When you need to refuel the air conditioner in the apartment

How often you need to change the freon in the air conditioner of the house?

Maintenance. It is usually recommended to check the freon and refuel equipment every two years. Leakage-often occurs due to breakdown of the device and incorrect installation.

A number of signs that the cooling system should be refined:

need, refuel, conditioner, apartment
  • The quality of blowing has decreased;
  • The air is cooled slowly;
  • There was a musty smell (incomplete cooling of the evaporator);
  • An oily emulsion performed on the tubes with the colad;
  • The inner block is covered with frozen.

Do I need to add freon to air conditioning?

The air conditioning system will not work if it is not enough freon in it. The air conditioner will overheat, which will lead to a breakdown of the compressor or all equipment in general. According to experts, it is necessary to make up for the necessary volume of the freon at least once a year, and if the car is new. In three years in three years.

Like refrigerators, air conditioners are refueling by freon, however, Freon in the air conditioner uses a special, designed only for this type of technique. Type of brands is usually used.

External block.

For independent maintenance, only the radiator is available here. It is necessary to ensure that it does not clog dust and freely pass the air. If this is not done, overheating and the failure of the compressor. The radiator is open or behind the grid. You can clean with a car or any other brush yourself by removing the entire dust plaque from the radiator. The best way is to wash the radiator with a sink under pressure. Although the method with the brush also gives a good effect. The grid on the radiator can be removed, it does not carry any special function and serves as the protection of the radiator during installation. At the moment, on many models it is absent.

The last operation necessary for the normal operation of the air conditioner is a refueling by freon. Since even if you do not use air conditioning, he gradually loses Freon from the system (8-10% per year). Efficiency drops significantly after loss of 30-40% of the total amount of freon in the system. If the installation was made qualitatively, refueling is not required for 4-5 years. Everything decides the second season of the air conditioner. If he is cold next year after installation, everything is fine and the next 4 years you can not worry. There were cases when air conditioners did not refuel for 6-7 years. You can find a shortage of freon in a split system by looking at a small tube on the outer block (on the street). If it is covered with hoarfrost or ice, then the freon is not enough and the gas station is required. If the hoar passes after a while, then everything is fine.

Also traces of oil on the ports. Where the tubes are connected (dark dirty plaque) indicates that there is a refrigerant leak in this place. Yourself you will not be able to call here you need to call specialists.

Air Conditioner in Roblox

Finally, the air conditioning area installed in offices, stores, in rooms along roads, dusty dirty conditions of stalls and minimarkets. Such equipment must be served as often as possible. In a regular apartment, for 4-5 years, you just need to wash the mesh filter of the internal unit a couple of times, and for such you need to do service ideally every month. Dust such air conditioners clog very quickly.

Follow your air conditioning and he will be pleased with your coolness and warmth for many years.

How to understand that there is no freon in the air conditioner?

The main signs of a lack of freon, by which you yourself can determine the need to call a service team and refuel the air conditioner, is if:

  • Your air conditioning system has significantly reduced performance;
  • The valve of the external sides was icing;
  • Oil on pipes performed;
  • There was an irrigation on the inner block.

Why clean the air conditioner

The device is included through itself huge amounts of air. And in the city it is always saturated with dust, particles of smoke, soot and other dirt. Passing the air through itself, the split system is polluted all the time.

The air conditioner also constantly produces condensate, which flows along the drainage tube to the street. If the liquid meets the dirt in its path, then the latter gets down into lumps. They remain in the air conditioner. Dirt and moisture are ideal conditions for the life of bacteria.

It is especially important to clean the air conditioner in the spring. Over a long time, the system has accumulated a lot of dust and dirt, which will fall into the room with a direct stream.


How often you need to refuel air conditioner?

Serving the air conditioner includes a number of certain measures. Among them is the refueling of equipment, which has a frequency regulated by the manufacturer. But a number of situations require an unscheduled appeal to specialists. It may be due to the influence of various provoking factors. And often we are talking about user negligence. Let’s try to deal with the aspects of refueling climate equipment, as well as talk about a number of related nuances that require the most close attention.

When to think about refueling

The reasons for the emergency refueling of the system can be very different. But first of all, it should be thought about in the presence of such signs:

  • The air conditioning operates, but the effectiveness of cooling leaves much to be desired. The fault of the lack of refrigerant in the system;
  • If the equipment was reinstalled. When dismantling, partial evaporation of the refrigerant occurs. But refueling after placing the unit in a new place allows you to completely solve this problem;
  • Connecting fittings and tubes are covered with ice and hoarfrost. Sometimes icing is observed on the external module. It’s all about the increased load on the compressor when compressing a small volume of freon. In this case, components wear out with incredibly high speed. And this is the main danger of a lack of freon in the system;
  • If the external module was repaired. Over, the matter may not limit himself to just refueling the system. It may be required to drain everything available in the refrigerant circuit and a complete refueling of the air conditioner.

