Which mixer to choose for a shell in the kitchen

best manufacturers of kitchen mixers

Review of the best, according to the editors of Expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist.

The mixer in the kitchen provides the supply of cold, hot or mixed water. Unlike a similar device in the bathroom, the mixer in the kitchen is used much more often in a day, so it should be strong and hardy. How to choose such a product and which manufacturers should pay attention to, our experts figured out.

How to choose the right mixer for the kitchen

To understand which mixer for the kitchen will be better, we will remember several key factors that are paid attention to when choosing:

  • The method of opening water. It is classic (in the form of two rotary “lambs”), lever (moving on yourself/from yourself or left/to the right) or contactless (on sensory sensors from offering hands or dishes). The easier it is to start water, the easier it is to use the device during cooking, when you need to regularly wash your hands, table accessories or products.
  • Geometry and pouring height. The design of the crane in the kitchen can be semicircular, p-shaped, M-shaped, etc. D. It is important that there is enough space from the edge of the sink for installing a pan, multicooker bowls or other large dishes, otherwise when washing they will fight about the side. The height of the excess allows you to easily dial water in a plastic bottle or pan. Models for the kitchen with an indicator of 25-40 cm are considered high (from the installation site to the edge of the hole where the water flows). Middle have 12-15 cm. The smallest are 5-7 cm. The last option is suitable only for deep shells, otherwise it will only be able to wash your hands under it.
  • Rotation function. The possibility of turning the “hussak” to the left or right is convenient for washing and rinsing dishes in a combined double sink. This also allows you to push the crane aside when working with carcasses of chicken, so as not to fight it for surroundings.
  • The presence of a prefilter. In all kitchen mixers there is a built.in mesh at the end of the “hussak” that prevents the output of solid deposits (salt, alkali) out. Thanks to this, mineral inclusions do not fall into the water used for cooking. She also shares a stream, softening water and reducing spray. But in models with a prefilter, an additional mesh protects the mixer itself from clogging with minerals.
  • Drawn up a watering can. The presence of a sliding shower is convenient to wash dishes or products in a deep sink and saves time with a large volume of vegetables.
  • Filtered water. Allows you to connect the supply of purified drinking water to a single crane so as not to mount an additional nose from the filter.
  • Material. The faucets are made of steel covered with chromium, copper, bronze, stainless steel, plastic. The first type is the most affordable in price, but the chrome coating sometimes leaves. Second and third. they look interesting, but require regular cleaning, because they dull. Stainless steel does not fit and does not dim, but polishing is covered with small scratches over time.
  • The design of the mixer is selected according to personal preferences and the general interior of the kitchen. There are classic options, high-tech, country, Provence and Scandinavian.

best firms for kitchen mixers

The faucets are used in the bathroom and in the kitchen. At first glance, it may seem that there is no difference between them. However, it not only exists, but is also tangible. The scenarios of the use of kitchen plumbing are completely different: washing dishes, vegetables, fruits and other foods, a set of water in a filter-worship or a kettle, so on. This is a high load, which, moreover, is very uneven. Therefore, you need to carefully think about which mixer to choose. Focusing only on design, it is very difficult to purchase reliable plumbing. Low cost, again, is almost 100% guarantee that the mixer will eventually have to repair or change. But maybe there are brands that have a good reputation and avoid the torment of the choice? This approach is more literate. Therefore, today we offer you the top of the best manufacturers of mixers for the kitchen. But first, let’s look at the general criteria for buying plumbing.

When forming the rating, we relied on real plumbing tests, the popularity of the brand among users, the number of returns and sales volumes. If the manufacturer produces products that constantly breaks, then even the low cost will not justify it in any way. But a small amount of marriage and minor flaws with a favorable balance of cost and quality are acceptable. On the other hand, the high price of the kitchen mixer will be justified if it significantly exceeds competitors. Therefore, our rating is quite conditional, and depending on your budget and needs in the first place you can put a completely different company.


The famous manufacturer of plumbing equipment with headquarters in Germany. The company pays special attention to the appearance of its products, based on the brand style, as well as on user preferences.

The German giant received more than 450 awards in the field of industrial design, which indicates his experience and professionalism.

Thanks to this, the Grohe mixers are practical and recognizable:

  • round details in functional areas;
  • long service life;
  • Deviation of Iznia and levers by exactly 7 °;
  • designer elements of oval shapes.

By the reliability of the Grohe mixers are also one of the best in the world. Testing the entire range of plumbing products is carried out in their own laboratories, where automatic lines imitate 20 years of daily operation of devices.

In addition, the German manufacturer takes care of the maintainability of its mixers. If some model is removed from production, then the details are available for it for at least 10 years. Therefore, you can always replace the worn knot of your plumbing.


The Blanco brand is the largest German manufacturer of kitchen sinks, as well as mixers and related accessories. Most of the company’s factories are located in Germany, and subsidiaries of the company work more than 100 countries around the world.

