Which pan to choose for glass ceramic stove

Best pans for induction plates

Updated: 03.Ten.2020 A frying pan for the induction stove should have a number of certain qualities and, first of all, magnetic properties. To this end, all the dishes for this type of plates have either a ferromagnetic bottom or a special layer. Products are marked with a special sign in the form of a spiral.

There can be several types of manufacturing, but most often used are pans of three types:

Copper is not particularly popular, their advantage is the ability to distribute heat across the entire surface evenly.

By purpose, the following types are distinguished:

  • Brill. Intended for baking pancakes, most often has a fixed handle and an even thin bottom. Suitable for frying products that do not require long.Term heat treatment. Pancakes, pancakes, fried eggs.
  • Grill. It differs in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed for more thorough heat treatment of products. Prolonged frying, baking. Used for cooking meat, fish, equipped with a removable handle and is suitable for an oven.
  • With an in.Depth bottom (the so.Called “wok”). Used for frying, extinguishing, passing, that is, for cooking most familiar dishes. Meat, vegetables, fish, pilaf, azu, etc.P.

Ideally, all three types of pans should be present in the kitchen, but to decide on the basis of needs.

Presenting the frying pan rating for induction plates 2020. The best 10 models that were selected by our experts on reviews and user estimates.

Rating (2020) Prices, ₽ Country
one. Gipfel Zenit 1584 28 cm from 4100 rubles China
2. Lodge P12S3 30 cm from 5300 rubles USA
3. Zwilling J. A. Henckeles Prime 64068-206 20 cm from 7700 rubles Germany
4. Berghoff Ron 3900035 26 cm from 9800 rubles Belgium
5. Tefal Emotion 28 cm from 2600 rubles China
6. Rondell Walzer RDA-768 26 cm from 2200 rubles Germany
7. TVS Natura Induction 24 cm from 2300 rubles Italy
eight. Nadoba Mineralica 728416 28 cm from 2800 rubles Czech Republic
nine. Katyusha Vanguard 9010-260 26 cm from 1,500 rubles Turkey
ten. Biol 0124 24 cm from 750 rubles Ukraine

Inexpensive models are quite common today. Basically, the material from which they are made by this cast or stamped aluminum. There are cast.Iron models that are distinguished by their strength and resistance to scratches.

Sufficient useful diameter, thick bottom and walls are the positive characteristics of this segment.

The disadvantages of budgetary models include the absence in the kit of the cover, removable handles and the inability to use on induction plates. Also, many users note not a long service life of such pans, delicacy of anti.Stick coating and a significant weight of most dishes.

4 dream granite 26 cm

The most affordable model is torn off the rating. A dream of granite 26 cm. A good, universal pan of standard round shape, is suitable for frying or extinguishing meat, poultry, vegetables and other products.

Material from which this dish is made. Cast aluminum. Inside, a special granite anti.Stick coating Greblon is used. It provides the durability of the surface and quality of cooking.

The thickness of the walls in this model is 4 mm, the bottom is 6 mm. This is enough so that the pan does not deform during operation and keeps the heat of the necessary time.

The diameter of the product is 26 cm, this is a completely standard value for this type of product. The heights of the walls of 6 cm are enough to use it as the preparation of sauces and extinguishing various dishes.

The handle of the pan is comfortable, thermally insulated, made of bakelite. Weight 1.35 kg. Dishes involves manual cleansing and washing in the dishwasher. Sold without a lid. Suitable for all types of plates, except induction.

  • Sufficient diameter.
  • Food does not burn.
  • Easy to be cleaned.
  • Wall thickness.
  • Thermally insulated pen.
  • The height of the sides.
  • Price.

3 Mallony GPR-26C 26 cm

In third place is another inexpensive model-Mallony GPR-26C. This dish belongs to the type of frying pan-grille. The product has a square, slightly rectangular shape with a corrugated bottom.

This design is very convenient for the location of individual portioned pieces of meat, fish or for frying various vegetables. The advantage is the formation of a beautiful crust in the form of longitudinal or transverse stripes. Also, the stock of fat in the lower grooves of the dishes can also be considered a plus. As a result, food is not only attractive, but also more dietary and useful.

Grille frying pan made of cast iron. This material is famous for its quality and resistance to random damage. The handle is monolithic, made of the same material.

The coating of the model is anti.Stick, oil. Total diameter 26 cm. Wall height 3.5 cm. Unlike the previous model, Mallony GPR-26C can be used on all types of plates, including induction. She is not afraid of metal objects, shoulder blades and forceps.

An additional feature in this cast.Iron pan is the presence of a special nose for sauce, with which it is convenient to drain accumulated fat or unnecessary fluid.

  • Surface quality.
  • Spaces.
  • Not burning.
  • For all types of plates.
  • Not afraid of metal objects.
  • There is a nose for sauce.

