What you need to install a gas meter

It is worth noting right away: it is forbidden to change the gas meter yourself! This must be done by gas specialists, who are authorized to perform work on the replacement of gas measuring devices.

Unauthorized replacement of a gas meter may have serious consequences. It is dangerous!

How to change the gas meter? Here are step by step instructions:

need, install, meter

Then the gas workers will make the sealing of the new counter. Without this procedure the gas meter can not be put into operation.

The gas meter is installed in accordance with the established rules. It can be placed at a distance of 80 cm from the other gas device. Height above the floor at least 1 m 40 cm.

Who is obliged to install the equipment

Is it compulsory to install individual meters in apartments?? In accordance with Federal Law 61, such meters must be located in all rooms if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The volume of resource consumption is more than 2 m³ per hour. Mandatory installation is made when there is a gas stove, column or other gas equipment in the same room. If there is only one gas stove installed in a private home or other premises, the use of a meter is at the request of the consumer
  • The room is equipped with heating systems that run on gas.

To find out for yourself whether it is necessary to install a flow meter, you need to:

  • calculate how much money will be needed to install and maintain the meter;
  • to compare the obtained figure with the monthly expenses for the service;
  • Determine the economic feasibility and payback period of the meter.

Why does the apartment have a gas meter

Before answering, whether one needs a gas meter in the apartment, we offer to understand what this device is for.

Natural gas is an energy resource used by citizens for household purposes:

Gas is provided to households on a paid basis under contracts between households and their suppliers. regional branches of Gazprom.

Payment is made at flat rates for households. Calculation of the amount is based on the amount used by a particular consumer of energy resources. Such data can only be obtained with the help of a special metering device, installed and commissioned in accordance with applicable law.

In the case of natural gas, a gas meter is used to record the amount of fuel consumed.

At first glance, it might seem that all natural gas consumers should install gas meters in their apartments. This obligation, until recently, most consumers of “blue fuel” really had. However, given the small volume of consumption by individual users and the high cost of equipping homes with meters, the legislator has provided exceptions to the general rule.

How to choose the right meter

If you do come to the conclusion that the gas meter you need, do not be lazy to spend a little time to study the proposed models.

You should buy a meter only in specialized firms, and only if you have a quality certificate for the meter. Do not hesitate to ask for certificates and passports.

If the seller does not want for some reason to give you the requested papers. do not hesitate to leave this store. Nothing of high quality it will definitely not offer you.

Before buying a device, every owner thinks about what kind of gas meter is better to install in the apartment and what should be paid attention to in the first place? Metering devices can be rotary and diaphragm, the first option is slightly more budget-friendly, but the membrane is more reliable, they do not leak gas. Therefore, the economy in this case is inappropriate, we take the membrane ones. In addition, they keep more accurate records of the resource consumed.

Not least important are the gas appliances you have. If it is just a stove, you need one type of meter, but if you also have a water heater, you need a completely different meter. It is important to consider the direction of the gas flow: from left to right or vice versa.

In order to take into account all the nuances, before buying a meter do not spare time, consult with experts.

Not the least important criterion is the gas flow capacity of the meter, the amount of gas it can let through in an hour. These parameters are mandatorily prescribed in the characteristics of the device. The higher the flow capacity, the more expensive the appliance is. So you need to clearly understand what capacity you need in your case.

If you have a four-burner stove, then in one hour you need 1.56 cubic meters. If you have a gas boiler in addition to it, note that it takes 2.5 cubic meters of gas per hour. If both devices are available, add up the numbers.

Additional markings on the device also help determine its purpose:

  • The G1.6 indicates that the device passes 1.6-2.5 cubic meters of gas per hour;
  • G2.5. the device passes 2.5-4 cubic meters of gas per hour;
  • G4. Carrying capacity from 4 to 6 cubic meters.

There are more powerful devices with a capacity of 10 to 16, and from 16 and above.

Choosing a device, consider a number of parameters:

Do not forget to consult with experts before buying a device.

Household gas meters

The meters differ in design, operating principle, dimensions. The membrane type is optimal for use in your own apartment. Advantages: saving money, long service life, durability. The disadvantages are the low gas throughput and the large size.

