Which grill is better gas or electric

How does the gas grill work?

The essence of the cooking method is that the heat source is placed under the grill, and its temperature reaches about 350°C or higher. To begin with, the gas grill is connected to a cylinder or gas line. The heat is dissipated by the cast iron, brass or steel burners, so you can start cooking immediately. All components are contained within the body, the lid covers the work surface and retains heat, raising the temperature of the grill. The components of the gas grill are:

  • burners;
  • valve regulator;
  • grilling surface;
  • Gas source;
  • grill body;
  • side burners;
  • lid.

Which grill is better with gas or charcoal grill??

Gourmets appreciate the taste of barbecue for the distinct flavor of smoke. Here everything is simple: charcoal gives the flavor, the gas grill does not, who likes what he chooses. If the attitude to smoke is neutral, you can safely buy a gas device, in addition, some companies sell a special tray for this type of grill, which allows you to get the smell of smoke.

  • It is difficult to outline the advantages of a charcoal grill over a gas grill. In terms of convenience, it loses out on everything. Charcoal grill ignites with matches and kindling agents. Warms up in 15-20 min. No fine-tuning of the cooking temperature. After you cook, the charcoal unit must be emptied of the ash that tends to stain everything around it.
  • Gas grill is devoid of all the disadvantages inherent in the charcoal grill. It can be activated at the push of a button, heats up several times faster and gives a higher temperature to brown meat until crispy. Precise temperature control is possible. Due to several burners it is possible to cook more than one dish at a time.
  • Professional model gas grill will cost more than charcoal grill. Amateur grills do not have a significant cost difference. Gas as a fuel is cheaper than coal, but not by much. Assessing what to choose gas grill or charcoal grill can safely say that the first is more convenient in everything, from cooking to cleaning. In general, charcoal grill prefer fans of live fires, people who put the romance above technology.

Which grill is better gas or electric?

The situation is different when choosing between the two options. Electricity is more convenient, it is in every room, home. With an electric grill does not need to change the cylinders, they can be placed almost anywhere, while gas grills can not be kept near other fuel, and it is even preferable to cook outdoors, since the requirements in terms of fire safety when using them are higher.

Electric grills do not convey the same range of flavors as the gas ones. The principle of temperature maintenance is different for grills. The device, working from the network, creates heat radiation and periodically turns off to charge the coils. In the gas one you can control the temperature, but on the other hand, it is difficult to maintain less than 100-120 ° C. In summary, it is better to use a gas grill in the country and an electric grill at home when you want to taste grilled meat without leaving home.

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Varieties of grill in the oven

Oven grill comes in three types. depending on the heating technology:


Electric grill is the most common, simple and convenient. Represents a heating element of arbitrary shape. To use it is enough to turn on the oven, activate the grill function and set the desired temperature. Heating element heats quickly. the maximum temperature will tell you a bright red color.


A gas grill is a burner that is installed on top of the oven. To turn it on, you need to light a match, bring it to the burner and turn the regulator to the “grill” mark. It is possible that the oven will have an automatic ignition.


Infrared grill looks like a solid glass-ceramic panel. Mounted on top of the oven. The panel heats and transmits infrared heat evenly around the food. No more complicated to turn on than an electric grill.

Choosing the size

Depending on its size, it can be small or large (reinforced).

Small grill is centered on the top wall of the oven. Suitable for cooking small meals or 1 to 2 servings.

A heavy-duty grill takes up the whole surface, so you don’t have to worry about the edges of the dish getting soggy or crusty.

Ideally a two-circuit heating element is preferable, whose intensity can be adjusted according to the situation.

What’s the best size grill??

When choosing between different types of grills based on power source, keep in mind that an infrared grill has more advantages. It bakes food quickly and evenly: Dishes in all parts of the oven are delicious, juicy, and appetizing. But you still have to look for one. it’s not very common.

Which Grill Type is Best for You? | Charcoal, Pellet, Gas & Electric Grills Compared

In terms of taste, dishes from the gas grill overpower products from the electric grill. The result is more like a charcoal grill: the food retains its natural taste. Among the weaknesses of the gas grill. difficult operation and the need to constantly monitor the cooking process. A rotisserie is a must.

Food cooked with an electric grill does not taste as good, but it is very convenient to use.

Features of the gas grill

Gas grill design is a little more complicated than the charcoal grill.

Sometimes for quality assembly requires expert help. some models are not safe to connect the grill to the gas yourself. But most gas grill comes semi-assembled and can be easily connected to a gas cylinder.

The advantages and disadvantages of the gas grill should include:

Another important feature of the gas grill, which can not be attributed unequivocally to the pros or cons is the taste of food. When cooking on coals, the dish receives a distinctive smoky flavor. Some people like it, some don’t. If you don’t like your meat smoky or prefer to cook more delicate dishes with a subtle flavor, then a gas grill for the country is your choice. The gas does not release any characteristic odor, so it does not give off any additional flavor when you grill. On the other hand, if you’re expecting a distinctive smoky smell from grilled food, a gas grill will disappoint you.

A gas grill is great for dishes with subtle flavors. A charcoal grill can overpower their flavor and aroma, but a gas grill will never do that.

Do not forget that the smoke only adds to the aroma if you cook it for a long time. If you simply throw food on the grill for a few minutes and then remove it, there will be no smoky flavor no matter which grill you use.

Smoking on a charcoal grill is possible, but the result will not be as impressive as with coal smoking. In addition, for gas smoking you will need a set of tools: a box for smoking, wood chips.


