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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) by steamers Karcher (Kerher)

Answer: The steam cleaner Karcher (Kerher) works on the principle of double boiler. In a closed boiler, flooded water heats up to a boil, as a result of which steam with a high temperature and pressure up to 4 is formed.0 bar. A distinctive feature of the steam cleaner is that steam does not leave stains on cleaned surfaces, effectively cleanses persistent pollution, and detergents are not required. The steam cleaner Kerher will be an excellent assistant in cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom (cleaning plumbing, tiles, stoves, hoods, shower, mirrors, windows, etc.D.), wash the floors without stains in any room, will easily refresh, remove smells and give an excellent appearance to fabric products (carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains and other products). If there is an iron connected to a steam cleaner (if it is provided for the design of a steam cleaner), you can easily iron and iron clothes and other tests.

Answer: Yes, of course you can. If the glass surface is small or divided into small areas with any blocking rails, then you can use the nozzle in the form of a point nozzle. So that the glass does not crack from the hot steam, the processing should start from a distance of about 30 cm, gradually bringing the nozzle of the steam.Pipe to the glass. To clean the windows and mirrors of normal size, a branded nozzle for washing windows is used, which is equipped with transversely located nozzles and a rubber screed, with which it is easy to remove traces of steam and collected dirt.

What to pay attention to when choosing a steam cleaner Kerher?

Steam pressure

The younger models of steamers Karcher SC 1, Karcher SC 2 develop pressure in 3-3.2 barra. This is enough to clean the kitchen surfaces and plumbing. The designers have chosen an indicator of 3 bar for the starting model because this pressure is enough for washing floors with steam. You can connect the Floor Kit set to devices. Or buy immediately the Karcher SC 1 Floor Kit model.

The Floor Kit set is a steam mop with accessories: two extension tubes, a floor nozzle, a terry napkin. The maximum pressure of the Karcher SC 5 in 4 models, 2 bar. A solid indicator for home cleaning. Higher values ​​are appropriate for professional devices.

Water tank volume

The larger the tank with steam, the longer the steam cleaner is working without refueling. At the starting device Karcher SC 1 tank to form a pair of only 0.25 liters. But the weight of the device is small. 1.5 kg. Hands do not get tired of holding the “baby” longer, but the volume of work can be done a small. So, the Karcher SC 1 model is designed for a cleaning area of ​​25 m². Standard bathroom and kitchen.

Effortless Steam Cleaning | Karcher SC3 EasyFix

The maximum amount of water that can be poured into the steam cleaner of the Karcher line is 2 liters. But this volume is divided into two tanks: a stationary in 0.5 l and removable in 0.8 or 1.5 liters. If there is one tank in the model, then when the water ends, you need to stop the cleaning and wait for the steam pressure to sleep. Then open the refueling valve. Reasonable precaution eliminates burns. The indicator on the case signals the need for valve. In two.Tank devices, water is poured without stopping work.

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The hose is included

Karcher models equipped with Premium prefix contain a pistol with a hose. It will be needed to wash the floors or steaming curtains by weight. The length of the accessory is two meters.

Time for preparation for work and operating modes

After refueling with water and turning on, the steam generator will be ready to work, after 3 or 4 minutes. The fastest SC 3 model. Thanks to the fuel heater, the heating time to 100 ° C is 30 seconds. All devices starting with Karcher SC 3 operate in two modes. More and less steam pressure. Adjustment in a convenient place on the handle. Senior models have a VAPOHYDRO function. This is the addition of a water jet to steam. The option is used where especially stuck pollution.


A standard set for a steam cleaner includes a universal manual nozzle with a terry tightening, powerfully a nozzle for shock on severe dirt, a round brush, a point nozzle for local places, for example, tile seams, removable mesh air purge filters.

Comfort Plus nozzle launders hard floors to shine. The revolutionary difference from previous Comfort and Classic models is the ability to replace a dirty napkin without contact with hands. Thanks to the rotary hinge, the nozzle gets to secluded, uncomfortable places. Steam does not go on the sides. The design evenly distributes it over the entire surface of the napkin.

If there are a lot of salts in the water of your region, then choose a steam cleaner with a cartridge of protection against scale. A steam iron has been added to Iron Kit vapor models. An iron with him saves time half. For these devices, Kerher produces an ironing board with a vapor.Eating function.

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Fast general cleaning

After the first use, all the hostess will appreciate the Kerher steam generator. And this is only due to the fact that it will significantly reduce the time of even global general cleaning.

In any room, windows, walls, surfaces made of expensive materials, floors are quickly washed in its help. He also cleans and refreshes up the upholstery of upholstered furniture and carpets, both natural and synthetic.

Among users, the Kerher steam generator receives reviews for the fact that there are special textile linings on its nozzles, which prevent the scratching of surfaces. They also remove dirt. This means that after a steam generator you do not need to wipe the surface. The pads themselves are easily removed and erased in the typewriter.

Based on the characteristics, the steam generator becomes just an indispensable assistant in any house. Working with him is a pleasure. And any cleaning turns into a funny and interesting activity.

