What is a bubble system in a washing machine

Bubble washing machine: characteristics

Nowadays it is difficult to find a family that does not use a washing machine. Today’s equipment manufacturers have filled the market with a variety of models that allow the consumer to pick up appliances for washing that meet all the wishes and requirements for quality, functionality, design. Described below is the best innovation in the field of laundry, embodied in the designs of air-bubble machines. They are deservedly considered the pinnacle of evolution in the development and creation of this type of household laundry appliances.

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Among the advantages of the bubble washing machine are its efficiency and long service life

The air-bubble type machine is considered a great alternative to the standard versions with a drum design. These models hit the shelves more than 15 years ago, and although they are not yet so relevant in the domestic market, in America and in the Asian territory. it is the most popular type of units for washing.

These models are characterized by:

This is made possible by using a special approach to the process called washing. This process is based on the bubble method of treating the laundry. The technology consists in the fact that due to the powerful compressor during the washing of laundry, bubbles form in the tank of the washing machine.

The bubbles mechanically interact with the laundry, forcing the dirt out of it, and contribute to the rapid dissolving of detergent and high-quality washing of laundry.

This process makes it possible to wash laundry even in non-hot water. Thousands of air bubbles produce impulse energy, which passes through every millimeter of material, defeating even the toughest and most stubborn stains. And despite the most sophisticated technology, the whole washing process is very fast and is characterized by saving water and powder. All these positive qualities have led to a rapid increase in the popularity of models that have the Eco Bubble function. Reviews from housewives leave only positive.

Types of air-bubble washing machines

According to the type of construction, there are two types of models of machines with the bubbling effect:

The peculiarity of bubble devices is that after pressing the button, which starts the washing process, the water supply is not into the tank, but into the generator responsible for “bubbling”. There it mixes with detergent and forms a liquid rich foam.

Water penetrates through the small holes in the walls of the rotating drum and interacts with the clothes. Loading of things in this type of equipment is made through the hatch in the front panel.

Modern models have eliminated all the shortcomings of the old mechanical activator washing machines, which did not have electronic control, now they perfectly spin, fill and drain the water themselves, there are several working modes (gentle, for wool, etc.).).

However, such a machine still cannot be placed under the countertop, because the loading of clothes is vertical, like the archaic activator models.

As examples, we can mention the models Mabe LMR1083PBYR0, Redber WMA 5521.

The of these models range from 14 000 to 17 000.

Unfortunate models

Washing machines with air-bubble technology greatly simplifies the washing of any items. Air bubbles form a soft foam-bubble cushion, which prevents the drum and other clothing from mechanically affecting delicate fabrics.

Even the most naughty fabrics like wool and silk can be washed in it. Each model is wonderful in its own way, and people’s dissatisfaction is associated with the noise when spinning, which can occur in any machine or with a defect in the product.

As the advantages of the specified technology can be specified:

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The economy of the air bubble system is achieved by not having to heat up the water too much to wash the laundry. The technology allows you to wash clothes even at a low temperature. Hence the cycle of the washing itself is reduced. Clothes can be washed for 30 minutes. There is no need to use a lot of powder when bubble washing. Air bubbles cope well with its work.

The high quality of washing is due to the technology itself. If in regular washing only powder performs the washing function, then this system is additionally aided by air bubbles. A double effect is created which has a beneficial effect on the washing quality.

Gentle effect on the clothes is achieved due to less heating of the water. The air-bubble system does not shrink the laundry. Less wear and tear. Woollens, which are not recommended to wash under normal conditions, can be washed with this technology.

