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Self.Connection of a gas stove

Household appliances. An integral part of modern life. The kitchen slab is one of the essential types of household appliances, without which it is difficult to imagine your life. There are several types of plates: gas, electric, and even combined, of which gas. The most difficult to connect and maintain, require increased safety and attentiveness during operation. If you need to connect a gas stove, it is better to contact professional services, since this requires serious skills and qualifications.

If you decide to connect a gas stove yourself, then you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations.

Is it possible to connect a gas stove without a master and services?

In practice, it is possible to connect a gas stove yourself. You should know how to carry out work and safety rules.

But also understand that for connecting bypassing public service they can impose a fine. And also in case of improper installation, provoke a major accident.

If you even for some reason connected the plate yourself do not be too lazy to call the master so that it check how correctly the work was carried out, there is no gas leakage.

How to act and where to call when breaking a gas stove

If there is a breakdown of a gas stove, do independent disassembly and repair should not be. It is necessary to block the gas supply and call the master. If the problem is serious and there are suspicions of gas leakage, they call the emergency service.

From a city phone, they type 04 or 104, from mobile. 112. Call to number 112 is free. It is available, even if there is no money on the phone or the SIM card is not inserted or blocked. For subscribers of Megafon, MTS and Tele2, a standard number for communication with the emergency service is available. 040, for Beeline subscribers. 004.

A characteristic smell testifies to the leak. But it manifests itself gradually, and it is difficult to notice at once. At first, the onset of symptoms of poisoning, headache and suffocation is possible. At the first signs, turn off the plate, wrap the valve on the pipe, open the windows and do not light the fire.

If the breakdown does not cause concern, the device is turned off and gas supply is blocked. You can’t use a faulty stove. Then they call to the emergency gas service, where the dispatcher will advise about further actions and tell you where to call back to call the repairman, or will fill out immediately. You can also call an employee of a specialized service center.

Stages of self.Connection of the gas stove

Is it possible to independently connect a gas stove in the apartment? Yes, but first contact Gorgaz, and be sure to provide them with all the necessary documents. Remember that you will need special equipment. Carefully study the subtleties of independent connection of the gas stove. Conditionally, the process is divided into the following stages:

  • Preparatory work.
  • Dismantling of old equipment.
  • Installation of a new device.
  • Checking the correct connection.
  • Exploitation.

So that you know how to connect a gas stove in the apartment with your own hands, carefully study the instructions offered by specialists.

Choosing a place

The manufacturer of the equipment indicates the recommended distance from the walls and partitions of the kitchen furniture. This information is indicated in the instructions or technical documentation. There you will find the basic rules for installing a gas stove in the apartment. The most common mistake of beginners is that they do not take into account the height of equipment placement. The height is calculated in accordance with the distance from the ceilings. You especially need to be neat with kitchens in which there is a sloping ceiling. The material of the ceiling also affects the height of the location.

Quite often, natural ventilation does not cope with the removal of combustion products. Therefore, experts strongly recommend that you install hoods.

Preparation of tools and consumables

Before installing a gas stove, you need to disassemble and dismantle old equipment, as well as prepare a list of special equipment and all kinds of consumables. The optimal set of tools:

  • Key set: gas, divorce and wretched;
  • Ball crane 1/2 ’. Provided that replacement is required;
  • FUM tape;
  • Screwdriver Set;
  • Hose of the corresponding diameter;
  • Concentrated soap solution.

Of course, that the process of installing electric and gas models will differ significantly. Give preference to the proven equipment manufacturer. Little.Known companies can produce equipment with a short operational period. Popular brands, on the contrary, produce high.Quality equipment. For example, gas models of Hephaestus showed themselves from the best side during use.

Dismantling the old stove

Replacing the gas stove will not be difficult. The main thing is to adhere to the basic provisions of step.By.Step instructions, while observing safety precautions. The dismantling algorithm for outdated technology for the subsequent installation of a new slab:

  • Crush the tap that controls the gas supply.
  • Check if you managed to block the crane, try to set fire to the burner.
  • Unscrew the locknut and drive the coupling on the omission.
  • Move the equipment from the wall to push the equipment.
  • If the new equipment is installed not now, but in the near future repairs will be held, be sure to put a special plug on the crane.
need, install, stove

Old plates connected to the gas pipeline with a metal pipe are much more difficult to dismantle. It is hard to remove the nut and the coupling due to the paint. Therefore, the eyeliner is cut off with an angular grinder. Residues are dismantled using a gas key.

need, install, stove

Crane replacement

Often before installing a new gas stove you have to change the crane. You need to do this as quickly as possible and accurately. After dismantling the old crane, the gas will get from the pipe into the room. It is important that after removing the old valve, elementary safety regulations are observed: there was no source of open fire, the windows were widely opened.

