What to make to so that the microwave does not stink burning

How to remove the smell from the microwave

You can get rid of the smell in the microwave not only with the help of specialized chemistry, but also by improvised means. Some food and household products help neutralize unpleasant stench and at the same time be cleaned properly.

A completely new microwave oven does not make any smell. But after a few months of use or even earlier an unpleasant aroma begins to come from it. It appears when the door is opened, and sometimes it can be felt even near a closed microwave.

There are several reasons why the stove begins to smell unpleasantly:

  • The low power of the stove fan, in which case, the aroma of food will always remain inside the furnace after use, and over time it will become strong enough;
  • the remnants of burned food, if in the process of warming up the dishes, small particles of food fly through the microwave and stick on the walls, then when using the furnace they will burn and exude an unpleasant odor;
  • Frequent heating of products with a sharp and strong smell, for example, fish or garlic dishes.

A poor smell in a microwave is formed if you strongly overheat the food in it, the product will burn, and a characteristic stink may linger on the device. However, the smell accumulates with time even with very accurate use of the furnace. This is inevitable, since microscopic particles of products settled on the walls of the microwave after each cycle of work.

How to remove the smell from the microwave oven with folk methods

If the stove began to emit poor aroma, it is not necessary to immediately use chemicals. First you can use folk methods and try to remove the stench with the simplest and most budgetary means.

How to quickly remove the smell from the microwave soda

Soda food is a simple remedy with a powerful cleansing and absorbing effect. To remove the smell of burning from the microwave with its help, it is necessary:

How to Eliminate the Bad Odor of the Microwave- HomeArtTv by Juan Gonzalo Angel

  • Dilute in 50 ml of water 2 small spoons of soda powder;
  • Moisten a clean rag in this solution and thoroughly wipe the stove from the inside;
  • without washing off the solution, leave it for half an hour until completely dry.

After that, it is necessary to prepare a new soda solution in the same way and repeat the entire procedure. Soda is left inside the microwave for another hour, then it will need to be removed with a rag moistened in clean water, and wipe the electrical appliance dry. Soda will not only allow you to remove the smell, but also eliminate any pollution on the walls of the device.

Attention! Any manipulations with the microwave are carried out only after the device is turned off from the mains, otherwise you can get a shock.

How to remove an unpleasant odor from a microwave lemon

You can remove the smell of fish from the microwave and eliminate other unpleasant persistent aromas using fresh lemon, it cleanses the surfaces well and allows you to remove unpleasant aromas. An additional advantage of the method is that even if there is no lemon in the refrigerator, everyone can buy it.

  • The microwave is turned off from the network and wiped from the inside with a damp sponge to remove large, fastened pieces of food;
  • The lemon is washed and cut into thin circles, and then laid in a glass dish without gilding and poured with a glass of water;
  • The container is placed in the microwave, after wiping it out from the inside dry, and the device is turned on at full power.

After the water boils in the container, hold the lemon in the microwave on the microwave will need another 5-7 minutes. Then the stove is turned off and carefully remove the container to cut a fresh lemon, replace the water and repeat the entire procedure again. At the final stage, the microwave is washed with a sponge with simple water, the door is opened and the device is dried naturally.

How to remove the smell from the microwave with coffee

Natural coffee helps to get rid of the unpleasant odor in the microwave, it absorbs an unpleasant amber and leaves its own pleasant aroma. To remove the smell from the microwave, it is best to take a natural product welded in a Turk, but high.quality soluble coffee is also suitable.

In a warm coffee drink, you need to moisten a rag and thoroughly wipe the device from the inside, and then close the door and leave for several hours, then wash the microwave with a damp sponge.

Advice! You can also simply pour ground or soluble coffee into small cups and put them inside the microwave, coffee will be able to remove bad smells. True, you will have to keep cups inside the device for several days, so the method is not suitable in order to quickly remove the smell.

How to get a smell from a microwave milk

Another good way to remove a bad amber from a microwave is to use ordinary milk. You need to add 6 large tablespoons of granulated sugar to the liter of the drink, stir thoroughly, and then boil the mixture in the microwave for several minutes and, if necessary, repeat.

