Which boiler is more economical than a single circuit or double circuit

What is the difference between a single.Circuit and a double.Circuit boiler

Most of you, turning to the technical service of the company boiler 52 when choosing a suitable heating equipment, ask the same question: “What is the difference between a single.Circuit boiler and which is better to choose?””. To close this issue forever, we decided to give detailed information that will help you make the right choice.

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Which gas boiler to choose for heating a private house?

The most optimal and economical source of heating of a country house is still a gas boiler.

A huge number of manufacturers of these products are represented in our market. Bosch, Buderus, Viessmann, Vaillant, Baxi, Navien, and T.D.

In addition, there are single.Circuit and double.Circuit models, traditional and condensation, wall and flooring, with an open and closed camera. Which of them to choose and what technical issues should you pay attention to the brand?

Let’s help you figure out this case to avoid irreparable mistakes when buying.

Currently, the project for power supply of the building does not raise questions from anyone. This is considered to be granted.

which, boiler, economical, single

Hence the problems arise first with the correct selection of the power of the gas boiler, and then with its operation.

The most popular way of them is to divide the total area of ​​the house by 10m2. As a result, supposedly the calculated value is obtained.

In this case, the thickness and material of the walls, dimensions, the number and type of windows, doors, the presence of an attic, etc. Are not taken into account.P.

If you want to pretend without a project to know the power, use at least online calculators. You should choose those of them that require the maximum number of parameters.

But still, for a comfortable and calm life, initially lay in your expenses a separate amount for the heat supply project. It should also develop a scheme of all heating and calculated the heat loss of the house.

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Do not confuse the electrical and thermal power of heating devices. In the worst case, the gas boiler consumes no more than 150-200W per hour from the outlet.

Therefore, then for its power during the shutdown of light and there are enough conventional batteries with an inverter or the so.Called UPS.

There is no question of any kilowatts here.

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And therefore, taking a gas boiler with a margin is economically unprofitable. This is not always true.

First of all, this problem concerns “stupid” floor and morally obsolete hinged boilers.

This is how conditionally the work schedule of 20 kW and 30 kW of the device looks like.

Vertically in our gas consumption, horizontally. The working hours. Two modes, the so.Called clue are painted on top. From below. The mode of comfortable work with constant power in frosts.

Typically, clocking is observed during the off.Season, when there are no severe frosts and you do not need to warm up for a long time.

In this situation, the boiler starts at the maximum, quickly heats the water and turns off. Next, the pump pulls the coolant through the system, the temperature drops, the burners are launched again.

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In this mode, it operates as 20 kW and 30 kW boiler. What is the difference?

And the difference is that the first will consume gas in the intervals of the launch of a conditionally 2 m3, and the second 3m3. When the boiler is so thawed, he does not have time to evaluate anything and reach the optimal power.

It starts at the maximum and stops at the maximum. But all this applies to old, “stupid” models.

In modern wall.Mounted devices with modulating burners (1:10) and smart electronics, the boiler operation is arranged in such a way that if the automation initially sees the coolant overheating, then the next inclusion will occur at lower power, or you can reduce it yourself.

The only problem is when the minimum power of the boiler is not so minimal.

Therefore, check the instructions and ask the seller has a gas boiler with a modulation function or not. And the more often there will be a step of adjustment, the better.

90% of consumers never use the weather dependent on automation or GSM modules. You should not overpay for them.

which, boiler, economical, single

Most of it solve the eternal problem with tact.

The number of heat exchangers

Double.Circuit gas boiler is produced in two versions:

  • With one heat exchanger. In this variety, the supply of the coolant is carried out at the expense of a special valve. With closed water taps, the coolant is supplied to the heating circuit, and when they are opened, the water is heated in the dowry circuit.
  • With two heat exchangers. Simultaneous fluid heating for heating and water supply is carried out. This option is more convenient and common.

Cons of single.Circuit and double.Circuit boilers

During the planning of the purchase, attention should be paid to the disadvantages, since each type of device has them. Thanks to a detailed consideration, one can distinguish decisive nuances, which should pay attention to first.

The device is often purchased for a long period of time, it is necessary to approach the issue of choosing a double.Circuit or single.Circuit apparatus as carefully as possible so as not to make mistakes that will lead to inconvenience and violate comfortable conditions in the dwelling.

Disadvantages of boilers with one contour

At least there is the opinion of experienced consumers that in conjunction with an external drive the equipment is characterized by high rates of convenience, there are irrefutable disadvantages of the unit, they look like this: they look like this:

  • There is no built.In fluid heating function for the tap.
  • Limited possibilities regarding household issues.
  • When connecting additional devices, the wiring is loaded.
  • The volumes of water are limited.
  • High costs for installing and servicing boiler.

In apartments, where in addition to the boiler, powerful equipment is used to modernize the power supply system, otherwise the closure cannot be avoided. If you give preference to a single.Circuit unit with a boiler and provide a special container, then such a tandem will take much more free space.

Cons of boilers with heating and DIS

The supply of hot water is not created, in addition to this nuance, sometimes it is impossible to provide a heated liquid with the same temperature all points designed for water consumption. As soon as the owner of the building opens up the chines of the hot water, his expectations may not be justified or the temperature will change during consumption.

