What flavors add to the air humidifier

Is it possible to use aromatic aromas in a humidifier of air?

The benefits of sea or forest air are undeniable. Such air is an important component of the healing effect on the body of every person who goes into nature. Today, thanks to natural aromas masks, as well as devices moisturizing and cleaning the air, in an apartment or office you can create an atmosphere that is as close as possible to the environmentally friendly atmosphere of the sea coast or forest.

How is fresh forest or sea air useful? It is not just pure, it is also full of pleasant and useful aromas, which are microparticles and etheric components, invisible, but felt by the respiratory system. Their presence in the composition of forest or sea air provides benefits to the whole body, which manifests itself in vigor, ease, raised mood, peace that a person feels during his stay in the forest or on the seashore. Natural aromas combined with clean air have healing force. City residents have the opportunity to create the same conditions in the room, using high.Quality humidifier and oil aromatic, etheric, natural. A total of a couple of drops of the etheric agent placed in aromapsulu will fill your house with pleasant and useful smells.

The effect of aromas on the human body is studied by a whole science. Aromocology. How etheric aromas work? Essential oils are complex organic compounds secreted by shrubs, herbs and trees. Their antiseptic, anti.Inflammatory properties have long been proved by scientific. There are components in aromatic ethers that successfully fight microbes and thereby reduce the risk of colds and the development of their complications. Under the influence of etheric aromas in the cells of the body, inflammatory processes are eliminated, microcirculation improves and life is normalized. Thanks to this, the cells better resist the influence of negative factors, retain youth longer, hold more moisture and, in general, perform their functions better, providing a person with tone, vigor, good mood, health and longevity.

All Boneco devices that clean and moisturize the air can be used with aromatic mixtures.

Boneco devices have a separate compartment, which should be placed in an air.Fragrant for a humidifier.

The choice of aromas is a whole science, which is interesting and informative to study. Smells have an extremely strong influence on humans. Some etheric mixtures help with diseases of the respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular system, improve the condition of the skin and hair, help concentrate, increase immunity. Fitoncides in aromatic compositions improve the operation of the immune system, and the fastest way to enter the body is airborne. In the absence of individual intolerance, aromas do not provide harm to health, but their use requires some carefulness and compliance with simple rules:

Compliance with the dosage. Exceeding the concentration does not lead to an increase in the effect, but it can cause side effects;

In the presence of diseases of the broncho and leakage system, doctors recommend choosing unsaturated odors.

It is possible to add oils to a humidifier from time to time or constantly, depending on your preferences, alternating various aromas for the greatest efficiency.

How to choose aromatic oils for a humidifier of air? Focusing on their main properties:

Basil. Improves brain function, concentration of attention;

Bergamot. Sets up for positive, invigorates, causes a surge of strength;

Valerian. Calms, evokes serene and deep sleep;

Cloves. Relaxes, warms, makes emotions brighter;

flavors, humidifier

Grapefruit. Refreshes, tones, gives a feeling of happiness;

Lemon. Makes thinking clear, refreshes and invigorates;

Juniper. Improves immunity and protects against colds;

flavors, humidifier

Chamomile. Relaxes, improves the digestive system;

Tea tree. Protects against insects and microbes;

Sage. Invigorates, gives new strength and energy;

Eucalyptus. Helps with viral infections, increases immunity.

Applying ready.Made mixtures or making them to your liking, you can get aromas of incredible wellness power.

The main sources of unpleasant odors

Very often there are dwellings furnished with beautiful furniture, in which wonderful people live, but a pleasant climate in such houses does not even “smell”. But it’s all about the heavy and musty air that appears in an apartment with incorrectly working or missing ventilation. Increased humidity makes it possible to propagate fungi and mold, which spread an unpleasant odor. In the absence of ventilation, moisture is not excreted outside the room, clothing damps and also begins to exude enough unhealthy aromas.

In the fight against high humidity, you will be helped by drainage of air, which modern industry produces in large numbers. Buy an air drainage today is quite simply in almost any household appliance store.

In the winter, when the heating system dries the air of our home, the atmosphere in it is pleasant and healthy either you can’t call. Tightly closed windows and windows, reduce air exchange in our apartment to the minimum. Dust and stuffiness, dry skin and mucous membranes of the nose and throat, reduced immunity. These are the consequences of central heating with an insufficiently working supply ventilation system. To create a comfortable and healthy microclimate, as well as fill the house with pleasant and useful smells will help you with a humidifier with flavoring.

