What is an inverter motor in a washing machine


Inverter motor in a washing machine. what is it? Before we know the answer to this question, let’s find out what types of motors exist.

In the photo. a traditional collector motor to the washing machine

The following types of motors are installed in washing machines:

The rotation of the washing machine drum is due to the operation of the electric motor. Often, belt-driven motors are used, which drive the drum of the machine through a belt drive. In such motors, current is supplied to the moving part of the motor (rotor) through the brushes: a magnetic field appears in the windings of the rotor, and it begins to rotate. Its speed depends on the voltage in the network.

Motor Inverters

The principle of operation of the inverter motor is also based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. However its distinctive feature is a direct drive (absence of brushes and belt) and application of a special construction element. an inverter (frequency converter). The inverter converts alternating current into direct current and is able to re-generate alternating current at the desired frequency and feed it into the stator. This makes it possible to smoothly change the frequency of the motor. This technology allows precise regulation of the drum pattern and spin speed which is not possible with conventional spinning machines.

This picture clearly shows the difference between belt drive and direct drive

The inverter motor is located on the tank (fixed to the drum shaft). Torque is directly transmitted to the drum without intermediaries like a belt and pulley (the most vulnerable parts), and no useful energy is lost to overcome the friction force of the belt. Absence of a brush-collector, which has a limited service life, results in a longer service life. Drum and rotor placed on one shaft provides better balance and reduces vibration.

Compared to its predecessors, the inverter motor offers better performance and durability.

LG Direct Drive inverter motor

What should be the capacity of the washing machine?

This parameter depends largely on the size of the family: the larger it is, the greater the volume of laundry must be washed. The loading volume also affects the size of the machine. If there is relatively little space in the bathroom, a model with a large loading volume simply can not put. Note that the loading parameter characterizes how much dry laundry can be loaded at once. It is worth remembering that some modes (e.g. quick washing) imply incomplete filling of the drum. We have highlighted the average ratio of loading weight to the number of people in the family:

However, this does not mean that a family of 4 people will not be suitable machine for 5kg. Anyway, colored and white laundry are usually washed separately, that is, you can run just a few cycles. For large volume or voluminous items such as thick blankets often take the model Samsung WW80R42LHES with a capacity of laundry up to 8 kg.

Selection criteria Samsung washing machines

Pay attention! Before you go to the store to buy a washing machine, you must first learn the basic criteria for choosing a multifunctional device.

Samsung Washing Machine Digital Inverter Motor Vs Non Inverter

This will help to purchase a suitable device without spending extra money.

According to experts, you need to consider such parameters as:

  • the maximum dry load in kg;
  • speed of rotation of the drum during spinning;
  • the presence of a delayed start timer;
  • Full or partial protection against water leaks;
  • protective blocking of the control panel from children;
  • The presence of additional programs;
  • the size of the electrical appliance.

How the inverter motor works

The main feature of such electric motor is the ability to transform alternating current into direct current. The principle of operation of the inverter motor is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, as in many other electromechanical devices. However, its distinctive feature is the absence of carbon brushes and using a frequency converter (inverter) as a design element. The inverter, after converting alternating current to direct current, is capable of generating alternating current of the required frequency again, which allows precise control of the rotor speed.

Unlike the collector type control, the control circuit of the inverter device is much more complex and requires more effort and investment from developers, which ultimately leads to an increase in the cost of the entire design. However, companies such as Samsung equip many models with such a motor, completing them with high-tech control units, which does not lead to a significant rise in price as a whole. This company’s electronic units are often installed on various types of appliances, including washing machines, and many other manufacturers.

How to make the right choice?

When a choice arises about what washing machine to buy, then the answer cannot be straightforward, because only the buyer knows the price he expects and what functionality he expects from the technology

It is worth to pay attention to the models of time-tested manufacturers, such as Indesit or well proven Ariston brand. It is worthwhile to read reviews about this or that tire, thoroughly examine the functions and clearly decide which of them are necessary and which are not

The main goal for each consumer who chooses a unit is to choose the technique that meets all their needs for a long time, not requiring expensive repairs. According to expert reviews, washing machines with direct drive are distinguished by the reliable operation of the motor, but in other nodes and parts malfunctions occur not less frequently than in units with a traditional type of motor, and in some even more often. For example, experts have confirmed that the bearing unit in models with direct drive is under increased stress and its life is shorter than in similar equipment with belt drive.

Buying a household appliance, pobespokoytesya about the filters, if a hard water flows from the tap. Keep in mind the instructions to the equipment, where the manufacturer clearly indicates how to properly service it

If the instructions are thoroughly studied, then it does not matter what kind of drive in the washing machine. it will in any case last a long time

It should be noted that among the direct-drive washing machines, there are no models with a depth of 35 cm. However, it is easy to pick up a narrow domestic helper (45 cm wide).

