What to do if the refrigerator froze

Why the refrigerator freezes very much: the main reasons

Frequent type of “breakdown” of the refrigerator is a decrease in temperature in its cells to a state when the products become ice cream. Different causes of the device malfunctions are possible. Many of them do not require a master to call and are eliminated on their own. This article describes in detail the methods of solving the problem when the refrigerator is very freezing.

The device may not turn off for a long time and at the same time hardly freeze products. The reason for the phenomenon lies in the malfunction of air sensors, failure of the control board, breakdown in the heating circuit.

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Products in the refrigerator chambers freeze for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect tuning of a thermostat;
  • Damage to the seal located on the door door;
  • Blockage in the drainage hole under the boxes where fruits with vegetables are stored;
  • Freon leak due to cracks in the cooling system;
  • Breakdown of the thermostat due to water from getting into contacts or a mechanical blow;
  • Sticking the valve responsible for switching one cooling mode to another in the refrigerator compartments.

Important! In modern refrigerators produced under the brands “Bosch” and “LG”, there is a “super.Commerce” mode. After turning on, the temperature in the refrigerator cameras decreases by several degrees at once. Due to this mode, rapid cooling of products without increasing the compressor operation occurs. Super.Summarrons is also available in refrigerators under the brands of Atlanta and Indesit. The mode can be turned off and manually.

The concept of a reverse tube in the refrigerator

The return tube goes from the compressor into the refrigerator. This is part of the cooling system, it is connected to the motor pipe. In regularly working refrigeration equipment, a slight freezing of this part is allowed. However, the freezing section should not be more than 10 cm. Starting from the exit from the refrigerator.

The role of the reverse tube in the aggregate

The return tube plays the role of the control device in refrigerator equipment. It allows you to close the integral system of the unit consisting of:

If it is covered with hoarfrost. This means that in the debugged operation of the system there was a failure.

The temperature sensor is faulty

If the control is electronic, then you can see what temperature in the refrigerator, but with mechanical management it is impossible to do this. It is recommended to install one or more thermometers in the refrigerator for 10. 12 hours to understand what temperature in it.

You can also try to change the temperature regime several times to make sure that the problem with the thermal attribute. When there will be confidence in this, you need to call a specialist to replace this part.

It is possible that the user himself set the wrong temperature regime. Then you need to change it. In the presence of electronic displays, it is clear what temperature in the refrigerator. But in its absence, you need to change the mode mechanically and wait. If the sensor works, then the problem will be solved by itself.

Why does the know-frast deliberate ice in the freezer, although the refrigerator is serviceable

You checked all the reasons and there are no such problems? So the ice in the refrigerator No Frost is associated with a malfunction. To eliminate it, you need a master.

How quickly the ice intensifies in the refrigerator?

As we said above, in some refrigerators, ice. This is a natural state. But sometimes it happens that it begins to form very quickly. If you have to defrost the device 2-3 times more often than this was done earlier. Then you should think about eliminating the problem, t.To. This can be the “first bell” of a more serious malfunction. Of course, do not forget that the time spent on defrosting the refrigerator, you could spend on communication with family and friends or on your favorite hobby.

Before diagnosing a breakdown, it is necessary to understand if there are any additional factors that could cause ice formation. This can be a high temperature (especially if the refrigerator is near the window), a large number of products inside the camera or even the presence of an open can with a liquid on a shelf. If there are no such reasons. Then you need to contact the service center and call the refrigerator repair master. The device itself is not necessary to carry anywhere. It will be more convenient for the master to carry out repairs on the spot.

The sealing gum does not fit

Modern refrigerators maintain a certain level of temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator. If the sealant adjacent to the camera, then more humid air from the room enters the chamber, which causes a rapid formation of ice. In this case, you will have to replace the sealing gum, which is quite expensive due to the complexity of the work (a complete disassembly of the door is required).

Refrigerant leak on the contour of the refrigerator chamber

The third reason. This is a “freon” leak on the contour of the refrigerator chamber. It can form both independently and in the process of defrosting (if any additional items were used, for example, a knife or screwdriver). In this case, the master will find a leak, eliminate it and conduct refueling by a refrigerant of the corresponding brand.

Failure of the thawing system

Another possible reason. This is a malfunction of the thaw system, which is part of the Nofrost system. The timer of the thaw can fail and the heating of the system simply will not be made. In this case, ice formation. Only a matter of time.

Temperature sensor malfunction

Such ice can form due to a breakdown of the temperature sensor of the refrigerator, which transmits the indicators to the electronic control module. Based on incorrect indicators, the module can ground the camera, which causes ice. The solution to this problem will cost significantly less described earlier.

