What power is you need a flowing water heater in the kitchen

What power is you need a flowing water heater in the kitchen. Wert 16e Silver

The best gas flow water heaters of 2022

№ Name Description Price
one. Wert 10P W1410P The best gas flow water heater 200
2. Electrolux Gwh 14 Nanoplus 2.0 Reliable and popular gas water heater of a flow type 250
3. Bosch WR 13-2B23 High.quality flow water heater from Bosch 295
four. Zanussi Gwh 10 Fonte Turbo Gas flow water heater with excellent water heating rate 180
5. BAXI SIG-2 11I Good flowing gas water heater 235

Rating of the best inexpensive flowing water heaters

№ Name Description Price
one. Wert 10EG Flower The best inexpensive gas water heater 100
2. Thermex Chief 7000 The best budget electric water heater of a flow type 130
3. Gorenje Gwh 10 NNBW High.quality flowing water heater of open type of combustion 150
four. Zanussi Gwh 6 Fonte Best flow water heater up to 100 99
5. Baltgaz NEVA 4610 Castle gas water heater from the budget segment 160

The best running water heaters of 2022

Top 15 of the best running water heaters

Water heaters today can be seen in almost every house. This household appliances really greatly facilitates the maintenance of life and makes human life more comfortable. There is a large assortment of water heating tanks with different technical characteristics. Today in the article we will get acquainted with the rating of the best electric water heaters of the flow type.

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Stiebel Eltron HDB-E 12 Si

A good water heater with a magnificent protection system.

Electric Castle Water heater Stiebel Eltron HDB-E 12 Si

The top of the best electric water heaters opens a high.performance model that can supply several water intake points at the same time. We are talking about the STIIEBEL ELTRON HDB-E 12SI model. This device is ideal for installation in a private house.

Unlike accumulative models, a flowing water heating tank supplies hot water immediately when the tap is opened and in unlimited quantities. This tank is equipped with electronic control that can provide uniform supply of water of a given temperature.

Stiebel Eltron HDB-E 12SI can be installed in wet rooms, since its case has an IP25 protection system. Maximum water heating temperature 60 degrees. The power consumption of a household appliance is 11,000 watts, the voltage in the network should be three.phase 380 V.

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Installation of an electric water heater is a serious and responsible event, so it is advisable to entrust this work to specialists. But many consumers have reasons to install this device with their own hands:

  • limited budget;
  • Urgent need for the device;
  • the desire to learn new skills (it will be better if this will happen under the supervision of a professional);
  • the possibility of repair;
  • Housing remoteness from large settlements.

The first stage in the independent installation of an electric flow boiler is a check of the mains and wiring. Remember that to connect high.power boilers you need a new three.phase power supply and high.quality wiring. Otherwise, you run the risk of arranging a fire. If you have a two.phase electric network with an old wiring in your house, you need to completely change all the paved cables in the apartment. Such repair is also necessary in the absence of grounding.

The second stage is the determination of the location of the device. The installation site is located depending on the type of boiler. Underwear (individual) water heaters in most cases are installed near the consumption point (above, under or from the side of the sink). If the non.stapnik also includes a hose with a shower watering can, think over its location. Burry also to protect the device from direct moisture hit.

Do not install the proton in an inaccessible place. this is necessary for free mechanical switching, regulating the temperature regime and the pressure of the pressure of the water flow.

Installation of a system flowing water heater is most often made near the most loaded water intake point or not far from the riser. A high.power boiler can provide a bathtub and kitchen with water, so the location is selected, focusing on the convenience of maintenance and expediency. Such devices are programmed in advance, so there is no need to regularly set up.

The third stage. attachment to the wall. To do this, you need to drill holes and hang the device on special loops or brackets that are included. Two requirements that must be observed for the correct installation:

The heater should be completely hidden in the process of functioning, otherwise part of the heating element will dry out and overheating will occur, due to which the device will break.

  • Turn off the water heater;
  • Remove the installation plate (should be included in the kit), attach to the wall and mark the places for the location;
  • drill the recesses;
  • Insert the dowels and screw the screws;
  • throw off the lid and make holes for the flow of water.

