What to do if the microwave stopped warm

Common malfunctions of the microwave and ways to eliminate them

The microwave has become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen and in offices. It saves time when heated by finished dishes and defrosting semi.Finished products. We are so accustomed to the existence of microwaves that we begin to instantly panic if any difficulties arise in its work. Let’s try to figure out what malfunctions can occur in a working microwave, and what ways to eliminate this problem exist.

Before trying to find a breakdown yourself, you should study the device device and understand how it works. The microwave consists of: camera, doors with a seal, magnetron, responsible for generating energy, energy converter. Transformer, diode, capacitor, fan. Auxiliary elements of the microwave are grill and pallet lamps, fan and pallet engines. Products in the microwave are heated due to the effects of electromagnetic radiation of high power.

Waves penetrate the contents of the camera and affect molecules, which, due to such penetration, begin to move towards the lines of the electromagnetic field. The movement of molecules provides heating of products from the outside and from the inside.

Magnetron. A diode that provides the generation of electromagnetic waves, when the flow of electrons interacts with the magnetic field. In the center of a copper anode in the shape of a cylinder is a rod cathode with a channel thread, it is he who releases electrons. The standard power issued by the magnetron is 800 watts.

Microwave Not HeatingEasy Fix!

Due to the fact that the magnetron releases a lot of heat during operation, its body must be placed in a plate radiator, constantly blown by air emanating from the fan. Also, due to considerations of magnetron protection, they are supplied with a special thermal subject warning.

Another important component of any microwave is the fan. The fan creates blowing a magnetron, grill, the camera itself, from which, thanks to the action of this device, air and water vapor come out. With the help of air ducts located inside the furnace, air is circulated from the outside.

Any oven has a shielded chamber protected by a metal case that prevents the penetration of radiation to the outside. The metal grid on the glass of the microwave doors is also not random. It does not pass the rays of 2450 Hz. The door itself should very clearly fit to the body, it is important to exclude any even the smallest skew. In a naturally forming gap, preserving the geometric shape, the so.Called standing wave of electromagnetic impulses is formed, it takes a value equal to 0, and this prevents the penetration of radiation beyond its limits.

The control unit is designed to maintain the set power and turn off the device after the set time. These are two main parameters of functionality.

On a note! In modern models, the functionality of the block has expanded significantly, and now in microwaves there may be built.In hours, power indicator, standard preparation or defrosting programs, ending signal and some other functions.

Details the principle of operation, as well as the diagram of the device of the microwave, including the electrical circuit, are given in this article.

How is the microwave oven

To make repairs with your own hands, when the breakdown is caused by the refusal of any part, you need to know how the microwave works. High.Frequency radiation, which warms up food, is created by a magnetron connected to a rectangular wave. Depending on the model, it is closed from the side of the camera with a piece of mica or a plastic lid.

High.Voltage power supply provides a transformer using a multiplier consisting of a capacitor and diode. Protection against overloads and short circuits is carried out by a fuse installed in the high voltage circuit.

The magnetron is cooled with a fan. Heated air through the duct enters the chamber, which helps to accelerate heating. To remove excess air and steam in the chamber, the holes are made impermeable for high.Frequency oscillations.

To exclude the ability to turn on the oven with an open door, a lock is installed on micro.Transcripts. Nuts are supplied through them when they are turned on by pressing the latches installed on the door when it closes. When opening, the power is turned off instantly.

Depending on the manufacturer, the number of switches is from 2 to 5. They are used in the circuits for turning on the furnace and regulation of power. A common reason why the microwave does not warm is a damaged micro.Transcript in the magnetron control scheme. To backlight the camera, the lamp installed in the opening of the duct is turned on.

Working commands are selected on the control panel. The choice is made by mechanical switches, or using a microprocessor. Digital control is made on buttons or a touch option is used. In the case of a breakdown of the panel without skills to work with electronics, it will not work to repair it. But check if any wire has bounced-accessible to everyone.

How to independently eliminate simple problems

How can this be? The microwave seems to have broken, but continues to work: the plate rotates, the bulbs are burning, and the food is cold.

The device stops warming for several reasons. Before disassemble the case and look inside the microwave, you should study the operating instructions that indicate the most common breakdowns and ways to correct them. To begin with, we will deal with the simplest problems:

How To Fix A Microwave That Is Not Heating Food

  • One of the common reasons why the microwave stopped warming is insufficient voltage. For normal functioning, the device needs a voltage of 220 volts, the decrease of which by only 10-20 volts will be insufficient to heat food. It is possible to eliminate this by installing an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Network overload. For cooking, especially on the eve of the holidays, several electrical appliances are often used. Some sockets are not able to withstand such a load, so the device does not fully operate or even turns off. In this case, do not use tees and carrying, and connect each device to a separate outlet or use in turn.
  • Falf of the door latch. In order for the door to fit tightly, you need to adjust the latch.

If such reasons are not detected or already eliminated, and the stove still does not warm, then the malfunction lies even deeper.

Determination of a malfunction

During operation, the microwave of the patch is usually noisy. Why she began to make strange sounds. A strong hum, buzzing, creak, squeak or whistle, knock, you can answer by finding out the reasons for the breakdown.

  • Noise when rotating the platform sometimes emit wheels stands. Especially if they are slipping on the contaminated surface of the chamber.
  • The fan motor can fail in the same way (in some models, the engine near the rotary table and the hood is common).
  • Air mixer in the stove provides uniform heating distribution. Its motor is also subject to wear.
  • The main part is a magnetron generating ultra.Frequency energy, which heats the products from the inside. In good condition, he works quietly. The faulty, as a rule, makes especially unpleasant noises.
microwave, stopped, warm

Fact! This is the most important detail that only a professional master is capable of changing.