Zasor of the drainage opening

Another simple cause of ice. This is a blockage of a drainage hole. Instead of draining the moisture in the pallet, it simply lingers inside the chamber, which causes disturbance of microclimate and ice formation. The master can clean the hole using a special device.

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What can be done yourself

If the refrigerator is very freezing, this is not necessarily due to the breakdown. Check the reasons for the list below and find your.

  • In the freezer, the mode of fast freezing is included. It is intended for accelerated freezing products. In most refrigerators, the “Super.Summarrons” mode is turned off automatically after 24 or 48 hours. But there are models in which the “super.Commercial” is disconnected manually, and if you have not turned it off on time, then the freezer will be rewinded. Check the settings and turn off the mode if it was turned on.
  • The fast cooling mode works in the refrigerator. By analogy with the freezing regime in the freezer in the refrigerator. There is a “superchlving” mode. In some models of refrigerators, it turns off only manually. Therefore, if you forgot to turn it off in time, then the refrigerator will freely freeze and the food will freeze. Also, in this case, the formation of ice on the back wall of the refrigerator is possible. To get rid of the problem, you need to turn off the rapid cooling mode.
  • The lowest temperature in the cells in the summer heat is set. Due to the heat in the room where the refrigerator stands, the capacitor (the lattice from behind the refrigerator) does not give heat well to the environment. Poor heat from the capacitor contributes to a more intensive operation of the compressor. As a result, depending on the type of refrigerator, the freezer, the refrigerator or both cameras together. Check the settings and set the standard temperature in the chambers: 4 ° C in the refrigerator and.18 ° C in the freezer.
  • The refrigerator did not defrost for a long time. Ice in the freezer in models with manual defrosting of the freezer may appear if the equipment has not been defrosted for a long time. To get rid of ice, defrost the refrigerator, and continue to do this once every six months a year.
  • The refrigerator is rewinds in the freshness zone. This is a normal situation. Products in this department can freeze because the temperature there is about 0 or –1 ° C.
  • There was a one.Time failure of the control module. Иногда охлаждение усиливается из-за сбившихся настроек техники с электронным управлением. Although normal temperature is shown on the display, the cold in the chambers is much stronger. Turn off the refrigerator from the network and defrost if necessary. Then turn on again. If the reason was in failure, then the problem will disappear by itself.

You checked everything on the list above, but did not find the reason? So, the matter is a malfunction and the intervention of a specialist will be required.

What are the chances of getting rid of ice in the cell?

Any malfunction is removed if you understand what to do. Only an experienced master is able to determine the cause of the appearance of an ice crust and effectively eliminate it. Such experts work in Frostrem. The level of professionalism of our refrigerators repair masters in St. Petersburg allows you to guarantee the quality of the services provided, so you can be sure that you will receive qualified assistance from these specialists!

If there is a small leak, but at the same time the refrigerator freezes, this will not affect the products. However, postponing the search for a malfunction and its elimination is not worth. The constant ingestion of moisture on the working parts of the household appliance can cause larger breakdowns.

If you could not independently eliminate the breakdown of the equipment, the masters advise contacting the service center.

At the same time, there are several operating rules that will help to avoid breakdowns:

  • Do not leave the door open. Some people leave the refrigerator open to eliminate an unpleasant odor that appeared in the refrigerator. If such an action is allowed 1 time, it will not cause much harm to the device. However, frequent ventilation or loose closure of the door causes the appearance of ice on the walls and the failure of the main nodes of the device.
  • To prevent a block of a drain hole located in the refrigerator, when placing products on the shelves, you need to show attention. You should not close the products close to the back wall. Otherwise, pieces of food can fall into the drain hole and cause blockage.
  • It is not recommended to put fluids in containers in containers without lids. So, pots with soup, open bottles of juice or milk contribute to the evaporation of liquid and settling it on the walls of the chamber in the form of hoarfrost and ice.
  • When defrosting, some try to accelerate the process, so they clean the pieces of ice with a knife or other sharp objects. Do this categorically is not recommended, t.To. You can damage the details of the refrigerator and it will soon flow.
  • Dust, which accumulates on the back of the household appliance, can cause the failure of the main parts, so you need to regularly eliminate pollution.

If you adhere to such simple recommendations, you can protect your household appliance not only from flowing, but also from many other breakdowns. As a result, the Atlant refrigerator, Indesite, or any other can last longer.

Electromagnetic switching fault failure

In normal condition, the valve alternately cools both cameras or freezer. The failure of the part leads to the fact that in the refrigerator the temperature is significantly lower than should be.

Signs of a malfunction. There is too low temperature in the refrigerator. At the same time, in the freezer, the indicators above the specified parameters.

Decision. You need to replace the valve.

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