What happens if you don’t blow dry your hair

Pros and cons of thermal and natural drying

To begin, let us understand the mechanism of hair drying with hair dryers. They dry the strands with a directed stream of heated air. Equip them with a variety of nozzles that change the type of flow. Some of them are equipped with different functions, such as the regulation of the temperature (up to 60°C) and the speed of the airflow. Have overheat protection to prevent hot air from damaging the cutting element of the head.

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The most important advantage of drying with a hair dryer is, of course, the speed of drying. Also, the undeniable effect of making it easier to style your hair. But the disadvantages of this process are quite significant and weighty: frequent use at high temperatures is brittle, split ends, drying not only hair, but also the scalp, separation of hair scales, lack of color.

The benefits of blow drying naturally are much higher. It comes down to the least amount of split hairs, their structure without breakage and splitting, the thickness is greater, the moisture remains as if in a sealed form, thereby preserving the natural shine. The only negative side of blow drying is the length of time it takes to dry your hair.

Is it harmful to dry your hair with a hair dryer?

All members of the fairer sex want to look great. A perfect hairstyle is an essential part of any look. Unfortunately it sometimes takes a huge amount of time to create beautifully styled hair. That is why more and more girls think about buying a hair dryer, a device that can speed up the drying and styling process. Is it bad to blow dry your hair?? Hair drying can compromise beauty and health? Let’s try to answer these questions in this article.

Ways to protect your hair

It is advisable to consider the hair type when using a hair dryer. Drying short hair does not require a maximum drying temperature; hair will dry in a very short period anyway.

Thick, curly and long hair requires a maximum drying temperature, but not at the beginning. The medium mode is just right in the beginning and then you can switch to the max mode after about 7 minutes.

Never direct the hair dryer toward the scalp, it will dry it out and cause dandruff in the future.

Towel-drying your hair beforehand: more about blotting than drying. Hair should never be wrung out or rubbed, as it is very vulnerable when wet.

BeautyQuestion to the expert: How to dry your hair correctly

It would seem that today there should not be any questions about how to dry your hair properly: the store shelves are full of gadgets and special tools, and beauty sites sections. with instructions and opinions of experts. This topic is probably still controversial only because everyone is used to dry their hair in their own way. Is it possible to say that there is only one correct way to dry hair? Is it true that blow drying naturally harms hair?? And is a hair dryer so terrible? We asked the experts about all this.

Kopytina Vitalia Vyacheslavovna

The hydrogen bonds in the hair structure break down easily when wet. That’s why hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet, and we can’t risk damaging it. If you don’t subject your hair to friction after washing it, then nothing bad will happen to it. But if you go to bed with wet hair, for instance, you run the risk of damaging it.

Experts often recommend not brushing wet hair precisely because of its vulnerability. In my opinion, you should first examine the structure of your hair. So, if your hair is very thin and dry, then without brushing you just end up with tangled strands. I recommend picking the right comb that doesn’t damage the hair shaft when it’s wet (like a Tangle Teezer or a fine-toothed comb), and using a styling product to ease the combing process beforehand.

HOW TO: safely wash, detangle, and blow dry natural 4C hair length check

As for the hair dryer, it is worth to pay attention to professional devices that have different temperature modes. Also it is necessary to use thermal protection, because it contains a complex of components that protect and moisturize the hair. For example, keratin and collagen contribute to extra nourishment, which is especially important in the autumn-winter and summer periods.

Carefully choose the optimal temperature for drying: as a rule it is about 60 degrees. It is recommended to blow-dry your hair from a distance of 10-20 centimeters, as this will make your hair more shiny and smooth.

It is recommended to finish the styling with a cold blow dry. This method is especially suitable for people with oily scalp, because with it we normalize the activity of sebaceous glands. Cold blowing can also be used by owners of thinner hair: it will finish the styling will hold longer curl volume.

Curly hair tends to be more porous, so you should definitely use a mask and conditioner during washing. After the shower you should not rub, but blot the hair with a towel. The owners of curly hair usually comb very carefully and use a special styler to create a curl fixing effect, or use a diffuser, or do not dry the head at all with appliances. There’s no one way to do things right. it’s up to you how you want your hair to look.

It is important to note that a hairdryer can neither cause hair loss nor thinning. Even if you use it a lot and you take good care of your hair with a professional shampoo, mask, conditioner, styling, fluids, thermal protectant with hydrolyzed keratin and collagen there’s no harm in drying your hair.

It is true that warm air can make hair structure dry. However, it seems to me that there are now many products that can be used to keep your hair looking fabulous. If you are comfortable drying your head naturally, then just be gentle with your wet hair. If you use a hair dryer, however, don’t ignore protective measures. I recommend to all my patients not to give up their comfort habits. Today, some rules are too hyperbolic: If you pick up a good comb, pillowcase, care and take care of your body health, then your hair will be fine.

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Katya Bolshakova

When in contact with water the cuticle is opened, the hair is softened and stretched, so it is easy to traumatize it with the simplest manipulations. But there is a difference if we dry our hair naturally with healthy or damaged hair. Drying healthy hair in this way won’t be bad for healthy hair, but if you have damaged hair, it is better to use a hair dryer, following some simple rules.