The largest portal of Germany, engaged in the reviews of construction products, Heinze in 2013 noted that it was the mixers of the popular Blanco brand that are leaders in their category. The range of products of the company includes over 400 items. All BLANCO models are made from safe materials according to the requirements of the German Association of Gas and Water suppliers, and also differ in a long service life.

The company regularly expands the range of products, given the current trends and wishes of customers. The only thing that remains unchanged is the impeccable quality and attention to the details. Therefore, the best choice of premium.quality mixers in and the world market can be called Blanco.


One of the best manufacturers of mixers in the domestic market. over, Granfest is a company, which allows you to provide affordable with high quality products. The main emphasis is the brand for the production of mixers and sinks. The Granfest catalogs have almost 700 unique product models.

The brand has repeatedly been awarded prestigious international prizes for the quality and safety of plumbing. In its work, the company focuses on:

  • use of advanced equipment;
  • introduction of innovative developments;
  • domestic and international quality standards;
  • Highly qualified design department.

On the official website and from Granfest trading representatives you can buy faucets of various shapes and colors. In cost all products varies from more affordable to premium. But even the top segment of the brand is cheaper than competitors.


Which is better to choose a mixer to rationally invest? We recommend Kaiser brand products. The German manufacturer has been officially represented in the market for more than 10 years. The company of the company: “High quality at an affordable price”. The company produces mixers for the kitchen, bathroom, shower, bidet and sink. Kaiser products are presented in the middle and high price segments.

In the reviews of the mixers of the German manufacturer are praised for diversity. The assortment of the brand presents models of chromium, brass and stainless steel. There is a finish for silver, gold and bronze. The design varies from high-tech to retro. Sensory, built.in and other models for any interior and taste are available. For all Kaiser products in official stores, a 5-year warranty is provided.


IDDIS brand appeared on the market in 2004. The company saw the creation of high.quality and modern plumbing from its main goal from the first days of work, which will be available to all citizens and the company coped with this task without problems. Today, the IDDIS brand is well known not only in the native market, but also in the countries of the near abroad, including Kazakhstan and Belarus.

How to choose a kitchen mixer

The manufacturer affects the quality of the product. However, the assortment of mixers for the sink is very extensive. Therefore, a model that will completely arrange one buyer may not suit you at all. Therefore, before purchasing, pay attention to:

  • Material. Brass is as practical as possible. Stainless steel is cheaper, but not so durable. Granite mixers are aesthetically perfect, but have a very high cost and rarely meet on sale. Ceramic models are unpretentious in care, but require careful attitude. Silhumin devices are represented in the budget segment and wear out quickly.
  • Type of. Good single.leaf mixers occupy a dominant position. But if you want a retro kitchen, then choose two.welfare. Surgical models, as the name implies, are invented for medical institutions. But they are also suitable for home if you often cook and do not want to open and close the crane with dirty hands (surgical models are easily controlled by the elbow).
  • Pour. Can be short, tall, sliding and folding. The first type may have C-, P-, U- or M-shaped form. Pouring output allows you to fill the containers without the need to place them in the sink and are better suited for washing products. And folding models are necessary only when placing the mixer near the window.
  • Aerator. A special nozzle that allows you to reduce water consumption, normalize a stream, reduce noise and spraying. There are several types of aerators, but the choice of a certain option depends only on your preferences.
  • Filtration. In the mixers for the filter there is an additional crane and the second hole designed for drinking water. They help to divide streams so as not to filter all the water, and work much more efficiently than jugs.

Of course, mixers may differ in design, and modern technologies do not limit the imagination of manufacturers and provide customers with a huge selection.

Single mixers for the sink have gained popularity and ease of use. Management of a single lever allows you to quickly rebuild the pressure and water temperature with one hand.

At the same time, the design of such models is the most compact. Only among the one.legged can you find a reliable and high.quality mixer for a very small sink or a model with minimal dimensions.

In the review of our editorial office. only the best representatives of the class, from trusted manufacturers. In addition to high quality, selected models are distinguished by modern design.

Grohe Euroeco 32734000

A compact and inexpensive mixer for a washbasin from a German manufacturer is well combined by a classic design and small dimensions. Due to its size, the mixer can be installed on the smallest shells. The attention of our experts also attracted high quality manufacturing. it was made of brass with a strong chrome coating. High.quality ceramic cartridge is responsible for the accuracy of mixing water flows. However, the distinguishing feature of the model. when turning on, the mixer first always serves cold. This reduces the risk of getting a water burn, which is relevant for families with young children. As such, the model does not have, except that the tap is shorter than the standard size.

  • installation in one hole;
  • Hot water supply technology when turning on;
  • easy care;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • Reliable ceramic cartridge.

Jacob Delafon Aleo E7275-4-CP

The chrome.based model of a single.legged mixer from Jacob Delafon looks solid and rich. It is designed according to European standards, made of brass, covered with protecting chrome coating. A unique French design was created specifically for the Aleo series, it is both memorable and universal. With optimal performance, the developers managed to reduce the flow of water. According to reviews, this is a reliable, good mixer for the sink. Thanks to the high quality of the product, it is easily installed without improvements, and serves at least 15 years. Experts attribute a high price to weaknesses, but buyers found the cost of acceptable for the European manufacturer.

