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User Handbook for Samsung RB33J3420SA

Each time you press the button, a short sound signal sounds.If not a single button is pressed, then Freezer, Fridge and Coolselect Zone LEDs will turn off to minimize energy consumption. But Power Freeze and Vacation LEDs remain to burn for appropriate functions. (Only for the RB31FB, RB29FB model)

Press the Freezer button to set the desired temperature of the freezer in the range from.15 ° C to.23 ° C. Default temperature is equal.19 ° C, and each time when the Freeze button is pressed, the temperature will change in the following order, and the temperature indicator. Display the desired temperature.

Lights up, and the refrigerator reduces the time required to freeze products in the freezer. This function will be activated within 50 hours, and the indicator of the freezer will not change. This function will turn off automatically. When the Power Freeze process is finished, the Power Freeze indicator turns off, and the freezer switches back to the previous temperature setting. When using this function, energy consumption increases. Do not forget to disconnect it if this is not necessary, and return the freezer to its original state. To turn off this function, press the Freezer 3 seconds button. If you need to freeze a large number of products, activate the Power Freeze function 20 hours before.

Press the Fridge button (refrigerator) to set the desired refrigerator temperature in the range from 1 ° C to 7 ° C. The default temperature value is 3 ° C, and each time when the Fridge button is pressed, the temperature will change in the following order, and the temperature indicator. Display the desired temperature.

Press the button for 3 seconds to activate the Vacation function. The Vacation indicator lights up, and the refrigerator is installed on a temperature below 17 ° C to minimize energy consumption when you go on a long vacation or business trip, and there is no need to use the refrigerator. When the Vacation function is activated, the freezer remains turned on. The Vacation function will be automatically deactivated if you adjust the refrigerator temperature when the Vacation function is enabled. Do not forget to remove products from the refrigerator before using the Vacation function.

When the Vacation function is activated, the CoolSelect Zone function does not work. When the Vacation function is not activated, the CoolSelect Zone function works.

Description of technology


An extreme decrease in air temperature in the freezer contributes to a faster freezing of products with minimal disturbances in their texture.

For comparison, with ordinary.18 ° C moisture contained in fibers of meat, vegetables, fruits or berries, turns into sharp crystals of ice and breaks off the restraining shell, which has not yet managed to freeze and harden. After defrosting the product, this juice follows through the damage, which leads to the loss of part of the nutritional properties and the original texture.

With a decrease in temperature to extreme values, moisture does not have time to turn into a sharp crystal and damage the holding of its shell, since the product fibers freeze simultaneously with water. And this means that even juicy vineys after defrosting will not turn into jelly.Like berry with leaked juice.

The principle of technology

So, we examined what it is. Frost Cold in the refrigerator. Now it is necessary to make out the principle of work of the technology and answer the question: how, after all, even less ice is formed in the freezer compartment?

The technology works as follows:

  • The evaporator has no tubes, since the freezer is equipped with double walls.
  • The refrigerant is supplied by the system immediately into the space of the evaporator, filling its entire volume.
  • Under the influence of the refrigerant, the evaporator body cools slowly, thereby the walls of the chamber cool gradually and evenly.

The advantages of the system are found immediately, especially after the refrigerator with a tubular evaporator.

Reference. Lowfrost refrigerators are often equipped with drip defrosting. The principle of operation is that the ice formed on the walls melts under the influence of the work of the heating element. Drops flow into the pallet, and then evaporate.

Considering the principle of operation more carefully, we can distinguish a detailed sequence of technology. The evaporator covers the entire perimeter of the freezer, so the cold is produced evenly, and the ice layer is formed slowly.

A smaller temperature difference eliminates the occurrence of ice growths and allows you to defrost much less often. It is also possible to use a larger refrigerator for installing additional elements to accommodate products.

Due to the absence of ice sags, the boxes of the freezer are advanced without difficulty, and there are no problems with access to the necessary products. The evaporative design serves the cold behind the walls of the camera, which creates favorable conditions for maintaining the freshness of the contents of the refrigerator.