The fourth stage. connection to the electric current network. Be careful and careful. Disconnect the mains in your apartment or house. Stretch the cable through the hole in the back of the device, closed by a rubber plug. Hang the device on prepared mounts and make sure that there are no horizontal distortions. Clean the ends of the cables and attach 3 wires to the terminal box.

Twist the screws for reliable fixation of each of the wires. Wires are located on color marking. Installation is prohibited if there is no protective shutdown and grounding device. If suddenly a failure or leak occurs, the machine will turn off this chain.

Fifth stage. water connection. Most often, only a few options are used:

  • upper connection, when the device is mounted above the tap crane;
  • the lower, respectively, lower. for example, under the sink;
  • connection with open or closed pipes of water supply.

Two holes for supplying pipes are provided in the device case. they install hoses for cold and hot water. Devices with small power are usually equipped with a hose with a shower watering can instead of going out into a common fishing line for a hot water trimmer.

It is possible to connect the boiler to the central pipes of the highway, and to the accumulative tank, however, it should be 4 meters above the mounted device. If the supply is made from the tank, water level control is required. In suburban houses, the dachas also use a direct connection to a well or well, but only using at least a rude filter, otherwise you are not shining with warranty service.

Manufacturers and reviews

Several firms of electric boilers are allocated in the ranking.

  • Electrolux. Hundred-year-old Swedish giant manufacturer of household appliances. It also produces flowing electric heaters of water, but at very “biting” prices.
  • AEG. German company, which began its activities back in 1887. In 1996, she was absorbed in the Daimler AG concern, but continues to produce as one of the subsidiaries and retained its brand.
  • Thermex. This company specializes in water heaters. Most of the line of its models is occupied by storage boilers, but she also did not deprive the flowing ones with her attention.
  • Zanussi. Italian company founded in 1916 a. Zanussi. Was originally focused on stoves, washing machines and household appliances. In the second half of the twentieth century, with a change in the leadership of the company, they diversified production. In 1984, he was sold to the Electrolux concern, under whose beginning it continues to work.
  • Polaris, LG, BOSH. famous companies, mainly producing high.power devices. The disadvantage of their devices is very strict requirements for the electric network and laid cables. The installation of such powerful models should be made by professionals, do not risk making installation yourself. Housing and communal services, including fire protection, should also assure the safety of the installation result.

Most often, such devices are mounted in organizations for production or household needs of staff (especially if the company is not small).

Consider several of the most successful models from different manufacturers.Timberk Whel-3 OS. The advantages of this product include:

  • a fuse is provided, there is protection against overheating;
  • design reliability;
  • power up to 3.5 kW;
  • the heat exchanger is made of copper;
  • low price;
  • The kit includes a hose and a shower watering can.
  • refers to non.pressure models;
  • low throughput. up to 1.9 liters per minute;
  • intended for use only in warm seasons.

Great selection for summer cottage.Electrolux NPX6 “Aquatronic Digital”. The advantages of this model:

  • modest dimensions;
  • 5.7 kW power;
  • There is a digital screen for display and change the settings;
  • fuse from the exceeding the temperature inside the device;
  • The price is not overstated.

It is mainly used in dachas, according to consumer reviews. “Redring PowerStream 8”. Advantages:

  • high power. 8 kW;
  • throughput. 6 liters per minute;
  • small product;
  • temperature maximum at the output. 60 degrees;
  • Thermal subject;
  • Copper heat exchanger.

The approximate service life is 3 years (due to a not very successful design).Timberk Whe 5.5 XTR H1. Pros:

  • power. 5.5 kW;
  • throughput. up to 3.85 liters per minute;
  • very small price;
  • overheating fuse;
  • Small dimensions and weight.

The best option for those whose budget is limited. But be vigilant-after a year or two, leaks are possible. Hyundai H-IWR1-3P-CS. Flaws:

  • small sizes and weight;
  • water filter;
  • The configuration includes a hose, a crane and a watering can;
  • assembly reliability;
  • Very small price.


The water heater for the sink can be extremely necessary in some cases.

