What is needed for depilation with hot wax

Wax hair removal: smooth and delicate skin is provided to you!

Wax hair removal, or vaxing is a widely used procedure for getting rid of unwanted hair throughout the body. It is universal: it is used by both women and men, and can also be used even in the most sensitive zones, for example, above the upper lip or on the super.Bombed arcs.

After wax hair removal, you will enjoy smooth and delicate skin from three to four weeks. This is quite enough so as not to take with you a boring razor machine for the time of vacation. And if you resort to vaxing regularly, new hairs will be thinner and lighter, that is, they will become less noticeable. Let’s figure out all the intricacies of safe wax hair removal together.

Who is recommended waxing

Wax hair removal is an excellent alternative to removing unwanted hair with shaving. This procedure is recommended for people of all ages and both sexes. Although it is advisable to start resorting to waxing services at a young age, when the hair is even less dense, and it will be less painful to remove it, but anyone can resort to the help of this procedure, regardless of age.

Wax hair removal has an advantage over shaving, because with its help the hair is removed with the root. When you shave, you just cut the hairs, and after a couple of hours you can already see the hair overgrown again or bluish shadows from hair follicles under the skin in a shaved area. In turn, the effect of wax hair removal not only lasts up to one month (the editor’s note: an average of 2 weeks), but it is also more constant: over time, the hairs become thinner, and their growth slows down. Plus, due to wax hair removal, dead skin cells exfoliate, so that the skin remains soft and smooth longer.

How to do wax for hair removal

The simplest recipe for home hair removal includes only three ingredients in a proportion of 1: 2: 4, namely:

Put all the components in heat.Resistant dishes, melt in a water bath and mix. As soon as the mixture becomes liquid and homogeneous, remove it from the fire, let the wax cool to an acceptable temperature and proceed to hair removal.

However, it is still recommended to use the finished wax in which the proportions of the ingredients are precisely observed and which probably has passed quality testing in production. A self.Made mixture may be no worse, but it can fail if you get poorly cleaned or, worse, falsified wax with paraffin or stear impurities.


How to apply hot wax correctly

First you will need to warm up the wax component in a specially intended container. It can be like an electric bath, so you can use a “water bath”. Before carrying out the hair removal procedure, it is advisable to treat the skin with an alcohol.Containing solution. Take a spatula and start applying the composition to the skin with a thick layer. The direction should occur from top to bottom.

Wait a few seconds. Such wax freezes very quickly. Then sharply remove the wax mass from the skin area. The direction should go against the hair growth line. At the end of the procedure, lubricate the smooth area with a healing cream to remove redness and close the pores.



When removing hair from the body with wax hair removal, warm wax is first applied to the desired area. Then, a paper or gauze strip is pressed to the wax, and then all this with a sharp movement breaks away from the skin, pulling out the hairs sticking to the wax (editor’s note: there is also a way to remove hair without using strips. A method of hair removal with hot wax). After waxing, the result persists for 3-6 weeks (editor note: in most cases-about two weeks). Your hair grows anew, but over time can become more thin and less noticeable. The only drawback of wax hair removal is that it is necessary to wait for some time so that the new hairs reach a certain length so that they can be most easily and efficiently removed. Many cosmetic firms release on sale sets for wax hair removal at home, but waxing is also done in many salons (by. Ed.: This procedure is the safest and effective if it is performed by a professional master in the cabin. In more detail in our material, removal in the cabin or at home: how to make the right choice).

When you remove hair with wax hair removal, you can count on the result that lasts for several weeks, but waxing is not a procedure that is forever eliminating hair at a time. Wax hair removal is much more effective than shaving, t.To. With its help, the hair is removed with the root, so they need much more time to grow and become noticeable. However, if you regularly remove your hair, resorting to wax hair removal, you can eventually achieve a final stop of hair growth. This can happen because the constant removal of the hair with the root weakens the hair, and this can lead to the fact that their growth stops in the end.

Types of wax

In professional beauty industry, hot, warm, film and polymer waxes are used.

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They differ in composition, technology and areas of application:

  • Warm wax remove hair in large zones. Arms and legs.
  • Hot waxes are less popular and suitable for depilation of the bikini zone, armpits and faces.
  • Film and polymer waxes are used for depilation of any zones.

For depilation at home, it is better to choose cold waxes. The so.Called “strips”.

Proper wax depilation on the face

Apply narrow wax strips (liquid, paper stripes) on the face peeled from cosmetics, their temperature should be 50-60 degrees


Lubna depilatory hot wax/hair removal at home /

It is undesirable to use a razor in this area of ​​the body, since later the hairs become more rigid, dark. Apply narrow wax strips (liquid, paper stripes) on the face peeled from cosmetics, their temperature should be 50-60 degrees. For each procedure in this area, it is better to use new sticks so that the bacteria do not get into the composition of the next vaxing.

Bikini wax depilation technique

Many girls stop rumors about the significant pain of the bikini zone using wax. However, if you choose the right tool and then follow certain recommendations, the sensitivity of this technique will decrease to a completely tolerable level. Bikini wax depilation technique:

Another secret of painless depilation is the choice of the day for its implementation in accordance with the menstrual cycle. It is noted that the removal of hair from the bikini zone is most painful for a week before and after menstruation, then irritation occurs more often. Therefore, at this time it is better to refrain from such procedures.

As a result, if everything is done correctly, then instead of a painful and terrible procedure, a fairly effective and tolerant technique for the beauty of the skin of the bikini zone is obtained.

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