The installation procedure is much more complicated, without a certain experience, it will not work to manipulate it, you will need a call of specialists, and this will lead to additional embezzlement. Experts pay attention to such disadvantages as:

  • It is impossible to supply heated water.
  • Depending on the intensity of using the boiler and analysis, the temperature in the circuit drops.
  • High price of installation and maintenance.
  • The setting process will take a lot of time.

Before you decide on the choice, you need to think about the needs of the family in what volumes hot water will be used. Only after careful pondering and comparing two types of equipment to make a final solution.

The most famous and popular manufacturers of wall.Mounted single.Circuit boilers include:

  • Vaillat;
  • Buderus;
  • Baxi;
  • Mora-Top;
  • Protherm;
  • Navien;
  • Bosh;
  • Ariston;
  • Thermex and t.D.

It is difficult and impractical to list all manufacturers. There are many of them, some companies are subsidiaries of better famous concerns. In addition, new firms are constantly appearing on the market, which expands the assortment and makes a more diverse choice for the user.

What is the difference between single.Circuit boilers on gas from double.Circuit

When choosing what is better, a single.Circuit or double.Circuit boiler, you should study the principle of work, similarity and differences in each type:

    Design with one contour. Differ in high performance. As a heat exchanger, a flowing coil or “water shirt” made of cast iron or steel is used.

The difference between a heating boiler with two contours from a boiler with one contour consists in purpose. Models without a built-in 2nd circuit are made exclusively for heating, but with the possibility of additional re-equipment for hot water supply through an external boiler. Equipment with two contours is capable of simultaneously working for the heating system and dowry.

Installation and installation

Installation technology depends on the type of boiler. Wall models require preliminary fastening of special brackets that come in the supply. Floor are installed either directly to the surface, if it satisfies with fire requirements, or put on special stands.

It is necessary to ensure the correct position of the boiler relative to the central chimney (for atmospheric models), or pre.Make a hole in the wall and conduct a horizontal pipeline. After installation, connect communications.

In addition, most single.Circuit boilers are equipped with nozzles for connecting an external boiler. If it is not, plugs are installed.

Boiler connection can be carried out in another way. In the gap of the feed line. The input of the boiler is connected to the straight pipeline of the boiler, and the output is connected to the heating contour.

What is the difference between a gas boiler and a gas column

The differences are insignificant. The main difference between a gas boiler and a gas column in the number of heat exchangers:

  • There is only one coil or radiator in the water heater.
  • The double.Circuit boiler has two heat exchangers. The first circuit operates on heating, the second to heating the hot water. Priority is given to hot water supply. With the maximum use of DHW, heating the coolant in the heating system is suspended.

The double.Circuit boiler copes with two tasks at once: heating water for household needs and heats the building. The column connects and works only for hot water supply.

Electricity consumption by boiler

There was two years of experience using the Ariston SG 15 OR boiler for 30 liters of 1.5 kW for 2 people. Turned on twice a day. In the morning for daytime needs, in the evening he gnawed at the shower. After full heating, they unscrewed at a minimum temperature so that the water did not work out during the parsing. It was quite comfortable using the boiler in this mode, in total it worked no more than 1.5 hours a day. 2.25 kW, 67 kW per month. Exaggeration for electricity (preferential price up to 100 kW per month) was only in the winter months, when the heater was turned on. It turned out no more than 130 kW (homework, 2 people are constantly used 2 PC, energy.Saving lights). Electricity tariff is now 0.46 UAH per 1 kW, the boiler will cost 30 UAH (450.3) per month. In the non.Preferential months (gas) with a boiler, we can save about 40% of the money. In the preferential season, we can save at least that thanks to the boiler we do not wrap extra gas cubes and fit into the preferential tariff 3.60.

Single.Circuit boilers are more reliable in work in adjustment and operation to a single.Circuit, you can always add various variations of hot water supply, if desired (indirect heating tank, storage gas boiler) is easier than maintenance, service life of a single.Circuit boiler for an order of magnitude longer longer. A single.Circuit boiler does not cut down your heating while you take a shower. It is not necessary to wait for the consumption of expensive gas with a boiler while cold water is draining (and you already managed to wash the hands of the ice during this time) thanks to the boiler, there is no need to pull the boiler (constant clattering of the burner) most new models of single.Circuit boilers are equipped with weather regulation sensors. Gas eats less, even looking at the characteristics of the single-circuit, the boiler makes a supply of hot water to go to the night tariff (multi-zone meters) installation of the boiler does not require additional wiring (usually) to solder autonomous heating without GV is still much cheaper, easier, faster water pressure for water for boiler is needed from 0.6 atm

I can’t come up with minuses anymore. In this article, I would not want to talk about models of water heaters and single.Circuit boilers. I will highlight a separate topic for this, since I myself will soon be faced with a choice. This year I will be killed by the developers in my new building. Nova Florida Vela Compact CTFS 24 AF. By the end of the heating season, most likely, you will have to correct my current calculations and an opinion on the account of the need for a boiler may change. Several neighbors nevertheless delivered small storage electric water heaters to use outside the heating season.

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