Where to install a split system in the room

DIY air conditioning installation: nuances, features, sequence of actions

Air conditioner is a necessary and indispensable thing, especially on summer sultry days, when the air temperature in the living room becomes uncomfortable. Buying high.Quality equipment is quite costly and I do not want to additionally spend money on installation. If hands grow from the right place and there is at least the slightest experience in working with a construction tool, you can install air conditioning in the apartment and yourself.

This will reduce costs, and the quality of the work performed will completely depend on the owner of the apartment. There are some nuances that should be considered until the wall is dispersed or the connecting structures of the air conditioner are damaged. It is better to sensibly evaluate your capabilities and not take risks than to spend money on the repair of the still not working equipment.

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Errors when installing and connecting the air conditioner in the apartment.

How to install and connect air conditioner yourself? Let’s be honest with ourselves and answer this question directly, even if we are talking about a low.Power household version. No way.

If you do not have special equipment (roller, dynamometric keys, vacuum pump and much more), skills in working with them, then do this for the first time with your own hands, you will be unlikely to succeed.

It doesn’t matter how many useful tips and instructions from A to I will read, you can still miss some inconspicuous detail, or do work due to lack of experience is not high quality.

As a result, after a certain period of time, you still have to call specialists and redo everything.

install, split, system, room

Why then this article? In order to inviting the installer or a team of air conditioners, you can independently control the quality of work in the process of their implementation, and be sure that your air conditioner will work for a long time and without any problems.

How does work begin? First of all, select a place for installing the air conditioner and mark the hole for laying interchange communications.

Next, proceed to the drilling of the through opening on the street. For this, a boat is used at least 800 mm long and with a diameter of 45mm.

For powerful air conditioners over 2.5 kW, a 80mm drill may be needed.

In order to avoid the formation of dust in the room, with an economical version, a plastic bag is hung under the place of drilling.

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Professional installers have long been using a construction vacuum cleaner for this case.

However, with wet drilling strong concrete walls, no protection and vacuum cleaners will save you.

This hole after laying through it all communications is subsequently disconnected.

Please note that for the normal drain of condensate, it is necessary to drill at a slight angle towards the street.

In this case, the condensate will be excreted unhindered, and the water will not accumulate and does not mold in the drainage.

It is not right. The fact is that when drilling in a pre.Intended place, you can accidentally get to the armature.

As a result, the hole will have to be transferred. Because of which the air conditioner itself inside the room will shift a few centimeters.

When choosing a place under the through hole and the location of the outer block from the side of the window, it is necessary to drill so that the hole in the end turns out almost along the upper level of the outer block.

This will create the maximum bias for trunk pipes, and will help to avoid oil entering the evaporator.

Put on the installation plate strictly in level.

How to Install a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

In this case, the distance from the ceiling to the air conditioner should be at least 10cm. This provides a good fence of air and free installation-demonstration of the internal unit.

For reliable fixation, use high-quality dowel-grooves 640mm or 832mm.

Next, you can proceed to the installation of the outer unit. Mark the mounting points of the bracket.

A 12mm bror with a 12mm brown. Then fix the bracket dowel with nails 1280mm.

Fasten reliably, especially if the condo hangs from the side of the house where the passing part or sidewalks are located.

The distance from the rear wall of the outer block to the wall of the building should be at least 10-20cm. Although much here will depend on the performance of the fan.

Where to place an external block, under a window or side. A matter of aesthetics and ease of operation.

Many people do not like unnecessary meters of a dangling cable and the tubes hanging along the wall. In this case, the lateral location is selected.

Although competent installers and cable and a freonenth, they can lay it very beautifully. Much already depends on the level of professionalism of performers.

Errors when installing a floor air conditioner in an apartment and house.

With the onset of heat in the summer, everyone is thinking about air conditioning their premises.

To comfortably cool the air, you can choose three types of devices that quickly cope with this task.

For country and country houses, most often they buy mobile options. They are also used by owners of flower shops, tenants of apartments and offices, or those who are not allowed to hang standard blocks on the facades.

They are very convenient and can be installed every day in different rooms and floors. Moved to another house? Take the air conditioner with you without problems and quickly install it in a new room.

It does not require special knowledge and skills to install it. This is a monoblock in which everything is collected in one building.

The principle of its operation is shown on this schematic.

Hofra usually goes no more than 1.5 meters long. The diameter changes from 80 to 150mm, depending on the power of the unit.

The pipe provides an extract of warm air through the window, the door (on the loggia) or a special hole in the wall.

You will not throw this air out into the street, you will not achieve the sense of the system. Instead of standard rather hard nozzles, you can also use more flexible foil options from hoods.

Some manufacturers of climatic equipment actively advertise such systems without any air ducts.

Are they actually working? On the one hand, it seems that this is ideal. No pipes, no noise, use and enjoy cool.

But all this pure water is deception and divorce. Inside these devices, water evaporates through a porous filter, which in turn is blown by a stream of air.

With such evaporation, the heat really leaves, but in such meager quantities that the same effect can be felt from the usual fan or air humidifier.

And he also greatly increases humidity, even if you did not ask him about it.