To summarize, let us say that the model of the washing machine with direct drive can be capricious, requiring special care and caution in operation, and therefore it is better to weigh all the pros and cons before buying it

Pros and Cons

If you are still wondering whether it is worth overpaying for the presence of an inverter motor, let’s try to sift the real facts from the advertising and understand whether such a motor is worth its money.

Remember that washing machines of this type should be characterized by a lower noise level during operation. But it is important to understand that the washing machine with direct drive can be considered as a really noiseless device, because the inverter still makes some noise during operation (about 50 dB), and at high spin speed it makes the same noise as the older brothers-motors (about 70 dB).

If to argue logically and take into account that the maximum power consumption is achieved at the moment of water heating in the tank of washing machine, then there is a logical question. what 20% energy efficiency of inverter are we talking about?? Indeed, this figure is somewhat exaggerated, and the savings are due to the high efficiency of the motor and the intelligent control. provided that you don’t constantly load the drum “under the strain.

Spinning at high spin speed is a good thing, but not always. With such an intensive impact on the fabric, things will wear out faster and fall into disrepair. Of course, it’s a great excuse to constantly update your closet, but if you’re not a shopaholic, this prospect may not make you happy.

The precise intellectual control and quick access to the set speed. this is a very beautiful phrase. But in reality, we all want to get out of the machine well washed, and the degree of accuracy of rotation of the drum is not something we think about.

No consumables is also a big plus. On the one hand. On the other hand, in washing machines, these parts. brushes. work quietly for about 10 years at any intensity. And it’s not too expensive to change the brushes. The only justification for the inverter in this situation is that it works steadily and won’t leave you without clean laundry at the most unexpected moment.

Given the rather high price of washing machines with an inverter motor, it is worth thinking carefully before buying a device solely because of the motor of this type. In fact, you don’t get the promised benefits or they don’t affect the efficiency of the washing machine itself. On the other hand, almost all inverter motor washing machines are new generation machines, which means that they have useful features that really justify their price.

Features of Inverter Motor Washing Machines

What an inverter motor means is quite clear, but why it is better than a conventional motor? To be 100% sure that it really is the most suitable, you will need to become more familiar with each of its positive aspects.

The low noise level is something that many consumers appreciate:

LG Washing Machine with Smart Invertor is all you need in your home

  • As a rule, the washing machines with a direct motor are more quiet.
  • However, it is the inverter that makes a quiet noise, like a little crackle or squeak.
  • They are not annoying, do not cause discomfort, and most importantly, the noise level does not depend on the choice of program or mode of operation.

Many people appreciate these products precisely for the fact that they work for a long time, and does not require even minimal maintenance, which entails an investment. On average, such devices can serve for about 10-15 years without serious damage, and therefore invest in them. it means to forget about the problems with laundry for many years.

On the principle of operation, washing machines with an inverter motor do not differ from models with another type of motor

Washing of laundry in machines with inverters is of highest quality, and additional soaking and washing of problematic stains is not required.

Inverter motor in a washing machine. what it is and how it works

Older models of washing machines were equipped with collector or asynchronous motors. Such “motors” often break or fall apart. This was due to the fact that the work of the machine was started by carbon brushes, which through friction run the motor. These brushes wore out after a while and required regular repairs.

Manufacturers of washing machines have developed a new type of motor. the inverter motor. It does not start the machine with carbon brushes, but by directly connecting the drive to the drum. The inverter, like other types of motors, converts the alternating current into direct current. But at the same time, it regulates the drum speed. The advantage of the inverter over older types of motors is that the new operating scheme thoroughly reduces the number of breakdowns. Breakdowns of modern machines are rarely related to the motor.

This invention was first introduced by the Japanese and Korean manufacturers. Now the development is used by all manufacturers of washing machines. Of course, producing inverter motors requires extra investment and expense, which adds zeros to the final cost. However, if you consider the cost of regular repair of machines of the old type, the purchase of more technological models is justified.

What is an inverter motor in a washing machine

In a washing machine with a conventional motor, the principle of operation is quite simple, as there is a current flow to the surface of the rotor at the expense of special brushes. Due to the magnetic field, which is formed in the winding of the rotor, the motor system is turned on, and the speed of the voltage will depend on the voltage in the network.

The inverter collector motor is a motor that has no rubbing parts or, in other words, brushes. The inverter is a frequency converter that converts alternating current into direct current, and after that it is quite possible to form the first with a specific frequency level, due to which the speed and frequency modes of the drum are regulated.

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