Powder used in bubble washing dissolves much better. Powder fragments and stains are often left on clothes after washing them normally, but this is not the case with the bubble system.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of models of washing machines with the available air-bubble washing mode are:

  • Significant energy saving.
  • Saving of detergent by generating lots of foam.
  • High degree of stain removal, boiling effect.
  • Reduced washing time. At the same time, the result remains the same as the long programs of washing machines not equipped with air-bubble system.
  • Washing things becomes delicate, thanks to the bubble pad. It reduces friction of laundry against the drum walls and against each other.
  • After washing, the items have the same size, they do not shrink.
  • Washing can be added or removed while washing in an activator type machine. You can also stop washing at any time.
  • The machine with an activator does not need to be connected to the water mains, it is enough to pour water into the tank.
  • Low noise level.
  • High water hardness requirements. It should be as soft as possible.
  • Activator machines may not have a spin cycle, or a drain without spin function.
  • The cost of air-bubble machines is higher than that of conventional ones.
  • Dimensions of the machines are slightly larger than those of simple activator and drum-type machines.

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Types of air bubble washing machines

There are only two types of machines equipped with bubble washing technology. The first option. automatic models, the second. activator. Technological features affect the implementation of bubble washing.

Samsung ecobubble technology in action. Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine

Automatic machines

Such products have the usual horizontal loading. One of the main parts in automatic machines is the tank. After all, water is pumped into it, and things are poured. Stainless steel drum is hidden inside the tank. It is he who will rotate, moving the laundry.

On start-up, the hose begins to pump water into the tank, the fill also occurs in the detergent tray. The soap solution enters the bubble generator under the drum. This combines the water and powder with the air. A mixture of bubbles, foam and soap solution is formed, which enters the drum through the perforation.

The generated bubbles penetrate the fabric, pushing out dirt. This technology allows to remove all stains, even dried and stubborn. This is achieved largely due to the production of heat when the bubbles burst.

This process is considered by many experts as similar to boiling. However, exposure to high temperatures can cause damage to things, while the bubble technology preserves texture and quality.

Activator machines

The main feature of activator-type machines is vertical loading. The difference between these devices is the absence of a heating element, as the connection is made to the hot and cold water supply. The bottom of the drum is equipped with a pulsator that creates swirling streams of water.

Through a special nozzle, the bubbles enter the activator, which is responsible for their even distribution. And the generator continues to produce new portions throughout the cycle. Effective removal of dirt occurs due to the supply of bubbles under high pressure.

Principle of operation of an air-bubble washing machine

What happens when the bubble mass comes into contact with the soiled cloth? As they burst, the bubbles send energy pulses to the soiled areas, providing better removal of dirt.

This mechanical action also increases foaming, which reduces the amount of detergent required.

In Samsung machines bubble technology is called Eco Bubble, where the word Eco indicates the economy of resources: the method allows to cope with stubborn stains without the need for large expenses of powder and bleach. In addition, the bubbles have protective properties, preventing excessive friction between fabric layers, due to which poorly colored items can fade and discoloration.

How bubble washing works and for which items?

Technological scheme of air-bubble washing. The air-bubble washing machine works according to the following principle.

  • At the start the powder is washed out of the receiver.
  • The compound is dissolved in the water by means of a foam generator.
  • The resulting mixture is dispensed into the drum.
  • The air bubble mechanism starts pumping air into the drum.

Samsung Eco Bubble | How it Works | Harvey Norman Ireland

Through the interaction of water, powder and air the fabric is cleaned. Bursting bubbles become source of impulse energy which frees the dirt from the fibres.

Bubble washing machine is equal to boiling in efficiency. The difference is the minimal heating of the water, which eliminates the shrinkage and deformation of the garments. The use of bubbles allows to activate oxygen in the washing, which together with hydrogen ions form radicals, known to have a sterilizing effect.

Users of the bubble function in the washing machine note that it is the best way to remove stubborn stains from delicate fabrics without soaking and other preliminary procedures. At the same time it prolongs the life of your clothes and preserves their original color.

What is bubble washing in a washing machine?

The development of automated laundry goes along the path of combining efficiency and delicacy in the removal of dirt. Now hand washing is not required for woolen items and things for which the normal mode is unacceptable. Technology does not stand still, manufacturers are constantly developing the machine. One of the recent introductions to washing machines is the bubble system. Let’s tell you what it is, what the function is for and how to use it correctly.

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