Where is the fuse located in the split system

Where is the fuse and relay for the air conditioner on the Chevrolet Niva

Auxiliary module installed under the glove box next to the controller. In the photo, the device is dismantled along with the computer.

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The fusible element is present on the 2011 and 2016 auto versions. The fuse is responsible for the power supply circuit of the air conditioning clutch and protects it from power surges.

The manufacturer sets the insert to 10A, which is enough for stable operation of the mechanism.

How to split air conditioner mitsubishi not working

Fuse Diagram

On models after restyling and 2012 inclusive, a fuse box of the following type is installed on the machine. The manufacturer does not insert fusible links into the main module, outputting them separately. Machines where the element is placed in the panel have already undergone rework and transfer of the part.

Where is the shnivy air conditioner fuse located

In the luxury version of the car there is an additional element and a relay. Depending on the year of manufacture, modification and even change, the arrangement of elements in the car can vary significantly. On machines of 2011, 2016 and 2017 it may be different. Typically, protective blocks are placed:

If the module cannot be found, it is necessary to move along the wires from the compressor clutch.

What is the indoor unit of the air conditioner

Greetings to all readers of the site “All about air conditioners”. Today I will tell you what parts the indoor unit of a split system consists of, and why each of them is needed. We will also analyze the joint principle of operation of all these components.

Many of you know that there are several types of devices for various purposes in industry and everyday life. Each of them has its own design and features. To understand them, I have a separate article devoted to the types of air conditioners. But today we will analyze the most common type of air conditioner in houses and apartments. a wall-mounted split system.

Types and diagnostics of breakdowns of the split system console

There are several ways to check the operation of the remote control from the air conditioner. Consider them.

  • If the remote control operates using infrared signals, you can diagnose the problem using a mobile phone camera. The remote control is directed to the camera lens, any button is pressed, and if the monitor lights up brightly, then the remote control is working properly. If this does not happen, the remote control will have to be repaired or replaced with a new one.
  • The remote control can be checked with a multimeter. To do this, you need to direct the remote control at the device, after turning it on in the remote control test mode. Now we press any button on the remote control and look at the device. If the light is on, the remote is working.

Why the air conditioner does not turn on. the main reasons

Greetings to all guests and regular visitors of our portal! Your air conditioner does not turn on? Then I will tell you some of the main causes of this problem. To solve some of them, you do not even need to call the wizard, because there are very simple cases.

In this article, in order not to be confused, we will not consider cases related to fees and explicitly requiring repair (when the air conditioner works for some time, and then it turns off; it works, but does not cool; makes extraneous sounds and other faults). And today we will analyze one specific case. when when you press the power button on the remote control, the air conditioner does not react in any way. Of course, for most specialists, the situations considered today are elementary.

To begin with, I think it will be correct to divide the problem of “not turning on” the air conditioner into two cases:

  • When the air conditioner does not turn on immediately after its installation;
  • When the air conditioner has already been used, but at some great moment he stopped turning on.

In the first situation, the solution of such an issue, most likely, will fall on the shoulders of the installers themselves. Of course! Of course, they will have to find the cause and fix it. And in the second case, the solution to the problem may also be useful to the user (unless, of course, the situation is simple and you do not want to call specialists).

The main signs of a faulty air conditioner:

Before starting to sort out the malfunctions, we will immediately set the conditions that the AIR CONDITIONER MUST BE CLEAN! In order not to confuse the concepts of “faulty air conditioner” and “air conditioner requiring maintenance”. The cause of all breakdowns can be pollution of the air conditioner.

Perhaps, all MAIN malfunctions can be divided into 4 groups, which already indirectly indicate the causes. Let’s designate them like this:

  • The most common case is the behavior of the indoor unit, when “the indoor unit works, but does not cool”. This symptom usually means that the shutters of the unit are opening, the fan is spinning, but there is no change in the temperature in the room. At the same time, you must be sure that the air conditioner is set up correctly and the operating conditions are observed (for example, the temperature outside).
  • The second equally common case is when water flows from the indoor unit.
  • The next case is denoted as the air conditioner does not show any signs of life at all (does not respond to the remote control).
  • The fourth case sounds like this. the air conditioner works for a while, and then suddenly turns off. We will also include here all other problems (idle fans, compressor, etc.).

And now we begin to analyze all four points in order, but do not forget that the reason may be ambiguous:

Split fan not working

If, after turning on the air conditioner, you did not hear the usual noise of the fans of the indoor and outdoor modules and the roar of the motor-compressor, do not rush to call the service center or disassemble the device for self-diagnosis. First of all, check if there is power in the electrical outlet and if the air conditioning system responds to commands from the remote control. If it was not possible to start the climatic device using the “remote control”, read the information in the user manual on how to turn on the air conditioner from the panel of the room module and follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations. If this attempt was unsuccessful, probably one of the components of the split system has failed or the fuse in the outdoor unit has blown. Also, a common cause of inoperability of air conditioners are breakdowns of fans.

What to do if the air conditioner fuse blows?

It should be said that the fuse in the air conditioner is a consumable item that can be easily replaced with a serviceable one. However, if you try to do this without finding out the reason for the critical increase in current in the circuit, then the new fuse will burn out immediately after turning on the air conditioner.

