What grinding is needed for a coffee coffee maker

Preparation of coffee in an open coffee maker. The principle of operation of the device and how to use it correctly

Before you purchase a technique for making coffee drinks, it is important to get acquainted with the advantages of different types of machines and decide which type corresponds to your expectations.

In modern stores, a wide range of goods is presented, and an unprepared buyer is easy to get confused in this diversity.

If a cup of fresh coffee for you is not just a way to cheer up in the morning, but a real ritual, an excellent choice will be a coffee farm of an old.Eye type.

grinding, needed, coffee, maker

Its device allows you to prepare a variety of types of drinks, preserving the bright taste and aroma of coffee beans. Below we will figure out how to cook a drink correctly.

The grinding of the grains

To prepare espresso, you need very thin grinding. Thereby:

  • The surface area of ​​contact with water increases,
  • Steering is accelerated,
  • Sufficient resistance is maintained to set the desired water flow rate.
grinding, needed, coffee, maker

Make sure that there are no lumps in the powder.

This allows you to save more aromatic oils. And the studies also showed that half of CO2 was released five minutes after the grinding. CO2 is needed for more correct filtration and coffee foam.

Types of coffee coffee houses and coffee machines

According to the principle of operation, open coffee makers are divided into 2 groups:

Features of steam coffee machines

Steam coffee makers, or Steam-Eespresso, is much cheaper than pumping, but the quality of the drink differs in fortress and taste.

Steam formed as a result of boiling water in the tank, when a pressure of 4–5 reaches a 4–5 bar, opens a valve and enters the working chamber (inside the filter holder). Then the steam passes through a compressed tablet made of ground coffee, then the condensate flows into a cup in advance in advance. The drink can be bitter, since the pair has too high temperature, and due to low pressure (below 9 bar), the contact of coffee grounds with steam lasts quite a long time.

Example Steam-Eespresso

Classic espresso in a steam.Type coffee maker is difficult to get, the result of consistency and taste is closer to Lungo, although caffeine will be high.

Features of pompom coffee coffee houses

Pomp-type coffee coffee makers (they are also called PUMP-Eespresso)-are considered a more successful option than steam. Pomp.Coffee makers are equipped with an electromagnetic pump that drives water through a thermal block. In a boiler, water heats up to a temperature of not higher than 93 ºС, high pressure is created, which can reach 10 in the filter, and in some models. And up to 15 bar.

grinding, needed, coffee, maker


Drinks prepared in PUmp-Eespresso coffee makers are better, the taste of coffee stakes reveal more fully.

  • The drink is saturated, without particles of the grounds;
  • Lush coffee foam (cream) is formed;
  • The preparation of a cup of coffee takes 20-30 seconds;
  • There are no sourness and bitterness in the taste.

Rozhki coffee makers

In devices of this type, espresso is cooked using steam, which under high pressure passes through the coffee tablet.

Indicators of proper preparation of the drink:

  • Uniform coffee in a cup;
  • Homogeneous color foam without black and white spots;
  • Moderately humid and dense coffee tablet after cooking.

You can determine the right degree of grinding experimentally. Through too large fractions, the water proceeds more intensively, and the drink is too liquid, and the tablet after preparation acquires a loose structure. If the situation is directly opposite and the particles are too small, the liquid will hardly pass through the holder, seeping with drops.

The market presents many varieties of coffeesh. Leaders. Lavazza, Molinari, Illy and Paulig. The best espresso is obtained from just resound coffee, so give preference to grain varieties.

It is not recommended to use varieties with aromatic additives in coffee coffee makers. Substances leave a strong smell in a coffee maker. Chemical components can be added to cheap products that destroy the elements of the apparatus.

Coffee grinding

Especially for coffee machines, thin espresso was invented: a little smaller than the usual thin, but larger than a super.Thin.

Super.Fingered grinding coffee can be used to make espresso: the drink is bitter, with the smell of burning grains, and small particles score coffee machines filters.

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  • With high humidity, low temperature and atmospheric pressure, grind coffee larger;
  • With low humidity, high temperature and atmospheric pressure, use a thinner grinding.

With high humidity, the particles swell and stick to each other. The time of the outgoing is reduced, the tanins begin to stand out earlier, and if the grains are too small, the coffee will be bitter. In hot weather, natural moisture evaporates from grains, which is why the period of components increases. With too rude grinding coffee, the drink will turn out with a tangible acidic.

The grinding for espresso

There are no thin espresso standards. It is selected by experimentally: cook coffee and evaluated the speed of extraction. The ideal time for the preparation of 25 ml of espresso is 25 seconds, an error of ± 3 seconds is allowed. It is necessary to stock up on electronic scales and stopwatch. A cup where the coffee flows is placed on the scales.

Temper for tamping ground coffee

If the drink flows slowly (25 ml is not gaining in 28 seconds), and the stream is too thin or intermittent. It means that the grinding is too small. If the portion of espresso turns out faster than 22 seconds, it means that the grinding is rude, the water only washes particles, and the drink becomes improper. In this case, the coffee grinder is adjustable so as to reduce the value of the particles.