So is it worth overpaying? Most decides that no. Therefore, they choose a mobile version of another performance.

However, when connecting and installing floor air conditioners, everyone is faced with the main problem. Where and how to withdraw a corrugated air with warm air.

With a completely open or even slightly ajar window, a huge gap is formed in your opening, and part of the warm air immediately returns back. Consequently. Air conditioning stops working normally.

Hence all complaints about its ineffectiveness and low efficiency. Therefore, your main task is when installing. Make such a conclusion to the street so that the gaps are minimal, or are completely absent.

Of course, this can somehow be achieved by putting all kinds of adhesive tape, polyethylene or simply plugging the cracks with rags.

There are many unsuccessful examples of solving this problem.

If you have wooden windows that open not open the wings, but by lifting up and down, then you can cut a rectangle from a sandwich panel. Insert a challenge into it, and the rectangle itself is simply squeezed on top of the frame.

Or just replace part of the glass with opaque plastic and place the conclusion there.

But all the same, it does not look aesthetically pleasing and looks like an extra element that does not fit into the interior of the room.

Few people will agree to drill holes in the walls, and even such huge diameters, unambiguously worsening thermal insulation of the house.

Features of the installation of air conditioners in the bedroom

The most common option for installing air conditioning in the bedroom is the side installation. It involves drilling holes for the external withdrawal from the side of the block.

It is customary to place the air conditioner in the room on the walls:

The second option for installing equipment is considered safer. This is due to the fact that the flows of cold air emerging from it are more directed right than down. The probability of their falling place is minimal. When installing equipment, it must be remembered that the distance to the furniture from it should be at least 70 cm.

How to install air conditioning at home: Installation subtleties

If we are talking about the very installation of the device, then first of all you need to remember that the quality of the installation will affect the work of the device. If you are wondering how to correctly install air conditioning with your own hands, then for the right answer you will need professional equipment and the experience of such work. Otherwise, it is better to entrust the work to a specialist.

When installing a split system, it is necessary to take into account the location of the freon route between the blocks, as a rule, its total length is from 5 to 10 meters. It is better to close the binding elements with decorative boxes or hid in the walls. This is more pleasant for the interior, and for the system itself is safer.

Choosing where to correctly install air conditioning in the apartment and the location of the future freon track, you need to remember that its length affects the cost of installation.

install, split, system, room

Features of the installation of a floor and voltage split system

The design of such air conditioners resembles cassette systems. Only the internal block is placed not only in the ceiling (not in the suspended), but also along the wall near the floor. Suitable for large rooms from 100 kV.M.

The external unit is hung on the facade of the building, on the balcony or in the utility room. The connection occurs according to the standard scheme.

In conclusion, I would like to note that installation and launch. Both air conditioners and split systems are quite a difficult event. It is necessary to have skills in construction and installation work, to understand the technical documentation and materials. That is why, in most cases, specialists are involved in such work.

Over, some large split systems are installed only by representatives of the manufacturer’s factory. Otherwise, a guarantee for service is lost.

We also note that the launch of air conditioning systems using vacuum pumps is carried out in Russia and the nearest countries. In world practice they are not used. For example, the same Israel where air conditioners do not turn off all year round. Why this is done, the question for foreign specialists.

To get a consultation:

What are done at the first stage of repair

Plastered walls need to be past. This can be entrusted to the construction team. Installers take an additional cost for this service, and it is usually higher.

Groove width-50-70 mm. The track is laid in them: cable and copper pipes. Then the walls can be covered, align and glue wallpaper.

The second stage is the installation of the internal unit

After the repair, employees of the installer come again for work inside the apartment. Masters will fix the mounting plate and hang the device on it. Then both blocks are connected to communications.

Workers will also vacuum the system and commissioning.

This approach will hide the wires, and there will be no extra details in the interior.

Where to hang air conditioning in a one.Room apartment

Many people think that if you install a block in the corridor, then the coolness will disperse throughout the apartment. This is not true. Of course, part of the cold air will spread to both rooms. But the whole effect will disappear as soon as the sun is baked brighter or the plate in the kitchen turns on. In this case, there will be a refrigerator in the corridor.

Buying a more powerful air conditioner will also not save. Suppose you set a temperature of 18 ° C, a powerful device will catch it quickly. The air will not have time to distribute around the apartment, as the device will already turn off.

The first option is inconvenient that you need to hang two blocks on the facade, which is not always permissible.

The second option only seems cheaper. MMS costs more than two separate air conditioners, and its installation is higher in cost by 60-100%. In addition, inexpensive multi-splits support the same temperature in the apartment. For example, you put 22 ° ° in the residential area. MMS caught up with it and turned off. At this time, the stove is actively working in the kitchen, and there is 26 ° C, and the device is no longer working. In addition, breakdown MMS means heat in the whole house during the repair time.

If only one air conditioner is very, very, we recommend hanging an internal block above the doorway in the room. About 30% of cool air will be dispersed in the corridor.

If the dwelling is small, the device is hung on the wall opposite from the door. About 40% of the coolness will remain, and the rest will go into an open opening.

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