Where to install a humidifier in the apartment

How much air humidifier should work in the room

The quality of the air in the room affects the general well.Being and tone of the person. The level of air is of particular significance, since it is this indicator that can negatively or positively affect the condition of the residents of the house.

To completely restore the balance in the body, there may not be enough fluids. Nature took care of everything, so the body can take the missing moisture from the air.

For these purposes, special devices were invented. When purchasing them, you need to know not only how to choose the right, but also how much the air humidifier should work in the room.

Where the air humidifier should be in the room

Before we consider the main types of moisturizers, I draw your attention to the fact that each variety requires proper placement and is selected in accordance with the general square of the room in which the evaporator will be located.

The area for moisturizing in domestic conditions, usually varies from 20 to 50 square meters.M. In order to avoid oversaturation of air with moisture, as well as exclude a low percentage of moisturizing, you need to choose the right volume of the humidifier tank. This is from 500ml. Up to 9 l.

It is easy to decide. It is enough to know the quadrature of the room where you plan to put a humidifier and the desired functionality. Trading representatives mark the devices, indicating the litting and the recommended area for spraying moisture, as well as the additional features of the evaporator.

Most manufacturers of household humidifiers focus on the fact that the device is installed correctly. In the center of the room. Necessarily away from furniture, walls, plants. So that the sprayed moisture does not fall on the premises, since being under constant exposure to moisture, this will damage the surfaces and adversely affect the home flora.

You need to place on a stable surface, at a minimum of at least 50 cm. From the floor. The exception is the mini-version of the desktop type.

Otherwise, where it is better to put a humidifier depends on you:

  • Have in the most comfortable place where the minimum chance to hurt and overturn the evaporator;
  • In the heating season, shift the moisturizing center towards the heating device for a more efficient evaporation of moisture and its spread through the room of hot air;
  • Away from children of animals, plants, household appliances and electronics;
  • Do not move the evaporator from place to place filled and connected to the network;
  • Rinse the tank daily and change water to avoid the formation of pathogens of mold and bacteria.

If you choose the bedside zone, do not forget to make sure that evaporation does not fall on bedding. Otherwise, under the influence of condensate on bedding, “burnt” spots or white “flakes” in the form of a plaque will remain.

Using a moisturizer for diseases of the respiratory system

The dried air environment promotes the transmission of viruses, exacerbation of acute and chronic respiratory diseases in adults and children:

  • The mucous membranes dry out, the body’s ability to resist infections decreases. Coughing, runny nose appears, people are sick with SARSI.
  • With dry air, a person inhales the dust, animal hair, villi. This provokes allergies, can lead to exacerbation of bronchitis, cause asthma attacks.

Humidity at the level of 40-60%:

Using a humidifier in the patient’s room, follow the following conditions:

Before turning on, clean the device, season with distilled water. This will prevent the release of fungi, bacteria, salts.

For people with diseases of the respiratory system, it is better to use:

It is necessary to consult a doctor for the presence of contraindications and the methodology of using a humidifier.

Choosing a place for a humidifier of air

The installation of an air humidifier in the apartment becomes a necessity with the onset of the heating season. The reason for the popularity of such climate technology is the excessive dry air of the rooms. Its consequence becomes overdrying the mucous membranes, which is why a cough appears, nasal breathing worsens, sleep is disturbed, especially in children.

The location of the humidifier is advisable in places of maximum concentration of radiators, which cause a decrease in humidity.

Children’s room

Pediatricians claim that to put an air humidifier in the room, which is intended for a newborn, is an urgent need.

To correctly install the device, take into account a number of points:

  • Ultrasonic models are preferred for the nursery. Steam equipment can cause a burn, especially in the younger fidget.
  • The electrical appliance is placed in a place where the child’s access is limited. If it is a cabinet, it is better to stop the choice on models against overturning and a remote control.

The option of turning on the moisturizer for the absence of children in the room is possible. Then a special place does not need. A sufficiently stable stool in the center of the room.