On the refrigerator Samsung flashes the temperature

In the production of Korean refrigerators, advanced technologies are used. The device is controlled by electronics, cooling the cameras of the know.Frost, the engine inverter. It is all the more difficult to establish in which block there was a breakdown and why does not freeze or cool the compartment. Electronic self.Diagnosis comes to the rescue. If the Samsung refrigerator control panel flashed the temperature indicator, a sound signal was heard. You need to pay attention to compliance with the operating rules of the device.

Samsung refrigerator. Flashes the temperature indicator of the refrigerator

If the temperature in the control panel flashes in the Samsung refrigerator, this can be caused by objective reasons. The signal is just notifying, there is no desired cold in the cameras. This happens if the device only starts into the work.

The cameras need to cool, the sensors give out a deviation from the mode, the control unit gives a signal. The situation will repeat when loading a large portion of products, prolonged door opening. If the supermorous mode is turned on for a long time, the signal will remind you of this.

The alarm can be disabled by clicking on the Alarm button and holding it for 5 seconds. But if the problem is not eliminated, it will arise again.

You can eliminate the causes of the temperature flashing on the Samsung refrigerator yourself. Pay attention, most likely, on the control panel, a task is set, which cannot be completed under certain conditions.

The room is hot and humid, and maximum cooling is laid in the program. You need to set the average level, and the signal will stop. Perhaps the door of the refrigerating chamber opens too often, the Samsung refrigerator does not have time to gain cold, the temperature flashes.

You need to close the camera for 3 hours and everything will return to normal.

In the Samsung one.Compressor refrigerator, two cooling circuits, but the compressor is turned on according to the signal from the upper chamber. If the temperature flashes, you need to check:

  • The density of the door closing and the integrity of the elastic band;
  • Listen, the compressor works or does not turn on for a long time, which indicates a malfunction of the thermostat or air sensor;
  • The absence of freon can be determined by a cold capacitor with a continuously working motor.

The signal works both at high and low temperatures in the Samsung refrigerator. Why is diagnostics necessary with the involvement of a professional. Perhaps the failure occurs due to a malfunction of the control and control unit. Signals about the open circuit, the wrong temperature can be obtained when the sensors fail. Repair of complex equipment should be trusted only to licensed specialists.

The temperature on the refrigerator Samsung No Frost flashes

New malfunctions can be added to the described problems that affect the temperature in the upper and lower chamber, the Samsung Knou Frost refrigerator. They will be accompanied by a sound signal, a flash bulb with a blink. On the indicator panel, error codes associated with the air cooling system are highlighted:

  • R5. A malfunction of a refrigerated compartment;
  • D5. Failure of the thermal attemptor of the evaporator;
  • F5. A break in the chain of the thermalist of the freezer;
  • RD. Air damper faulty.

This is not final diagnostics, but help the master find and replace and correct a breakdown. It is possible that the false signal is supplied by a faulty control unit. The characteristic reasons for increasing the temperature in the chambers depend on the fan, the reckoning system and the operation of the damper.

If the Samsung refrigerator is squealing, it gives a light signal, it is necessary to find and eliminate the cause of the violation of the mode. The longer the term of work with an unexplored problem, the more material costs for repairs will be. We suggest watching a video lesson how to independently determine the malfunction of the refrigerator Samsung.

On the refrigerator Samsung flashes the temperature



Superching is usually turned on if it is necessary to load a new batch of products. Because if they are simply put in the freezer, then the temperature in the chamber will increase rapidly, from this the compressor will begin to work for wear. He does not like such a load at all, so some serious breakdown can happen to him. But if you activate the supermination, and after an hour to put products, then this temperature reserve is enough not to load the motor.