  • not marked chrome coating;
  • resistant to corrosion;
  • high.quality manufacture, European production;
  • original French design;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • economy.

Hansgrohe Logis 71101000

Among the compact single.sided models, this is the most practical and comfortable to use. Its strength is Comfortzone technology, precisely verified dimensions and geometry that ensure the convenience of operation. In addition, the mixer is distinguished by a pronounced saving of water consumption, however, such a solution is expected from the European brand. Hansgrohe brand is known as one of the most durable. A reliable and high.quality mixer for the washbasin is made in Germany, the warranty from the manufacturer is 5 years. Of the minuses, buyers noted expensive spare parts.

  • classic, but non.standard design;
  • precisely verified dimensions according to technology;
  • economy;
  • simple installation;
  • repairs.

Am.PM GEM F90A02100

In the development of plumbing AM.PM specialists from Italy, Great Britain, Germany take part. Top level professionals have achieved the perfect combination of high quality and modern design. The model entered the review of the best single.leaf mixers for numerous positive reviews, users liked not only external performance, but also optimally selected sizes for a small or medium washbasin. Speaking of reliability, buyers noted that the mixer is quite heavy, durable, and the chrome coating persistently transfers any chemicals for cleaning.

  • marking cold and hot water;
  • persistent coating;
  • reliability and large operational resource;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • a long.term coating warranty (10 years);
  • size ratio.

IDDIS Zodiac Zodsb00i01

A quiet and smooth work will please the Zodiac mixer to its owner. According to reviews, this is the best mixer for a medium.sized shell or for a small washbasin. The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to quality, the model is made of brass, with a chrome coating. Ceramic details of the internal mechanism are resistant to wear. A thin silicone aerator provides a silent supply of water without spray and is easily cleaned. So that users can buy products and be sure of reliability, the brand provides a guarantee of 10 years. Conducted the lack of complaints from buyers, the only drawback was a slightly brand coating and not very convenient mounting.

Lemark Nero LM0206C

A small and convenient single.leaf mixer for a washbasin from the Nero series pleased with the grace of each part. over, the main advantage was the internal mechanism. the water is mixed in such a way that it is easy to choose the desired temperature. In addition, buyers noted the completeness of the configuration, together with the product in the box, all the necessary details and accessories for installation are underway. There are no negative reviews about the model, this is a big plus, taking into account the popularity of the brand. Of the minuses, you can only indicate a marked coating, however, the majority of plumbing products with chrome.based spraying are a similar flaw.

Two.handed valve mixers for washbasin or kitchen sink. classic of plumbing equipment. According to reviews, customers choose them more often because of the habit, the ability to control only hot or cold water.

The advantage of this type is the ability to accurately set the pressure by rotating one valve. Plus modern models distinguishes a small angle to set up water, just hand the handle a little. This is great progress, in comparison with the previous, outdated versions requiring several revolutions.

The rating of the best faucets for the valve mixers sink includes six models. These are the most worthy representative in combination price. quality, according to users.

Lemark Practica LM7507C

The Czech manufacturer Lemark specializes in the manufacture of affordable and stylish plumbing home. In addition to quality, the model is impressive by design in the style of “modern”, especially an unusual shape of the valves. they are convenient to use and are easily cleaned due to the lack of decorative elements. Pouring traditional, height of 96 mm, according to customer experience, these are optimal dimensions for various household needs, and not just for washing. For example, under the tap you can wash small things, rinse small dishes. There were no weaknesses at the faucet, but there are features. the opening of the valves in one direction, for some it turned out to be unusual, but did not cause discomfort.

Kaiser Carlson Style 44311

Small and compact, recognized as one of the best mixers for a small sink. The manufacturer produces a model of the Carlson Style line in different colors, but the most popular was the classic chrome version. Features of the product. a flat stream of water without spray and excess noise. The design itself is classic, a fat brake crane is made, so it turned out to be quite weighty and durable. When installing problems, no problems were also found. even proper carving, the absence of subtexts and backlash allows you to easily mount and maintain. The disadvantages of the mixer were not found, even with a thorough search. However, we can note a slightly high price against the background of less high.quality analogues.

  • compact dimensions;
  • easy installation and maintenance;
  • thick and durable metal with high.quality coating;
  • Lack of spray.

Hansgrohe Logis 71221000

The model from the most popular manufacturer will be the best choice in finding the most reliable mixer. The product immediately attracts attention with laconic design, the absence of decorative elements gives it external monolist. And this is also practical in terms of cleaning, smooth metal from protrusions is easy to rub with special napkins or wax paper. Technically, the design is strong, according to reviews, the mixer even suffers careless treatment, preserving the functionality in its original form. The corner of the valve is only 120º, so they do not need to twist them for a long time. Add comfort comfortable pour height, lightness when rotating the crane. Of the minuses, we can only say about the price, the model is expensive, as it is produced in Europe. Some buyers counted the design too simple.

