What is eco time in a washing machine

Washing. the physical and chemical process of cleaning textiles (clothing, bed linen, curtains, etc.). д.), using aqueous solutions of detergents: surfactants, enzymes, pigments, bleach, etc. Traditionally, the main purpose of washing was to remove various impurities.

Washing program “Intensive Eco” allows you to wash at a low temperature of 150 (for normal washing temperature of 400), which will save energy without wasting capacity. Baby care system. This program reduces detergent residue, helping to reduce skin irritation in children.

The self-cleaning feature of the washing machine

The eco-cleaning function of the drum does not require the addition of any detergent or disinfectant, the machine cleans itself. The cleaning cycle lasts 90 minutes at 70 degrees centigrade.

This allows you to disinfect the inside of the appliance, remove limescale, mold and unpleasant odors. these parameters cannot be changed, they are set automatically by the electronics of the washing machine.

The eco-cleaning program of the drum makes it possible not only to maintain hygiene inside the appliance, but also significantly prolongs the performance of the machine. In addition, by conducting regular cleaning of the washing machine, you will save energy, because the electric heater is also cleaned from deposits adhered to it, and therefore heats water much faster and more efficiently.

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Intensive washing program

This program is designed for very dirty items. Therefore, in this case, it is reasonable to use the program, t.к. Normal washing is unlikely to solve this problem. Characteristics of intensive mode differ in models of different brands.

I work in the field of household appliance repair. Much experience in the restoration of washing machines and dishwashers.

But one thing is common. when using the program, the washing machine works at its maximum capacity. It is a high water temperature and fast rotation of the drum. The program is performed in stages, allowing you to cope with dirt more effectively.

It is not intended for delicate fabrics and wool. Using this mode can harm. It should be taken into account that the duration of the program is longer than in other. Therefore, more energy resources are consumed.

Different manufacturers have their own way of positioning the indicator:

  • Sumsung. The “Intensive Eco Washing” icon is represented by a dirty T-shirt.
  • LG. The program is signed according to its name.
  • Indesit. Has a picture of a stained T-shirt on the control panel.

Test mode: what it is and how to turn it on?

The test, or diagnostic, mode is for identifying faulty systems and error codes. To start the test, you need:

  • Turn off the washing machine, turn the knob to “1”
  • Press the power button of the machine, select the washing program “2”, turn off the machine again;
  • return the programmer to the first position, restart the machine;
  • Select mode “3”, press the button to turn off the machine;
  • return the selector to the first position and turn the machine back on;
  • start the procedure of draining and press the “Service test” button.

The button to start the diagnosis is on the control panel of the washer-dryer. It can be located on the left or above the selector knobs.

There is an exclamation mark above the button, enclosed in a diamond. The pause between operations should not be more than 2-3 seconds.

After starting the service mode, check the operation of all the systems of the washing machine in succession:

If there are errors in their operation or problems with the sensors, the corresponding error code appears on the display. For example, code F04 indicates a broken water level sensor.

If there is no electronic display, the error code is indicated by the blinking lights above the buttons. Signs of this or that malfunction vary depending on the model of the washing machine.

Detailed instructions for Indesit washing machines are presented in this section.

Starting the technique

After selecting the washing mode and throwing the prepared sneakers into the drum, you can close the door and start the cycle. But first it is better to look again at the dashboard and check if the settings are correct. Remember that the permitted temperature range for shoes is limited to 30-40 degrees, as too hot water will lead to loosening the sole and other elements. It is also important to turn off the spin, because unwinding in a machine heavy sneakers will have a negative impact on the dampers and bearings of the washer.

Always turn off the automatic drying function, as it blurs the colors and deforms the shoes.

At the “finish” pour the detergent according to the following rules:

  • choose an ordinary detergent (ideally it is recommended to use gel for delicate washing);
  • measuring a standard dosage;
  • Add a little bleach if you wash white sneakers;

That’s all, press “Start” and wait for the end of the cycle. It is desirable to monitor the progress of washing, to react in time to imbalance or excessive foaming. Remember that the automatic drying and drying in a dryer and using a hair dryer is forbidden, so dry the sneakers strictly according to the rules. Ideally, the crosses are placed on the balcony, outdoors and in direct sunlight. But it is not forbidden to use and batteries: stuff the sneakers with white paper to their original shape, cover the radiator with a rag and put the shoes on top.

Stuffing your sneakers with newspapers is not recommended, because under the influence of moisture and heat, the printing ink will print on the shoes.

If you do everything correctly, then washing in an Indesit washing machine will not harm your sneakers, but help them become cleaner. The main thing is not to exceed the permissible temperature, prepare the shoes for loading into the drum and turn off the spin.


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Install the Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS washing machine

! Keep this manual. It should be included with the Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS washing machine in case of sale, transfer of the equipment or when moving to a new apartment, so that the new owner of the equipment can become familiar with the rules of its operation and maintenance.

! Read the manual carefully: it contains important information on installation and safe operation of the Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS washing machine.

Unpacking and leveling

Unpacking 1. Unpack the Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS washing machine. 2. check that the appliance has not been damaged during transport. If it is found to be damaged. do not connect the machine. contact your supplier immediately. 3. Remove the four transport screws and the rubber plugs with gaskets located at the back of the Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS washing machine (see Fig. rice.).

Seal the holes with the plastic plugs supplied. 5. Keep all the parts: you will need them for transporting the Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS washing machine at a later date. ! Do not allow children to play with the packing material.

Alignment 1. Place the Indesit washing machine IWSB 5085 CIS on a flat, hard floor, so that it does not come into contact with the walls, furniture or other things. 2. Once the machine is in place, stabilise it by turning the front feet (see “Adjusting the front feet”). Figure.).