There is also another more important purpose of the function. Fast shock freezing of products. If you put food in the freezer, then they will be freely freezed, large ice crystals are formed during this time. Therefore, after defrosting, you can notice severe damage to the products, since crystals destroy their main structure. But if you activate a super frieze, then the products will be able to cool incredibly quickly, and they will be able to jump out the crystallization stage. Thus, you will receive products with a preserved appearance, and after freezing they will be fresh to taste and color.

How to use supermostation

On the Hans Refrigerators Panel there is a button with the inscription “Superfreeze”, when pressed on which the function of accelerated freezing is activated. The mode should be turned on a few hours before the provision in the freezer. This is done so that warm products do not violate the temperature regime and cannot affect already frozen ingredients.

Superfront is most often used to freeze a summer cottage so that in winter you can enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and berries. Products are frozen to the entire depth and retain maximum vitamins. Despite the fact that in the Superfreeze mode, freezing occurs quickly, the ice does not form, and provisions to the walls of the freezer and to the product reserves available in the cell do not freeze.

The supermuration function is present in two.Chamber and multi.Chamber refrigerators with a freezer volume of more than 80 liters. To ensure normal freezing conditions, refrigerators are equipped with No Frost system. A fan is installed next to the evaporator, which drives cold air, providing the same temperature anywhere in the freezer. As a result, the products freeze evenly, and the ice and the snow “fur coat” do not form.

The refrigerators of German refrigerators are equipped with tempered glass shelves, many models, except for the Superfreeze function, have a “vacation” mode and the ECO option. Equipments economically use electricity (energy efficiency class A and higher) and works quietly (noise level does not exceed 42 dB).

If you need a refrigerator with a Superfreeze function, order Hansa technique in our online store. The refrigerators of this brand are very reliable, functional and beautiful in kitchens in any style. The equipment is provided for a long.Term guarantee from the manufacturer, delivery is carried out to all settlements of Russia.

Function panel upper freezer Samsung refrigerator RT53K6340SL with an inverter compressor, 530 liters.

Ice ON.

When choosing OFF (off), the OFF indicator will be turned on. The freezer will be

When choosing a Freezer settings mode (refrigerator) will turn on and

The temperature indicators of the freezer will become active. Temperature

The default refrigerator is.19 ° C.

The changes made will be adopted and activated within 10 seconds. For cancellation

Or re.Change the regime again press and hold the Freezer button

Convert (transforming the freezer) within 3 seconds. After that

If you press and hold the Freezer Convert button

Cameras) within 3 seconds in Freezer mode (freezer), refrigerator

Switch to Fridge mode (refrigerator) and the opportunity will arise

If you press and hold the Freezer Convert button

Cameras) within 3 seconds in other modes, the refrigerator will switch to mode

Choice, in which when clicking on the Freezer Convert button (transformation

Freezer) there is an opportunity to choose a regime.

Когда функции охлаждения или заморозки отключены (находятся в режиме Off), за

Account of reduced electricity consumption in refrigerated or freezer

The chamber remains below 15 ° C to prevent the occurrence

Food refrigeration and freezers cannot be turned off separately.

Do not store food or drinks in the refrigerator when cooling functions or

Refrigerator Troubleshooting: Why Is My Refrigerator Freezing My Food? | PartSelect.Com

Freezing is disconnected (are in Off mode (off)). The temperature is 15 ° C is

Insufficiently low to prevent damage to products.

Do not put glass bottles with liquid in the freezer chamber. When canceling the Freezer Convert mode

(Transformation of the freezer) Glass bottles in it can burst or explode.

Before using the Freezer Convert function, remove everything from it

Frozen food. When changing the freezer mode (freezer) to Fridge mode (refrigerator

does, power, freeze, mean, refrigerator

Camera) the temperature will increase, which will lead to defrosting and damage to products.

What is the regime

Strengthened dream: you are going on vacation in the turmoil, attach a cat to your mother, plants. A neighbor, pack your suitcases, look for a missing passport and tickets three times, and then just leave. Without unloading the refrigerator without throwing milk and berries. Just press a magic button, and everything is waiting for your return safe and edible. Is the “Vacation” mode for some modern devices works so? Let’s understand.

