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How often you need to refuel air conditioning by a freon

The question of how often you need to refuel the air conditioner at home is extremely important. Timely maintenance and repair of the unit extend its operational period, ensure stable operation. The specified procedure is required in several cases.

Air conditioning needs refueling when driving a freon. Factory marriage (violation of the tightness of the internal or external radiator) is detected during the installation of the device. In other cases, the loss of refrigerant is due to two causes.

The installation of a device with violations provokes the problem in question in approximately 80% of cases. Most often this is due to the wrong roller of the work tubes from copper. Before refueling the air conditioner by freon, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause of the leak.

Important! The second point is the natural loss of the refrigerant through connecting nodes and taps, even on models that seem serviceable.

Signs that allow you to understand that the device needs refueling:

How to Re-Gas Air Con Yourself!. PerformanceCars

How to determine the level of freon

Decreased refrigerant in the cooling system negatively affects performance. To determine the volume of gas filling, it is necessary to find out the total capacity of the unit. This parameter is indicated in related documentation. The recommendations of refueling manufacturers are also spelled out (the average indicator is 5-10 grams of substance per 1 sq. m.).

Important! Before refueling, it is necessary to clarify the type of freon in the device. One.component refrigerant can be made partially. Gas with a complex composition needs to be removed, fully downloaded the substance.

Freon for air conditioning

What you need to know about the refrigerant?

As a refrigerant in modern split systems, freon is usually used. It is a gaseous substance that, when compressed, goes into a liquid state. Passing along the inner contour of the device, Freon absorbs thermal energy. In the outer block, he gives heat to the surrounding air.

An important part of the system is a compressor that constantly interacts with the refrigerant, compressing it to a liquid state. If there is too little freon in the circuit, the equipment will work with overloads, which will almost certainly lead to its imminent breakdown.

The fasteners of the outer unit are quite capable of withstanding an additional load, so electronic scales and a cylinder with refrigerant are most conveniently put directly on the case

It should be noted that the cost of the compressor can amount to more than half of the price for a new split system. Therefore, having discovered a lack of freon in the system, you need to check the compressor and make a refueling as soon as possible.

If the performance of the air conditioner has fallen, it began to cool the room more slowly, it is likely to check the amount of refrigerant in the circuit.

The freezing of the outer pipe of the contour may also indicate about the leak of the freon. Very often a refrigerant follows due to depressurization of the system. But even if there are no breakdowns, and the installation of the air conditioner is performed correctly, during the year the amount of gas may decrease by 8-10%.

How to refill air-condition refrigerant R22.Hindi

If the air conditioner worked flawlessly for several years, the service of the split was carried out in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturer, and then the unit began to cool the room not quickly enough, most likely, a refueling is needed.

But it is not always possible to just add a small portion of refrigerant to the system. Some types of this material must be completely removed from the contour, and then fill it with a new freon.

Frauding the ends of the copper tube and condensate on it is a clear sign that the system has an insufficient amount of refrigerant

Most often, modern air conditioners season the R-410A and R-407C brands Freon. The latter is a mixture of three different refrigerants. It is this brand that cannot be added to the residues of the substance in the system. The components of the composition evaporate at different speeds, therefore, during a leak, the proportions change.

This does not apply to the Freon of the R-410A brand-a more modern version that is used in recent models of split systems. The compositions of the R-407C and R-410A do not harm the environment, unlike Freon R-22. It is a composition of past years, the use of which is not recommended due to harm to the ozone layer.

The safer Freon, the more expensive it is. But the for the sake of saving the inappropriate brand of Freon cannot. Information about what kind of refrigerant is needed for a particular device indicated in its technical passport, as well as on the wool attached to the body of the external unit.

How to prepare a device?

You can’t just take a cylinder with a refrigerant, attach it to the tube and let a certain amount of substance into the system. The fact is that first you need to prepare the device for this operation. If Freon flows unnaturally quickly, most likely there is a depressurization of the body.

At the junction of a copper tube with an external unit, a leak may occur due to improper installation and damage to the broken edge

You need to find out the reason, eliminate it and only after that let a new portion of gas into the system. The tightness of the circuit is checked when it is necessary to make up for the refrigerant lost during operation. Very often a leak occurs after inept installation.