Karcher steamers for cleaning the house: overview of popular models, choice of choice

Steamers. A real find in the modern economy. The steamer can be cleaned with windows, disinfect soft toys and furniture upholstery, cope with all types of pollution on the floors from different materials. In addition, steam cleaning is environmentally friendly.

A steam cleaner, or as it is also called a steam generator, is a device that disinfects, degreases, strokes and washes the most persistent pollution without the addition of chemistry. The device produces steam under high pressure, which can penetrate in hard.To.Reach places and destroy all microorganisms.

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Device and principle of operation

The steam cleaner consists of a water tank in which electric heating elements and a flexible hose are installed. Water is poured into the boiler, where it heats up until a pair is formed with a temperature of about 140-150 degrees. Then the steam passes through the hose, spray nozzles and is cooled up to 110 degrees at the output. Steam of this temperature is able to remove even very persistent spots on the floor from tiles, laminate, linoleum and carpets. He will also cleanse cranes, shells, windows, disinfect upholstered furniture and children’s toys.

What is possible and what can not be cleaned with steam

You can clean with a hot stream all surfaces that are not afraid of exposure to high temperatures:

  • Floors from tiles, stone, laminate, parquet, carpet and linoleum;
  • Taps, sinks, shells and mixers;
  • Windows and mirrors;
  • Showers and baths;
  • Upholstered furniture;
  • Hobs, hoods, kitchen slabs and microwaves;
  • Kids toys.

You can not clean the surface with a steam cleaner, which can be deformed when exposed to them with hot steam:


  • Perfectly cleans tiles, showers, washbasins, glass. Thanks to special nozzles, it easily copes with the lime coating on chrome mixers, mirrors, and also removes pollution on stainless steel instruments that cannot be washed with abrasive chemicals.
  • He was laundering dirty inter.Seams and eliminates mold qualitatively.
  • It copes well with fat on the hob and kitchen slab.
  • The steam cleaner is easy to wash windows without the use of special chemistry tools.
  • The steam vacuum cleaner perfectly neutralizes the smells that can appear on carpets and upholstered furniture in houses where there are pets.
  • The steam cleaner, thanks to a special nozzle, can steam clothes. He will also perfectly clean the suede shoes.
  • The owners of such devices can clean the house without chemicals, which is very important for those who have small children.


  • You can not clean silicone seams between the tiles. They can be deformed.
  • The steam softens outdated fat spots and soot, but additional will have to wash the surface with a rag.

Differences in the steam cleaner and vapor.Pipe and other devices

Steam cleaner Steamless Kerher” steamer Washing vacuum cleaner Steam Mop
Does not draw garbage, before using the device, the surface must be sprinkled or with a broom with a broom Draws garbage and cleans with steam Urises the fabric Draws garbage and makes wet cleaning without steam Wash the dirty surface with steam
Pressure 3-4 bar Very powerful Equipped with a stand and a clothes hanger Does not relieve fat spots and mold Pressure 1-1.5 bar
Works in any position Works under minimum pressure Works at an angle, in an upright position is blocked
Does not remove dirt

Buyers like that this device provides a high speed of preparation for work. Water heating time is only 30 seconds. When consumers consider the SCRHER SC 3 steam cleaner, they also read reviews. If you follow their example, you can understand that a rather important advantage of the model is the possibility of filling the tank with water during the cleaning process.

The cartridge is protected from scale, so has a longer service life. You do not have to use chemistry, because the equipment destroys pollution by almost 100 %. You can choose the intensity of steam supply by involving one of the two provisions. This option is convenient when pollution has different intensity.

Reviews of the Steiring Curcher SCs say that the design provides for the presence of a hose with nozzles, which can be fixed on the case by installing the device in a parking position. You can achieve outstanding results when cleaning throughout the house thanks to the nozzle “Comfort” with a flexible connection. It provides full contact with solid surfaces. The steam supply is carried out continuously, an integrated cartridge is responsible for this.

Breaks in work no longer have to do. You can re.Fill the boiler at any time. The water inside the case is automatically softened. After reading the reviews about the steam cleaner “Kerher“, you can understand that the equipment is effective on any surfaces. The equipment includes multifunctional accessories of the premium class.

The manufacturer supplies high.Quality napkins along with the device, which are designed for sexual nozzle, as well as manual brushes. The pistol has protection against children, it is very convenient for those families in which there is no way to hide the device. Accessories you can comfortably store inside. The switch is on the device. This provides easy involvement and the possibility of immediate start of work.

What to clean?

An important question. What tasks can the steam cleaner cope with? I am sharing with you an approximate list that they can be cleaned:

  • Stove,
  • Oven,
  • Microwave and other kitchen appliances,
  • Hood,
  • Fridge,
  • Cranes (lime plaque must be pre.Treated),
  • Bath,
  • Toilet,
  • Sink,
  • Window,
  • Mirrors,
  • Doors,
  • Floor,
  • Batteries,
  • Walls (especially tiles covered with tiles),
  • Furniture,
  • Ullo furniture, carpet and carpet (preliminary processing of spots, wool cleaning; for the rest you need a vapor.Pipe),
  • Fat spots on clothes,
  • Blinds,
  • Vehicle interior,
  • Plant leaves.