  • In case of complete absence of hot water. In the rooms, without any problems, it will be possible to install not only a water heater under a sink of a suitable size, but also adapted a cumulative boiler nearby where a large volume for the bath.
  • For active use in the summer season of the year. In many cities in summer, hot water is most often disconnected for diagnosis, construction or repair of water networks. In order not to feel difficulties with constant heating water for various kinds of household needs, many inhabitants install this equipment in their dwellings.
  • In case of unexpected emergency shutdown of the heated water, when repair work can be carried out in the house or pipes change. Then you can choose a small.volume device. An ordinary household water heater will be able to calmly accommodate both under the sink and on the walls, it will not deliver any trouble.

All water heaters under the sink can be divided into 2 main types in accordance with the principle of action.

  • Products with a capacity capacity are the most popular equipment, which is characterized by a rather economical energy consumption and very simple in operation. Accumulative boilers have compact dimensions, work on electric energy.

Among the positive features of accumulative boilers can be noted:

  • compactness;
  • Lack of scale;
  • rapid heating of water;
  • high capacity, which can increase the energy costs of the performance of the device.
  • Devices with a flow heater-less in demand due to higher electricity consumption. In addition, the cost of such products is much higher than the price of analogues with a capacity capacity.

Proporal units have a slightly different structure than cumulative products. The accumulative container in devices of this type is generally absent.

Most water heaters have parts such as:

  • The protection housing. for its production, metal or very durable plastic is required, the case will differ in compact parameters, excellently suitable for accommodation under any shell;
  • Ten. in direct dependence on power, this device is equipped with one or several devices for heating water at once;
  • Sensors of the fluid duct. differ in the presence of a heating element, which, if necessary, prevent the combustion of the heater with a lack of water duct;
  • power relay. guarantees both the inclusion and shutdown of the working heater;
  • temperature control sensors. will not allow overheating of the unit.

Such mechanisms in accordance with the type of fuel that they consume can be two types: electric products and gas (speakers).

Gas devices are used only in those houses that have a connection to the gas distribution line. Before purchasing an electric heater, you need to make sure that the wiring condition in your house allows you to use equipment with a power of above 2 kW/hour.

Propromic products

  • A gas flow water heater in a modern form is a compact and rather aesthetic column, which is connected to the highway. It will be great to fit into the kitchen space under the sink, since in the assortment you can find various colors. Buyers of this kind of devices consider the stopping of the supply of heated water with a significant drawback, it is only worth blocking the gas. Such products will save you during the period of the next shutdown of hot water supply and may be an excellent solution for giving.
  • The electric flow device for heating water for the kitchen most often looks like a small box with a faucet emerging from it, from which water will come to the desired degree of heating. This device is connected to the water supply. Running water passing through the heating element gains heat and is actively used for household needs. This device is extremely convenient for arranging in an oversized kitchen, where there is no need for large volumes of hot water.


  • These water heaters attract consumers with the design of their tank tank, which is able to preserve heated water for a long time. This kind of variation of the boiler is extremely economical, since the device is turned on only to bring the desired volume of water to the desired temperature, and then immediately turns off. Gas units are not as compact as their analogues of a flowing type, but have a wide range of sizes and stylish decor to be located under the sink within the kitchen itself.
  • A larger number of electric water heaters are a full.fledged automatic type boiler, which, according to a pre.laid program, will perform all basic functions: it will turn on, warm up the water to the required temperature, and it will turn off itself. This device must be connected to the network all the time.

How to choose?

If you want to purchase a heater for a long time to use it exclusively during the repair of hot water supply, then spending on an expensive model does not make sense. In the summer you can do a running boiler with small power and with a small volume of heated fluid.

If you want to install a boiler for the kitchen to use it all year round, or you need a country model for washing dishes, consider the models of storage water heaters with a small volume. up to 15 liters.

Since tap water is quite cold in winter (about 5 degrees), the flow device can not cope with the declared difference in temperature conditions.

Boiler power. perhaps the main characteristic. And it’s not even about the heating speed and the energy efficiency class. The importance of this issue is that in many apartment buildings there is no way to install high-power units due to the presence of weak electrical wiring.