For example, some inexperienced masters inaccurately cut off the broken edge of the copper tube and forget about the need to restore the roller. As a result of the leak, it occurs at the junction of the tube with the external unit. Copper. rather soft material.

Before starting work, you need to clean the air conditioner block of accumulated dust so that the fan works without additional loads and you can get the most correct data

You can damage the roller, without even cutting the tube, it is enough to unevenly screw the fasteners. Therefore, before refueling, the split system needs to develop this connection and check the condition of the edge of the tube. If it is damaged, it should be cut, collapse and screw the mount. At the same time, you should act carefully, the nut should go easily, without effort.

Additional information about the probable breakdowns of the air conditioner and the methods of their elimination are presented in this article.

Immediately before refueling, the system of drainage of the system is carried out. Nitrogen or freon is being made in the contour to displace outsiders from it. At high pressure, the device is carefully examined in search of a gap from which the gas flows. Sometimes it is advisable to use an ultraviolet lamp.

What is required. refueling or complete refueling

The restoration of the initial volume of the refrigerant in the system should restore the performance or performance of the air conditioner. However, for some models of climatic technology, the refueling is unacceptable, they require the release of the system from the freon and the full refueling.

The selection of the refueling/refueling option is determined by the refrigerant used in the system:

  • The technique that uses multicomponent freons (mixtures of substances) requires complete refueling. This is due to the differences in the properties of the components, first of all, by various leaks. Accordingly, refueling cannot eliminate the emerging imbalance in the concentration of the components. This, in turn, is fraught with a deterioration in operational indicators, and sometimes. the complete failure of the equipment. Currently, it is multicomponent mixtures that are used in most models of home air conditioners. The most famous of these refrigerants is R410.
  • One.component freons (consisting of one substance) allow refueling. Examples of common refrigerants of this type are R22 and R32.

Not all multicomponent freons are subject to the requirements for full refueling. Among such refrigerants there is T.n. Sanizotropic mixtures. They use components with the most close characteristics as possible. As a result, even with leaks, the composition of the mixture remains unchanged, it becomes possible to refuel the system. You can find out the type of refrigerant used in the documentation for the air conditioning, and the properties of the freon in the reference books.


Before starting refueling/refueling the air conditioner, preparatory work should be carried out.


Air conditioning cleaning is a mandatory stage of preparation before refueling. over, it is performed before any other works. It is performed to be guaranteed to obtain optimal operating modes of all units and system assemblies. This will remove measurement errors and simplify the search for problem areas.

Be sure to clean filters, fan and radiators of the internal unit. However, the main attention must be paid to the outer block of the split system.

The sequence of work on its maintenance includes:

    Turning off the equipment from the power supply network.

  • Mechanical cleaning (removal of pollution), namely:
  • cleaning the casing from the outside;
  • his dismantling;
  • Garbage removal in the interior space of the block.
  • Flushing the nodes, which is performed in the following order:
  • Protect the electronic unit from moisture (the stage is mandatory, since the water in the electronic circuit can cause its full failure and the need for expensive repair). To protect it is enough to thoroughly close the surface of the node with polyethylene.
  • The blades and other external elements of the fan structures from dust and adhering mud are cleaned. Washing is carried out with a damp sponge.
  • The surface of the condenser is cleaned with a damp sponge.
  • The dust accumulated in hard.to.reach places is removed by a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean the surface of the radiator. Dust and dirt are cleaned with a brush, then flushing the surface of the water by pressure or steam cleaner.
  • Install the casing, further work is performed only after complete drying.

Independent cleaning and maintenance of an electronic unit are not allowed! This work can only be done by a service company with an appropriate level of training. The failure of the electronics due to the intervention of the user is considered a non-warranty case!

Testing testing

These preparatory work is carried out if the Freon’s consumption in the system exceeds the permissible values. They are necessary if the leak during the season is above 8-10%.

The most common problem areas are the joint of pipelines and blocks, where there is a violation of tightness. In most cases, a visual inspection is sufficient to detect them.