CLEANING with the steam cleaner. The whole house and the kitchen. Karcher SC 2. (eng subs)

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Plus ironing with a special nozzle and getting rid of unpleasant odors. By the way, for mirrors and windows, as well as for washing the floor and cleaning wool from carpets and upholstered furniture, too, there are special nozzles. Do not forget that the dirt does not disappear, but simply dissolves. After cleaning you need to remove it with a cloth or a napkin.

Differences, advantages and disadvantages of floor and manual models

  • Floor.Resemble familiar vacuum cleaners or steam mops and are suitable for both professional and domestic use. The devices are highlighted by high power, the presence of a spacious tank and the ability to clean for 20-30 minutes without refueling. However, the cost of floor devices is quite high;
  • Manual.Are distinguished by miniature, mobility, ergonomics and affordable price, which is the best option for cleaning small areas. The weight of the device excluding water can reach 1 kg, which in some cases causes difficulties in cleaning and causes uncomfortable sensations in the wrist area.

To purchase the best device, experts advise inexperienced customers to pre.Study the main characteristics of the best.Selling floor and manual models, as well as familiarize themselves with their advantages and disadvantages.

The rating of the best floor models includes 8 devices and is based on reviews and estimates of customers and specialists.

Karcher SC 2 Easyfix

An ergonomic model aimed at high.Quality cleansing of solid surfaces without the use of aggressive detergents.

A simple control device SC 2 Easyfix of the primary class, equipped with a spacious container, a two.Stage steam adjustment and the nozzle storage department.

The electrical appliance performs the cleaning of various surfaces, removing not only complex pollution, but also destroying pathogenic microorganisms.

High cleaning efficiency is provided by universal nozzles that are delivered in a set with a device.


  • Power. 1500 watts;
  • Maximum steam pressure. 3.2 bar;
  • The volume of the water tank. 1 liter;
  • Water heating time. 6.5 minutes;
  • Duration of work. 25 minutes.
  • The presence of a safety valve;
  • Thoughtful protection against young children;
  • Integrated funnel for filling with water;
  • Compartment for interchangeable accessories;
  • The ability to choose steam supply intensity.

Karcher SC 3 Easyfix Premium

An advanced novelty designed to create an ideal microclimate in the interior.

The worthy model Karcher SC 3 Easyfix Premium, equipped with a tank designed for 1 liter of liquid, a regulator for choosing a suitable level of steam supply and integrated funnel.

To use manual nozzle, the manufacturer complemented the set of microfiber with a napkin that allows to carefully clean the surfaces.

The device is equipped with two elongating tubes, as well as a high.Performance nozzle.


  • Power. 1900 W;
  • Maximum steam pressure. 3.5 bar;
  • The volume of the water tank. 1 liter;
  • Water heating time. 30 s;
  • Duration of work. 25 minutes.
  • Instant fluid heating;
  • Optimal volume tank;
  • Long steam hose;
  • Ergonomic handle for transportation;
  • PROTECTION against the education of NAKIPI.

Karcher SC 2 Easyfix Premium

Functional gadget, which can not do without a family with young children, as well as allergic people.

Convenient Karcher SC 2 Easyfix Premium electrical appliances with multifunctional accessories, steam consumption regulator and safety valve.

The unit provides for reliable protection against babies, so that parents can be sure of the safety of operation.

For comfortable use, the equipment is equipped with an ergonomic handle and control keys.


  • Power. 1500 watts;
  • Maximum steam pressure. 3.2 bar;
  • The volume of the water tank. 1 liter;
  • Water heating time. 6.5 minutes;
  • Duration of work. 25 minutes.
  • Extended set of accessories;
  • Acceptable dimensions and weight;
  • Reliable blocking system from children;
  • Handle with a hot steam consumption regulator;
  • Convenient fastening of napkins.

Karcher SC 4 Easyfix

Universal electrical appliance, combining high performance and laconic design.

Comfortable in operation of the console Karcher SC 4 Easyfix with a removable water tank, optimized nozzles and a long electric cable.

The unit copes with cleaning without the use of detergents, eliminating pollution from windows, tiles, hobs, showers and exhaust caps.

If necessary, the gadget can be used to iron things.


  • Power. 2000 watts;
  • Maximum steam pressure. 3.5 bar;
  • The volume of the water tank. 0.8 l;
  • Water heating time. 4 minutes;
  • Duration of work. 20 minutes.
  • Impressive working area;
  • Compact storage of accessories;
  • Destruction of harmful bacteria;
  • Light extraction of the container;
  • Plastic technology of the sole.

Karcher SC 2 Deluxe Easyfix

Modern floor device with simple control, characterized by ergonomics and maneuverability.

Bright Karcher SC 2 Deluxe Easyfix model, presented in a durable plastic case.

The device is equipped with a volumetric tank for liquid, adjusting steam feed and small keys for convenient control of the device.

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