  • Very convenient mixer;
  • easy to keep clean and rub;
  • a small corner of rotation of the valves;
  • European production.

Hand Mixers vs. Stand Mixers

Wasserkraft Weser 7803

Massive design of mixers from the Weser series is chosen by the manufacturer not? He immediately gives an idea of ​​the quality and durability of the product, which is the German brand of Wasserkraft famous. High.quality brass used for the manufacture of the housing, 59%with m cops, and ceramic canbuxes, designed for 500,000 working cycles, provide an almost twenty.year service life. The gloss of the mixer gives a chromium.nickel coating, stable not only to the effects of high temperature and chemicals, but also to mechanical damage. Against the background of all the above advantages, it does not look high. over, this amount includes a complete set for installation and eyeliner.

Grohe Costa S 21338001

By reliability, Grohe mixers will give a head start to many more expensive products. Even, despite the presence of some plastic parts in the design, the resource fully corresponds to the declared manufacturer, and in practice it often exceeds it. Material material. brass that retains its operational properties for many years. Ceramic chanbouxes are made using Silkmove technology, which ensures the smoothness of the valves of the valves throughout the entire service life. Also, for comfortable use inside the handles, there is an isolation material that does not allow them to heat up with the long use of hot water.

Timo 1911f Antique

One of the most popular models stands out not only with an original design. As the reviews show, the convenience of using the mixer is beyond praise. In its design, in addition to the aerator, users are available to the bottom valve that overlaps the drain of water and allows saving on expenses. It also provides for drawing out excess, with the help of which a stream of water can be directed to any convenient point of the sink, thereby avoiding spraying when washing dishes or food products. You can buy a mixer in three color options. bronze, silver and with a copper tint.

Varieties of Iznia

Everything is simple here and there are only two types of spouts that differ in height, high and low and they depend mainly on the sink. That is, the wider and deeper the sink, the higher the crane should be and vice versa, for a shallow small container, you need to purchase a short crane.

For fine washing, high surplus is unacceptable due to the fact that with increased pressure, spray will be created. But the low excretion is inconvenient that it is not possible to fill with water a large container.

It is worth noting that each surplus has its own pros and cons, which sink would not choose it. Therefore, today universal cranes are created, which are suitable for both deep sinks and small. Their secret is that you can easily change the length of the excess depending on the situation and needs.

The telescopic crane consists of several tubes that can be removed and put on again, as well as several gaskets and hinges. Which in itself is considered a big minus. Indeed, with such a number of details there is a high probability of breakdown and leakage.

A retractable crane visually looks like a shower handle. The principle of its action is to extend the spout if necessary from a short crane. The length of the hose can vary from one to one and a half meters.

When choosing this model, it is worth first to pay attention to the material of the short spout. It should be of high quality and durable, in this matter it is not necessary to save. It is not recommended to purchase plastic, since such a crane will quickly become unusable. Secondly, it is necessary to carefully examine the place of connection of the drawer element and the base. The mount should be stable and stable.

which, mixer, choose, shell

Flexible and soft spouts are considered the most budget option. The length of the crane can be easily changed by a simple press. It is also quite high.quality and wear.resistant. However, its minus consists in a mediocre appearance. This design is not suitable for each kitchen style.

Libe of pour

When choosing a mixer, many people mistakenly believe that such a detail as a nozzle can be neglected. In fact, this is one of the most important parts of the crane and it is worth paying her special attention.

To date, in plumbing stores, you can most often find retractable neck with aerator. The principle of their action is based on mixing fluid and air. This is very important when saving water. It is interesting that in some models you can regulate the flow of air and water.

There are also a nozzle in which you can regulate the direction and strength of the jet. They are suitable for almost every modern mixer and are quite convenient.

which, mixer, choose, shell

The developers of plumbing equipment do not sit still and all the time on the market are released new products. For example, a relatively recently released decoration for a crane. LED lights. She will perfectly transform water and the kitchen as a whole and, moreover, will allow to wash the dishes and other utensils better.

Control over the temperature of water can be carried out thanks to a special nozzle. It is absolutely autonomous and gets energy only from the liquid. The advantages of such a nozzle are the saving of water and the inability to obtain a burn from boiling water, because all data can be read on a special small screen.

Type and height

Experts in the faucets call the part that ordinary users call “gusak”. This is a tube from which water pours, it is of different types and size:

If straight and curved are the usual varieties, then the faucets with a retractable spill have appeared recently. In them, the “gusak” consists of two parts that are interconnected with a flexible hose. This type of mixers is also called “with a watering can” or “with a shower”.

Kitchen mixers with a drawer

The hose is made of elastic rubber. On top, maybe a protective braid of stainless steel or corrugated pipe. If necessary, you just need to pull the lower part and the excess will lengthen 60–90 cm. Convenient device, but more often found on expensive models.

