What is the best gas equipment for your car?


This Polish company uses the components of other manufacturers, which allows everyone to choose the best price and quality of equipment. At the same time one of the most budget-friendly offers in the range is the equipment of its own production. SECGAS Standard/Super reducer is especially popular because of its affordability, but the customer can also choose Tomasetto or Poletron.

Having made the decision to deliver the 4th generation of SEC gas equipment, the buyer will be faced with a huge choice of nozzles from OMVL, Valtek, Barracuda or Hana. Thus the difference in price only on these accessories can reach 4 thousand euros. rubles. All of the above allows you to choose the best price and quality of gas equipment that will match the capabilities and wishes of the customer.

The quality of the HBO

If to argue logically, a person who has installed a gas equipment on his car pursues at least several purposes, the main among which in most cases is. money saving. But some motorists want to save money right away, even before they installed the HBO, that is on the components. It is not a secret that equipment is of different quality and price range may vary from several hundreds of conventional units to several thousands of dollars. The problem is that some motorists do not pay due attention to this question and put on their car what is cheaper, but not what is more reliable, therefore, if you are the second owner or are going to become one, then you should be ready for certain problems which are inherent in a low-quality HBO when buying a car. Up to its complete replacement or partial dismantling of some problematic components. over, it may happen that before the new owner will understand that he is “in trouble” with this car, he will spend many months wandering around different stations and diagnostic centers in the hope of solving his problem. Diagnosis and repair of cars with HBO is not only exhausting, but also sucks a lot of money. This is the first thing you should be wary of when buying a used car with HBO.

How to choose a HBO in a car? We choose the bestБО, give specific advice!

Hello All. Our website has many articles in which we give specific advice on the choice of this or that unit HBO. Today’s article will be more generalized. к. In this article we will tell you about all at once and answer such a difficult and capacious question how to choose gas equipment for your car.

We will touch on the most important nodes and point out the details that deserve your attention, so that you can save time and money when buying a HBO.

Let’s begin, perhaps, with the fact that you have two ways in which usually occurs a choice of gas equipment. The first consists in the selection of optimal parts from different manufacturers based on the specific needs of an engine. The second option is simpler, you determine the manufacturer of GTB and buy a complete set, which is ideal for your engine. These kits are assembled by the manufacturers and tested for compatibility. That is, you only have to pay for and install the gas equipment, and the rest is thought about for you. I should say at once that such kits are more expensive, but there are fewer problems with them, because everything fits perfectly and is tested in real life. All units are specially designed and adjusted to each other. But there is a problem. the price! The option with an independent selection of components is more complicated and sometimes does not justify itself for the reason that different components from different manufacturers often conflict during work. You end up with a lot of questions related to faulty gas equipment. Most of the well-known brands have such sets, take for example Optima, Prins, Lovato, Tamona, etc. д. As for the choice of electronics, most installers say that there is no big difference between the brains HBO you buy. ECUs are often made by AEB and AC, which are successfully used by almost all gas market giants (Landi Renzo, Lovato, OMVL, STAG, Atiker, Digitronic, etc.). Much more important is the selection of components, as well as their proper installation and fine-tuning.


Selecting the gas pressure regulator is a very important step, take into account the engine power and the configuration of the whole equipment. In the second turn, pay attention to dimensions of the gearbox and the type of its mount.

Tomasetto gas pressure reducers are in good demand and the manufacturer has divided them into three classes: Basic (for meters with a capacity up to 90 l. с.), Alaska (for engines from 80 to 136 liters), Alaska (for engines from 80 to 136 liters), Alaska (for engines from 80 to 136 liters). с.) and Artic (for 120 to 240 hp engines). с.). All three classes are single-stage and are equipped with an integrated solenoid valve and gas purge filter. Reducers are reliable and unpretentious to fuel quality at our gas stations. Gas dosing valve works on the lever scheme, which provides accurate dosing.

Besides the power differences the three classes also differ from each other in that the Basic has no additional gas heater, while the Alaska and Artic have.

Also worth mentioning are pressure regulators ATIKER, Lovato and Landi Renzo. Read more about how to choose a gas injector in my previous article.

Gas injectors

I think everyone knows what gas injectors are. The main task of these devices is precise and metered gas supply. A lot depends on the right choice, often bad nozzles lead to the fact that the whole SSS does not work properly.

HBO installation

Here is a rather complicated question, and here it is highly recommended to seek advice from the master installer, who will tell about all the options for installing cylinders on your model car. If you are still undecided about the choice of cylinder under the HBO. video with the advice of an experienced master installer:

The choice begins with the type of cylinder: toroidal or cylindrical?

Torroidal can be placed in place of the spare wheel if you use the car in urban areas where you can easily find a tire fitting. you will not have any problems, just drive without a spare. as a result all the volume of the trunk is saved.If you exploit the car on the highway, away from settlements. it is still better to leave the spare, at the same time you can put a cylinder of increased volume, so that your car can pass for 1000 km on one fill-up. Well and the spare wheel remains, but I repeat in each case. consult with the master. they have nothing to hide, they do not care what cylinder to put on your car, so they honestly tell you all. what the pros and cons of each type of cylinder.