How to remove Burnt Popcorn Smell out of your microwave

How to clean the microwave from the smell with activated coal

An excellent absorbing agent available to everyone is an ordinary activated charcoal. A small handful of black coal tablets must be crushed to small powder, pour on an even flat plate and installed in the microwave for the whole night. By the morning, the tool should absorb and remove unpleasant aromas. Then it remains only to throw the coal and rinse the microwave oven with simple water.

To achieve the best effect before using coal, the microwave must be cleaned of sweaty particles of food and burned fat. If the pollution remains, then the smell is unlikely to be removed to the end.

How to get rid of the smell in the microwave toothpaste

To remove the smell of burnt food from the microwave oven, you can use ordinary toothpaste with m menthol. A small amount of pasta with a rag is applied to the inner walls of the device off and left for several hours, and then washed the microwave with a sponge moistened in warm water.

Menthol paste cleans the walls of the device from pollution and helps remove smells. In addition, the paste disinfects the device and leaves behind a persistent aroma of freshness.

How to remove the smell in the microwave onions

Fresh onions will help to remove the unpleasant odor from the microwave. The vegetable must be cleaned of husk, cut into thin rings and place it inside the microwave for the whole night.

In the morning, the onion is removed, and the stove is washed with warm water completely. The only minus of this method is that for some time a sharp onion aroma can be preserved in the stove.

How to get rid of the smell in the microwave with citrus fruits

To get rid of the smell allows not only lemon, but also any other citrus fruits. For example, oranges or tangerines will be very useful, you need to take fresh crusts, pour them into a flat plate and dry them in a clean stove for 2-3 minutes.

Important! The method is unlikely to help get rid of a strong smell, but a weak unpleasant amber will remove with ease.

How to remove the smell inside the microwave vinegar

Dining vinegar helps to clean the microwave from the smell, it eliminates unpleasant aromas, and at the same time has a disinfectant effect on the internal walls of the microwave. Apply it as follows:

The reasons

The reasons for this phenomenon can be different: a burned loaf when trying to cook a ruddy toast, hot sandwiches or pizza, or a simple non.compliance with the time of cooking and warming up.

Fortunately, it is easy to get rid of sustainable “amber” by improvised methods with improvised methods. those that are in any apartment:

  • Ordinary fresh milk.
  • A little baking soda.
  • Any toothpaste.
  • Lemon: a whole fruit or concentrated acid. in powder or in a liquid version.
  • Vinegar.
  • Purchased chemical cleaners.
  • As well as different aromatic herbs that are used for cooking.

Below we will consider each of the methods that will help in this situation. At the end of the article you will find recommendations on how to avoid such a situation from now on, and how to properly operate equipment so that it does not clog and accumulate different aromas. The same techniques will work when cleaning the refrigerator.


The first assistant in eliminating the stench from a burning product is milk. It can be found in almost any refrigerator.

First, the microwave should be well washed with a special tool, paying special attention to the walls and pallet. By the way, in many devices there is an independent ventilation function. when the minimum heating power is set and the fan is launched. With a weak smell of Gary, it will be enough for 5-10 minutes, after which the door should be left open for half an hour to ensure a full-fledged circulation of air.

However, with strong fragrances, namely after burnt food, such events, most likely, will not be enough. In this case, the following manipulations are carried out:

  • In a glass, preferably intended for heating in MV-stoves (in the user manual it is specified which dishes are suitable), fresh milk is poured.
  • Sugar should be added to it with the calculation that 5 tablespoons of sugar without a hill are relied on a liter of liquid.
  • After that, the milk should be well consumed. Time depends on the power of the device, but on average, 10 minutes of heating at maximum power will be enough.

Milk, even raw, perfectly absorbs smells from the microwave, and when warming up these properties only increase.

make, microwave, does, stink, burning


Salt has an interesting property. absorption of unpleasant odors. Salt can be used both in natural form. to eliminate the smell (act in the same way as with coffee grains) and in the form of a solution in combination with other components, for example, soda. A distinctive feature of table salt is that it perfectly absorbs the smell of Gary. Therefore, if after preparing the popcorn from the microwave it smells unpleasantly. salt to help you.

