Where can I install gas equipment on a car

What is the HBO system and how does it work

HBO happens 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 generations. Now the most demanded set of HBO 4. The gas system is somewhat simpler than the gasoline system. HBO consists of such components as:

  • gas cylinder. Methane is stored in steel or composite cylinders, while propane is stored only in steel. GBO cylinders for methane are cylindrical, and for propane. cylindrical and toroidal.
  • HBO reducer. Brings the pressure to the working condition required at the outlet, regardless of the engine operating mode, internal and external temperatures, and cylinder pressure.
  • Electronic control unit (ECU). Controls the operation of the gas cylinder system as a whole.
  • HBO nozzles. Deliver fuel to the cylinders in uniform and regular portions. GEMINI OMVL injectors provide a minimum opening time of 1.7 ms and a minimum closing time of 0.9 ms. They are installed in different positions, but the injector rail tilt should not exceed 80°.
  • Remote filling device (VZU). An adapter that allows you to fill the cylinder at filling stations of gas filling stations and CNG filling stations.
  • Multivalve / cylinder valve. Eliminates leakage and overheating of fuel under any operating conditions. For propane, a multi-valve is used, and for methane, a cylinder valve is used.
  • HBO filter. Cleans gas from small and large impurities (sometimes coarse and fine cleaning). High-quality fuel improves engine performance and extends its service life.

HBO installation

  • Car service “TsentrGBO”: cost from 35,000. depends on configuration. i have the same car. you can come and see how and what
  • Car service “Gazcenter”: Artur, good afternoon. There are several options, from 35 to 45 tons.R. I note that our employee has the same car.
  • Car service “Gazcenter”: Artur, balloon. 42 l. The larger one unfortunately won’t fit.
  • Arthur: I always heard that the tank is 53 liters
  • Car service “Gazcenter”: There are few places there. And a muffler. If a 53 l cylinder fits, we will install. I hope it doesn’t get to the point where the exhaust system needs to be changed.
  • Arthur: Okay, what brand and what generation is best for my car?
  • Car service “Gazcenter”: Artur, our company is a dealer of a manufacturer of modern gas-balloon automotive electronics with which it is possible to use various gearboxes, nozzles, cylinders, etc. Our website:

Roma: Installation of gas equipment for Toyota rav4 diesel 2.2 Div

Igor: clarify the cost of alteration of HBO with Euro 2 on Euro 4

Karen: What kind of GBO installation is suitable and how much

  • TsentrGBO car service: for a 6-cylinder engine 45 thousand. for 8 cylinders 60 thousand with turnkey work. phone call
  • Car service “Gazcenter”: Karen, good evening. Issue price. from 30000 to 98000 r., like that. Strongly depends on the type of injection, engine power, selected configuration.
  • Car service “TsentrGBO”: we will do. call
  • Gazcenter car service: Andrey, good afternoon. Price with work. about 70-80000. Depends on the selected package. Such cars were also made.
  • Car service “Gascentre”: Andrey, Good afternoon. Price with work. About 70-80000. Depends on the selected configuration. Such cars also did.
  • Andrei: Good day! contacts reset to communicate

Almazbek: Rent back to put Scoland will

  • Car service “TechCenter (repair of foreign cars)”: Good afternoon!call us
  • Car service “Autotech Center Lublin”: Call
  • Car service “Auto-Motane Auto Mileage. Volgograd Prospekt “: Good afternoon! HBO is not installed. Sincerely, AVTOGERMES Group of Companies!
  • Car service “Automotive gas fuel systems”: good afternoon, diamondbek If you are interested in partial disassembly / installation, then 2000 and 2000 if a complete disassembly is required, then 4000

Andrey: HBO installation (with registration) drips oil from under the head of the block and idle speed floats

  • Car service “Autotech Center Lublin”: Call
  • Car service “TRAV-M5”: we do not register HBO. You can do it yourself. Installation cost depends on component manufacturer. fork from 45 to 65 thousand. replacing the cylinder head gasket on your car costs from 16,000
  • Car service “AutoGermes”. Volgogradsky Prospekt: ​​Good afternoon! HBO is not installed. With the rest we can write it down for diagnostics. You can find out detailed information and sign up for the technical center by phone Best regards, AutoGERMES group of companies!