Yourself you can connect devices with a capacity of up to 5 kW, then you will have to connect to the shield using a separate thick wire or use a three.phase network. The smallest boilers are considered the lowest.

You can choose oversized models with power starting from 0.8 kW.

Heater for kitchen cranes, running boilers will consume approximately 7 kW.

High.power electrical devices there is no need to mount in the kitchen. But if the heated water will be used not only for washing dishes in the kitchen, but also for taking a shower in the bathroom, then they will be quite appropriate.

power, need, flowing, water, heater, kitchen

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Since a water heater with electric power can combine 2 rather dangerous things: water and electric current, when choosing it is necessary to take into account everything that may concern safe use. A good boiler will be equipped with a protective shutdown device (RCD) necessary when supplying electricity. And also there should be a protection against fluid overheating and disconnecting automatically with a “dry” of turning on. And do not forget about grounding.

When choosing a water heater under the sink, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • unit power, which can affect the amount of electricity consumed;
  • The thickness of the thermal insulation material will determine the degree of cooling of the liquid;
  • type of a specific device;
  • The installation site. in this case, it will be a place under the sink;
  • type of room for installation and housing. a summer house, a separate house or apartment;
  • The volume of use of water.

If you make a choice between heaters of the same volume of water, and at the same time one of them will differ in large sizes, then the best option will have exactly the larger size. Since this model will have a thicker layer of thermal insulation, it will prevent fluid cooling in the process of heating.

What to look for when choosing a flow water heater

The choice of electrical equipment that works with water should be taken with special attention. Not enough for it to simply perform its functions. The water heater must be safe, easy to use and maintained. A checklist with the main parameters and characteristics of heaters will help to determine the choice.

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Dimensional dimensions and width for installation

A flowing electric heater in water is usually installed either in the immediate vicinity of the finished water fence (above or under the sink), or in the household unit, from where it is possible to dilute water through consumers. In any case, the place for its installation should be considered in advance. If this is a nozzle on a crane, then the space is not particularly required and the issue is solved by itself.

According to the dimensions, the device should not be placed in the location selected for it. You need a place for eyeliner, cooling.

Even with horizontal installation, the unit itself can be vertical or horizontal. For example, most Zanussi models are horizontal 25-27 cm 13 cm in height, and among ATROM and Thermex there are vertical.

Type of connection to the mains

Electric heaters operate on a single.phase 220 V and three.phase 380 in three.phase. Devices are more powerful than 5-7 kW from 380 V exclusively.

Single.phase connection

These are a 220 V network, there is in every house. The running heaters are powerful, less than 2-2.5 kW are not even found. Therefore, it can only be included in the outlet with a power of up to 3 kW. The rest requires grounding and a power cable with a large section. It is recommended to turn on the devices in 4-5 kW directly on the shield, on a separate machine.

Three.phase connection

Flot heaters with a capacity of more than 7 kW are connected to 380 in. Before buying the device, you should make sure that such a network has been opened in the house. The requirements for the network, as well as the recommended section of the cable is spelled out in the instructions for each device. These instructions must be observed, because only in this way can the manufacturer guarantee the safety and maintenance of the declared characteristics.

Type of device

Depending on how the water pressure is formed for further return to the consumer, there are non.pressure and pressure heaters. Among the flowing ones, most of the models are unpales, but heaters are also found in the second type.


Water in such devices circulates and goes to the final user naturally, without additional exposure. She comes to the heater under the pressure supplied by the water supply system, and then by gravity, due to thoughtful geometry and under her own weight. Such heaters supply water to one point of fence, installed either on the crane, or in the immediate vicinity of it.


Pressure heaters work with several points of the fence. The device can be installed in the household, at some distance from the crane or shower. There is enough water pressure to distribute water not all connected points.

Heating element

Two options are possible: tubular heating element or open spiral.