What is the height and distance of the spout is better

With the height of the spout, you need to find the middle ground. When the water pours from a great height, there will be a lot of spray, if the excess is low. there will be problems with washing large pots, cans, etc. P. The optimal distance from the bottom of the sink to the end of the “hussak” in the region of 30–40 cm. Based on these numbers, you need to select a crane model for a kitchen sink. With deep washing, a low valve may also be suitable, and with a capacity of a small depth, a higher one will require.

For the correct choice of the mixer to the sink, its excess should be of such a form that the water pours approximately above the center of the sink. Permissible error plus or minus 10% of the sink size. In this case, it will be convenient to use.

The design of the nozzle

This is the part from which water is directly poured. It is usually equipped with a mesh for “catching” large mechanical inclusions. If you have filters at the entrance for water purification, this mesh does not play any role at all. The type of jet that forms the nozzle is more important:

  • Non.broken into streams. Today, this type of mixers is rare, water consumption is large.
  • Aerator. A lot of small jets that create a sense of intense flow due to the formation of small air bubbles. The most economical option, consumption is reduced by 20–35%.
  • Rain. A few streams, without strong pressure. It is convenient to wash greens, delicate fruits, etc. P.

Most often, the faucet is equipped with an aerator, but there are models that have two operating modes. aeration and rain. Switching is carried out by turning the lever.

Criteria for choosing kitchen mixers


The most practical designs of kitchen mixers are valve, lever and contactless. Let’s dwell on each in more detail.

Ventilic cranes-simple and familiar models, in which special elements are responsible for the supply of hot and cold water-crane boux. The optimum temperature and water pressure should be selected by hand with twists of two valves. Such mixers are of two types. worm and ceramic.

In the worm water flow, it regulates the drawer, which, with varying degrees of intensity, presses the shut.off valve to the rubber gasket. This gasket is a weak point of the system, it quickly wears out, as a result, the crane begins to leak. Plus the mechanism. in its maintainability.

Cranes with ceramic locking mechanisms are more reliable and durable, but their performance depends on the quality of the water. So that they function normally, a filter of mechanical cleaning should be installed on the water supply system.

Lever mixers. more convenient in terms of control. Water flow settings here are performed in different directions of one single lever. This principle of work is more economical and effective. Mixing hot and cold water is carried out by a ball or disk mechanism.

Ball devices are simple and reliable, but they can disable their low.quality water. It is advisable to use such taps in conjunction with coarse cleaning filters. Disk work on the principle of ceramic crane-boux. They are also quite reliable and maintainable, but dirty water for them is a rather serious “stimulus”.

To extend the service life of disk mixers, it also makes sense to install a mesh filter under the sink.

Contact devices. these mixers do not have external control mechanisms. The water supply is turned on and disconnected using built-in sensory sensors that respond to the appearance of the “visibility” of hands or any objects in the field. Contactly cranes can work from a network or batteries. Of these cranes, not a single drop of water will be wasted, and they are more hygienic and very convenient in everyday operation. True, there is a significant drawback. this is the high cost of “smart” devices. In addition, it must be remembered that if the device is disconnected from power supply (there will be a battery or there is no electricity in the house), it will be simply impossible to turn on the water. And when failing, a touch mixer is unlikely to be repaired at home.

If you want to try a contactless mixer in the kitchen, but the budget does not allow you to purchase a full.fledged device, you can buy a special nozzle for a regular crane, which is also equipped with sensors and works from batteries.


Its performance, effectiveness and durability largely depends on the material of the manufacture of the mixer. And, of course, this parameter affects the cost of the product. Cranes for the kitchen are made from the following materials:

  • Silumin. The cheapest mixers produce aluminum and silicon from this alloy. In addition to the low price, other advantages are quite difficult to find: the silhumin is very fragile and wear out quickly, so for everyday use this is not the most suitable option.
  • Steel. Such cranes are an order of magnitude more reliable and stronger than silumin. To increase the service life and give an aesthetic appearance of their body, a chrome stainless coating usually has.
  • Bronze and brass. These metals are unconditional leaders in resistance and strength. They are not afraid of rust and low.quality water, and the average service life is much higher than that of products from the above materials.
  • Polymers. Have a pretty good ratio of cost, quality and durability. However, while they do not withstand competition with metal analogues in terms of reliability in everyday operation.
  • Ceramics. Quite fashionable plumbing material, which customers appreciated for the original and aesthetic appearance. Manufacturers characterize it as durable and wear.resistant, but practice shows that ceramics are afraid of mechanical damage: even cracks and chips appear from a slight blow on its surface. Metal cranes in this regard will be more practical.

Plumbing manufacturers are constantly improving the quality of materials, so when buying it is worth evaluating each model you like individually. To date, products are considered the most practical, the internal elements of which are made of ceramics, and the external. metal.

Height, shape and surge shape

The comfort of its everyday use largely depends on the characteristics of the excess of the kitchen mixer.

    The first important point is the location of the spout relative to the sink. It should be installed in such a way that a stream of water from it falls exactly into the central part of the sink, otherwise water spray will constantly fly around the kitchen.

