What is the difference between a screw and centrifugal juicer

Skin or centrifugal juicer: 6 criteria and 2 advice

Six months ago, they purchased a summer house with fruit trees, mainly apple trees. When the harvest was on the way, it became clear that our old manual juicer could not cope with it, so the question of buying a new one arose, I had to figure out what is better: a screw juicer or a centrifugal model? I share the acquired knowledge.

Professionals have identified the criteria by which the difference is carried out by a screw juicer from the centrifugal:

Criterion 1. Except time. Centrifugal models squeeze fruits and vegetables at a speed of 10,000 to 40,000 revolutions per minute due to their high power (up to 2000 watts). The speed of rotation of the screw juicer is much slower: 80-120 revolutions per minute. Maximum power 150-200W).

Criterion 2. Ergonomics. Centrifugal juicers usually have a wider neck for loading fruits, they can be loaded whole, and when working with screw models, you often have to cut fruits into parts.

Criterion 3. Noise level. Due to the lower power, the screw devices create much less noise in comparison with the centrifugal.

Criterion 4. The quality of the juice. The quality of the juice of screw devices is higher, the slow press method allows you to better squeeze the juice from the fruits.

Criterion 5. Dryness of the zimkh. There are differences between centrifugal juicers with a cylindrical separator and conical. Cylindrical gives a more dry cake. Cake in screw models in consistency is located between two varieties of centrifugal models.

Criterion 6. Convenience and speed of cleaning. Centrifugal juicers with a conical separator, as well as vertical screws are best wash. It is inconvenient to wash devices with a cylindrical separator.

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Which juicer is better to choose for home: universal requirements for the device

When choosing a juicer, there is a certain list of universal requirements to which the device must meet, regardless of its type and model.

Choosing a juicer, it is necessary to focus on its technical characteristics

Priority attention is paid to the quality of push. The best juicer for the house should squeeze the maximum juice from the processed products. The state of the pendant is evidenced by the quality of the spin. It should be crushed and slightly moisturized. Maximum efficiency and performance is shown by juicers, in which waste is almost dry. If, upon completion of the process of operation of the device in the zhimi, there are untouched pieces of fruits and juice, we can conclude that the juicer does not perform the function assigned to it.

Important! For convenient operation, an important criterion is the level of noise when operating the device. You should choose juicers with a minimal value of it, consisting of 30-60 dB. Such devices can be used at any time of the day without risk to disturb the households and neighbors.

The dimensions of the juicer are of considerable importance. For everyday use, it is better to give preference to compact options that do not need constant disassembly and assembly, since they occupy a little free space for storage. It is advisable to use bulky models to treat a large number of fruits or vegetables. After completion of the work, the unit is dismantled on the constituent elements and is hidden in the cabinet.

It is better for home to choose a quiet and compact juicer

Advantages and disadvantages of screw juicers

To decide which juicer to choose, pay attention to the advantages of screw devices:

  • High performance. From the fruits you can get up to 85-90% of the juice;
  • Preservation of vitamins and nutrients. The drink is not amenable to heating and oxidation, therefore it retains all the beneficial substances;
  • Lack of foam. The juice does not have foam and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days without losing beneficial properties and taste;
  • Low noise. Due to the small number of revolutions, the devices work almost silently, so you can squeeze the juice at any time of the day;
  • Multifunctionality. Used for the preparation of juices and mashed potatoes, pastes, minced meat, pasta and sausages.
difference, screw, centrifugal, juicer

Skin juicers are universal, as they help to get juice from hard and soft fruits and vegetables, herbs and nuts. Such devices for harvesting juice are great for the future are suitable. They do an excellent job of processing tomatoes and other fruits, as well as fruits and berries with bones.

Cold Press vs Centrifugal Juicers

If we talk about the disadvantages of screw juicers, it should be noted that when processing soft fruits, it is more likely to turn out, so to obtain juice, additional filtering will be required through a sieve. The assortment of screw models in the market is smaller, but still, the choice is sufficient. The cost of such devices is on average twice as high as centrifugal.

Which is better. A screw or centrifugal juicer

If you grow vegetables and fruits, then for their processing without juicer you can not do. Which juicers are better. Screw or centrifugal, consumers decide individually: it depends on the volume of raw materials and its type.

If the convenience and speed of cooking juices from berries and fruits is important, you will choose centrifugal juicers. If reduced energy consumption, a large volume of finished product, its high quality and the ability to extract juices from hard ingredients are of importance, choose a screw model.