  • Ten is cheaper. But its service life is less, t.to. In the process, he is covered with a scope. A positive point. devices with the heater are subject to repair. In inexpensive heaters, it is the heater. It is made of stainless steel, copper. To protect yourself in case of violation of the integrity of the heating element, the device is best included in the network through the RCD.
  • Spiral is an open heating element. She has the best heat transfer. In the process of heating, the heating element vibrates, which does not allow the scale to settle. Consequently, thermal conductivity does not deteriorate due to scale, the high efficiency is preserved for the entire time of service, which is more than that of the TEN. Such devices are more expensive and in case of breakdown are not subject to repair.

Power consumption

The running heaters prepare water for the consumer instantly while it passes through the heat exchanger. To achieve acceptable heating, power is needed. power. faster heating, higher possible heating temperature. But, the greater the power, the greater the load on the network. The network should be prepared for such tests. This moment should be found out in advance: for what load is the network in the house designed. Costs for payment of bills also increase in proportion to the capacity.

2-3 kW devices are capable of warming water to warm to one fence point. The heater of such a power will only go as a duty option in case the DHW is disconnected, or to the cottage, for example. The device 3-5 kW will warm the water to one point or to a warm to several. A proton, which can serve as the main source of hot water in the house, will consume from 6-7 kW or more.

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Useful power

The beneficial power of heaters approximately coincides with the consumed. There are no links in the structure of the device on which it would be lost. The effectiveness of the running heaters reaches 98-99%.

Maximum water temperature

In the documentation for equipment, you can find 2 numbers: maximum temperature and maximum heating temperature. And they may not match. The first is the temperature at which the temperature sensors are configured, when it is exceeded, protection against overheating is triggered. The second depends on the power and shows to what values ​​the device can warm the water from the cold crane. It must be understood that the manufacturer indicates the numbers received during the tests under perfect conditions. Real values ​​when heated will be lower.

Protection against scale

Scale greatly spoils the life of the user and bothers the manufacturer. Salts that cover the heating element with a thick layer reduce its heat transfer. energy is consumed, and water is heated worse. Engineers are fighting a problem as they can. In some models there are filters of pre.purification of water from hardness salts. In others, the heating element itself is made of materials (or has a coating), to which the scale does not “stick” so much so hard. Spiral elements vibrate, preventing salt from settling on themselves.

Type of control

Management is mechanical or electronic. The second type is technically more complicated and significantly increases the cost of the device.

Features of choosing a gas water heater

Serious requirements in terms of safety are imposed on the operation of gas equipment. Gas speakers are source of direct open flame “eating” by main gas. It is important not only to choose a reliable, safe model of the heater, but also to make his work safe.

Coordination and compliance with norms

Only a licensed specialist can engage in the installation of a gas column. The room where the heater will stand should meet the requirements:

The presence of a ventilation inflow, an opening window or window.

Ceiling height from 2.2 m and above, the area of ​​the room from 12 square meters.m. In practice, columns put in smaller rooms, provided that they are not insulated. That is, in the kitchen 8 square meters.m. You can put the device if there is no door.

For approval, you must contact Gorgaz. To draw up documents will require a passport for equipment, examination of the state of the chimney, those.Project and statement.

How to fix some common problems with your boiler

The equipment of the chimney

The gas column with an open combustion chamber is connected to a separate chimney with natural ventilation. The diverting pipe should be well fixed to the wall, without sagging. The material from which it is made is needed, the heat.resistant, capable of withstanding the effects of high temperatures. The parameters of the chimney are prescribed in the instructions for the heater, they are required. Elements of the chimney going beyond the room must be insulated.

Gas line connection

The rules for connecting the column to the highway are registered in SP 62.13330. The hose for connecting the heater with the gas pipe must be purchased by a special: rubber, reinforced with textile fiber, sulfonal or in a protective metal braid. The distance between the column and the place of the insert into the highway should not exceed 2 m. The work is carried out by a specialist.

A flowing heater will help to solve the problem with hot water in different situations: in case of accidents and prevention at the thermal power plants, if there is no other way to warm water in the house. If there is gas, then the gas column is the best option. It is inexpensive, the energy is also inexpensive. The electric heater is more universal. It is easier to install it, special resolution is not required. And the variety of models will allow you to choose the best option for any requirements.

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