Mostly a lack of freon in the system indicates a significant decrease in air conditioning performance. The operation of the unit in any mode does not bring the desired result, and cooling does not reach the desired temperature level. If so, then you should immediately check the volume of existing refrigerant. Manufacturers very often indicate this parameter in the technical documentation for the device. There you can also find the volume of the freon that is required with a one.Time refueling. Often we are talking about 5-10 g per 1 sq. M premises.

But what can be caused by the evaporation of Freon? The problem can be due to different factors. Most often we are talking about such of them:

  • Fragile connections of the tubes. If the line of the highway is made with violations of the technology, then the leak is only a matter of time. Over, such a problem is not immediately manifested, but only after a certain period. With a short of freon, about 15-18 %, the efficiency of the equipment begins to significantly decrease. In this case, the refueling should be carried out as soon as possible;
  • Natural evaporation. This process is a completely ordinary phenomenon. It is about 5-8 % of the refrigerant throughout the year.

Before the start of the gas station, it is worth finding out the type of freon, which is used in the system. After all, the refrigerant can be not only one.Component, but also have a multicomponent basis. In the first case, it is possible to carry out a full or partial refueling at the choice of the user. The second question is exclusively about a complete refueling with the preliminary draining of the remaining freon.

If we talk specifically about the frequency of refueling, then this period depends on the type of equipment used. Split systems and multi-split systems should be refueled at least 1 time during the year. It is advisable to do this before the start of the new season.

The design of mobile and window air conditioners eliminates refueling. Only full refueling is possible. Over, it is quite possible to limit yourself to its conduct 1 time in several years. The frequency of refueling industrial air conditioners directly depends on the type of specific equipment and the intensity of its operation.

You should not rush with refueling. But hesitating with her is undesirable. After all, first of all, the compressor fails. Its repair will cost quite expensive and will require the involvement of significant resources.

Why shouldn’t be refueling yourself

The answer to this question is quite obvious. After all, the apparent simplicity of the process is a deceptive. And to carry out a high.Quality refueling without certain experience and appropriate tools is almost impossible. If the attempt is unsuccessful, then everything can end extremely unpleasant. Subsequent repair of climate equipment will cost a fairly significant amount.

It is for this reason that professionals should be trusted. At their disposal there is everything necessary for the qualified refueling of an air conditioner of any type and format. Services are inexpensive, and everyone can afford them. And without significant harm to the personal budget.

There are no strict norms regarding the gas station itself. The volume of refined refrigerant should be equal to the volume of the freon that was lost during operation. If we are talking about a complete refueling, then the manufacturer’s recommendations on optimal working pressure are set out in the instructions for the climate installation.

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Diagnostics after refueling

After downloading the freon into the air conditioning, turn it on and for a couple of hours carefully observe the operation of the system. Rebooting could lead to abnormal operation of the device.

If you overly overly 10%, then there will be no strong problem in this. This will not affect work. Rebooting more than this value will negatively affect the compressor and can lead to breakdown.

If you changed the freon, but the device still works weakly, then it is worth checking the pressure. Perhaps you added below the required level. If the level of freon is normal, and the air conditioner does not cool normally, then it is worth checking the device itself. Most likely, a breakdown in another.

What is included in the maintenance of air conditioners

Proper care of climate technique includes:

  • Diagnostics of the performance of the unit;
  • Identification and elimination of abnormal noise, vibrations;
  • Checking the electrical part of the device: compressor, terminal, insulation, ground;
  • Diagnostics and configuration of electronics;
  • Frozen pressure of the refrigerant;
  • If necessary, the hardening of the freon;
  • Deep cleansing of the external part by mechanical or hydraulic methods;
  • Cleaning the inner unit: filters, drainage, fan;
  • Checking fasteners, damage tracks.

The complex of works is carried out once a year, after the end of winter. For deep cleaning, elimination of problems, it is necessary to disassemble the split system. And for diagnosis you need special measuring devices. Therefore, the maintenance of air conditioners should be carried out by masters. You can independently clean the outer surfaces and removable parts of the internal unit.

How is the refueling

First, the specialist will prepare the system. With the help of nitrogen or freon, he will make the air conditioner purge. This is necessary to drain it. Then tightness is checked. If everything is in order, the master will remove all the air from the system using a vacuum pump and a collector.

The air conditioning refueling can occur in several ways:

  • By the degree of pressure. This will require the instruction to the device where the optimal pressure inside the system will be indicated. A manometric collector and a cylinder with freon are connected to the block. The refueling is carried out in small doses until the pressure gauge shows the right value.
  • By mass. It is used when you need to completely replace the freon. All refrigerant merges from the system. With the help of weights, the mass of gas in the cylinder is determined. After that, the master pumps Freon to the given parameters. This is a simple and accurate way.
  • With the help of an observation glass. The specialist looks at the Freon through the glass. If there are bubbles in the refrigerant, the device must be seasoned. The download lasts until the flow of bubbles disappears.
need, refuel, conditioner, apartment

After the check occurs. If the hook on the taps of the external unit does not appear, the system is corrected correctly.

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