The second significant characteristic is the height of the excess. When choosing here it makes sense to be guided by the rule: the deeper the sink, the higher the pour. You can, of course, choose your own taste, but you should not fall into extremes.

If the spout is too low, it will be difficult for you to type water in deep containers, as well as wash large pots or overall products. From too high spout, especially if the sink is small, there will be a lot of spray.

The third parameter is the shape of the spout. It can be anyone that is convenient or attractive to you. This characteristic affects the technical side of the issue.

In the arsenal of manufacturers-S-, G-, R-, J-shaped spouts and many other design options. Models in retro-style models look especially unusual and original: for example, Fairfax E76090-CP from the French manufacturer Jacob Delafon or the Amagasaki 4994070 model from the Japanese brand Omoikiri.

What else should be taken into account when buying a mixer to the kitchen

When choosing plumbing, do not try to save hard on equipment or do it deliberately. It is better to choose a slightly more expensive but high.quality model than to pay less, but then constantly repair the crane and experience other problems with its daily use.

Producer rating

The convenience of use, as well as the durability of this product, largely depends on the company that makes the mixers for the kitchen. Therefore, it is worth choosing on trusted brands that have proven themselves in the market.

For example, the Zegor mixers include a low lead, so such a product is safe for use. In addition, pouring can rotate around its axis. A special design makes valves and levers very convenient to use, and thanks to the presence of aerator, such a crane will save money on paying for water bills.

Among European firms, it is worth highlighting:

Grohe (production is located in Germany). In the process of manufacturing mixers of this brand, modern technologies are used to produce functional and ergonomic devices, excellent quality;

Impresse (release country. Czech). are distinguished by goodness and reliability, as they are made from a brass alloy;

Hansa (manufacturing country. Germany). pays special attention to each element that is part of the crane. Innovative technologies become the basis in the development of ultramoded and convenient products.

Mofem (production is located in Hungary). differ in a wide variety of models, as well as high quality products, which is which they are in demand among European buyers.

Cranes of domestic production are not inferior in quality to European analogues.

The most popular manufacturers:

Aquaton. Distinctive feature of this company. A variety of sizes of the cranes allows you to choose them for both large and small kitchens;

A Look at our Giant Stand Mixer #explore #cooking #kitchen #mixer

Sanmix. The mixers of this brand are distinguished by ergonomic and functional characteristics that will appeal to consumers;

Pltekhribor. The manufacturer guarantees high quality products, prolonged use while maintaining the perfect appearance.

Particular attention should be paid to Chinese.made mixers:

Frap. combine a good quality of the device and an acceptable price. You can choose chrome or brass taps.

Calorie. The body of the mixer is made of brass and covered with chrome to protect the product from the effects of the humid environment. This brand produces ball and valve taps.

Customer reviews

When choosing a mixer, I want to purchase the best model. Reviews of customers who are already using it will help to make a decision in favor of a tap.

Consumers distinguish German mixers, which are of high quality, stylish design and functionality.

Users recommend watching budget options among domestic or Chinese analogues.

The choice of the mixer for the kitchen must be approached, and then it will last more than a dozen years, maintaining the perfect appearance.

Types of products by the method of water supply

The following types of mixers are determined by the method of water supply:

  • Single (one.armed) models are rightfully considered the most popular among buyers. Lightness and ease of operation. it is enough to lower the lever in order to block water. make this kind of successful acquisition.

Two types of single.leaf mixers are distinguished:

  • The ball mixer got its name from a metal ball using it in its structure. Three holes with cold, hot and mixed water in the design of the ball make this mixer model very durable.
  • Cartridge cranes for washing, in which instead of a ball, a cartridge with two plates is used.

Single.leaf mixers are distinguished by a high service life, it will be necessary to periodically change only rubber seals.

  • A double.leaf mixer, which has in its design two valves with hot and cold water, respectively, is increasingly replaced by one.rod and automatic models. The need to scroll the taps to achieve the desired temperature make such products not very convenient. Most often, a two.wound option is chosen for a certain style of the kitchen or furniture. Such models in the classic interior look good.

The advantages of the “Christmas tree” mixers include their low cost, durability and variety of models.

  • Contactly sensory faucets. a real find for the kitchen. Unfortunately, due to their high cost of model with a sensor, you can rarely find in the kitchen. And in vain! This option is very convenient to operate. just substitute an object or arm to pour water.

The sensor, which is a photocell, responds to infrared radiation from our hands and opens a stream of water. No need to be afraid to stain the crane with dirty hands when cooking, which makes care of such a product incredibly simple. When purchasing such an automatic mixer with a photocell, do not worry about whether the taps are tightly twisted or not when you are outside the house.