Before you start installing new equipment, you need to prepare several additional devices:

  • A small piece of fabric. From it it is necessary to make a temporary cork that will plug the gas pipe. Be sure to moisten the fabric with water;
  • A new ball crane. Before installation, transfer it to a closed position, and also dismantle the handle to facilitate the installation process;
  • Prepare a set of wrenches, as well as a special sealant that will be applied to a threaded connection.
  • Open the window as wide as possible, and even better. The window. This is necessary to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Unscrew the tap from the drop, and then insert a wet rag into the pipe opening as quickly as possible.
  • Be sure to remove the remains of the old sealant from the threaded connection, and then apply a new.
  • Remove a rag from the pipe, which performed the functions of the cork, and then wind up a new crane onto the thread. Tighten the valve with a key.
  • Make sure that all elements are connected hermetically. Apply a concentrated solution to the united areas. If bubbles appear that are inflated, then this indicates the absence of proper tightness, respectively, there is a gas leak. Unscrew the valve to apply an additional sealant layer to the thread.

The crane is replaced, which means that you can go to the installation of equipment.

Installation of a new slab

As mentioned earlier, the installation of a gas stove in the apartment with your own hands is carried out only in cases if you have a certain experience in carrying out such work, as well as special equipment. In other situations, it is better to entrust such difficult work to professionals.

Phased process of connecting a gas stove

Before connecting a gas stove, you should make sure that the shut.Off tap of the supply line is securely closed. Only then prepare the place selected in all respects and proceed to the installation process.

  • The plate is placed nearby, the packaging is removed, freed from transportation elements. The oven is also subject to exemption from accessories, packaging and transportation parts.
  • Then the adjusting legs are screwed so that the thread supply allows rotation to five to six revolutions in the same direction to adjust the possibility of adjusting.
  • A flexible submarine is attached to the output fitting of gas supply. Necessarily monitors that the sealing gasket does not fall out of the hose hose. Holding the second end of the hose in an upright position, they finally move the stove, making sure that the gap remains between the wall and the posterior wall of the plate within 10-15 cm.
  • The second end of the flexible supply is attached to the withdrawal of the gas line, namely to the shut.Off crane.
  • Next, proceed to leveling the hob surface of the plate in one of the methods proposed above. Monitor the stability of the slab, the absence of a “swing effect”.

Important. In those cases when a hose with opposite threads of the fittings (nut. Bolt) is used, first of all, a motionless fitting (bolt) is primarily screwed out of what technological point it is located. The line of the highway, or the release of the plate. The use of sealing winding is mandatory.

How to Work with Gas Pipes | Ask This Old House

If the technique is connected for the first time, then the presence of a licensed technique for checking and activating it is mandatory. All threaded joints are covered with soapy solution and open the crane. The presence of leaks will immediately be noticeable in characteristic soap bubbles. In the case of their detection, the crane is immediately closed and proceed to eliminate the shortcomings.

If everything is in order, the first ignition is carried out. The first three to four seconds after the opening of the Knock crane will be replaced by air, after which the flame source is brought, or the electrical-resistant button is turned on. After 10-15 seconds, the flame should become even, stable blue shade, without red flashes and crackling.

We proceed to the installation

First of all, you need to very carefully read the recommendations of the manufacturer on installing the plate. The manual must indicate the recommended gap, which must be left between the wall and the stove. If you install with your own hands, follow all the tips of the manufacturer in severity.

Gas stove installation circuit

The plate on special legs should be installed in a specially designated place for it. To set it as much as possible horizontally, use the water level. Twist the legs until the stove becomes exactly. The legs are not supplied to some plates in the kit, so they will need to be replaced with pieces of wood or other lining.

What you need to cook in advance?

  • New hose. If the old hose in your apartment has become unusable, the first thing is to replace it.
  • Get up also with a divorce, lacture and gas key at number 10. If you do not have these tools, lend them from your neighbors.Gas key
  • You also need a screwdriver.
  • Prepare soap solution and anointing in order to check the quality of the work performed.
  • The seal on the hose is necessary for sealing. Professionals note the highest quality FUM tape and Loquyt 55 thread. They perform sealing perfectly, in contrast to the linen seal.