If the existing problem is not identified during the inspection, resort to more accurate (and, of course, complex) methods.

You can use:

  • Soap solution. Its use allows you to accurately localize the place of depressurization if the area of ​​its occurrence is known.
  • Haloid seeker. Application is based on the property of changing the color of the flame in the presence of chlorine vapor. The method works only with equipment seasoned with chlorine.containing freons.
  • Water. A well.known method of searching for depressurization places for the appearance of gas bubbles after immersion. One of the most complex ones, since it requires pre.removal of freon and pumping a nitrogen system.
  • Ultraviolet dye and UV backlight. After mixing into the dye system, the leakage place shines in the rays of the UV lamps.

In general, experts recommend when showing suspicions of depressurization of the system:

  • Delete the entire refrigerant;
  • pump the system with nitrogen;
  • Search for leaks;
  • eliminate problems;
  • put test and vacuum.

Reservation and vacuuming

This stage is not required in the absence of problems with the tightness of the system. At the same time, if the leakage was searching for places, you can’t do without it.

By this term is meant filling the system with nitrogen under pressure corresponding to the maximum allowable for the system. Use a manometric collector for these purposes, which allows you to control the pressure in the system. The maximum value can be viewed in the technical documentation or on the nameplate on the block of the split system.

Nitrogen is served until the maximum value is achieved, after which the system of the system with gas is stopped and the testimony of the manometer is controlled. In a working (tight) circuit, they must remain unchanged. The pressure of pressure indicates the presence of problem areas and requires a repetition of their search.

This stage of preparation is carried out after restoring the tightness and testing of the system. Its essence is in complete pumping of gas (liquid) from the contour.

The work is in the following order:

  • Attach a vacuum pump to a manometric collector connected to the system.
  • Turn on the pump, open a gas valve on the collector.
  • Leave the pump in work until a minimum of pressure in the system. Pressure control is carried out on the manometer scale.
  • Turn off the pump, the gas valve is blocked.
  • The collector is left connected, valves closed to prevent air entering the circuit before refueling.

Saving funds in comparison with the call of the master

Knowing the need for materials and equipment, it is easy to calculate how profitable the refueling of the air conditioner, performed by yourself. We take the cost of rent on Internet resources of companies offering this service in the field:

  • Vacuum pump collector with hoses. 700 per day (12.5. e.);
  • A full set, including a gas cylinder, a manometric station and a pump. from 1000 /day (18 at. e.);
  • The most expensive type of freon is R410A. 650 for 0.6 kg (12 at. e.).

Note. are taken as of March 1, 2018. The equivalent in conventional units is indicated in the brackets, since the cost of services changes over time.

Let’s take into account a more expensive option. renting equipment plus purchase of freon: 700 650 = 1350 (24.5. e.). The minimum cost of refueling split systems declared by various companies is 2000 (35 at. e.). The benefit of independent refueling is not too large. 650 or 10.5. e.

  • To rent equipment and devices, you need to spend your personal time.
  • indicated on the Internet can be underestimated for attracting customers or simply outdated.
  • Often, the company accrues additional costs for traveling or issues an account for each work separately. vacuumation, diagnosis and refueling.
  • There is a possibility that the “cheap” masters will perform work poorly and a year later the colad will disappear again.
  • The cost of renting electronic weights has not been taken into account. It is allowed to use desktop kitchen weights designed to measure masses up to 20 kg with the accuracy of display up to 1 gram.

Hence the conclusion: the properly made independent pumping of Freon is preferable than the appeal to the company providing services at a low price. The work of experienced specialists is expensive.

Refueling technology for the weight of the refrigerant

The essence of the method is the complete replacement of the freon. the old gas must be lowered into the atmosphere, and a fresh colad is pour instead of it. For beginners, this is the most acceptable option. only an experienced master is able to determine the residue of the refrigerant in the system and accurately refuel the missing amount. Other pumping methods we describe below.

fill, conditioner, home

A connection of the collector to the ports of the external module

Advice. Before refueling, eliminate the problem that caused the loss of old gas. Ideally, the split system should undergo a testing procedure with nitrogen pumped under the maximum pressure indicated in the product passport (usually 25-30 bar).