What should not be done

For removing an unpleasant odor from the microwave at home, some means are not suitable:

  • liquid and powdered substances containing chlorine;
  • fresheners and flavorings of air in the rooms;
  • abrasive powder products;
  • Aggressive drugs containing phosphorus and oxalic acids, surface-active substances.

When processing the internal surfaces of the device, hard sponges and metal scrapers are not used, they do not rub and scrap the coating: this will lead to damage to enamel, small defects, scratches, which cannot be eliminated.

Preventive measures

The main recommendations that prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odor in the microwave:

make, microwave, does, stink, burning
  • After cooking, the device is left for a while.
  • Once a month, the device is cleaned of steamed residues of food, oily plaque.
  • The walls are wiped after each cooking: timely elimination of pollution will prevent their layering, the appearance of the smell and will make cleaning much easier.
  • When warming up or preparing the dish, it is covered with a special lid or cap to protect the walls from fat and spray.
  • Use special dishes for the microwave (a specific list is indicated in the instructions for the device). For example, ordinary plastic will melt, and dishes with metal decor or spraying will cause sparks.
  • In models with a self.cleaning function, to enhance the effect during preventive processing, a slice of lemon is placed in a special compartment.

Compliance with operating rules will prevent the appearance of smell in the microwave, improve the quality of the dishes and increase the service life of the device.

How to get rid of the smell of Gary in the microwave?

For any housewife, the microwave has long been the first assistant in the kitchen. She quickly warms food, you can cook different dishes in it or defrost products. However, it also happens that using the microwave becomes impossible due to an unpleasant odor that comes from it. Reasons for this:

Low.quality materials from which the product is assembled; the remains of burnt food; spray of fat and oil on the walls and cups of the device, which were not removed on time.

Microwave. a household device, which is made from a large number of plastic parts. Conscientious manufacturers use high.quality plastic, but there are those who save on costs, in order to get additional profit. A good plastic has no smell, unlike the budget option.

If you bought a microwave, from which a distinct smell of plastic comes, get ready to immediately remove it.

Otherwise, the product itself and the food that is being prepared in it will smell unpleasantly for a long time. Eliminating the smell of plastic is not as difficult as it might seem. First, simply wash the device from the inside and outside with warm water and detergent. Dry and proceed to eliminate an unpleasant odor. To do this, use the following recipes:

Lemon. Cut the lemon into two halves, and wipe it all the plastic surfaces of the furnace. Process a rag moistened in cool water, and dry with a towel. After that, put the lemon slices in the microwave on the saucer, and leave it for the night; soda. An excellent tool for removing odors from any closed kitchen electrical appliances. food soda. Pour powder into a small container, put in the furnace, and leave it in it for 12 hours. If the smell still remains, repeat the procedure.

The smell of burning in the microwave

The smell of burning then when the irregular cooking mode is installed, the dish is burned, and in a closed device all unpleasant odors are absorbed in the surface. The following means will help to overcome the unpleasant and caustic smell in the microwave:

Lemon. On ½ part of the lemon, take a glass of cool water. Cut the fruit with slices or circles, and pour liquid. Turn on the device for high power mode with the calculation that the water in a bowl with lemon boils. The liquid should boil in the furnace for at least 5 minutes. Take a bowl from the furnace, wipe all the surfaces, if the smell does not disappear, repeat the procedure with a new portion of citrus fruits.Dining 9% vinegar. This tool acts not only as the prevention of odors, it has excellent disinfectants. Pre.wash and clean the inner surface and parts of the microwave with water and detergent, dry the device. After that, treat the stove with a sponge moistened in a solution of vaults (1 tablespoon of the product must be added per 1 cup of water). Leave the liquid on the walls of the furnace for 1 hour. Rinse with clean water and wipe with a dry towel.