What plays a role in the interior of a gas grill? These are burners, flame-spreaders and other elements

Burners (burners)

It is important to pay attention to both their number and the material of which they are made. Burners for gas grills are made of stainless steel, cast iron, or brass. The option of stainless steel is the most popular, because such parts are durable and easy to clean from dirt.

Heat cutters

They are also, according to some users, aroma plates. The main function of these parts is to protect the burners from grease and juices dripping from the food. As a result, the flame remains even, meat and vegetables are protected from sudden bursts of fire, and hot air is evenly distributed under the lid of the device.


Their cost and quality depend largely on the material:

  • Stainless steel products are the most reliable and the most expensive. They are easy to clean and have a long service life.
  • At the same time, many gas grill users prefer the cast-iron grills for their ability to retain heat for a long time and lower cost than steel counterparts.

Steel grills with baked enamel finish are also available. They give the same quality result in the cooking process, but require more careful maintenance.

Temperature regulators

In most grills they are made of plastic. Handles of some models can be equipped with a light which facilitates using the griddle plate at night. Manufacturers offer 2 types of regulators:

Charcoal vs Gas. can you taste the difference?

Just a side note! Soft-turn knobs are preferable to knobs with preset positions. They allow you to regulate the temperature in the grill with an accuracy of 5-10ºC.

Ignition method

Electric ignition, familiar to many gas stove owners, can also be installed in the grill. Compared with the simpler piezo igniter, it is much more convenient, because it gives not one, but many sparks in a row after pressing the button. On the other hand, it will require connecting the grill to the mains.

Also note the standalone piezo igniter, which can be purchased separately (see image).

Some gas grills come with special tongs or match holders that can be used to safely and conveniently reach the burners to light them.

Ease of use at home and out of town

First, let’s discuss the comfort level of using a grill at home, since many people purchase it just for the purpose of cooking on the property. Electric grill and gas grill have their advantages and disadvantages in the home environment. Let’s highlight the main advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the fact that the gas grill has maximum mobility, since its fuel is gas cylinders. This is a huge plus. You can carry it comfortably to any place you need in your yard. However, the open fire that the grill produces will not allow you to use it indoors. You can forget about cooking in the garage or on a closed porch. In bad weather, you just can’t use it.

The electric grill is not very mobile and you can not move it over long distances, as it has restrictions in the form of a cord and extension cord. But if you want you can even put it on your apartment balcony.

There is very little gap between the devices, but still for home use, the gas grill is more suitable.

The next situation is an outdoor barbecue. You definitely can’t find an outlet in the woods or in a clearing for an electronic grill. In this case, it definitely can not be used. And here is a gas grill complete with a cylinder will help you arrange a barbecue even in the countryside.

Which grill to choose: gas, charcoal or electric?? Weber helps you choose

Weber brand grills have long gone beyond the ordinary and offer their customers more and more new and unique models for cooking really tasty meat on an open fire. Manufacturers have proven that not only professionals with years of experience can cook delicious food, but also amateurs. To do this, it is important to simply choose the right and convenient gastronomic equipment.

Outdoors, during outdoor activities, with great appetite and for a hearty meal it is better to use meat and vegetables. Meat with the fragrant and crispy crust, very tasty and nourishing. This is exactly what you get when using a Weber brand grill.

Today in the list of Weber offerings you can find many varieties of grills for home, cottage, apartment, for active travel. Below we will consider the most popular varieties for cooking meat on an open fire.

What is the best grill to buy in the apartment

Recreation for many city dwellers firmly associated with going to the countryside, the smell of the fire and food cooked over an open fire. For those who can not afford to spare a whole day to spend with friends outdoors, there is a question what the grill is suitable for the apartment, so its use does not interfere with the neighbors, and the taste of the products is not any different from that of those cooked on a fire.

Wood grill

The most primitive wood grill design made of bricks and grates built on their plots many cottagers. Progress does not stand still, so now the market offers a wide range of convenient and multifunctional devices.

Such grills are in demand due to several factors:

What’s Better Gas Or Electric Grill?

  • Relatively low price;
  • ease of use;
  • affordable fuel, which can be used as branches or remnants of an old fence.

Despite the fact that such grills are familiar to many residents of Russia and neighboring countries, they have a number of disadvantages:

  • Have to put wood on the grill often;
  • It is difficult to regulate the intensity of combustion;
  • require a long and time-consuming preparation;
  • Do not allow you to cook large pieces of meat or chicken whole.

The device of a gas grill

Gas grill superficially resembles a gas stove made of stainless steel, instead of burners which has a grid and under it a gas burner. The grill heats up in 10 minutes, turned on and adjusted with the knobs. Cooking directly on the grill grate without using cookware, but some models have additional burners, on which you can cook conventional dishes in traditional dishes.

Mobile grills are equipped with a gas cylinder with liquefied gas, hidden in the body of the construction. Stationary models are easy to connect to a gas pipe from the mains. All devices are absolutely safe in operation, they are easy to care for.

Gas grill differs from the charcoal grill in that it heats up quickly, you do not need to control it, and just select a certain temperature and at the end of time to remove the cooked dish from the grill. Another obvious advantage of a gas grill is that it does not need to be cleaned of ash.

Burners for the gas grill are made of steel, brass or cast iron. The most convenient are considered to be steel burners with a large number of holes, they heat up faster. Number of burners varies from 2 to 3 for a small company. Grills with more than 3 burners are chosen by large families and catering facilities. Quality grill grate is made of cast iron coated with faora enamel.

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