The control device consists of compartments separated by flaps, which are opened alternately. All elements are connected together by a special mechanism in the form of a cross. The gas flows through the compartments one after the other. The movement of the blades generates a mechanical impulse that drives the cross-shaped mechanism. Calculation of the consumed gas flow takes place by means of a star.

Who has to install the gas meter in the apartment and at whose expense?

After January 1, 2016 the gas meter will be obligatory installed by the gas distribution company at the expense of the owner of the apartment.

According to clauses 1 and 2 of Art. You must install gas meters in apartments by January 1, 2015, according to Federal Law “On Energy Saving” 13. If the owner of the housing does not install the meter before January 1, 2016, the company, which is supplying gas to the premises, has the right to forcibly install it and to recover from the consumer all the costs of installation. There are no penalties for late installation of meters.

Who to contact in order to install a gas meter?

The owner of the room is not allowed to install the gas metering device himself. This measuring device is referred to the in-house (in-house) equipment, and its installation can be carried out only by special gas services, which have a license for this, as well as by the service.

To install a gas meter, you must apply in writing to the company’s One-Stop Service. hotline:. The telephone number of the unified dispatcher service:. The application must be accompanied by copies of documents proving ownership of the apartment or private residential building where the gas meter will be installed.

The specialists of the gas supply company determine the condition of the gas pipe and the technical feasibility of the meter.

The owner of the apartment should buy a gas meter and turn to the local Electricity Supply Department. Who makes an estimate for the installation of the gas meter. The cost of installation depends on the complexity of work.

After the installation of the gas meter and after signing the act of work, the owner of the apartment must pay the bill for the installation of the device.

After the gas meter has been installed you need to contact the management company to have the meter sealed.

According to the rules, the application must contain the following information about the consumer: full name, passport data and contact phone number. The information about the device, which must be specified in the application form, includes:

The application must be accompanied by a copy of the meter’s certificate and documents confirming the results of the latest meter inspection (this does not apply to new meters). Utilities must respond within three days of the application and agree on a date for a visit to seal the appliance. If there is no answer within three days, you can safely appeal to the state housing inspection.

The meter must not be located closer than 80 cm to the gas appliances (stove, if any. gas column). Besides, according to the rules the height from the floor must be no less than 120 cm. Otherwise the landlord has the right to choose the place of installation himself, without violating only these two parameters.

A gas meter is the property of the apartment owner, so the owner of the apartment must install it at his own expense. According to Art. Under Article 158 of the Housing Code, the owner of the premises in an apartment building must bear the costs of the premises belonging to him/her.

How much does it cost to install a meter?

If the apartment has a stove and a gas boiler, then the consumer installation with welding works will cost 6000-7000.

Free meter installation

To install the gas meter free of charge, owners must apply to utilities. But the meter itself and additional tools are purchased at the expense of the consumer.

Free installation of gas meters reduced the number of calls to dubious services and private craftsmen. Gas explosions due to improper installation have become more frequent in recent years. Applying to trusted services protects homeowners from accidents.

Important! When you apply to a gas utility, you get free installation and licensing assistance. Do not turn to dubious individuals and private companies that do not have the appropriate documents for services.

Who is eligible for free meter installation

Utilities install meters for free to all citizens who have written an application to the state gas utility. You will be installed on a first-come, first-served basis. But if you want to speed up the process and go to a private company, installation will be paid. between private companies can vary greatly.

Where to go for free of charge installation

To install a gas meter free of charge you must:

  • Write an application to the state gas service. To attach a copy of passport and a copy of the ownership right.
  • Wait for representatives of the organization, which will diagnose the pipeline and determine the technical feasibility of installation.
  • Give the device to a specialist for further installation.
  • Accept the work and sign the corresponding act of acceptance.

Important! When buying a gas meter require a certificate and technical passport.

need, install, meter

When the employees finish installation, you must go to the utility and register the gas meter. Soon an inspector will come to check the work done and seal it.

How does verification of gas meters work?

Roman Gladkikh and Oksana Vasilyeva offer the following step-by-step instructions for checking gas meters. It does not look complicated and is quite understandable for a consumer.