The cause of a particularly unpleasant odor from the microwave can be a number of strongly flooding products. These include fish, garlic, seasonings, etc.D. The smell from this food remains in the furnace for several days. And if you do not eliminate it in a timely manner, it will turn into a fairly unpleasant “amber”. Therefore, use the following ways to eliminate odors from food:

Soda. For the product, you need to take 1 tablespoon of soda and 3 tablespoons of water. Wet a cotton pad or sponge in the solution, and process the surface of the microwave. Leave the tool for reaction to an hour. Rinse the substance from the walls and bowls of the device using a soft rag and water. Dry the stove well; coffee. Only ground (natural) coffee is suitable for this purpose. This tool has a pleasant, strong aroma that can eliminate any extraneous smells. Boil coffee at the rate of 1 tablespoon for a glass of water. Place the precipitate before use, and wipe all the surfaces of the furnace with the means. To do this, apply it on a soft cloth or sponge. Leave for 1-2 hours. Rinse with a lot of water using soft rags. Dry the device; activated carbon. This substance has excellent adsorbing properties. Without its own smell, it absorbs all the surrounding aromas, and almost completely eliminates them.

Coal can also be used, but the effect of this product will not be so impressive.

So, the microwave is thoroughly washed on all sides with a solution of water and detergent. After that, you need to completely wash the product moistened with a rag in the water. The device is dried with open doors. Activated carbon is kneaded into powder and poured into a container. As a rule, for one.time use, ten tablets are enough. The powder is poured into a container and put in a closed microwave at night. The next morning, a jar of substance needs to be removed, and change for a new. Continue to change coal until the smell disappears;

Lemon acid. This version of the product is remarkably coping with the unpleasant odor of the microwave, and allows you to quickly clean the plaque and traces of spray from the surfaces of the device. The product consists of citric acid and cool water. The components must be taken at the rate of 1 teaspoon of lemon on a glass of liquid. Using the sponge, distribute the solution on the surface of the device and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with a clean rag moistened in water, wipe dry. Leave open the furnace door for three hours.

This is probably the most significant question that housewives ask. After all, to prevent the problem, it means to protect yourself from additional efforts, waste of time and means to eliminate the consequences of trouble. Therefore, there are a number of recommendations that should be used in the care of the microwave:

After completing the cooking or heating cycle, leave the door of the device open for 3 minutes. This time is enough for the smells and moisture, accumulated inside the furnace are filtered; be sure to purchase a cover made of special material in the store, which is covered with food during warming up in the microwave. If there is no such possibility, cover the plate with glass dishes (you can with another plate). This will not only protect the inner surface of the furnace from flying splashes, but also warm up food from all sides; once or twice a month, carry out a general cleaning of the device. This process involves washing and cleaning all surfaces of the product using water, household chemicals and substances that eliminate extraneous smells;

Wonderfully cleans the surface of the removable pallet of the microwave ordinary toothpaste (without coloring impurities). With its help, you can process rubber seals and joints of the product.

In stores selling household chemicals, you can purchase products for cleaning and eliminating odors in a microwave for every taste and wallet. They will allow you to quickly and efficiently carry out the preventive and general cleaning of the device; as an adsorbent, salt, coal or rice can be used to eliminate unpleasant odors in the microwave oven. Place the selected remedy in a linen bag or wrap a piece of paper. At night, put the bundle in the microwave and close the door. You need to change the substance every day. I must say that with a strong smell of burning, shake or mold, this option is not suitable. With it, you can eliminate only residual smells from cooking.

How to remove the smell of Gary in the microwave folk ways

Over the long years of the existence of a microwave, a housewife has found many ways to remove the smell of burning from a device without contacting household chemicals. Some of them are widely known: soda and milk, for example, have long been very popular due to their absorbent properties. These substances absorb unpleasant odors very quickly. In addition to them, you can use a number of other means available and inexpensive.

How to remove burning smell from microwave milk

Milk is a product that is available in almost every house, so they most often try to get the smell of Gary with its help. To do this, pour 1 t. milk with sugar diluted in it-1-2 hours will be enough. l. When the sugar is more or less dissolved, the container is cleaned in the microwave and the heating is turned on for 5-10 minutes. During this time, milk should boil and partially evaporate.

Particles of milk will settle on the inner walls of the microwave. They are washed with a damp sponge using a dishwasher, after which it is wiped dry with a regular rag or a napkin.

Advice! At the end of processing, it is necessary to remove the remaining milk from the walls of the microwave oven as soon as possible as soon as possible. Since there was sugar in it, sticky traces may remain on the surface of the microwave if tightened with cleaning.

