Which boiler to put in a private house

How to choose a boiler for a home

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Which solid fuel boiler is better to buy

Many different types of solid fuel boilers are represented on the modern market. Each type of equipment has its own technical features and efficiency. To facilitate the process of choosing a solid fuel boiler, you need to have a clear idea of ​​each type of this equipment.

Solid fuel boilers of natural burning

This type of boilers has a simplicity of design and an affordable cost.

which, boiler, house

To work, any kind of solid fuel is suitable for him:


Toya briquettes.


Waste of woodworking enterprises.

which, boiler, house


The best energy indicators are achieved when working on a stone coal with high heat.Intensive ability. Burning is carried out due to the natural supply to the furnace of the outdoor air. Modern models are equipped with thermostats that change the position of the damper at the entrance to the combustion chamber. During operation, you need to regularly add fuel, remove the ash and periodically clean the chimney from soot.

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The obvious advantages of such boilers:

Solid fuel boiler of natural combustion in the context.

Solid fuel boilers of long burning

Such devices are the next step in the development of boiler equipment. They have an improved shape of the furnace, forced air supply, an intellectual regulation system. The programs embedded in the control unit make it possible to increase the duration of the combustion of a single laying of firewood to 24 hours, which is very convenient for residents. The interconnection of the operation of the blower and circulation pump with the adjustment for temperature indicators allows you to achieve the optimal heating mode of the building.

A feature of these boilers is that firewood does not burn at the same time in the entire volume of the furnace. The area of ​​intensive oxidation is gradually shifting from one end of the combustion chamber to the other.

The advantages of such equipment:

  • Adjustable combustion process with increased heating duration;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Simplified maintenance;
  • Minimal education of soot.

Solid fuel boiler of long burning in the context.

Pyrolysis boilers

The normal operation of the boilers of this class occurs in high.Temperature generation of combustible gases. In technology, this process is called pyrolysis. As a fuel, wood is usually used, which is a complex mixture of high.Molecular compounds from the point of view of the chemist. Under the influence of high temperatures with a lack of oxygen, they are split to the simplest gases, which burn with the release of the main amount of heat.

The firebox of such a boiler is usually divided into two compartments. In the main chamber, firewood smolders, intensively highlighting combustible gases. Entering the zone of burning, they mix with secondary air and completely burn out. The temperature of this stage reaches 1200 ° C, which guarantees the absence of harmful emissions in the outgoing mixture.

The heat formed in both chambers is generated by a water heat exchanger associated with the heating circuit of the building. Due to the fullness of fuel combustion and adjustable air supply, such boilers demonstrate the maximum possible energy efficiency. The disadvantages should include increased exactingness to the quality of loaded firewood, the relative humidity of which in most cases should not exceed 16%.

The advantages of such equipment:

  • High economy;
  • Lengthening the heating period on one fuel bookmark;
  • High level of automation;
  • A minimum of unburned waste.

Pyrolysis boiler in context.

Pellet boilers

Pellet boilers work on specially prepared solid fuel. Pellets are granules made from production waste: wood sawdust, residues of agricultural plants, TOA. They are characterized by a convenient shape, low humidity and high heat.Intensive ability.

Boilers of this category almost do not require human participation in the process of maintaining fire. It is enough to fill the granules into the bunker once during a week. Automation will do everything else.

Subject to the accessibility of pellets, the advantages of such equipment are undeniable:

  • Efficiency of operation;
  • Simplicity of management and minimum maintenance;
  • High level of automation;
  • Environmental Safety.

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Separate heat exchangers;

The ability to work on propane;

which, boiler, house

Copper primary heat exchanger;

Storage tank 60 liters;

Antibacterial protection system;

It works quietly;

Brass hydrogen;

Removable control panel with a thermometer;

Where we will install the boiler?

In the kitchen, in the corridor or pantry, wall boilers are installed. Gas or electric. A good option for a small one.Story house or apartment. A small boiler can be placed next to the boiler. Modern hinged boilers fit well into the interior.

Separate room (boiler room). Together with the boiler, here you can install a boiler of a large container, expansion tank, filters, automation, pumps and other auxiliary equipment. The larger the area of ​​the house, the higher the need for a boiler room. For diesel and solid fuel boilers, the boiler room is required.

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