What is the “Vacation” mode?

It can be called a “magic button” in different ways: “vacation”, “holidy” and just “vacation”. This is one of the options available in modern refrigerators. It is needed precisely for cases of your long absences from the house. In the “Vacation” mode, the refrigerator goes into energy conservation mode.

To do this, a temperature of 0 ° is installed in the freezer, and in the refrigerator. Up to 18 °. This creates the desired microclimate and saves electricity great. Another plus of the options. The risk of damage to the device is reduced.

In some models of refrigerators there are two vacation modes:

Is this enough for a long storage of products without you? Yes. Will this be enough for milk and berries? Unfortunately no. They will have to get rid of them. But the non.Perishable products will feel great. And large electricity accounts will not be upset you.

In what models of refrigerators there is a mode?

Now there are five companies on the market, in the models of which there is a “vacation”. Each manufacturer has its own specifics and location of the button.

  • LG. On vacation sets 12 ° in a refrigerator. In addition to saving electricity, the function will protect against the appearance of fungus and unpleasant odor. If you choose the device of this brand, pay attention to the models with antibacterial seal.
  • Hansa. The option is only in models of high and middle price category. The temperature in the refrigerator. 15 °.
  • Atlant. Saves 40% of electricity, maintains a “vacation” temperature from 10 to 15 °.
  • Samsung. Option “Vacation”. A feature of all devices of the latest generation. Feature: the freezer does not turn off.
  • Smeg. Models with electronic controls have a mode. Turns on by pressing the button on the panel. What is noteworthy. You can set the duration of the mode. From several days to several weeks.

So far, the option has not gained fame and popularity, and is not found in all devices. If you are interested in refrigerators with this function, specify their availability with consultants or in the description of the goods.

How to use the regime correctly?

To get started, get rid of all perishable: milk, fruits, berries. Then activate the option. To do this, click on the “Vacation” or “Holid” button. After some time, check the thermometer-if it shows up to 18 °, everything is in order, the option is activated.

Before installing the mode, you should read those.Passport. The fact is that each model can have its own subtleties of settings (for example, you need to specify the operating time). Check out the information from the manufacturer. This will help to avoid problems in the future.

Another important factor is the temperature of the surrounding space. If you do not want to catch the rotten eggs and the flushed margarine, read in the technical data which class your device belongs to:

  • N. The device operates optimally at ambient temperatures from 16 ° to 35 °.
  • SN. The ideal range from 10 ° to 35 °.
  • ST. Range from 18 ° to 38 °.
  • T. Range from 18 ° to 43 °.

If your temperature is too high in your kitchen. Hang dark curtains on the windows or open ventilation. In winter, additionally insulate the room (if it does not “fit” into the range of the refrigerator). This will protect the products from damage, and the refrigerator. From the breakdown.

If the freezer does not turn off in the refrigerator

Then it will be more difficult to configure the mode. “Correct” temperature will have to be selected for both the refrigerator and for the freezer. How to do it? Follow the instructions for the apparatus. There will also be recommendations for the use of “vacation” for a specific model of the device.

Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator: how it works. Power Cool & Power Freeze | Samsung

Manual inclusion of the regime

What to do if you have an old model without a new.Fangled mode, but you still want to leave? Set the optimum temperature manually.

does, power, freeze, mean, refrigerator

Firstly, if you get rid of all the crazy products, then the refrigerator can be disconnected from the network (or simply “cut down” the compressor). Savings will be economical!

Secondly, if you do not have a “vacation” button, but there is a temperature regulator-you are lucky. Yes, a smart option will select the perfect temperature for your needs, but you can manually set the correct temperature.

The “Vacation” mode is a very convenient function. It will allow the refrigerator to work stably without you, will support the optimal microclimate in the cells, reduce power consumption and prevent breakdown of the apparatus. If your refrigerator is not in your refrigerator, do not be upset. Tighten the temperature control and arrange a “vacation” refrigerator with your own hands.

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