Having chosen the most functional and suitable type of mixer to you, you need to decide on the material from which it is made:

  • Stainless steel mixers are incredible strength and durability. A high.quality stainless steel model can serve you for nearly 25 years! The crane is unpretentious in leaving, and the scratches that appear over time can be removed independently. Stainless steel. hygienic, safe material, resistant to impacts, high temperatures, acids. Modern designs of stainless steel taps allow you to choose an accessory for any kitchen. It is worth noting that the cost of an accessory of stainless steel will cost you a lot.
  • Brass products. Brass is considered a traditional material for the manufacture of mixers. Such models are strong, quite heavy in weight, environmentally friendly, durable. This metal is an alloy with an admixture of copper and chromium, which makes the coating smooth, durable and outwardly attractive.

The faucets made of brass are characterized by a low cost, designed for a family of average income. The alloy with the addition of copper leads in sanitary-hygienic indicators, and models with matte or glossy chrome coating will become a real decoration of the interior.

Brass mixers with the addition of bronze are recognized as more prestigious, they are the best suited for the kitchen decorated in the style of “retro” or “classic”. You can, of course, purchase a crane completely made of bronze, but such a model will be expensive.

  • Granite. A relatively new fashion trend was the use of solid breeds in the production of mixers. Cranes completely made of granite, onyx, marble are very expensive. This article will talk about artificial stone. granite or marble chips with the addition of various resins. So, granite models have strength, durability, ergonomics. Thanks to various patterns and colors, such a faucet will fit into any interior, add sophistication and style to it. You can choose a harmonious option for the color of the sink or countertops.

As a rule, granite models of one.sided, which allows them to become an ideal addition to the classical style. Another plus of such a crane is the simplicity of leaving. granite is not afraid of abrasive means and does not lose its appearance over the years, and mold and fungus are not formed on the surface. The only disadvantage of the granite model can be called a relatively high cost, but this fact will pay off within a year of operation of such a mixer.

  • Marble mixers are ideal for a countertop or a sink of the same material to match. A single color design of the kitchen looks very stylish.
  • Ceramics. recently, ceramics were considered a fragile material for the manufacture of mixers. Modern technologies allowed it to make it strong.

Ceramic accessories have the following advantages:

  • Easy to operate. it is enough to wipe the product with a damp cloth;
  • There are no roughness on the surface of ceramics, it is very smooth, due to which it is not polluted and not covered with plaque;
  • Ceramic cranes are durable, are not painted over time.
  • A variety of color solutions allows you to choose an accessory for any kitchen.
  • Porcelain tile. As noted above, natural stone faucets are very expensive. To reduce the cost of the production process, porcelain stoneware appeared. Ceramic cranes covered with a layer of granite crumbs are not inferior to completely “stone” models.

Such accessories are strong, environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetically attractive. The cost of such a product is much lower than a stone product.

  • Plastic. In addition to stone, steel and various alloys from it, mixers are made of plastic. It is unlikely that such material can be considered durable, although plastic is not amenable to water. Of the advantages of such material, only the low cost can be noted. In other qualities, such as strength, hygiene, environmental friendliness, durability, external attractiveness, plastic loses.

the best matte mixers for the kitchen

Models with a matte surface coating are in great client demand. Products appropriately emphasize the severity and clear lines of the interior of the kitchen. In this case, this coating requires minimal care, since it is almost not dirty.

Blanco Mida

A great example of a combination of high quality, unique design and functionality at a favorable price. Matte Mida will fit perfectly into any interior. It goes well with stone and iron sinks.

Convenient curved classic pour out.

Gusak can rotate around its axis.

The well.thought.out design of the cartridge and the aerator saves consumption.

One management joystick makes the configuration fast and accurate.

Omoikiri Kado-Granit Be

Kado-Granit Be-Vanilla with a matte surface allows you to emphasize the elegance of the kitchen. In addition to stylish design, the device is characterized by powerful parameters of functionality. Japanese quality guarantees a long service life.

High spout can rotate 360 ​​°.

The source materials used in the manufacture: brass, granite and chromium.

ORB and PVD coating.

Equipped with ceramics cartridge and aerator.

Paulmark Essen

Among the best matte models, the Essen product from the Paulmark brand deserves special attention. This is not only a stylish, but also a multifunctional product that experts made with high.quality brass. The presence of a surface layer gives a unique type of structure. Can be installed on the countertop or sink.

Equipped with a separate move and lever of drinking water.

The long.term operational period provides ceramic cartridge.

A quick.removable plastic aerator saves water and gives a flat stream.


An interesting designer model of a kitchen mixer in a black matte corps. Has extraordinary and memorable structural elements. Particular attention deserves the wheel.shaped handle. The best solution for the kitchen in the style of loft.

The case is made of primary brass, which ensures resistance to temperature, pressure and corrosion processes.

Smooth control of the control handle and accurate setting is provided by the Softap type cartridge.

Soft and economical stream of jet provides a silicone aerator.

Producer warranty of 10 years.

Am.PM Like F8007122/F8007133

The product combines German quality, innovative safe materials and high functionality. The external matte appearance will fit well into modern interiors. Installation is possible on a countertop or washing.

A durable brass body has a minimum lead.

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The surface has a protective layer.

The well.thought.out design of the ceramic cartridge withstands temperature changes and even hydraulic boards.