Cold Press Juicers vs Centrifugal Juicers | Which is Best?

Comparison of the parameters of a screw and centrifugal juicer

Skin Centrifugal
one. Noise level They work quietly enough, you can cook juice even early in the morning, while everyone is sleeping. They function loudly.
2. Quality and amount of juice At the exit, it is really possible to get 50% more than with the help of centrifugal models, which depends on the product. The juice after cooking does not oxidize, does not have foam, has an ideal consistency. A lot of foam, little juice.
3. Multifunctionality Horizontal devices prepare not only juices, but also sausages, pasta, minced meat. There are models that allow you to make soy, nut milk. Users are available 1 function. Preparation of freshly squeezed juices.
4. The convenience of washing The device is completely disassembled, all elements are washed separately. There is no need to disassemble for cleansing. The device is rinsed under running water.
5. Size and weight Models are bulky, occupy a lot of space. Devices are compact. There are models designed to obtain 1 t. Drink.
6. Price Are several times more expensive than centrifugal analogues. They cost several times cheaper than screw analogues.

What model to choose? The technique of presented types copes with solid products: beets, carrots, apples. At the same time, centrifugal devices cannot twist tomato juice.

Attention! The user must determine for himself what kind of juice he plans to cook, how often he will use the device, what budget he has for the purchase.

This is the only way to decide on the suitable model of the device, which will completely arrange according to its own parameters and performance.

In any case, you should not save on the purchase. It is better to choose juicers with high power, since they easily squeeze juice from various solid products. Even if the user does not need such an option today, it is not a fact that it will not be needed in the future.

Time goes on, the tastes of people are changing. New preferences appear, sometimes exotic. Perhaps the user in 1-2 years will love juice from parsley, which will be unrealistic if the centrifugal model will be used.

Comparison of juicers according to the result of the comparison of the juice

Advantages and disadvantages

The equipment is classified into the following types:

  • Manual control by analogy with a meat grinder. A simple mechanism that can be equipped with an additional nozzle. The process takes a lot of time and effort, but at the same time, raw materials at the output of satisfactory quality;
  • The two.Shine view is equipped with a simple design. The user receives the maximum amount of the drink ~ 90% of the fruits and vegetables used.

Manual screw model Two.Shine juicer

The best of screw juicers are chosen depending on the location of the device. Horizontal or vertical.


In appearance, the technique is identical to a meat grinder with an electric drive. The essence of the work is that small cutting of raw materials occurs, and then the user loads the products into the compartment. After processing large pieces, small should push.

The horizontal model is identical to a meat grinder with an electric drive

  • In some models, the possibility of grinding coffee beans, cinnamon, spices and cereals is available;
  • Soft raw materials in a few minutes turn into a homogeneous consistency;
  • Low price.


Compact dimensions and lean squeezing make the process of operating vertical equipment as effective as possible.

  • Performance;
  • A wide neck of acceptance in some models eliminates the need to cut products;
  • Stylish design;
  • Easy care.

We tried to give the most objective assessment of what is happening in the world of domestic juices. By and large, the choice of the bulk of people who are seriously interested in the topic is limited to two types of models: centrifugal or screw. Advanced users. Those who often make a lot of juice from different raw materials. Now most often choose a favorite from screw models, because the variety of source products in fact turned out to be more significant than the processing speed. Cheap centrifugal juicer, as a rule, has one advantage. Price. Dear acquire the second. The speed of processing.

We left the brackets what, mainly, discusses on the forums. The quality and experience of using a particular model of a particular brand. The purpose of this material is to summarize the information and find simple and understandable choice parameters. But we brought links to all tested juicers. There you can find specific models with their features, advantages and disadvantages.

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Consider examples

This centrifugal model has the most sparing speed among centrifuge. Only 6300 revolutions per minute. She shows herself well in the preparation of other juices: for example, it allows you to harvest grapes entirely, without even removing a clock. The model has a unique sieve cleaning system, parts are made of Swiss stainless steel AISI 304. This is a European assembly, quality and good reputation. There is also a convenient blowing function, thanks to which it does not need to be washed between the spin of different types of juice.

This model is a representative of the last, fourth generation of screw juicers. It is distinguished by absolutely quiet work, and the products do not come into contact with the metal. This juicer uses a beast cold squeeze, so that the juice does not heat up during cooking, and washing the device takes only a couple of minutes.

difference, screw, centrifugal, juicer
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