Undesirable and recommended varieties

The use of special aromatic oils for moisturizing is not possible in all types of moisturizers, but only in those that have a flavoring function. The use of ether in combination with ordinary water leads to breakdowns of devices. The problems are made by the impossibility of normal cleaning of the internal elements of moisturizers from oils. This leads to pollution of filters, membrane compartments. The frequent use of an oil flavor worsens the quality of the apparatus and it eventually fails. As an exception, the nose of steam humidifiers is used, where they apply a drop of oil. In the place where steam comes out, the oil connects to the air and adds the aroma, and the inside of the moisturizer does not suffer.

Experts do not recommend using such moisturizing devices for flavoring rooms:

  • Steam type models. When the flavor is added to such devices, it is necessary to thoroughly wash them before moisturizing, and preferably after each session.
  • Ultrasonic air humidifiers. The oil negatively affects the work of the humidifier, the device will quickly require repairs.
  • Traditional devices. Such devices will have to not only constantly wash off the remnants of aromatic oils. They will also need to change filters often.

To add arom Masals, it is best to use a humidifier with a flavoring function. Such a device is equipped with a special compartment for the flavor, and the main part of the device with oils does not contact, without harming the mechanisms.

In some cases, moisturizing devices operating on the sample of the sink work are used to aromote air. Such humidifiers are little contaminated and do not need interchangeable filters.

Optimal combinations of essential oils

It is not only possible to combine plant extracts, but also necessary. However, this should be done with particular caution. So, it is useful to add a mixture of essential oils to the humidifier to the humidifier as:

  • Sandal, chamomile and Petigrain. Eliminates insomnia;
  • Pine, incense, spruce, orange. To improve concentration;
  • Sandalwood, ylang-ylang, lavender-fights stress;
  • Pine, ginger fir, peppermint. To raise the mood;
  • Sandal, Lavender, Petigrain, Mayran. For relaxation.

It is worth noting. If the device does not have a flavoring function, then you can not add aromaticoma and other substances to the container filled with water. The humidifier should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions for the use of. Otherwise, you can harm not only your own well.Being, but also the “health” of technology.

Essential oils are added to the aroma-moisturizers, they enhance the effect of aromatic oils. Positive and negative properties of air moisture.

What aromatic oil to buy for a humidifier of air?

It all depends only on your imagination and an affordable budget.

There may be several tasks on which the choice of essential oils depends.

  • Air purification of pathogens and bacteria; Support for respiratory health during ARVI.
  • Improving mood and stabilizing the emotional state, for example: to reduce stress and anxiety;
  • For relaxation or vice versa. For concentration of attention;
  • For the aroma design of the room and the creation of a cozy atmosphere.

For example, the essential oils of rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus prevent the transmission of bacterial infections transmitted through the air. Also, for the prevention of SARS, you can buy other aromatic dishes for a humidifier of air. Coniferous aromas, tea tree, Naioli, Ravintsar, myrtle, Manuka, etc.

Citrus aromas cheer up and relieve the alarm.

The combination of orange and rosemary can be used even to children when studying, when concentration is necessary.

Ginger. With anxiety and increased loads, and combined with tangerine. To stabilize emotions.

Then you need to decide who you need to buy aromatic oils for a humidifier.

The choice of aromas depends on the age, state of health, and even the drugs taken.

Not any essential oils can be used for children (there are permitted lists and restriction of dosages depending on age), there are restrictions in pregnancy (some are prohibited at all, while others are limited depending on the deadline), and so the safest aromas are chosen for older people.

Also, choosing which aromas to buy for a humidifier of air, you need to understand that activity is different for different oils.

This is determined by the unique composition of natural substances as part of each essential oil. Therefore, some essential oils for diffuser or moisturizer can only be used in a minimum dosage, and some are better not to use at all.

It is not recommended to use such aggressive oils as cinnamon and cloves for the diffuser (if you really like their aroma, it is better to use them as part of mixtures, where a safe low concentration for such essential oils has already been selected).

Caution should be caused when using essential oils that irritate the mucous membrane (thyme, oregano, peppermint, etc.D.)-it is enough to use 1-2 drops to the room.

flavors, humidifier

General recommendation for the use of diffuser. 1 drop of essential oils for every 5 kV. Meters of the area of ​​the room.

If you choose for yourself what aromatic oil to buy for a humidifier of air is good if you have the opportunity to try first if you like their smell.

The approval of the aroma. This is the basis of aromatherapy when we are talking about emotional exposure. If you want to achieve a positive effect on an emotional state, it is very important that you like the smell.

Popular aromas and their influence on humans

If you think about it, then the aromas that are used to create a pleasant atmosphere of the house is very, very much. But what effects they have, and what are the specifics of their application? Which of them are needed only to aromatize the room and which affect health?

