Where to put the stain remover in the washing machine

Where and How to Pour Powder Detergent Properly?

Powder collector in the washing machine Indesit. a special retractable tray, located in the upper left corner of the front panel. Tray is divided into three sections, each of which is intended for the detergent used by the machine in a particular step of washing:

  • The compartment marked “I”, “1”, “A” is used in case of starting prewash mode. This compartment can be filled with both dry detergent and liquid, gel detergents.
  • The compartment labeled “II”, “2”, “B/B” is filled with dry powder or liquid detergents used for the main wash.
  • The ones with a flower or “” sign are used for conditioners, rinses.

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Since emollients are produced in a liquid form, the compartment marked “flower” additionally has a pouring limiter (graduations or grid) above which you should not fill the tray.

If for some reason there is no marking of the compartments, in order not to make a mistake, where exactly you need to fill (pour) the detergent, you should be guided by the size of the trays.

So the largest compartment is responsible for the powder needed for the main wash. The medium-sized tray is used when starting a prewash. The smallest compartment is necessary if the hostess wants to improve the quality of washing with softeners, conditioners and antistatic.

How to use bleach in a washing machine

Manually whitening takes a lot of effort and time. Few housewives do it the old-fashioned way. Some people choose colored sheets and pillowcases, others take advantage of modern technology. If your house has a washing machine (C.M.A.), then you can restore the whiteness of the bed sheets, using the old or new tools. We will tell you how to use bleach in the washing machine.

What to Clean: The Best Products

How to fight dirt. decided. Now let’s find out what’s the best way to clean petrified laundry detergent. Use factory-made household chemicals. It will make the cuvette and major components of the machine look good.

  • Sandokkaebi. The most effective composition made in South Korea. It cleans not only the container, but also the hoses and spigots of the washing machine. An important advantage. affordable price.

You can use more aggressive chemistry to soak the tray, because it is not poured into the machine. Toilet and plumbing cleaner would be fine. For example, “Domestos” or “Toilet Duck.”.

Where to add bleach to the washing machine?

It is extremely important not just to choose good products. It’s worth figuring out where to add the bleach in the washing machine. Additionally it is necessary to find out how to pour it into the LG and Bosch washing machines, Samsung and other brands.

What is the best bleach?

Rating of the best bleaching agents

1Dr.Beckmann Super Bleach117 p.
2 Ecover Ecological 400gr 316 р.
3 Synergetic chlorine free 159 р.
4 LION Bright 400 р.
5 SARMA Activ 5 in 1 111 р.

Equipment Review: Best Laundry Stain Removers & Our Testing Winner

Many people do not know where to put the stain remover. The product is poured into the same container as the laundry detergent. Stain remover washes out perfectly when washing. Using the stain remover is an opportunity to remove stains from any item of clothing.

The gel-type detergent is poured into a special compartment-powder collector or a dosing device is used which is loaded directly into the drum of the washing machine. If you use a gel for white clothes with bleach components, you can’t pour it directly into the washer’s tank.

Where to pour the bleach in the washing machine: instructions and tips

All bleach makes things cleaner, gets rid of grayness and yellowing. That’s why it is added to the washing machine. But not all bleaches can be poured into the electromechanical washing machine.

Today we will tell you what bleach can be used for automatic washing.

We also advise you how to use and where to pour the bleach in the washing machine.

Can I Put Powder in the Drum?

Often hostesses in order to save money simply do not use a cuvette to load powders and other compositions, and add SMS directly into the drum. It is difficult to say for sure if this is right or wrong. Such a method has its advantages and disadvantages, with which you should familiarize yourself in order to give an answer to the question posed.

The advantages of this method can include:

good rinsing, because then the powder residue accidentally stuck to parts of the machine will not get on the laundry during rinsing;

SMS can be loaded in this way in cases where the tray is broken.

Apart from the advantages, there are also disadvantages:

SMS loaded into the drum will take longer to dissolve;

The undissolved granules of the powder, falling on the fabric, leave stains on it that do not wash out;

when pouring the powder detergent through the drum, it will remain on the wall, some of it will simply be washed away with water and not used for washing;

it is not possible in this case to use modes that work with batch addition of detergent;

it is not possible to use the pre-soak mode, as the powder will not be used effectively;

it will not be possible to add conditioner at the rinse stage.

To load through the drum, it is better to use special gels and capsules, which do not require the use of conditioners and effectively wash dirt. Drum loading is actually not as efficient as tray loading. Therefore, it is worth understanding how to properly load the powder through the special compartments. To do this is simple, because in most washing machines operating in automatic mode, the filling of the unit with powder is carried out in the largest tank before the start of washing.

How many compartments and what they are for?

In widespread models of automatic machines with both top and side loading, the manufacturer provides a special compartment for adding detergents.

In side-loading washing machines, it is located at the top of the front panel, next to the control panel of the household appliance. In appliances with top loading, in order to see the compartment for the powder, you need to open the hatch cover. The compartment can be located next to the drum or directly on the lid.

Opening the powder tray, you can see the 3 compartments into which it is divided. The purpose of each of these compartments is determined by the icon depicted on it.

  • The Latin letter A or the Roman numeral I indicates the pre-wash compartment. It is filled with powder if the corresponding program is selected, where the washing procedure consists of 2 phases. From this compartment, the powder will be washed into the drum during the first wash cycle.
  • The Latin letter B or Roman numeral II indicates the compartment for the main wash, regardless of the program, as well as the second wash in the pre-step mode.
  • The “star” or “flower” symbol represents the compartment for conditioner or rinse aid. The product intended for this compartment is usually in liquid form. One can fill this compartment with conditioner both before and during the washing process. The main thing is to have enough time before the machine starts to add water for rinsing. Otherwise, the liquid will not penetrate into the drum.

Also in the compartments with numbers I or II, in addition to the main detergent, you can add loose stain removers, bleach and agents to clean the machine from scale and dirt.

The third compartment can only be used for components used in rinsing the laundry.

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