When everything you need is prepared, you can start connecting a gas stove. To do this, the old stove needs to be turned off and moved away. Be sure to redraw the gas and check it by turning on one of the firewood. We will start replacing the crane.

Then you should act as quickly as possible, but this should not be to the detriment of the quality of work. Take the old rag, moisten it and unscrew the old tap. Be sure to first open the window! Quickly plug the hole with a rag. At this time, you need to clean the thread on the tap and wind the seal. Now you need to quickly connect a new crane. Do not be afraid that the gas comes out. Nothing terrible will happen, because the room is ventilated. But this does not mean that you can lose precious seconds. It remains to screw up a new crane on the seal.

When choosing a hose, we recommend stopping on a rubber. It will allow you to move the stove a little within one to five meters, while it will not be so hard, as in the case of a hose from other materials. And its life is close to ten years. When buying, be sure to see that the hose is covered with a metal “wrapping” and has yellow marks.

Rubber hose for a gas stove

It is this hose that we will connect to the gas riser. On the fitting of the hose, you need to wrap the seal as tightly as possible, then screw it into the crane, which we replaced on the gas pipe. The second end of the hose should be with a mesh that comes in the kit. Now it remains to decide on the thread. For 3/8, you will need to install an adapter, but for 1/2 the adapter will not be required. Use the shutter to overlap the gas, and then connect the hose.

To check whether you managed to connect a new stove, open the gas and spread the connection place with a soap solution. If bubbles do not appear on them, congratulations, you succeeded!

This is how you can connect the stove on your own. Only at first glance it might seem that there is nothing complicated in this process. In fact, this is work for professionals and those who know about working with gas. Objectively evaluate your strength to connect the stove yourself. Did you have the experience of installing the slab? What tips and recommendations can you share with us and our readers?

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Where can you turn for help

You have acquired a suitable model for you, but you absolutely do not understand how it is connected. Where to contact the gas stove connected by professionals? There are several options, each of which you can use:

  • Installation services are provided by stores engaged in the sale of gas equipment;
  • Organizations with permission to work with gas systems. At the end of the installation, you will be issued a certificate confirming that the installation of the equipment is performed in accordance with the norms;
  • Calling a specialist of a profile organization that controls the gas supply process of your home.

It is more rational to contact the profile service precisely. According to the law, employees of such organizations should record changes, as well as make an appropriate note in the technical passport. A gas stove should be connected by a specialist who has a work permit in this area. Therefore, it is better to refuse private contractors services. They will not issue a certificate. Because of this, you can further run into a big fine.

Gas stove connection algorithm

First you need to familiarize yourself with the data of the passport for equipment. It, in particular, indicates the requirements for the mutual placement of the plate and other components of the gas distribution system, such as the counter and connection point.

Whirlpool Gas Range Installation (Model WFG505M0BS)

  • For the stove, find the most convenient place.
  • Put a gap from the wall to the case of the device indicated in the passport to the plate.
  • Adjusting the stoves. This is done using the construction level. At first, twisting or unscrewing the legs, the stove is oriented along the wall, then across.
  • A stove, which does not swing and occupies a rigid position, is pushed from the wall to a distance that allows convenient manipulation with tools and hands.
  • On the threaded parts of the fittings on the equipment and one end (“dad”) a gas hose wound several layers of fum tanks or locky threads of the seal.
  • The end of the “dad” of the gas hose is screwed into the gas crane on the pipe of the distribution network, after placing the gasket in it.
  • The second end is a gas hose with a gasket mounted inside the corresponding fitting on the furnace body.
  • The furnace is installed in the previously selected position.

All connections should be tightly screwed. If the equipment is installed for the first time in this room, after all the work, its owner invites a representative of the gas service. It is forbidden to turn on the stove before his arrival. The specialist confirms the lack of leaks. After the gas service representative confirms normal work, the furnace can be used in normal mode.

For clarity in the drawings below, a gas stove connection diagram is shown.

Using these recommendations and a scheme, you can connect not only the gas stove of Hephaestus, LADA, Zanusi, Mora and Darina with your own hands, but also another model. It should be remembered that only with the correct connection of this device to the gas pipeline in the apartment, in compliance with all requirements, safe operation is possible. In the absence of a stationary gas pipeline, you can connect a gas stove to the cylinder.

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