Malik: Hello, installed your equipment on your car (evacuator), the documents are even there, only here I want to serve it and legalize officially, it’s all real

Sergey: Remove Gas Equipment. how much will it cost

  • Car service “Autogaskomplekt”: Call
  • Abcauto car service: Good afternoon. Remove gas equipment- 4,500. You can sign up by contact phone: Narek
  • Car service “Intergasservice”: Good afternoon. What car do you have?
  • Sergey: Nissan Almera Classic 2002
  • Car service “Intergazservis”: Complete dismantling of LPG 3000 rubles
  • Sergey: What time today it will be possible to drive?
  • Sergey: So what time?
  • Car service “Intergasservis”: at 11-30 bodies in the workshop of the Yurlovsky passage. 2A
  • Sergey: And then what is written the passage Rusanovo House 2
  • Sergey: And you send me to another address
  • Car service “Intergasservis”: No, this is the same
  • Car service “Intergazservis”: No, it’s the same
  • Sergey: So Rusanova passage 2 and Yurlovsky are different places, I turned to you for the reason that you are near the house
  • Intergazservice car service: I don’t know where you read about Rusanov? Look at my cap it says: Auto service “Intergazservis” Moscow, Agricultural street, 43с1 So Agricultural and Yurlovsky are one and the same
  • Sergey: Ok. Can you get there at 12??
  • Car service “Intergazservis”: Yes, you can. Workshop phone. be there call them. Just in case my number
  • Sergei: Okay

Artem: HBO installation is required, turnkey with documents and registration with the traffic police.

  • Car service “Autotechcenter KM / h”: Good afternoon, unfortunately. we can not help, we do not have such a service.
  • Car service “AmnesiaCityService”: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment! I advise you to contact a specialized service ! Thank you for contacting.

Sergey: Sebring engine 2.7/ 203l.with 6 cylinder. How much does it cost to install?

  • Car service “Trak-M5”: We do not recommend installing gas on this engine. This engine, although it wears Sebring well, is rather capricious about fuel. In addition, a not very large toroid will fit in the Sebring.

Andrey: It is necessary to remove the gas equipment from the Gazelle

Tileubek: How much will it be, you can sign up today?

  • Car service “CenterGBBBO”: you can turn today. price from 25000. phone for recording
  • Car service “Gazcenter”: Hello. What is the name of the gas-balloon equipment on a car? What does not work? Or you need to replace the filters and do computer diagnostics / adjustment?

Bugban: how much will it cost to install on a turnkey basis

Yuri: Technical inspection of HBO. Information about gas. cylinder (year of manufacture, serial number, dates of the last and next inspection of the gas cylinder). Information on gas-balloon equipment (number of the certificate of periodic testing of gas-balloon equipment and date of its next survey);

HBO installation

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How to install LPG on your car

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The best gas equipment for a car. Free phone consultations. Autogas equipment for cars | Gas for cars

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HBO. gas equipment for cars from the company “Gazpart” HBO, gas equipment, sale of gas equipment for cars | GASPART

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LLC “Balxity”, based on experience and established traditions in the field of development, production and operation of automotive cylinders for liquefied.

Диагностический кабель ГБО BRC своими руками самодельный cable of automobile gas equipment BRC

Request to institutions. order a service, check the price

  • This type of fuel is safer than propane or gasoline. Methane is lighter than air and evaporates when released. In a fire situation, he simply does not have time to catch fire.
  • Methane has a positive effect on the environment. Emissions of this gas are 4 times lower than those of gasoline. The products of combustion are water and carbon dioxide, which not only do not harm nature, but also have a positive effect on the environment.
  • The cost of methane is significantly lower than other types of fuel. The cost of installing HBO fully pays off after 30,000 km of run. After overcoming this mark, the cost of refueling with methane is 2 times lower than propane and 3 times. gasoline. Therefore, it is beneficial when installed on vehicles used daily to travel long distances.