To do this, first loosen the lock nut and after completing the adjustment tighten the lock nut. Once the machine is in place, check the level of the upper lid of the housing, the horizontal deviation should not be more than 2°.

Correct alignment of the equipment will help avoid noise, vibrations, and misalignment during machine operation. If the Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS washing machine is standing on a carpeted floor, make sure its base is elevated above the carpet. Otherwise it will be difficult or even impossible to ventilate. Plumbing and electrical connections Connect the fill hose

Insert gasket A in the end of the fill hose and screw it onto the cold water outlet with a 3/4″ threaded hole (see. Figure.).

Before connecting, open the water tap and let the dirty water run off.

Connect the fill hose to the Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS washing machine by screwing it onto the water inlet at the back top right (see. Figure.).

Make sure the hose is not kinked or pinched. ! The water pressure must be within the values indicated in the Technical Specifications table. ! If the water supply hose is not long enough, contact an Authorized Service Center. ! Never use used hoses.

Indesit Start IWC6165 Washing Machine : All programs and options

Hang the bent end of the drain hose at the rim of the sink or bathtub, or place it in a special drain outlet. The hose must not kink. The upper point of the drain hose must be at a height of 65-100 cm above the floor. The position of the drain hose must ensure that the hose can burst when draining (the end of the hose must not be lowered into the water). If fitted to the rim of the bathtub or basin, the hose is hung by means of the hose guide (included), which is attached to the faucet (fig.).

! The use of hose extensions for the drain hose is not recommended; if necessary, it may be extended by a hose of the same diameter and not longer than 150 cm.

Electrical connection Attention! The appliance must be grounded! 1. The appliance is connected to the mains using a two-pole socket with a grounding contact (socket not supplied with the appliance). 2) The phase conductor must be connected via a circuit breaker designed for a maximum current of 16 A, with a response time of no more than 0.1 s. 2. If an earthing switch socket with three-wire copper wire conductor cross section of at least 1.5 kV is available near the supposed place of installation of the machine. 3 mm (or with aluminum conductors of at least 2.5 kV. mm), completion of electrical network is not made. If there are no specified sockets and wiring, they must be installed. 3. It is not allowed to lay a separate wire for grounding. 4. It is recommended to use PPV 3×1,5 380 GOST 6223-79 type wire to refine the electric network. Other types of cables ensuring fire and electrical safety during machine operation can be used. Before plugging in the machine, check that: the socket and wiring conform to the requirements of this section of the instructions; the mains voltage and frequency correspond to the machine; the socket and plug are the same type; the socket is earthed in accordance with the safety standards described in this section of the instructions. If the plug does not fit the socket, it must be replaced with a new one corresponding to the socket, or the power cable must be replaced. Cable replacement should only be performed by qualified personnel. Do not use adaptors, double or multiple sockets and extension cords (they constitute a fire hazard). If you feel that their use is necessary, use a single extension cord that meets safety requirements. Equipment connected in violation of the safety requirements for high-power household appliances as set forth in these instructions is potentially dangerous. The manufacturer shall not be held liable for any damage to health and property caused by failure to comply with the installation regulations.

Once the installation is complete, one wash cycle with detergent, but without laundry, on a 90°C program without prewash must be performed before use.

The functions and modes in a washing machine are explained on the fingers!

Automatic washing machines have long been firmly entrenched in our lives. Many housewives simply can not imagine their life without this convenient and useful household appliance. And all sorts of functions and a variety of modes allow any user to form the most optimal cycle for any type of fabric.

20 minute refresh in the indesit eco-time

But the growing technical sophistication of the washing machine has to pay extra. And potential buyers are always faced with two questions. The first, what is the purpose of this or that function. And the second, do I need these additional modes and functions of a washing machine. The more so that to get an acceptable quality of washing now possible on the simplest machines, using only four modes. cotton (linen) at 95 degrees, synthetics at 60 degrees, wool and delicate fabrics at 40 degrees.

However, not all housewives are satisfied with the basic features. To help you make the right choice, consider what is included in the functionality of washing machines today.

How i-time works?

People often confuse two functions: delayed start and i-time. Availability of delayed start function is no surprise any more, it is present in almost every modern washing machine by any manufacturer. Most housewives don’t even use it, thinking it unnecessary and useless. At the same time, the i-time function in the Haier washing machine is the ability to adjust the washing time, regardless of the selected mode. That is, it allows one to independently reduce or increase the program duration, reducing the washing or rinsing time.

The i-time algorithm cannot be applied only to the modes “Wring/ Drain” and “Self-cleaning”, any other program can be modified.

Economical or eco-friendly?

The difficulty is that both ecological and economical versions have a right to exist. After all, both problems are relevant to all washing machine users. Hence the misunderstandings arise. However, if you analyze literally a few instructions for use of washing machines (of different brands for the purity of the experiment), then you can easily understand what is the ECO-mode in the washing machine. This is an economy program.

It consists in the fact that the ECO mode is designed to minimize the consumption of water and energy. And this means that you can pay a lot less on your receipts if you regularly use this mode.

But you should always remember that you can not kill two birds with one stone. In saving water and electricity, you will have to sacrifice your time, and maybe even the quality of washing. The thing is that, first of all, washing under the eco-program lasts a very long time, on average about three hours. Secondly, in order to save energy, the unit heats almost no water, so it does not exceed 40 degrees. And lastly, the speed is very low, so the washing process is more like a simple soaking. With parameters like these you can hardly wash serious dirt.

The important thing is ! In practice such mode mainly saves electric energy consuming half as much. As for the water, the indicators are not much different from those of a normal wash. Unless, however, with some high-efficiency machines, but this is rather a feature of the models than a mode.

Стиральная машина Indesit Eco Time с большим дисплеем.

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