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The thermopot has long been interested in the team of “comfortable home” as one of the mysterious devices, regarding which everything did not have any things to do with them decisively: starting with whether they have any practical meaning at all, and ending with how much the use of such a device can do. In the household.

After all, it is clear that there are no free gingerbreads and for the possibility of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to have a pre.Given temperature at an instant disposal, you will have to pay in a pre.Set temperature: it must be constantly heated for this, and electricity, unlike Soviet times, is completely worth it. Tangible money. It has already reached, it seems, to everyone.


In the process of this testing, we have advanced great in every sense: in the understanding of who and why the thermopot can be needed, and in determining the key points for a comparative assessment of different devices of this type. Perhaps the most significant compliment from the harsh professional testers will voice the most significant compliment: we ourselves were interested in.

How the thermopot works

After the liquid has cooled strongly, it can be heated to the desired temperature without repeated boiling.

Which company thermopot is better to buy for home

The best brands of thermopotes according to user and expert estimates:

  • Redmond. Expensive, but powerful, functional thermopotes;
  • Panasonic. Functional and technological devices from small to medium volume, average price;
  • Vitesse. Strong models of the best thermopotes with all water supply modes (manual, automatic, in one press);
  • Kitfort KT. Energy.Saving models of high power with a control system thought out to the smallest detail;
  • Polaris. The technique of original design and high.Quality assembly.

Good thermopotes are functional, safe, have a simple, intuitive control system.

Important! When choosing a thermopot, you need to look at the case. Normally when heating the liquid, it remains cold.

Models for every taste and wallet are presented on sale, but the best thermopotes make proven brands


The market offers various types and sizes of thermopotes. First of all, the device is divided according to the material of manufacture.

Units are made from the following materials:

  • Plastic device. It differs in an inexpensive price. Various colors are produced, so you should not worry about the combination of the device with the interior of the room. Such an unit does not last long, plastic loses strength over time. And thermal thorough loses its appearance;
  • Glass unit. A fairly stylish device, but requiring careful care for glass and neat handling with it. Since the glass unit is very fragile;
  • Metal device. Are made of stainless alloy steel and aluminum. Sufficiently durable and universal devices. Differ in high price and constant care. After all, traces of hands are clearly imprinted on this device;
  • Combined unit. Popular model of buyers. It has a fairly attractive appearance, thanks to several materials for the manufacture of thermopot.

These devices also differ in terms of heated fluid.


Thermopotes are represented by a different indicator in terms of water, which they can heat and keep at the same temperature. Devices are 4 liters. They are recommended for families with children and those who need constant hot liquid for various household needs. Units from 5 to 7 liters are useful in production or for a large family. This thermopot can provide with hot liquid up to 15 people.

Devices differ in the type of heating element.

Thermopotes are released with two types of heating device:

  • Open spiral. She somewhat reminiscent of an ordinary Soviet boiler. The device of such a heating of water has a low cost. The unit works almost silently. But has negative aspects such as inconvenience during the cleaning of the device (the spiral is hard to put in order). And the device cannot be used for heating a small amount of water (the liquid should completely cover the spiral);
  • Closed spiral. Located under a special disk in thermopot. It differs in easy care. But has a higher cost compared to the previous collection. Also, devices with such a heating element consume a lot of electricity and create inconvenience during their noisy work.

Temperature regime

Manufacturers offer thermopotes equipped up to 6 different fluid heating modes. Devices with a mode from 4 to 6, ideal for families where there are small children. Units equipped with 3-4 modes are recommended to use older people or big families.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the devices

Pros and cons are inherent in both devices. What is good an ordinary electric kettle:

  • Within 1 minute boils 2 liters of water;
  • Compact, it is convenient to take it with you;
  • There are many models that differ in design, forms, sizes;
  • Affordable price.
  • Most often, the maximum volume does not exceed 5 liters;
  • Boiling water, as a process, requires a lot of electricity;
  • Cheap models do not serve for a long time, start leak or fail.

Thermopot (Potter) and its positive qualities:

  • It is able to boil water like a kettle, but also maintain its temperature as a thermos;
  • More capacious. Up to 8 liters;
  • Moderate energy consumption;
  • Some models are programmed, that is, you can put on what time the device will have to warm up the water;
  • Easy to use. To pour water into the cup, just bring the container to the nose and press the button.

How the thermos works

A heating element

Reliability, noise, heating speed depend on the heating element installed in the device. The devices uses such types of heating elements:

A spiral.Type open Ten is a boiler located in the device flask. The element is not durable, lime deposits are quickly formed on its surface, the duration of heating increases.

The closed spiral is covered in the bottom of the device, does not contact with the liquid, reliably protected from scale.

It is placed at the bottom, covered with a protective disk, is able to heat any fluid volume. Disconic heating disorder. Greater energy consumption, noisiness.

It is recommended to choose thermopot for home with a disk or closed spiral element: they last longer, easy to maintain.

Water supply

Thermopotes is a fairly bulky device, so it is not convenient to pour water from it like an electric kettle. For this, a pump is installed. Electric or mechanical.

When using the electricum, the boiling water is supplied after pressing the button. The device must be connected to the mains.

What is a Thermistor

To pour water from the tank with a mechanical pump on the button, you will have to press several times. The advantage of such systems is independence from the supply of electricity.

Devices that have pumps of both types are also available. It is convenient to use the electric pump constantly, and when turning off electricity. Mechanical.


Two points depend on the body material. Practical and aesthetic.

Plastic case is subject to mechanical damage. The surface can change color due to inaccurate care or direct exposure to sunlight.

Thermopotes with a case made of metal are resistant to mechanical damage, do not abrasion. If the surface is not painted, then the color characteristic of metal has.

How to use

Working with this device is very simple. Pour ordinary tap water into it. This can be done using any containers, for example, to purchase a bucket with a volume of about 1.5-2 liters or a jug of the same volume. If there is no special capacity, pour a liquid with an ordinary cup or jar. Water should be poured to the maximum level specified inside the device. Please note that you can not put the device under the crane.

Close the thermopote cover tightly, connect the device to the network and press the Boil button. Then it remains to wait until the water boils. Until the water boil, set the highest heating mode.

When the water boils, you can switch the device to the desired heating mode by pressing the “Select” mode switch button. Temperature conditions for heating water are different, depending on the brand of the apparatus. The most commonly used 4 temperature regime. The device will hold the temperature at the required level for a long time. When you need to pour water, put the container under the nose of the device and press the corresponding button on the lid.

Basic and additional functions of thermopot

Among the main tasks of this technique, only heating and maintaining the given water temperature are listed. For this, the device is necessarily supplemented by a thermostat. But this basis can already complement various levels of protection:

  • From the inclusion of a thermopot with an empty tank;
  • From random pressing a manual or electric pump;
  • From the automatic beginning of boiling when connecting to the network;
  • From pressing buttons when boiling.

Also, thermopot is often supplemented by increasing ease of operation with elements, which can be attributed:


What is THERMOGENICS? What does THERMOGENICS mean? THERMOGENICS meaning & explanation

  • Several ways to pour water;
  • Rotation at 360 °;
  • Strong handle for moving the device;
  • Measured scale;
  • Display backlight;
  • Buzzer;
  • Built.In timer and the function of the deferred start.

Those who are not enough for this, some models of thermopotes can please the built.In filter, coal coating of the tank and the function of self.Cleaning. But it is important to understand that when choosing such a technique, you will only have to pay attention to the functions and options important for you, since none of the options presented on the market do not have a full list of opportunities described above.

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