In a teenager’s room, it is better to put equipment away from the desktop so as not to damage books, notebooks, computer equipment. Suitable zone. The center of the room.


Proper operation of climate technology is possible only if it is placed on a stable flat surface. A bedside table or a compact table with a height of 50 to 100 cm. If you put the device below, you can ruin the furniture due to insufficient dispersion of the steam and the puddles appearing around the humidifier.

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In the bedroom and children’s humidifier often works at night. Therefore, when choosing, attention is drawn to the presence of a night regime. Its feature is a low noise level.

Kitchen and bathroom

This room, along with a bathroom, the hallway. The only room where the installation of moisturizing equipment does not make sense. Constant contact with water, evaporation help maintain optimal indicators. On the contrary, if the rooms are poorly ventilated, the walls begin to dive. Therefore, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, attention is paid to competently organized ventilation.

An exception is a spacious kitchen with an area of ​​more than 20 squares or its unification with the room of the studio apartment. With this layout, climate technique moisturizing air is placed on the side, which does not contact with the stove and sink.

For a bathroom, it is acceptable to choose decorative ultrasonic devices with the function of aromatherapy. Equipment is included only for the duration of water procedures.

Living room

When planning to put an air humidifier in a room that combines the dining room, guest, relaxation zone, take into account the nuances of the location of the furniture. When the moisturizer is operating, a steam jet should be directed to free space. Contact with the walls, furniture (solid surfaces over time are covered with persistent plaque). The optimal distance to interior items is 30 cm.

With an abundance in the living room of indoor flowers, the device is located near the green zone. Plants love irrigation and moisture, so their neighborhood with steam units is allowed. The main thing is to ensure good ventilation of the room so that the wet air does not stagnate.

General rules for choosing a place

A properly installed humidifier fulfills its task as much as possible: it retains the optimal level of humidity in the room, does not pester the tenants with loud noise and serves for the period established by the manufacturer

There are several requirements that can be applied to the choice of a place for all types of humidifiers:

Do not install the device in places convenient for moving: you can accidentally hurt and break the device standing on the road.

If you decide to install a household humidifier in the corner or next to furniture, make sure that the surrounding surfaces will not suffer from sprayed moisture

And if there are active animals in the house, try to protect the equipment from these energetic and curious pets.

In addition to choosing the optimal place to accommodate the device, it is no less important to properly operate and serve in a timely manner by cleaning from scale and mold.

Features of the choice and installation of humidifiers for children:

As you can see, the choice of zone for installing a humidifier is as important as the choice of the device itself. When determining the place, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the manufacturer, the characteristics of the device, the surrounding conditions.

Do not forget that all models need constant maintenance. Provide easy access to the device, the possibility of quick adjustment and off. The result of efforts will be a healthy, comfortable microclimate-a truly home atmosphere and comfort !

And in what room is a humidifier installed in you? Share with others users your experience of placing and operating the device, tell us about the problems that you have encountered when choosing a wrong place to install a moisturizer.

Where is it better to put a humidifier

This household appliances are bought for a specific purpose. To make air moist, for this in each room it is better to put it in a certain place. To determine where the air humidifier should stand, based on the degree of its usefulness.

Option 1. Kitchen window sill

In a small kitchen, a moisturizer is not needed, since it already in it is higher than in residential premises due to the use of water for cooking and washing dishes.

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Excessive moisture is not useful for materials on the walls, floor, furniture, and negatively affects people’s health. An exception can be made if seedlings are growing on the windowsill and it needs to be careful. Then it can be placed near plants.

If the area of ​​the kitchen exceeds 20 m², then moisture can already be relevant. In this case, the question of where to put the air humidifier is solved simply. Near the wall located opposite the stove and washing.

Option 2. Bedroom or children’s room

If in rooms with sufficient humidity the device is put if desired, then it is necessary in the bedroom, because while a person is sleeping, he must breathe air with normal humidity in order to sleep well and relax. It is recommended to keep the humidifier in the children’s room, since for children, like for adults, the level of humidity is important for health.