How to clean the microwave of the smell of Gary with fragrant herbs

Fragrant herbs, such as::

In order to remove the unpleasant aroma from the microwave, it is necessary to prepare an infusion based on one of these herbs or herbal mixture. For this, 1-3 t. l. dried leaves are poured 1 t. boiling water and insisted for 30-40 minutes. Then the infusion is filtered and poured into any capacity suitable for microwave. At maximum mode, the liquid is boiled for 10-15 minutes, after which the stabbed infusion is wiped from the walls of the microwave with a dry rag. 1-2 treatments are enough to completely derive the smell of Gary.

How to remove the smell of burning from the microwave with vinegar and citric acid

Despite the fact that vinegar has a very specific aroma, it is also often used in the fight against the smell of Gary. The main thing is to clean the microwave oven with an open window, otherwise a person in a person evaporates this product, a severe attack of headache may have. Also, in no case can you use pure concentrated vinegar. Before use, it must be diluted with water in relation to 1: 1.

  • A clean rag or sponge is wetted in diluted vinegar.
  • Thoroughly wipe the internal device of the microwave.
  • Turn on the heating for 5-8 minutes, after which they pass with a damp cloth along the walls from the inside again.
  • The second time the surface is wiped with clean water.
  • After processing vinegar, it is necessary to leave the door of the microwave open and ventilate the room for 2-3 hours.

To weaken the vinegar smell, a couple of drops of essential oil with a pleasant aroma (pink, lavender or fir) can be added to the solution.

Important! Blood vinegar not only neutralizes the smell of Gary, but also softens particles of fat and dirt on the walls of the microwave.

Citrus fruits also effectively eliminate smells, including burning. For these purposes, the whole lemon, its juice or citric acid are most often used. If there is no lemon, you can use lime, orange or mandarin instead.

One large fruit is cut into slices, without removing the peel, and pour half with water. The container with lemon solution is removed into the microwave and warmed up for 10-15 minutes. Then the used lemon slices are replaced with the second half of the fetus and the procedure is repeated. This will be enough to completely remove the smell of Gary.

How to remove the smell of burning in the microwave toothpaste

When choosing a toothpaste to remove the smell of Gary, you should focus on strongly smelling varieties of white color without dyes. The toothpaste with mint is best suited.

The substance is neatly applied to the walls of the microwave with fingers or rag, without rubbing. After 2-3 hours, toothpaste is washed off with a solution of conventional dishes washed. After such processing, the smell of Gary should not remain, only a pleasant aroma of menthol.

How to remove the smell of burning in the microwave onions

Onions are another fairly cheap way to display the smell of Gary. To do this, you need one large onion, which must be cut into the most small pieces. The resulting mass is poured into a glass container and cleaned in the microwave at night. By the morning, the smell of Gary should completely disappear.

make, microwave, does, stink, burning

Important! The disadvantage of this method is the fact that the microwave oven will smell a lot after such processing. On the other hand, unlike burning, the smell of onions is very simple. it is enough to wipe the inner surface of the microwave with a soap solution.

How to clean the microwave from the smell of Gary with activated coal

Gary’s old smell effectively eliminates activated carbon. To do this, it is necessary to put 10-15 tablets in any capacity suitable for microwave ovens and crush into coal dust. After that, the coal is removed into the microwave and closed the device door, but it does not need to turn it on. In this form, I leave the microwave oven until the morning. this time is enough for the coal to absorb an unpleasant aroma.

How to remove the smell of burning from the microwave with coffee

Any variety of coffee will cope with the smell of burning no worse than specialized means. The advantage of this method is a pleasant aroma of coffee beans, which remains for a while after processing a microwave.

Gari’s smell is removed by this method as follows: they brew strong coffee (enough 1st large cup) and wipe the device from the inside with a drink. Sugar in coffee does not need to be added. After 3-4 hours, dried coffee is washed off with a soap solution or a dishwasher for washing dishes and wiped the walls of the device dry.

How to clean the microwave of the smell of Gary soda

Soda effectively removes not only spots of various kinds, but also strong smells: fish, vinegar, burning, etc. D. For processing a microwave oven, 2 t. l. Means that dilute 3 t. l. water. Когда сода полностью растворится, в полученной смеси смачивают чистую тряпку или губку и тщательно протирают все внутри устройства. After 1-2 hours, the procedure is repeated, but with a new solution of soda. The old one does not wash off the microwave from the walls.

