indicates the appearance of problems with water intake into the tank. Trouble may occur at the beginning of the wash or during operation, for example, before the rinse stage. If the model is not equipped with a display, the appliance displays a lack of water supply by constantly flashing opposite the temperature, rinse and spin speed indicators.

If the Samsung model of washing machine with a display (for example, “Diamond”, “Eco Bubble”) refuses to draw water, the code 4e is displayed 2-3 minutes after starting the machine. In the case of slow intake or insufficient amount of liquid drawn, the error is displayed after about 10 minutes of start.

Some users take the 4e and e4 system codes as two versions of the same error. This is the wrong approach, because these symbols indicate different faults:

  • System error 4e (or equivalent code 4c) occurs when there is no water supply;
  • the code e4 on the display indicates a drum imbalance.

Be careful when deciphering the symbols so that you can quickly identify the problem and take the correct measures to resolve it.

If a faulty code occurs, the machine emits a characteristic sound signal, as if throwing an alarm cry. Do not be overly worried at once. Let’s try to understand the causes of the IE alarm.

First of all, it is worth to look at the instructions. However, it is not very informative and clear to the average user. Roughly speaking, the machine requires water, because something from the following has happened

does, washing, machine, mean
  • the water supply is obstructed (the water supply tap is blocked). The most simple and easily correctable cause is. It could be a scheduled or emergency water shutdown. Before you panic, it is worth asking the management company, whether the utilities are not carried out at your address. In addition, all taps inside the apartment should be checked. It is often the case that the tap is forgotten to turn in the correct position before use. The same applies to valves located directly in front of the washing machine;
  • The special start-up valve has malfunctioned. It may not work at all or half-open, which also obstructs the flow of water, and it fills the tank of the machine in insufficient quantities;
  • The sensor responsible for determining the volume of incoming water is broken. A characteristic water noise can be heard but the error code is blinking on the display;
  • Low water pressure readings (water comes in, but in small quantities);
  • the intake hose is broken (tampering, bending or blockage, disconnection, incorrect installation). If the hose is damaged beyond repair, it must be replaced;
  • The fault is in the electronic module of the machine. This type of breakdown can “hit” any function of the washing machine;
  • The water filter screen is clogged. Small debris is clogging the holes in the filter, obstructing the flow of fluid. If this cause is detected, the unit needs to be cleaned.

An IE error can also occur due to inattention by the user or a serious breakdown of parts of the washing machine.

It is not excluded that there are several reasons at the same time.

When you need qualified help

If after the above actions the situation has not been corrected and OE error continues to occur, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive diagnostics. For this it is best to contact the nearest service center. The following problems may be discovered during an inspection:

  • The drain pump is out of order;
  • The water sensor (pressostat) has failed;
  • some elements of the microcircuits are damaged;
  • the control unit is not working.

In the case of serious malfunctions of mechanisms, the help of an experienced specialist is indispensable. The master will prompt the best ways to solve the problem. Repair or replacement of parts may be necessary.

does, washing, machine, mean

It is better to have the drain pump repaired or replaced by professionals

Error OE (0E, 03) in the LG washing machine should not cause panic in the user. It is sufficient to know the causes and solutions of this problem to feel confident. A clear guide to action in the event of recurring problems will always keep the situation under control.

Your washer is filled with laundry, all the compartments for powder and conditioner are filled and refilled, but after starting the program no water arrives. The message “1E” or “IE” appears on the screen, telling you that for some reason the water could not be drawn within the allotted time. In this case, the motor is fully operational and emits a characteristic hum, but the tank does not receive water at all or only a thin trickle.

Error IE, 1E on LG washing machines without a display will be displayed simultaneously signaling pre-wash and main wash indicators.

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What does UE error in the washing machine mean?

The washing machine has become an integral part of life of any modern person. Its failure can significantly complicate the process of washing things. One of the most common problems is when the display shows error UE. If your washing machine is showing this kind of error, then you need to find out what the root cause is. In this article we will consider what is UE on a washing machine, what to do in this case and whether it is possible to deal with the breakdown independently.

Error 1E or 1C means that the water level sensor does not work properly or is defective. Control module receives wrong or no readings from pressostat. As a result, the washing machine stops running programs and displays an error. On pre-2007 models, the error code for the water level sensor is E7.

Some people read 1E as IE, because the number 1 on the display looks more like a capital Latin letter I.


Do not confuse 1E and E1 error, they are different problems. 1E pressostat defective, E1 water intake problems.

On Samsung washing machines without a screen, faults 1E, E7, 1C are indicated this way: all the mode lamps are blinking simultaneously, and the lights of 60°C, 40°C and Cold water mode are lit.

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