Ease of operation provides a high swing pour and one control lever.

Kaiser Merkur 26744

This is a single.leaf multifunctional model, which is designed to install on a countertop or washing. Modern strict style will harmoniously fit the mixer into each interior.

A separate highway and switching handle for the supply of drinking water from the filter have been installed.

High rotary excess is equipped with aerator.

The long service life and minimum noise during operation provides ceramic cartridge.

The case is made of food brass. The surface has a thick chrome layer that will retain the original appearance for many years.

Choosing a kitchen mixer is not the easiest task. The above information and examples of the best models allow you to take into account all the features of plumbing equipment that is worth paying attention to when choosing products.

How to choose a kitchen mixer

The main consumer of water in each house is a kitchen mixer. On average, every day it opens about 100 times, which indicates the intensive operation of plumbing equipment. Accordingly, the crane should be reliable, and cope with high loads for many years.

When choosing a high.quality mixer, it is necessary to take into account the factor of operation and the characteristics of each model. First of all, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The source materials of the product.
  • Long and height of the spout.
  • Compatibility with existing sink.
  • Type of control.
  • Functionality and additional opportunities.
  • The appearance that should harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen.
  • Pricing.

We have prepared for you a detailed list of criteria and characteristics of kitchen mixers that will help the client make the right choice. The best models presented on the market are selected in the material with a brief description of their capabilities and advantages.

Types of kitchen mixers

Before making a purchase, you need to understand that not all faucets are the same. In addition to external differences, they have significant design features that affect both the service life and the convenience of operation. Of course, you can use the help of a sales consultant, but it is better to make out on your own in varieties, which significantly narrows the search circle for the desired model. There are several main types of mixers for the kitchen.


These are classic models that are equipped with two control valves located on the sides of the excess. With the improvement of production technologies, they have lost their former popularity, since they are inferior in terms of ease of use. The problem is that in order to obtain water a given temperature, you need to use two hands. This is not particularly convenient for the user, because the process takes extra time. As a rule, such models belong to the average price category.

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The advantages of this type include efficiency, it is possible due to the accurate setting of stream feeding. The simple design makes their repair simple. The user, under forced circumstances, can do the repair of the product personally. In most cases, the internal mechanism-a crane-boux is a replaced. Models are harmoniously written out in classical interiors.

Single.sided (joystick)

The main advantage of this type of plumbing equipment is the convenience of management. Using a single lever, you can quickly configure the flow flow and water temperature. You can open and close the mixer using one finger, and this is very useful when cooking in the kitchen. Joyskie control can be located on the side or before the excess. The main constructive mechanism is the cartridge, the service life, which is many times more than in the crane-bokes.

A variety of models in appearance allows you to use single.row variations in various stylistic solutions. As for the price, it varies significantly, starting from budget and ending with the premium class.

Thermostatic mixers

Innovative electrical models that are equipped with a thermostat received high demand due to the maximum convenience of using. The products are equipped with a motion sensor that turns on and turns off the water supply behind a wave. over, the thermostat supports a pre.set water temperature, which significantly reduces the consumption and saves time to configure.

However, there are shortcomings to gain a large pan of water, the user will have to carry out several times with his hand to turn on. Such models differ in high cost in comparison with the two previous options.

Contactly (sensory)

Are similar to the previous variation of models, since they have a similar type of inclusion. using a sensor. The main difference is that water supply is carried out only when a person’s object or hand is placed in front of the mixer. The jet feeds after picking up the item. Thus, not a single drop of water will fall past. Such a mixer will relieve the thought whether you have forgotten to close the crane.

Contactless faucets are very convenient during cooking in the kitchen. But their high cost is not always justified.

Price segments

One of the main criteria for choosing a mixer is the price of plumbing equipment. Most customers want to choose the optimal quality ratio and affordable price. The market offers a tremendous choice of models, ranging from a democratic economy class, ending with options with space price tags. By virtue of this, you need to calculate the budget in order to reduce time to search for the necessary model.

Budget kitchen faucets

In the understanding of most buyers, inexpensive. means low.quality. But it is not so. Almost every eminent brand of plumbing equipment has a special budget line, which is practically not inferior in quality and reliability to more expensive models. The difference may be the lack of certain functionality or not a wide variety of design solutions.

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It is better to take an inexpensive mixer from a well.known and proven manufacturer than to buy Chinese products of dubious quality. There are even European companies that are focused on the manufacture of inexpensive, but reliable plumbing equipment.

Premium segment

Premium mixers are highly worth it and in most cases it is justified. Models of this category have high functionality. Despite a considerable price, the equipment is in considerable demand, since this is compensated by a long service life. over, manufacturers provide a guarantee for an average of 10 years, but in practice they can work for decades.

The main advantage of premium mixers for the kitchen is an original and sometimes unusual design, which allows you to choose the best option that will harmoniously write out, even in the most daring interior.

To purchase a reliable crane that will serve for many years, you should not save. Cheap models can fail, and you will have to delve into many variations again.

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