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The TRUTH About Induction Cooking

What indicate the icons of the induction stove on the dishes: Decryption

Induction stove. For a long time not a discovery for most consumers. It has a unique, aesthetic appearance. And also to cook completely safe on it. However, despite the endless number of advantages, customers still ask the question-how to understand that the available dishes are suitable for induction?

In order to understand, we will consider the features, principle of operation and designation of icons on the dishes. With the help of these parameters, you easily determine the professional suitability of the kitchen containers and its further operation.

Principle of operation


Externally, this device looks standard for electric hobs, has a smooth glass surface, but does not contain a heating element. Instead, an induction reel is built in the instead of it. After turning on the panel and placing dishes on the burner, an electric current passes through the coil, which creates electromagnetic flows. This process sets in motion electrons at the bottom of the dishes and helps to heat it and food inside. In this case, the surface of the panel does not heat up. The principle of operation of the induction stove is also called cold.



All plates are divided into two large types: with sensory and mechanical control. Each model is distinguished by its own properties and control features, but the general meaning of management does not change too much.

  • The buttons “” “-” mean to add or take the power.
  • The digital scale allows you to manually set the value. On the right on an increase, on the left to a decrease.
  • Mechanical regulator makes it possible to make a choice of arrows.
does, induction, stove, mean

Plates from the premium segment have automatic sensors. They work on their own, determining the dimensions of the dishes used.

Some plates have additional modes. For example, preserving a certain temperature of the cooked soup, or slow heating of milk. In detail about all the advantages of the induction stove is written in the instructions for it.

Projected by the slabs with an emergency shutdown regime use a special advantage. All burners are instantly disconnected if the liquid spilled onto the tile.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Induction kitchen panels appeared relatively recently.

The peculiarity of such a device is that only the bottom of the dishes used and the products in it are heated, while the walls of the dishes and the plate itself do not heat up.

The number of burners

Choosing a hob with induction, it is important to decide how many firewood you need.

Surfaces can be equipped with a different number of heating zones, this number varies from one to six.

This indicator will depend on the number of people in the family and how much you are used to cooking.

For a married couple or one person, as well as a family who is used to eating outside the house will be a sufficiently compact version of the device equipped with one or a pair of fireplace. This will save free space in the kitchen.

For a large family, it is recommended to give preference to a panel that will have at least four heating areas.

Such devices are one of the most popular among buyers, since they allow you to prepare a full.Fledged lunch at the same time. But there will also be more places for placing such equipment.

In terms of configuration and the location of the burners, the standards of their placement have long no longer implied exclusively square or rhomboid forms.

Heating zones can be located in a row, in the form of a triangle, oval, semicircle. When choosing this parameter, you should imagine how convenient it will be for you to have access to each of the firewood so that the dishes on the neighboring ones do not interfere with each other.

It is also worth taking into account the diameter of the heating zones, their shape.

The size of the firewood should correspond to the size of the available dishes, since it should cover at least 70%.

Otherwise, the device simply will not turn on. In the most modern induction panels, the burner can automatically determine the size of the dishes and adjust to it.

Panel material

The most common coating material is glass ceramic. The second place in prevalence is occupied by hardened glass.

The first option will cost cheaper, but differs in strength to mechanical influences.

There are difficulties in leaving, since sugar.Containing liquids, such as compotes and jam, can leave indelible traces.

Induction cookware: How to know what works

Panels covered with hardened glass are a little more expensive, but rather fragile and require careful handling. But such material is more aesthetic and practical in care, is not afraid of scratches and abrasives.

Hobs of induction slabs can have a frame of a metal profile or a beveled edge.

Both options have their advantages:

The color of the panel

When choosing an induction hob, it is worth considering various design options.

Most models are produced in dark colors, perfectly fit into any interior style.

For rooms decorated in the style of country or Provence, induction surfaces with a floral pattern are produced.

For modern hi-tech interiors, models that do not have the designation of heating areas and look like a whole fragment of glass are perfectly suitable.

Less commonly, you can find devices with silver or white on sale, which also look very profitable.

Dust, fat spots and stains from water are less noticeable on the light surface, which makes them especially attractive. It is worth noting that cleaning both light and dark panels is not difficult.