Contact your gas supply company. by phone, online or in person. You must have the following documents: contract for gas supply, passport of the subscriber, certificate of installation works, certificate of previous verification.

Meeting of specialists. Check their documents and approvals. Take you to the place where the meter is installed. They either perform the work on site or take the device with them, but leave a spare and the appropriate receipt.

If the meter is checked on site. The verifier must check that the seal is intact. If everything is in order, he will wash the connections and connect the equipment to them to check. After verifying and disconnecting the equipment, the technician will connect the connections to the meter, lather it up again, and check for leaks.

At the end of the verification get an act of the work carried out with a stamp, a contract of maintenance of the UUT, a certificate or act of verification. The expert will enter the information about the verification into the meter technical passport.

Smart Gas Meter Installation

Please note that from September 24, 2020, according to the new edition of Federal Law 02 On Ensuring Uniformity of Measurements, only an electronic record in a single register of Rosstandart has legal force. Paper certificates are now issued only at the request of the owner of the device, but they have no legal force.

Oksana Vasilyeva adds some more actions:

Installing a household gas meter

Apply to the district office of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Krasnodar LLC with a request to seal the installed meter. Gas metering and payments based on gas meter readings will be made only after a gas meter has been sealed.

Address by “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Krasnodar” JSC

Federal Law of 23.11.2009 г. N261-03 “On Energy Saving and Increasing Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Separate Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” creates a legal, economic, and organizational basis for energy saving and energy efficiency in the Russian Federation.

The owners of the houses connected to the centralized gas supply systems in accordance with Art. 13 of the above Federal Law shall be obligated before 01.01.2015г. Ensure the installation and commissioning of individual meters for natural gas.

AO “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Krasnodar” is engaged in transportation of natural gas and performs the installation or replacement of natural gas meters, as well as their operation.

Our company offers you services for the installation of individual meters for natural gas, their subsequent operation, as well as their replacement.

You can find the catalog of natural gas meters, for their installation or replacement, as well as for services of metering devices offered by our company on our website

If you apply to “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Krasnodar” JSC, the company assumes the obligation to conclude contracts for installation of natural gas meters or their replacement, as well as their operation.

In addition, in some cases, our organization is ready to give you an installment payment for up to 5 years in equal installments from the date of signing the contract for the installation of natural gas meters.

If an installment option is included in the contract, the contract price will include the amount of interest accrued in connection with the provision of installment. In case of delay or non-payment on time, you will be charged costs associated with forced collection. If you choose, you can also pay for our services in one lump sum.

To take advantage of this offer, you need to apply to “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Krasnodar” JSC for signing a contract for installation or replacement and operation of the metering device at the address: 350051, Krasnodar, Russia. Krasnodar, ul. Builders, 23.

We would like to inform you that installation or replacement and operation of natural gas meters may be performed by other entities than “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Krasnodar” JSC who meet the requirements established by law for such actions. In your region (city) such activity is carried out by a specialized organization with which you should have a contract for maintenance, application repair of in-house gas equipment and emergency maintenance.

In order to conclude a contract on installation or replacement and operation of metering devices, you need to submit to the service provider a written application that must contain:

  • Information about the subject of the contract;
  • surname, first name, patronymic of the Customer and details of his identity document, place of residence, mailing address, as well as, if available, phone, fax, e-mail address;
  • address of the object to be equipped with a metering device, indicating the expected place of installation of the metering device;
  • Requirements of the Customer to the meter corresponding to the requirements of normative legal acts of the Russian Federation
  • consent to the processing of personal data.

The application of the Customer shall be accompanied by copies of documents confirming ownership of the object to be equipped with meters, documents confirming the authority of the person who signed the application, if the application is signed not by the owner.

Please note, that if you will not provide installation or replacement of metering devices of used natural gas and their operation until 01.01. 2015г., then according to Art. 13 of the Federal Law above, you will be obliged to provide access of our organization’s representatives to the places where meters are installed, and to pay the costs of installation and operation of meters to our organization. If you do not pay for the installation or replacement of the meters and their operation voluntarily, we will be forced to collect from you the costs incurred by our organization, including the costs of forced collection, in accordance with the established procedure.

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