Thoroughly blot the hair with a towel before drying, taking care not to rub it. Then dry your hair with warm air, not hot. Heat-protecting hair should be applied before blow-drying as it replenishes the lack of moisture and maintains the quality of the hair. The airflow from the hair dryer should be directed at a 45 degree angle to the hair shaft, moving from the roots to the tips. This is helpful in setting the cuticle in the proper direction so that the hair is not frizzy, but smooth.

Curly hair can be blow-dried naturally, but don’t forget about proper home care: shampoo, conditioner, and masks. When drying naturally curly hair after washing it it is necessary to apply conditioner or cream for curly hair. this will give extra moisture.

Drying with a hair dryer

Make sure that the roots are completely dry, and turn the hair dryer on medium air temperature and maximum power. Direct the flow of air directly parallel to the web of hair to smooth the cuticle as much as possible. Use a very short side-to-side motion so you don’t overheat your hair in one spot. You don’t need a coarse brush for the lengths you want to blow-dry but a free hand. The maximum is a big massage brush with sparse plastic teeth. It is especially useful for very long hair to dry evenly over the entire length. Blow-dry hair until it is ninety percent dry.

The rest depends on personal preference. If you already like how smooth your hair looks, then turn the cold air on to maximum power and continue to do the same as you did when drying your hair. This simple step will fix the style and give your hair extra shine. If you want maximum smoothness, you can master the “brushing” technique: use a round brush on hair that is almost dry. To do this, pull your hair through the strands first on the middle temperature of the hair dryer, and then in the same way on the cold temperature. If you want a little curl at the end, use hot air when you’re rolling it in, and when you’re pulling it out, use a cool button to get the curl in place. Salon stylists often just turn the hair dryer back, but we do not advise you to repeat this at home. it can suck hair.

If you want to use a hair dryer or curling iron after the hair dryer, first dry the hair with a cold stream of air parallel to the hair. “It is not a good idea to turn the temperature of the hair to the max with irons and tongs as this may dry it out,” advises Rufad Akhundov. Farther you can apply varnish. it will not only fix the styling, but also will smooth out the small “antennas” at the roots. If you like, you can add a little shine spray after the hairspray.

Use the extensions

The next step is drying. It’s important to know how to dry your hair correctly with a hair dryer so that you don’t damage your hair. We often avoid the need for an extension cord, preferring to use the full hot airflow for an instant effect. But, in fact, the narrow nozzle and diffuser are designed for fast and non-traumatic drying. A steady stream of air can do the job better than the undirected waves which tangle and damage the hair. The narrow nozzle gently dries hair while instantly straightening it. We dry each strand while gently pulling it out with the brush.

The advantage of the diffuser is that it helps to distribute the airflow evenly and not to overheat the strands. It’s indispensable for adding volume to fine hair. But it’s important to know how to dry your hair with a diffuser. The main steps are threefold: first we apply the volume at the roots and along the entire length, then we separate the hair into large strands, “tuck” them in turn in the bowl of the diffuser and turn at the roots massaging motion. a couple of minutes for each strand. It dries hair and lifts it up at the roots, making it look fuller and thicker all at the same time.

Blow drying is bad for your hair. truth or myth?

So after all, is it bad to dry your hair with a hair dryer or can you do it without any fear?? The Challenger decided to look into the issue once and for all with the trichologist Natalia Golubchenko.

The short answer is that blow drying really is bad for your hair but only if you dry it incorrectly. The gentlest way to dry hair is to let it dry on its own. But for those who live in a big city and are always in a hurry, it is not the most convenient option. When it’s urgent to style hair, many people put their hair dryer on the hottest setting. Hair dries quickly, but regular exposure to hot air can make it progressively more brittle and dull. The correct solution if you have to dry your hair all the time is to use a hair dryer mode that provides a minimum degree of air heat.

As for curling irons and straighteners, cool temperatures are simply not possible. The experts of the American Dermatological Association advise to reduce the time of contact of the hot styler with the hair to a minimum in order not to damage the hair. Use styling tools once a week or less.

Marina Golubchenko

Blow Dry Mistakes You May Be Making and HOW to Fix Them!

  • Look after the health of your hair follicles and strengthen them from within by means of special procedures. Then the hair will be healthy and resistant to wear and tear. Do it under the guidance of a trichologist;
  • Use a quality hair dryer. There are models that control hair heat and “close” the scales thanks to special operating modes. Good hairdryers cost in the 15 thousand range;
  • Dry your hair not on the hottest mode, but on a cool mode;
  • Use products with thermal protection. These are products that are applied to clean, damp hair and reduce heat damage. The result depends on the quality of the product used. Heat protectors help keep hair looking healthy.

By the way, it is okay to wash your hair every day if you feel your hair needs it. And here’s why. If you blow dry your hair frequently, check out hair stylist Lizaveta Morozova’s video. In it, she talks about the main mistakes when drying them.

The Benefits of a Hair Dryer

Although drying hair with a hair dryer is harmful, there are advantages to using the appliance, and it is hard to refuse them. The advantages of the unit include:

  • fast drying. if immediately after washing the hair it is necessary to go outdoors, especially in winter, it is simply impossible to do without the use of the device;
  • a positive effect on unruly hair. after treatment the strands are much easier to comb;
  • Assists in styling: during drying process the curls become more flexible and easy to shape, then they can be fixed with foam or varnish.

The more expensive models support ionization and emit negatively charged particles. The hair is left particularly silky and smooth, without split ends, and free of electrical shocks.

Hair dryer vs. towel: how to dry hair safer

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