You can remove dirt even during cooking, since the surface is not red.Hot.

Some hobs are decorated with patterns, inscriptions and pictograms for the convenience of control of the device.


It is important that the size of the hob fits perfectly into the interior of your kitchen.

The narrowest varieties have only 30 centimeters width. They are equipped with one or two heating zones and are an excellent find for a small kitchen.

For a large family, models are best suited, the width of which is from 45 to 60 centimeters, and the number of firewood is increased to three or four.

The panels are wider than 60 centimeters usually contain five firewood, and with a width of about 80 centimeters of heating zones, there can already be five or six.

The thickness of induction plates can also vary. This range is usually from 4 to 10 centimeters.

Standard thickness. From 6 to 8 centimeters.


The hobs of the induction panels can be independent devices that can be put anywhere in the kitchen.

For such devices, only the presence of a power source near the power supply and a flat surface for installation is important.

does, induction, stove, mean

Another type of inductance. The kitchen built into the countertop. They are usually somewhat more expensive, but they look one with a kitchen set.

There are no special differences between them in the functionality.

Additional functions

The presence of the selected model of various additional options can make cooking a very pleasant activity.

Below are sympo of the most common functions found in modern devices:

  • Device control panel block. Especially useful if there are young children in the family.
  • Protective shutdown increases the level of safety of the use of technology, turning it off when boiling fluid on the stove, lack of dishes or significant voltage surges in the mains.
  • Timer. Convenient in that you can set the time required to bring the dish to readiness and not stand at the stove, constantly controlling the process. Advanced models are not only capable of turning off heating at a given time, but with the help of a sound signal they will know the mistress about the end of cooking.
  • The residual temperature indicator will help to understand whether it is safe to touch the surface. The plate itself does not heat up, but can become hot from contact with dishes in which products are prepared.
  • In modern induction, there is a special fast heating mode (Turbo Boost), which will allow you to quickly prepare the desired dish, increasing the power of the selected burner due to neighboring.
  • Control of electricity consumption and temperature conditions. It is enough for the hostess to set the device to the device or temperature indicators, which will then be maintained in automatic mode. The device retains all the indications on the internal memory.
  • Functions of suspension of cooking and heating (heat maintenance). It is convenient to use if households are used to eating everyone in their own mode.
  • The most modern slabs are equipped with new technology. Induction without boundaries, which allows you to do without the usual marking of burners. It is enough to put dishes with food in any place, and smart equipment will provide the necessary heating area.

How to use an induction stove correctly

In order for the stove to work for a long time and without any problems from the user, only one thing is required. To comply with the requirements given in the operating manual. This document describes the procedure for choosing the location of the model, the procedure for its inclusion and operation.

How to connect a stove

The main tool that is required to connect the device to the network is a screwdriver. Directly for connection, you will need to purchase a certain amount. Most often use a cable with a cross section of 4 to 6 kV. Mm. The length of this cable should be enough to connect the panel. As a rule, a 4-living cable is included in the delivery kit. 2 veins, brown and black-these are phases, in blue lived-“0”, and yellow-green wire-Earth. The ends of the wires must be cleaned. On the back of the product is a comb in which the cleaned wires are installed. The free end must be connected to the house electric network.

How to enable an induction stove

So, the panel is included in the network. After the end of this process, some models signal that everything proceeds in the standard mode, and the panel can be turned on.

On the control panel, as a rule, there is a “start/stop” button, pressing on which will lead to the inclusion of the device.

Before starting work, it makes sense to clear the surface of the residues of the packaging and traces of adhesive substances that could remain after production. By the way, in the first minutes of operation, it can seize burned rubber. But you should not be particularly worried, this unpleasant spirit will soon leave.

For each individual zone, separate buttons are provided on the control panel, in addition, some models provide separate regulators. The power is set from 0 to 9.

The operating instructions described in detail which power modes are optimal for boiling, and which for heating or direct cooking.

How to turn off the induction panel correctly

After cooking, you need to turn off the panel. To do this, you can press the Start/Stop button or wait for a certain time, after which the panel itself will go into waiting mode.

Pros and cons of induction stove

A special principle of operation of the induction stove and various modern technologies are expressed in the practicality and mass of the advantages of everyday devices. What is the remarkable induction hob?