How to get rid of the smell of burning in the microwave using specialized means

It is possible to eliminate the smell of burning in the microwave using specialized household chemicals that solve the problem 1 time without repeated processing, however, they all have a big minus. toxicity. toxicity. Even if you rinse the device after them, the smallest particles can remain on the walls and subsequently settle for food. If you enter the body, chemicals even in small quantities can harm health. In particular, cleaning powders and gels often cause an allergic reaction, severe nausea, vomiting, etc. D. In addition, some funds are worth a lot, in view of which it is more profitable to use improvised materials.

And yet, in some cases, none of the funds available at home cope with the smell of Gary. Then you have to use specialized cleaners, among which the following means are most popular:

  • Mr. Chistster is one of the fastest ways to remove the smell of Gary. 3 minutes after application from the unpleasant aroma there will be no trace.
  • “Clean Anti.Zerodi”. the tool not only copes well with the problem, but also does not leave after itself divorces. The cleaner is easily washed off with simple water.
  • TM Sutter. use to neutralize unpleasant aromas and remove fat. It is not necessary to wash off the product after processing.
  • “Frosch”. a specialized cleaner based on soda.
  • “Cillit Bang” is a potent agent that can withdraw the most persistent spots and remove even old smells. Minus. pungent smell of a cleaner.

Advice! All procedures for cleaning household chemicals are recommended in gloves, especially if aggressive cleaning powders are used for this. Otherwise, severe irritation may occur on the skin.

How can you get rid of the smell of Gary in the microwave oven

When operating the microwave oven, the particle of food and dust burn out, so there is an unpleasant smell of Gary. Household chemical manufacturers offer many effective tools to clean the device. To save money, we suggest paying attention to improvised substances.

Household chemicals that use in everyday life contain aggressive active components (alkalis, acids, salts), so they quickly clean the surface and neutralize the smell of Gary. Their advantage is a wide scope and spectrum of action. Such funds eliminate the smells of food, smoke, cigarettes, damp. They are simple and convenient to use, they are stored for a long time.

Popular household chemical products:

  • Astonish with the aroma of lemon removes burned food, fat, soot, soot and soot from electric and gas ovens, microwaves, grills, enameled and stainless plates, deep-fryers;
  • Merida Antismel Plus. a detergent concentrated tool to eliminate odors and pollution on different surfaces;
  • Cleaner from Nagar DR. Beckmann removes fat pollution and soot, without damaging the surface, neutralizes unpleasant odorous substances.

The use of such tools for processing microwaves or ovens is not always appropriate: many products contain substances harmful and dangerous for humans, which, together with food, enter the body.

Home remedies

Improvised substances are used to delete Gary. They successfully neutralize extraneous smells, while safe and inexpensive. Consider how to get rid of the smell of Gary in the microwave folk remedies at home.


The vinegar has a sharply acidic taste and a pronounced specific aroma. The substance fights with an unpleasant odor, reduces the number of harmful microorganisms.

How to remove the smell of burning in the microwave:

  • Mix vinegar and water in equal proportions.
  • Wet a rag in the solution, squeeze, carefully wipe the camera, door and rotating element inside.
  • Clean the walls with a damp sponge moistened in water.
  • Leave the door open so that moisture evaporates.


Citrus breaks down a bold coating, whiten the surface of the device, disinfects.

How to remove the smell of burning from the microwave with a lemon:

  • Half 1 of the middle fetus, along with the peel, is cut into pieces, poured into dishes from refractory glass, poured with water.
  • Put in the furnace and included for maximum power for 5-7 minutes.
  • The container is removed, the same actions with the second half of the lemon are repeated.
  • The microwave is wiped dry with a clean cloth.

Citrus can be replaced with citric acid (1 bag per 1 liter of warm water).

Advice. To enhance the effect in deep utensils, 500 ml of water is mixed, 1 t. l. soda and 25 g of citric acid. Put the product in the oven for 3-10 minutes. Then hold for another 5-10 minutes.