  • Significant noise can cause a capacitor malfunction. If you independently make a replacement, before work, be sure to discharge it.
  • The reason for the lack of warming may be a fuse. This happens as a result of the closure on the magnetron, transformer or capacitor.

Practice shows that mainly equipment breakdown occurs due to its improper operation.

With separate breakdowns, a person with special training is able to cope himself. Only the necessary tools and devices are needed, as well as the possibility of acquiring new details. In this case, take into account the timing of the guarantee for the device. If it did not end, then, having opened the seal of the microwave, you will not be able to contact the service center for repair.

Causes of malfunctions

Even the products of such well.Known firms as LG. Samsung. Daewoo, cannot serve forever. Practice shows that the technique of these manufacturers, like “Sharp”, “Scarlett”, “Panasonic”, “Supr”, “Bosch”, has been working great for 5–7 years. Then problems may arise.

microwave, stopped, warm

For example, everything seems to work outwardly, and the food is poorly warming up or does not bask at all. At the same time, the unit is noisy or squeaks, but the stand is spinning at the same time. He warms food for a long time. Such signs are not always indicated that the microwave has broken and it must be carried for repair. Why it doesn’t work, you need to find out. Let’s go from simple to complex.

  • It happens that the user in a hurry or in forgetfulness did not switch to the display from defrosting for cooking. As a result, the oven is warmly warms.
  • For normal operation, voltage is required in the network 220 volts. Its falling even 10–20 volts will lead to the fact that the stove does not warm well. Use uninterruptible power supply or voltage stabilizer.
  • Иногда хозяева одновременно включают в сеть несколько электроприборов, используя тройники и удлинители. Then the socket does not withstand the load, the technique is poorly heated or turns off. For each device, use a separate power source.
  • If the microwave has become worse than warming or warming it through time, it may turn out to be a loose fit of the camera door. It is necessary to adjust its latch.

If all this did not help, look into the problem deeper and try to find the cause of the breakdown. The microwave is buzzing, buzzing, stops warming, but it works if they come out of the system:

The problem may also be in the inverter if the microwave of your appropriate type.

Some malfunctions can be eliminated by himself, while the specialist will be better to cope with others. Statistics claim that in four out of five cases after independent repair, you still have to contact the workshop.

Non.Standard use of microwave

Microwave oven. One of the most universal devices. What is not built into this miniature box! About each of the irreplaceable functions of the microwave is written in the instructions. But there is that not a single operating guide will tell:

microwave, stopped, warm
  • This miracle of technology will help you forget about tears in the process of cutting the bulb. It is enough to put the cleansed head in the microwave for half a minute, and the problem is solved!
  • If old spices are stored in your house, then heating them in the microwave for about 15 seconds, you will return them a former aroma.
  • If you urgently need to melt the oil or margarine, the microwave for these purposes is ideal. Just put the briquette on a plate and send it to a microwave for one minute.
  • The fallen chips can be returned in life by drying them in a microwave on paper towels or napkins.
  • But the crackers beloved by all after being in a miracle stove for half a minute will survive a second birth.
  • Bukhankau, on the contrary, can return softness and freshness. To do this, put a stale piece in a wet towel and send it to the microwave.
  • You can use the microwave to prepare delicious bacon chips. To do this, put the slices on the napkin and send them to dry.
  • If frozen products are wrapped in paper, then they will not turn out to be collapsed.
  • If you want to get a chocolate paste, and the chocolate tile was just lying at home, then the microwave will be in this excellent assistant.

The principle of operation of the microwave

Before you take the decision to repair the stove yourself, you should understand the design and device of the device. An ordinary microwave oven consists of magnetron, condenser, transformer, diode and fan. Modern models can find auxiliary elements, for example grill.


The heart of the microwave is called magnetron, the energy of which is converted into heat. This principle of operation is available at the expense of the anode-fraudulent stabilizer (transformer). The case of the electronic device is placed in a special plate radiator, which is constantly blown by the fan. So that the part does not overheat, it is equipped with a special thermal subject. In the first microwaves, it was the magnetron who took the lion’s share of the cost. However, over time, the price became affordable, after which mass production was launched.


Another important element in the device device is a fan, thanks to which the blowing of the camera, magnetron and grill is carried out. The fan allows you to go out the accumulated air and water steam. Air circulation in the chamber is available through the air pipelines that are located inside the microwave.

Shielding camera

Regardless of the cost and model, any stove has a shielded camera. Metal-protected camera prevents the release of microwaves to the outside. A special grid is located on the glass, which is created to hold the rays inside the microwave. It is necessary to monitor that the door always fits tightly to the body. It is forbidden to use the device if the door does not close.

Control block

The control panel was created to control and support the installed capacity of the device. These functions can be called the main. Advanced models have advanced functionality, which includes: timer, time and power indicators, automomena programs, sound alarm and others.

Important! Never turn on the microwave inchous. One of the consequences of neglect of this rule is the failure of the magnetron, which stands like half of the microwave oven.

When the microwave does not warm, there are thoughts about buying a new model. Many believe that repair is either impossible or is very expensive. In fact, one cannot unequivocally say who is right. If the microwave oven is cheap, then, most likely, you will have to throw it away. It will not work to repair such a model.

For expensive microwaves, repair is provided. If the breakdown is easy and does not require professional intervention, then you can try to solve the problem yourself. In other cases, it is better not to take risks and immediately contact the service center.

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