  • Economy. Such tiles are consumed by 40-50% less electricity, which does not affect the heating power. The efficiency of induction plates is at least 90%, which is maximum among all types (gas, electric).
  • Security. Due to the fact that heat is transmitted to the dishes, and not to the burner, the surface of the plate does not heat up. Thus, it is impossible to get a burn about the stove, the food that came will not be burnt, and the plate will not be melted by an accidentally set. In addition, the panel is turned on only if at least 70% of the heating area is blocked.
  • Convenience. The cooking process takes less time than on ordinary hobs, thanks to the rapid warming up of the dishes. But unlike electrict, which requires cooling time, magnetic coils are stopped working immediately after disconnecting. The user does not have to rearrange the pan so that the food does not overjoy.
  • Practicality. The panel care is elementary: glass ceramics are resistant to mechanical influences, and due to the low temperature of the plate, the food is not pressed to it. To maintain cleanliness, it is enough to wipe the glass.Ceramic surface with a damp sponge with a soap solution.
  • Functionality. Different options significantly facilitate the use of a household appliance, it can pause, install intensive warm.Up, set a timer, adjust the temperature.
  • Optimum room temperature. Everyone knows that when using a gas or electric stove (with a heating plain), then the air temperature inevitably increases. Especially in the summer it creates discomfort, and without good ventilation in the kitchen it will be hot. A stove with induction heating excludes the creation of such inconvenience.

The disadvantages of this device are subjective, but in many ways they can affect the choice of the optimal model.

  • For an induction electric stove, only special dishes (enameled, made of stainless steel) are suitable, it is marked with a marking in the form of a spiral. Brass or copper utensils are also suitable, but due to the small content of magnetic substances, it heats up much slower. Ceramic or glass kitchen utensils cannot be used at all on an induction stove. In addition, the bottom of the dishes should be even and clean.
  • There are models where power does not allow the use of 3 or 4 burners at the same time (power in such plates is about 4 kW).
  • Installation rules prohibit mounting a built-in panel above the refrigerator, microwave and other metal surfaces.
  • The electromagnetic field is capable of exerting (to a small degree) impact on nearby devices, and users with pacemakers are recommended to refrain from buying such equipment.
  • The included plate makes a little noise. This is a cooling system, but there are models in which the fan operation is practically not heard.

Choosing dishes for induction stove

Special requirements are imposed on induction plates dishes for induction plates. As for any electric stove, the dishes should have a thickened bottom of at least 2-6 mm or, in relation to pans, a continuous anti-deformation disk-this will help to avoid deformation with severe heating. By that, the diameter of the bottom should not be less than 12 cm. You can use a Turk on an induction stove only using a special adapter.

The bottom should be even so that it adjacent to the surface as tightly as possible. The use of pots and pans with a concave or damaged bottom is not allowed. It is also better to refuse dishes, which was previously used on gas stoves.

The dishes should be made of ferromagnetic material. It is it that will allow it to react with copper coils.

Check whether the dishes for cooking on the induction stove are suitable, a special icon will help. An icon in the form of rounded zigzags or the inscription “Induktion” at the bottom of the pan.

This is what the designation of dishes for the induction stove looks like

In the absence of any signs, you can check the suitability of dishes using a conventional magnet. If the bottom attracts it, the dishes mean for induction. As a suitable option, stainless steel, enameled and cast.Iron dishes acts.

Comparison of induction and electric plates

Characteristics induction stove electric slab
Suitable dishes Special dishes with ferromagnetic properties Dishes with a perfectly flat bottom
Heating speed Almost instantly From 7 to 20 minutes
Efficiency About 90% About 60%
Economy Consumes less electricity, costs cheaper Consumes a lot of electricity
Security The hob is safe for children and animals Presents the danger of fires, burns
Noise Quite quiet sounds, buzz Silent
Care Fluids and food are easily removed with a damp cloth Pollution is difficult to do
Control Automatic environment, sensory regulation Mechanical or sensory inclusion and regulation

Based on the above table, we can conclude that a modern induction stove is a choice in the direction of convenience, safety and functionality.

Of course, the hob is also suitable for use, but it will not save the time and patience of the housewives as the induction stove will do.

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