  • The aroma of orange contributes to vigor, charges with energy, relieves anxiety, and is also useful for insomnia. It affects digestion and heart.
  • The basil is recommended for those who suffer from spasmish attacks, in particular from severe headache.
  • The aroma of Bergamot will help in the fight against fungal deposits in the apartment, in addition, it has a beneficial effect on the zone of the brain, which is responsible for creative activity. This fragrance also helps to reduce temperature in the disease.
  • Eucalyptus oils help fight viral infections and protect the body from microbes.
  • Tea tree oil also has a similar effect. In addition, it effectively drives off insects.
  • The aroma of lemon contributes to the fight against viruses and helps well with headaches.
  • Lavender oil is recommended for depression for people suffering from emotional instability or devastation.
  • Chamomile helps with problems with the digestive system, and also relaxing affects the body and helps fight stresses.
  • It is recommended to use cloves if you cannot get rid of wet coughing. Its aroma contributes to the removal of sputum.
  • In the room where the patient is located, it is good to use camphor oil. It has a disinfectant and analgesic effect.
  • It is no less effective to use anise to get rid of sputum.
  • Juniper extract can be used both for viral diseases and to normalize pressure.
  • With colds, pine and peppermint oil cope with perfectly.
  • During a strong cold, you can use sage oil. It accelerates the blood flow, which stimulates the work of the throat ligaments.
  • The aroma of yarrow does not just fight with microbes, it slows down the process of their spread.

Always remember that if you have not found an extract on the box, it is better not to add it to the air humidifier. This can harm both the work of your device and your health.

The benefits and harms of the effects of aromatic mammers

The use of aromatic oils is widespread, but it must be borne in mind that they can bring to the body not only benefits, but also harm.


The advantages of aromatic essential oils include the following moments:

Unboxing- Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Some aromas allow you to cure diseases associated with the respiratory system;
  • Pleasant smells relieve nervousness, contribute to calm and bring harmony;
  • Inhalation of a number of aromas favorably affects the work of the heart;
  • Flavors positively affect hair growth and skin health;
  • The humidifier has a beneficial effect on the brain, and properly selected aromatic oil will increase concentration and attention;
  • When using flavorings, the general well.Being of a person improves, because essential oils have a beneficial effect on immunity.

On a note! Phytocins contained in essential oils are most effective when penetrating the body with airborne droplets. Therefore, the aromatization of the room by means of a humidifier of air has a positive effect on the human body, including strengthening immunity.

Use with caution

When using flavors in the humidifier, care should be observed and adhere to a number of recommendations.

Humidifiers: Simpler is better?

  • A strictly recommended amount of essential oil should be added to the humidifier. Do not increase the norm, trying to make the aroma more saturated.
  • Aromatic oil must be selected with caution. Typically, the packaging indicates its composition and purpose.
  • Moisturizer in flavoring mode should not be left to work for a long time. The smell will properly spread around the room and last for a long time.
  • Do not choose the smells that cause allergies.
  • People with bronchi disease should not inhale saturated aromas.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers need to use aromatic oils with caution, capable of causing allergies both in them and in the baby.

Important! People with thyroid diseases are prohibited from the use of aromatic substances.

As you can see, aromatic essential oils do not harm the body (with the exception of some pathological diseases), but rather have a favorable effect on it. But when using them, you should take into account your individual characteristics so as not to harm your own health.

Recommendations for use

In order for the aroma to do not harm health, you need to observe precautions and follow the recommendations:

Refuse saturated composition, the smell should not be intrusive, in addition, the oil compartment has its own volume, which cannot be exceeded;

A very important point is to buy oil, you need to choose not only the right for its intended purpose, but also of high quality, so purchase in proven places and read the composition;

Do not take risks and use highly allergenic oils;

flavors, humidifier

The aroma fills the room very quickly, so there is no need for the long operation of the device;

Make sure of the lack of allergies, individual intolerance for all family members;

After each use, rinse the compartment for oil, otherwise microbes will begin to appear there.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that the aroma-function is an additional. Therefore, when choosing a device, take into account the following moisturizer parameters:

It is desirable to have a hydrometer that shows the degree of moisture, and a hydrostat that supports the optimal level;

The volume of the container should be sufficient, for example, for 20 squares the perfect volume is 5 l;

Water.Soluble oils for humidifier?

Very often they write to us: “Do we have water.Soluble oils in our assortment for a humidifier or diffuser?””.

If you want to use natural essential oil, then of course, it will not be water.Soluble. Essential oil does not dissolve in water. Do not be afraid to drip essential oil in a container with water with a diffuser or air humidifier, if this is directly indicated in the instructions of the device. Sometimes the design specifically provides a compartment for essential oil. And of course, choose only high.Quality natural essential oils.

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