We submit instructions on how to refuel the air conditioner by freon by scales:

  • Drain the old refrigeon into the atmosphere in any convenient way. through the unscrewed tube or the spool of the service port. Release the gas slowly so as not to lose oil. In the process of emptying the hexagon, open both taps hidden under the protective nuts.
  • Close the taps and connect the left hose of the manometric station (blue) to the spool. Make sure the collector valves are also closed.

An important point. Freon R410A is poured only in a liquid state, so the cylinder is placed on the scales upward. During refueling, the flow of substance is easy to see in the observation window of the collector. If the tank is equipped with a siphon or the R22 refrigerant is pumped, you do not need to turn the cylinder.

In the process, it is important not to confuse the sequence of operations and by chance not open the refueling contour. The minimum vacuum time is 20 minutes, during the specified period the pump will pull out not only air from the system, but also moisture that can harm the compressor. How to refuel the air conditioner with a freon R410A, we look at

fill, conditioner, home

Typically, the question of the required pressure of the freon inside the air conditioner makes cool specialists nervous for refrigerators. You need to understand that an unambiguous answer does not exist in nature, since this parameter depends on many factors and often changes. You should always consider the bunch of two characteristics. pressure. temperature, otherwise interference in the work of the “Split” can lead to a serious breakdown.

I am delighted with this article! In the sea of ​​information on the network on this subject, I did not find so comprehensive materials with visual examples and calculations, as here! Well done, authors! And thanks!

How to service a home air conditioner. Part 1. Eco Climate Solutions

Check the refrigerant lines

Refrigerant pipelines are usually covered with foam insulation, which helps prevent energy loss. The refrigerant tubes pass from the serpentor’s serpentine on the air cleaner to the condenser located outside your home. If insulation on the refrigerant pipelines is damaged, replace it to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The first way to eliminate this problem is to purchase a foam.alcohol.aligning sleeve for the refrigerant pipeline. The second way is to wrap the refrigerant lines with insulating tape.

fill, conditioner, home

A faint air flow, icy coils and leaks in all types of units can indicate either clogging your air conditioner or clogging the filter. Leaks in the air conditioner can also say that his pumps and tubes can be damaged or blocked, which means that it is time to call a professional. Freon does not wear out and can serve for a long time, therefore, if the level of freon is low, it seeps out. If so, you will need to invite a professional and check the cause of the leak in the central or window air conditioner.

Make sure nothing blocks the device

The air flow is very important for cooling systems, so make sure that there are no beds, chests of drawers, clothes, books or other items that block the ventilation holes of the device. For the outer block of your central air conditioner, it is advisable to leave around it at least a gap the size of a palm.

It should be borne in mind that the climate control system needs regular professional maintenance. If the surface of the device can still be cleaned independently, then the refrigerant, thermostat and internal devices should be checked by a specialist. Such a procedure that is not expensive and will take very little time will allow you to extend the life of the system for many years.

How often to conduct maintenance? There are a number of factors affecting the frequency of checks. Firstly, a lot depends on the model of the device, its quality, and secondly, on the frequency of use and the level of pollution. But on average, it is advisable to conduct maintenance once a year.

What is Freon and what its properties

Freons or refriges are hydrocarbons that are actively used in different production sectors. They are mainly used in the manufacture of refrigerators (refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers). For a long time, the very word “Freon” meant absolutely any refrigerants, in fact, “Freon is the name of a particular patented hydrocarbone, the rights to which belong to the famous company of the American dupont. In the USSR, the refrigerants were called in one word. the coarse.

In total, today there are about 50 types of refriges with specific properties and areas of application. This article will consider those that are used in the work of air conditioners. First, find out what their properties are.

Physical properties

The most important property of freons, due to which there is the possibility of their use in the production of refrigerators. the ability to absorb and release heat from the environment. Freons are usually gases or liquids without color and smell. Characterized by good solubility in non.polar organic solvents, almost do not dissolve in water.

Chemical properties

Freons are inert chemicals, so they are not fuel and are not explosive. But if some of their types is heated to 250 ° C, the poisonous gasgen Cocl2 will be released.