The installation of HBO methane in our company is carried out by qualified specialists and is available. detailed information about the price of installing equipment specifically for your vehicle can be obtained from our manager.

Cost of work

Gas-cylinder equipment TAMONA (price with installation) Business NEXT Lawn Bus
Distributed injection (warranty 2 years without mileage limitation) guarantee for the gas injector rail 50,000 km
GAZelle (standard board, extended base, van) installation on frame 103, 130 liters 36 500 36 500 36 500 36 500
GAZelle farmer board extended (not installed on a standard board) 103 liters 36 500 36 500 36 500 36 500
GAZelle 330202 (Gazelle with an extended base) installation on the frame cylinder 175 l on request on request on request on request
GAZelle 330202 (Gazelle with an extended base) installation on the frame cylinder 200 l on request on request on request on request
GAZelle with air conditioning (standard board, extended base, van) installation on a 95 l frame on request on request on request on request
GAZelle bus 95 l paired instead of a spare wheel on request on request on request on request
GAZelle 3-7 seats twin cylinder for spare wheel 95 l 38 500 38 500 38 500 38 500
Gazelle 3-7 places balloon in the salon 103-130 l along the transverse partition over the arch of the left wheel 38 500 38 500 38 500 38 500
Sable 3-7 seats in the cargo compartment 103-130 l above the left wheel arch 38 500 38 500 38 500 38 500
Sable 3-7 places in the cargo compartment 103-130 l along the transverse partition 38 500 38 500 38 500 38 500
Sable van 103.130 l. on the frame 36 500 36 500 36 500 36 500

You can familiarize yourself with the approximate minimum for the HBO and installation services we offer. To find out how much a specific set of equipment with installation will cost, contact our manager. He will clarify important nuances that affect the final price: the brand of your car and the LPG you are interested in. Based on the information received, the specialist will select the best solution for you and send it to the installation center closest to you.

KITS MP 32 MP 48 MP-48 OBD (AEB)
4 cylinders Reducer Tomasetto NORDIC 50 l cyl 23000 24000 25500 24000 25000 26500 25000 26000 27000
60 l cyl 23000 24000 25500 24000 25000 26500 25000 26000 27000
42 l tor 25500 26500 28000 26500 27500 29000 27000 29000 30000
47 l torr 25500 26500 28500 26500 27500 29500 28000 29000 30000
53 l tor 26000 27000 29000 27000 28000 30000 28000 29000 31000
60 l tor 28500 27500 29000 27000 28500 30000 28000 30000 31000
77l tor 29500 30500 32500 21500 31500 33500 32000 33000 34000
94 l torr 31500 32500 34000 32500 33500 35000 34000 35000 36000
Gazelle 130 l cyl 27500 28500 30000 28500 29500 31000 29000 31000 32000
4 cylinders Reducer Tomasetto NORDIC 50 l cyl 23500 24500 26000 25500 26500 27500
60 l cyl 23500 24500 26000 25500 26500 27500
42 l tor 26000 27500 28500 28000 29000 30000
47 l torr 26500 27500 28500 29000 29000 30000
53 l tor 27000 28000 29000 29000 29500 30500
60 l tor 27500 28000 29500 29000 30000 31000
77l tor 30500 31500 32500 32000 33000 34000
94 l torr 32000 33500 34500 34000 35000 36000
Gazelle 130 l cyl 28000 29000 30500 30000 31000 32000
5-6 cylinders Reducer Tomasetto NORDIC XP 50 l cyl 33000 34500 36500 34000 35500 38000
80 l cyl 34500 36000 38000 35500 36500 39500
100 l cyl 36000 37500 39500 37000 38000 41000
42 l tor 36000 37000 38000 36500 39000 40500
47 l torr 36000 37500 39500 37000 38000 40000
53 l tor 36500 37500 40000 37000 38000 41500
60 l tor 37000 38000 40000 37500 38000 41500
77 l torr 40000 41000 43500 40500 42000 44500
94 l torr 42000 43000 45500 42500 44000 46500
KITS IQ 3D 8 cyl 2568D OBD (AEB)
8 cylinders Reducer Tomasetto NORDIC XP 80 l cyl 40000 43500 46000 41000 43500 46500
90 l cyl 42000 43500 46000 43000 43500 46500
100 l cyl 42500 45000 47500 42500 45000 48000
53 l tor 43000 45000 48000 43000 45500 48500
60 l tor 43500 45500 48000 43500 45500 48500
77 l torr 46500 48500 51500 46500 48000 52000
94 l torr 48500 50500 53500 48500 51500 55000
Direct injection (direct) Cars Price
4 cylinders 27500
6 cylinders 37000
8 cylinders 41500
8 cylinder Cadillac 46000
8 cylinders Infiniti 46000
4 cylinder Mazda cx7 28500
4 cylinder Mazda cx5 28000
6 cylinder Chevrale 38500
(additional. work 16000-25000)
Additional work
Reducer Emer Palladio 3000
Refueling in the hatch 1000
with / from collector 4 cyl 2500
6 cyl 3500
8 cyl 4500
Installation of the cylinder under the bottom 1800