Where to put the air humidifier in the bedroom: choosing a place is not too close near the bed, not to put where it can be accidentally overturned in the dark.

A children’s humidifier for a preschooler must be put where the child cannot get him so that he does not accidentally overturn it.

As for the model, you need to choose a small device for the bedroom, with the “night” mode so that it does not interfere with sleeping people sensitive to sound.

Option 3. Teenager

These rooms are intended for work or study, which means that they contain books, educational publications, computer technology, for which high humidity is a danger.

Therefore, we choose a place for the device so that it is away from the desk and shelves with books.

Option 4. Living room or hall

In these rooms, family members and guests usually gather in the apartment. The rooms are usually large, spacious, well heated, therefore they need to moisturize. Due to the large area of ​​the options for the location of the devices, there may be several.

Determine where it is better to put, you can according to the recommendations of manufacturers of the model. If this is a floor device, then it must be placed on the floor, on an even and stable base. If the model is powerful, you need to ensure that condensate that is dangerous for carpets, parquet, laminate, plank floors, wood and pickle slab is not formed around it.

Compact models can be put on a table, on a windowsill, shelf. The sprayer must be directed to the center of the room so that the steam does not damage the furniture.

Option 5. Greenhouse or winter garden

Moisture and heat emanating from the device positively act on plants. Where to put a humidifier in the winter garden: near moisture.Loving plants, those that love dry air should be located away.

install, humidifier, apartment

The model must be selected with adjustment, since moisture should not fall on the leaves of some species.

Regardless of which device and where it will be installed, the room should be well ventilated, otherwise the stagnant wet air can lead to rotting of plant parts and their death.

DIY Moisturizer Creation

If there is no way to buy an air.Resistant, it can be assembled on your own. The device will also perform its functions, while you do not need to connect it to the network.

You can make a device from a conventional two.Liter plastic bottle. Step.By.Step creation algorithm:

  • With the help of scissors, you need to make a hole 5 cm wide and 10 cm long. The slot should be located on the side of the bottle.
  • Next, you need to take the fabric and cut two stripes of equal size. They will perform the function of the suspension of the bottle to the pipe from the battery. In this case, you need to ensure that the hole is directed upward. The length of the strips is selected arbitrarily.
  • It is recommended to strengthen the joints of the fabric stripes with tape.
  • Then you need to take gauze and fold it several times. Should turn out a rectangle with a width of at least 10 cm and about a meter long. One end must be released into the hole in the bottle, and the second is wrapped around the pipe.

The device is ready. After pouring water, a home.Made humidifier will perform its functions.

Where to put a humidifier?

When using a moisturizer, the correct placement is crucial. So, if you do not spend much time in your bedroom and, for example, no one sleeps in the children’s room, it will be pointless to put a humidifier here.

Or maybe you want to increase humidity in the living room, because this is the largest room or where everyone spends most of the time. You must place a humidifier where you need it the most. In addition, you must definitely choose the correct size of the device depending on the square of the room.

What about filters in a moisturizer?

If the filter is neglected, it will not fulfill its role, that is, he will not filter water well and cleanse it from bacteria, so wash it regularly. Once a month under running water, carefully remove all the contaminants, then dry the filter and put it in place. Once a year, replace it with new.

Currently, various filters are available on the market for cleaners and humidifiers: carbon, round, rectangular. It is important to know which of them can be washed under water, and which is completely not worth it, because they will be destroyed under the influence of water. Information on the use of a moisturizer can be read in the instructions, so always keep it at hand. In addition, it contains recommendations for servicing the device.

Some humidifiers have an additional function of air ionization. This special type means that we must pay even more attention to cleaning the device. The appearance of mold in a moisturist will not be a surprise, since it works in a humid environment. Good disinfection and frequent water exchange prevent the development of bacteria and viruses.

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