A feature of the fuses is that they are not designed to guarantee the protection of the radio components of the electronic board of the air conditioner from failure, as they are inertial elements. They prevent more serious accidents and fires caused by too much current.

A fuse is a special fusible element that is designed to protect electronic circuits from critical current overloads, destruction and even fire. Inside its glass or ceramic capsule is a metal wire designed for the flow of current of a certain magnitude. If the current exceeds the set threshold (due to an accident of one of the circuit elements or a short circuit), then the wire melts and the electrical circuit opens.

Causes of blown fuses in air conditioners and split systems

The varistor has failed (a protective element of the circuit, the resistance of which depends on the magnitude of the applied voltage). This may happen due to:

  • Voltage drops in the power supply network;
  • Thunderstorm phenomena (lightning strikes);
  • A sharp increase in voltage in the network (often happens when a neutral wire fails).

A short circuit has occurred:

  • In electric fan motors;
  • Between compressor windings;
  • In the drain pump (if a forced condensate drain is used).

An accident occurred in one of the elements of the switching power supply of the air conditioner:

Where to find a new fuse

In fact, fuses are sold in almost any radio shop or radio market. All you need to know is the rating of the protective element, which is usually indicated on its body and on the place of the circuit board where it was installed. If the value of the overload current is not indicated, then you should look for it in the accompanying technical documentation of your air conditioner model or on the manufacturer’s website.

However, the best way would be to buy a similar fuse in the manufacturer’s brand store or service center serving this brand.

Replacing a blown fuse is easy. You just need to remove the failed element from the clamping blocks and insert a serviceable one in its place. Often, glass fuses are placed on the board in special protective containers that protect the rest of the circuit elements from flying fragments during an accident.

Some negligent craftsmen or irresponsible users prefer not to buy a new fuse, but to replace it with an ersatz, the so-called “bug”. A “bug” is a suitable piece of wire that is soldered or wound onto the fuse terminals.

Since the value of the wire is selected by the craftsmen “by eye”, it usually withstands a current several times higher than the minimum allowable. Such shortsightedness can cause:

  • Burnout of contact tracks on the board;
  • Burning of transformer windings and chokes;
  • Burnout of microcircuits and diodes of the power supply;
  • Complete failure of the relay or burning of their contact groups.

It is clear that the cost of replacing a fuse is much lower than the damage that a non-standard replacement can bring you.

The fuse is on when the Condera is turned on (SOLVED)

Actually such a problem. I just turn on the condo. immediately minus the fuse. Have been trying to put more powerful 15a. the same. Where to dig? I bought a car campaign with this sore already. I understand the electrician I need sensible?

Tech Tips: No Power (L)

Solution: a new diode and its correct installation

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HVAC Troubleshooting. How to Test Mini Split Fuse (Cooper&Hunter)

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My diodes have arrived. I took it in reserve just in case, I got all sorts of fuses at the same time. There are pennies. let them lie in the car. Now with Conder beauty))). Thanks to all

thanks a lot ! The diode is really inoperative. and in this case the fuses are burned. As soon as he removed it, the conder worked, and the fuse no longer burns. Now all that’s left is to order it. We have traveled all. no one has. Thanks again www.drive2.ru/l/6794931/And I would have found it right away. it would have been faster. (((

thanks a lot ! The diode is really inoperative. and in this case the fuses are burned. As soon as it was removed. Conder earned, and the fuse is no longer burning. Now all that’s left is to order it. We have traveled all. no one has. Thanks again www.drive2.ru/l/6794931/And I would have found it right away. it would have been faster. (((

An ordinary diode with a radio car market for 7-12 UAH will go.

And in the way, the question is: I have no EF7 fuse. If I understand correctly, it is responsible for heating the rear window. And it worked fine for me in the winter. it warmed. He there need that fuse?

If the wiring is without alterations, then without this fuse, the heating will not work. This is a 30A power fuse specifically for heating power.

I don’t think they changed anything there.Damn the heating really worked. Traveled all winter. And the mirrors and rear window were heated. I don’t know about upgrades. All the same, the car was not mine for six months

First, reverse the polarity of the diode D9 ! He stands behind you. Perhaps it has already broken through (((But all the same, change and try)))

found. Turned over. but the problem did not disappear. Minus one fuse again. Is it possible to somehow check this diode D9 for lice?

If there is a device, then. Do you mean multimeter or ohmmeter? lit as I understand it Ef18 ?

Yes. Ef18 lights up when the conder is turned on. There is a Chinese multimeter, only I don’t know what numbers should be and what to put on it

found. Turned over. but the problem did not disappear. Minus one fuse again. Is it possible to somehow check this diode D9 for lice?

What to do if when you turn on the air conditioner knocks out the circuit breaker

It is possible that the cause of such trouble lies on the surface, and you yourself will have enough knowledge and strength to fix the problem. It should be remembered that the circuit breaker is actually a conventional threshold element of the electrical circuit, which is triggered when the current in the circuit exceeds the permissible level. The most common reason for tripping a circuit breaker in an air conditioner circuit is a short circuit.

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