How does Freon affect the ozone layer

Those freemons that contain chlorine and bromine are extremely harmful to the ozone layer of the Earth. In addition, freons favors the development of greenhouse effect on our planet. Such negative results of the production and use of these substances led in 1987 to the ban by the Montreal Protocol, the production of “harmful” freons, and their manufacturers demanded to proceed to less harmful production. In the USA and Europe, Freon R-22 has become banned in 2010, in 2015.

Now there is a tendency to complete transition to a harmless production of freons, for example, such as R410A and R32A.

Types of freons used in air conditioners

If you need to refuel or refill the air conditioner, then you can choose one of several types of freons:

  • Freon R22 (Crydon 22). This refrigerant is used in those systems where cooling is required to very low temperatures, for example, in industrial and household refrigerators, automobile and sea refrigerators, household and production air conditioners. In the event of this freon occurrence, gradual evaporation will be observed. The advantage of this shade is the relatively low cost of a cooling installation and components. Freon R22 can be used for both partial and full refueling of the air conditioner. This substance also has a negative side. this is the harm that it does to the environment, so its use is not encouraged by ecologists.
  • Freon R410A does not contain chlorine, and therefore is safe for the ozone layer of the earth. This Freon is a new generation if you compare it with what was considered above. This type of freons is quickly recognized and is now actively used to refuel the refrigeration equipment of household and industrial destruction, different air conditioners. Freon 410 includes two different components. If the leak is 40% or more, then the system needs to be completely re.refilled. In the case of refueling the air conditioner with such a significant leak, the equipment will not work stable, which will lead to a change in the interactions of the components of Freon to each other.
  • Freon R-407C includes three types of freons, each of them has its own functions: R32-provides good performance of the entire system, R125-guarantees fire safety of work, R134A-is responsible for the total pressure in the working circuit. In the event of a freon leak from the air conditioner, it is necessary to refuel it again, this is necessary, since the freons are disappeared unevenly, which means that their balance is disturbed.
  • Freon 134A is a colorless gas, they replace R12. It is not toxic, does not ignite at the temperatures of its operation. However, in case of violation of the tightness of the system, when air enters, combustible mixtures can form. You can not mix the freons R134A and R12, as this leads to the formation of azeotropic mixture with mass shares of components of 50×50% and high pressure. Saturated pairs of this refrigerant have greater pressure than the R12. 1.16 and 1.08 MPa, respectively, at 45 ° C. The impact of the flame leads to the decomposition of R134A, as a result of which there are such dangerous compounds for a person as fluoro.large. The cluster temperature of the freon R134A is low-an average of 8-10 ° C is lower than for R12, saturated vapors are also characterized by low pressure values.
  • Freon 404A. It is also a mixture similar to a sanizotropic one, is able to maintain high stability of the composition of the R502 type, even if there was a leak or the air conditioner was reiled. Such properties of this hydrocarbon allow it to be considered one of the safest and stable refriges in terms of technical characteristics. Freon 404 does not have a negative effect on the condition of the ozone layer.

Freon R404A fire does not occur at any temperatures. As part of this coladon, each of the freon has a cleanliness of 99.9%.

Diagnostics after refueling

After refueling the new refrigerant, the air conditioner should be turned on for 2 hours and follow its work. If after replacing the split system cools the air slightly, perhaps the problem is a pressure failure.

If the amount of freon is exceeded by 10%, the air conditioner will work properly. If the volume of the refrigerant is too large, the compressor will work incorrectly. Further operation can lead to a serious breakdown.

When you need a master

The replacement of freon in the air conditioner should be entrusted to a qualified master. Work will require professional tools, technical knowledge and skills.

Despite the fact that you can replace Freon yourself (the process is quite simple in the presence of tools), you can make many errors that will lead to improper operation of the split system and breakdowns. Also, in the process of replacement, there is a risk of getting burned or poisoned (if you do not observe safety precautions).

If there is no experience in replacing Freon, or you doubt your skills, it is worth calling the master. The specialist uses professional tools and knows the nuances of the air conditioner. You can be sure of the quality of work.

After refueling, the specialist will check the performance of the split system and give recommendations for further operation.

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