Note: In the event that a specific brand \ model of the car is not specified in the table with prices, it is necessary to clarify the manager of the relevant HBO set and the possibility of its installation.

To order the installation of LPG with propane on a car from Gaspart:

install, equipment
  • contact our manager by phone 7 (495) 502-94-57 or 7 (800) 775-25-23, 7 (383) 285-02-00 in Novosibirsk;
  • Sign up for installation in the nearest authorized service “Gas dot” or in an affiliate installation center.

If you need the help of a specialist, our employee will advise you on any issue related to the installation of equipment and the operation of a car with LPG.

Decided to install HBO on your car or have questions? Send us a request and get detailed advice!

Here, it seems, everything is simple. to save money, to save fuel costs (calculate the savings on the calculator). You should not start saving immediately, right from the moment you install HBO. Poor-quality equipment or its unprofessional installation will lead to the fact that you will drive not on gas, but with gas t.e. just carry a filled gas cylinder. The more you decide to save on the installation of HBO, the more often your routes will pass through the service center that installed it for you, so to speak, HBO.

In general, if you install gas equipment on a car with high quality, the installation price will quickly pay off, the system will serve you for a very long time if you carry out maintenance on time.

Rule : A car with a properly selected and tuned gas equipment should not differ in any way from the original gasoline car in use, except for the pleasant opportunity to pay at least half as much for fuel.

install, equipment
  • Fast payback. If you install the 4 generation HBO “Didjitronics” car, then the average period of its payback will be about 6 months.
  • Environmental friendliness. Gas is a cleaner fuel than petrol and diesel. Due to this, a car on LPG will produce less harmful emissions into the environment.
  • economy. A vehicle with gas-balloon equipment travels 2 times more kilometers than a car using common types of fuel. For people whose life is connected with regular car trips or traveling long distances, this is the most profitable option.
Methane Propane Gasoline
Consumption per 100 km. 10 cube. 10 cube. 9 l.
Price per cube. (l.) 17 22 41
Cost 1000 km. 1700 2200 3690
Advantage over gasoline 1790 (117%) 1490 (68%)
Equipment payback from 13000 km. from 15500 km.

Installation prices

If such criteria as quality and efficiency of execution are important for you, then the specialists of our company can supply gas equipment to the machine at affordable and just in time, using products only from trusted manufacturers.

Vehicle name/number of cylinders 4 cylinders 6 cylinders 8 cylinders 12 cylinders
VAZ, GAZ carburetor, cylinder 50 l from 13 500 from 20 000
VAZ, GAZ injector, cylinder 50 l from 13 500 from 18 000
GAZelle carburetor, cylinder 50 l from 13 500
GAZelle injector, cylinder 130 l from 16 500
Foreign car carburetor from 15 000 from 20 000 from 22 000
Foreign car injector from 15 000 from 20 000 from 22 000
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