What coffee to choose?

Different varieties of grains are used to make coffee. These are robust and arabica, which you need to choose from taste preferences.

The composition of the grains of arabica contains 18% of aromatic oils and caffeine. In appearance, they are distinguished by an oblong shape and a pronounced groove. Arabica grains have sour notes, but at the same time a very delicate and soft taste. This type of coffee is the most popular and in demand all over the world due to indescribable taste and exquisite aroma.

Robusta grains have a rounded medium.Sized shape with specks. They contain more caffeine than in grains of arabica and fewer aromatic oils, which gives a special fortress to the drink. Connoisseurs of coffee love Robust for a sharp and rude, but at the same time rich aroma.

Rozhek coffee makers are of various types, and for each of them an instruction is attached, which prescribes which varieties are recommended for a particular coffee maker, degree of grave roasts, as well as the size of the grinding.

It does not depend on the type of coffee maker: many prefer Brazilian coffee, while the grains of Colombia and Mexico are considered inexpensive and high.Quality. The most popular on the market are varieties of “Malongo”, “Musetti”, “Lavazza”, “Italkafe”, “Bristol” and “Wintergreen”.

The role of coffee in the life of a modern person

A cup of freshly brewed aromatic coffee is an integral part of the morning ritual of many people. As you know, it contributes to the production of additional energy and increases the intensity of metabolism in the body. This is exactly what is needed in the morning to raise life tone. Ground coffee is suitable for the preparation of not only classic coffee, but also cappuccino, latte and espresso. How to choose a quality product in the store? The editors of the site “I found” offers your attention a rating of the best brands of ground coffee for 2021.

What is an rye coffee maker?

An everse coffee maker is a device for making hot invigorating drinks that differs from other coffee machines in the shape of a container in which coffee raw materials are laid. It is a special horn. The size of this part may vary depending on the power and performance of the coffee maker.

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The face method is more economical than the drip. You can easily adjust the right amount of coffee. The finished drink is enough for several servings, but its taste is worth it. It is their lacture coffee maker that turns out the most saturated espresso.

Which brand to choose?


The Swiss Jardin is considered the most popular in terms of the optimal ratio of and quality. It is made from Ecuador, Colombian and Guatemal Arabica. The varieties of the ruler are characterized by a fortress measured by the manufacturer on a five.Point scale and taste. Monorant is also represented.

Those who are wondering which coffee for coffee coffee machines, we recommend that you look at, for example, at the unique mixture of Jardin Colombia Supremo. Columbian Arabica is fried according to branded technology. This allows you to reveal the classic aroma to cook espresso with a characteristic variety with a shade of nutmeg.


Italian Camardo with tart aroma belongs to a high price category. It is made of environmentally friendly grain from African, Brazilian, South American and Guatemal Plantations. In the brand line you can find blend with a different ratio of arabica and robusta, arabica variety and a variety without caffeine.

When choosing ground coffee for a coffee.Like type, you can stop, for example, at Camardo Espresso Ricco. The drink prepared from this mixture has a rich taste with a slight sourness and bitterness and a long aftertaste with chocolate-male notes. Foil vacuum packaging with a volume of 250 g allows you to save the original aroma.


Italian Mauro is a well-known premium brand. From his bathing is prepared mainly by espresso. The best coffee for an open coffee maker can be cooked from Mauro de Luxe blending. You will get a fragrant drink with thick foam and a balanced taste that combines the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta from Brazil and Central America.


Italian Lavazza offers more than fifteen varieties of coffee with various proportions of Arabica and Robusta. The choice for a coffee.Like coffee maker can be stopped on a classic levazza Qualita Rossa bathing. It is perfect to cook coffee with a soft taste with a shade of chocolate from it.

Italian Illy. Premium brand. Coffee is made of ten types of elite arabica. It has a delicate deep taste and low m caffes. The companies own laboratories in Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil and Costa Rica, where breeders are engaged in scientific research in order to improve the product. When choosing ground coffee for an open coffee maker, pay attention to Ill Espresso. It is made of arabica of medium roasting and packaged in metal jars with a capacity of 125 g. If you cook correctly, you will receive a luxurious drink with chocolate-honey taste and thick foam.


Russian Madeo is known for the unique technology of roasting. The company buys Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian, Kostarikan and Nicaraguan Arabica. Such coffee has a middle fortress, a weak sourness and a thin aroma. In a coffee.Like type, you can try to cook a mixture of a Madeo Espresso Classic from Zoran from Latin America plantations. The drink will turn out with a balanced bitter-spicy taste and a pleasant long aftertaste.


The French Malongo is a premium brand with a large assortment of monosocrats that it supplies in metal banks with vacuum. Owners of throat coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee, which prefer a selected one hundred percent arabica, will like Malongo espresso with a sweet-coil tastes with vanilla, honey, chocolate notes and walnut-digital aroma.

grinding, needed, coffee, maker

Thus, the rules for choosing ground coffee for coffee.Like coffee.Like type are elementary simple.

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