Microwave Burning Smell / Burnt Plastic Smell Repair

Fragrant herbs

To get rid of the smell of burning, they use one grass to choose from or their combination:

A decoction is prepared from plant materials: 2 hours. l. Grasses pour 500 ml of hot water. The product is sent to the microwave for 20 minutes at maximum power. Wipe the device dry out, hold the door open.

A fragrant drink copes with extraneous smells, leaving a pleasant aroma for a long time. To do this, brew unsweetened strong coffee, cool, moisten a clean segment of the fabric in it, squeezed and wipe the device inside. Then wash with water and wiped dry.


This is a universal remedy for cleaning dishes, kitchen appliances and neutralizing the smell of burning. To do this, 100 g of salt is poured into a glass container and sent to a microwave oven for 1-2 hours, setting the average power.

Important! Such salt is not used for food.

Baking soda

Well neutralizes the unpleasant aroma and removes old fat spots. Mix 100 ml of water and 2 t. l. Substances, cotton rag, carefully process the door, walls, rotating the stove table. All parts are washed with water, wiped dry.


Toothpaste with intense mint aroma removes yellow spots, disinfects, eliminates traces of fat.

How to neutralize an unpleasant odor in the microwave after burned food:

  • Toothpaste is evenly applied to the side internal walls of the device.
  • Leave at least 1-2 hours with an open door.
  • The remaining pasta is removed with a damp sponge, wiped dry with a segment of fabric.


Ordinary milk absorbs unpleasant odors. To do this, add 1-2 t. l. sugar, mix and put in the microwave for maximum power for 10 minutes.

The main recommendations

The appearance of an unpleasant aroma is a common thing. With active use of microwaves or multicoars, it is impossible to do without shed or spray something during warming up. They did not look, and you boiled and fled milk right inside the furnace? Of course, it can be wiped, but the trace will remain. And so with many products. After some time, even opening the oven will be disgusting, not to mention the fact to warm up something there, because the unpleasant aroma is always absorbed into your food. How to get rid of the smell in a slow cooker after all? How to remove the smell from the microwave?

Firstly, of course, the device must be completely washed. If you do not do this regularly, mold can even form on the walls, especially if you have not used for a long time. All the internal parts of the unit. the walls, the upper and lower part, the rotating disk. everything must be cleaned, without this you can’t cope with the aroma in any way.

You can clean the dirt from the inner parts of the microwave oven with a simple soft sponge and a tool for wash dishes. This will be enough to cope with the main cause of the unpleasant odor. If the aroma remains all the same, and it has a specific reason. it smells of a burn or a dish with pungent odors that you warmed up a few days ago, then you need to approach the problem from the other side.

Features of removal of some odors

Some smells that “exude” the microwave are not displayed for one cleaning. This is due to the fact that such “aromas” are caused by the long accumulation of food residues or substances that have been released during cooking. Therefore, to remove unpleasant odors, specialized tools will be required.

Garr is the most common cause of unpleasant odor. In this case, all the previously given means help to refresh the microwave:

  • fragrant herbs;
  • milk;
  • vinegar and citric acid;
  • toothpaste;
  • onion;
  • Activated carbon;
  • soda solution;
  • Fresh coffee.

You can remove the burning smell with the help of household chemicals.

To remove traces of fat from the inner walls, you need to mix a tablespoon of vinegar and 200 milliliters of water. Next, the composition must be put in the microwave for 7 minutes. After the wall procedure should be washed with a damp cloth.

Instead of vinegar, you can take 3 tablespoons of citric acid and mix with 250 milliliters of water. This solution needs to be kept for no more than five minutes, and then also wipe the internal walls. Vinegar and citric acid corrode fat. Therefore, traces of pollution after the described actions are removed without difficulty.


New microwaves often smell of plastic. To refresh the inner chamber of the device, it is enough to treat the walls with a solution of citric acid or maintain a glass with baking soda during the day.

Food and popcorn

To remove the smell of burned popcorn or food, you will need to warm up a mixture of lemon juice or soda with water. The described boiling procedure also helps to refresh the device.

To neutralize the fish smell, it is recommended to put coffee without sugar for 2 hours in a microwave or heat up thyme, mint, ground cloves or cardamom in a microwave in water.

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