Choose a service for installation:

  • Ask how many years this auto service works. Usually you can find out on the website of installers, if the same place masters install HBO only 2-3 years, it is probably not the best option and should not experiment. If the company is 10-20 years old, probably these guys know almost everything about HBO and have really struck a nerve.
  • Do not believe the reviews on the websites of repair shops. Usually there will not publish bad reviews. is there or not, you will not find out about it anyway.
  • Remember, that once in 10-15 thousand miles you will need to go to the service to change the filters, if of course you need to keep the warranty. Although you can change filters by yourself, it’s an easy procedure and you will save a lot of money on maintenance.
  • If in doubt, ask if you can come and talk “live” with the master, to see how the installation of HBO on other cars service. Those who have nothing to hide won’t refuse it.

There you go, friends. Now you know a lot about clogged gas. I hope it was interesting, we have tried to tell (and show) as briefly as possible!) What is your point? And you already know who to contact if you need to install high-quality gas equipment on the car. See you soon 😉

It is far from being a new technology.

For two centuries, the gas equipment has been perfected by many manufacturers. Today many motorists can count on modern solutions, which allows you to decide what kind of gas equipment is better to put on your car.

The technology itself did not appear in this century. the first gas engine appeared in 1823. It was this kind of unit that was the first and only then came the gasoline engine. And since the 30’s of XX century, USSR car plants have been producing ZIS-30 and GAZ-44, which engines ran on gas.

best, equipment, your

At the time, only commercial trucks were converted to gas for the economic purpose of. True, only organizations could afford such a decision, and ordinary drivers did not trust gas equipment. Accordingly there was no demand. Besides, for liquid fuel did not bite much then.

Premium gas vs. regular: What’s really better for your car? (CBC Marketplace)

The editors of the site “I have prepared for you a rating of the best manufacturers of gas equipment (HBO) in 2022.

What engines are impossible to install HBO? Myths and Reality!

Hello all! Today I want to raise quite painful, but very hot topic regarding the possibility and impossibility of installing a gas equipment on some modifications of engines.

The fact is that not so long ago there were indeed some problems with the installation of HBO on some engines, mainly with direct injection, but progress is not standing still. Today the situation has changed, but the rumors and myths have not disappeared and still scare and warn those who want to install HBO in an existing car or buy a car with a particular engine and install it on gas.

In general, as I have repeatedly said in my articles and Комментарии и мнения владельцев, nothing is impossible and you can put gas in almost any engine. It may be more difficult, but it is not about the complexity, but whether it is possible. Despite the fact that automakers are constantly improving and refining their engines, the gas industry is also moving forward, and if before you could only count on the 4th generation HBO, today you can find installers ready to put you 5th or even 6th generation HBO. As a rule, there are always self-trained garages that refuse to install halogen gas on a “problematic” or complicated engine and have “shattered hands” on the engines of one type and cannot or do not want to learn new technologies.


Another Italian brand that produces quality gas equipment. The company is headquartered near Venice. Most of the produced equipment works with methane and propane.

  • In summer it can be started without gasoline;
  • reliable membrane;
  • fine filter can be changed very easily, due to the access from above;
  • The equipment includes valves and valves to work with methane.

What’s the best fuel for your car?

Equipment of Italian brand at an affordable price

What is the BEST Fuel to Use in Your Car or Truck and WHY

The disadvantages of experts and drivers include the difficulty of disassembling the valve core. But many people on the question of which propane gas equipment is better for cars, point to this particular manufacturer.

Service contract

In 2016, the rules of registration of SSS in the traffic police were tightened. Formally, this factor is tied to the accession to the Customs Union, but in the partner countries there are no such strict requirements, forcing drivers to lose time and money. Until the summer of 2016, citizens could not register a gas vehicle at all in the traffic police, but now the inspectors can ask about the presence of a mark on the retrofit of the car in the registration certificate. Consider a contract if you are installing HBO on your car for the first time:

  • According to the rules of registration of HBO in 2019, even before the installation is necessary to obtain a conclusion of the preliminary technical examination of the vehicle (TC) on the possibility of installing HBO on your car.
  • Now you have to get permission to install HBO in the traffic police. How to get permission? You write an application for the installation of HBO. You apply to the territorial branch of the traffic police (regardless of the place of registration of the car), where there is a department for technical supervision. The traffic police officer puts a mark in the application-declaration with photos of the car, which has not yet installed HBO.
  • Installing HBO in the car service center. The work takes from 4 hours to 2 days, depending on the capacity of your car and the complexity of the installation of HBO on it.
  • Get a new diagnostic card. In 2019, in order to register for HBO, you will need to have your vehicle serviced again, with a note on the card that HBO has been installed.
  • Getting a certificate of conformity of construction of the vehicle with the changes made in its design safety requirements. In order to continue the registration of gas equipment, you need to come to the same traffic police unit, which you visited for the first time, provide your identity card, as well as the received documents and the car with the installed gas equipment.
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