2 kukmara marble 263a 26 cm with a removable handle

In second place is the Kukmara pan marble 263a. The model of classic, round shape has a diameter of 26 centimeters. Suitable for use on gas, electric and glass.Ceramic surfaces.

Universal pan made of cast aluminum. Suitable for frying, extinguishing and making sauces. Greblon Non-Stick C2 marble anti-stick coating makes it possible to get delicious and high-quality dishes without adhesion, and with a minimum of adding fat.

The thickness of the bottom and walls 6 mm. Thanks to this value, the durability and lack of deformation during operation are ensured. Height of 6 cm is quite enough for such dishes.

The weight of Kukmara is marble 263a not big. Compared to previous models, it reaches a little more than one kilogram (1.09).

A distinctive feature and advantage of this pan is a removable handle. It is made of heat.Resistant material of bakelite. If you need to place the dishes in the oven, you just need to remove it.

The product can be washed in a dishwasher. In the process of purification, it is not advisable to use aggressive substances and metal objects.

  • Diameter of the dishes.
  • Wall thickness.
  • Removable pen.
  • Can be used in the oven.
  • Sink in the dishwasher.
  • Not heavy.

1 Tefal Cook Right 26 cm

In the first place, the famous and loved by many brand Tefal with the Cook Right pan. Excellent quality, long service life and ease of use are the main advantages of this model.

Outside, the pan is painted in the color “blackcurrant”, inside the standard is black. Diameter of the dishes 26 cm. Manufacturing material. Stamped aluminum.

A distinctive feature of this product is the presence of Thermo-Spot heating indicator, which informs about the optimum temperature to start cooking. Special anti.Stick coating Powerglide provides a quality result without sunset even with a minimum of adding oil.

TEFAL COOK Right handle is made of bakelite. A convenient ergonomic shape allows you to easily and quickly rearrange and use the pan.

This model is universal. It can be used for any kind of plates, except for induction. You can wash Tefal both manually and in a dishwasher. During operation, abrasive cleaning products and metal devices should not be used.

  • Appearance.
  • Light.
  • The quality of the anti.Stick coating.
  • Heating indication.
  • Convenient pen.
  • Heating quickly.
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher.

The choice of the best pan

Which pan to choose, which coating is better, how to choose a pan for an induction stove. This article will answer the most important questions.

When we begin to acquire a household and choose kitchen utensils, a dilemma always gets up: choose something familiar or try new things, what exactly to buy in a new apartment and how to deal with all the subtleties when the words from the description seem incomprehensible.

Dishes are selected for the type of stove. What is she in your apartment? The hob can be gas, electric, glass.Ceramic and induction. If in the near future you want to change the stove, then select a fifth dish based on the characteristics of the future surface. If you have an induction stove at home, then special dishes for an induction stove with a ferromagnetic disc is needed. Glass, faurus, brass, copper and ceramic dishes are not suitable for use on such surfaces. Another detail. Pay attention to the diameter of the pan or pan, it must correspond to the diameter of the burner for the best recognition.

Some manufacturers, such as the Nadoba brand, make the dishes universal, without highlighting individual series for induction plates. Other brands indicate the possibility of using dishes on the induction stove in the name of the goods. Cast iron pans and cauldrons can be used without a doubt. An important point: not all stainless steel pots are suitable for your stove.

The Best Cookware for Glasstop Ranges

which, choose, glass, ceramic, stove

Such a marking on the dishes will tell you whether it is suitable for an induction stove.

For glass.Ceramic surface, you need dishes with a smooth bottom. It is not recommended to use copper and aluminum dishes without coating on glass ceramics. Soft metals can leave marks on the surface. For other hobs, there are no restrictions on the selection of dishes.

Marking on the packaging or bottom of the dishes will tell the type of suitable slab

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Properties of glass ceramics

The main attractive characteristics of glass.Ceramic plates are perfectly smooth surface, high strength, heating rate and convenient functionality. The borders of the firepoints are shown on the panel schematically. In this case, there are models in which the size of the heating area is regulated depending on the size of the dishes used. They can be prepared for them in a small pan, and in a large frying pan, and even in oval dishes. Fish, ducklings.

The surface heating due to the built.In heating occurs very quickly, as well as cooling. In addition, only the area of ​​the burner is heated. All this ensures security and can significantly save on energy carriers.

Among other things, various models of such plates can be additionally equipped with all kinds of useful functionality:

  • Recognition of dishes. This option prevents the turning on the burner if there is no dishes on it or an item is placed, the diameter of which does not correspond to the diameter of the burner.
  • The function of auto disposal makes it possible to set a timer for one or at the same time several fire.
  • Autofocus. Recognizes the size of the dishes and automatically includes for heating the necessary surface area.
  • Automatic boiling, defrosting, suspension of heating. Functions that also allow you to make the cooking process more convenient.

In the production of glass ceramics, a special over.Duty material is used with high thermal conductivity. However, super.Reverse does not mean eternal. Reasonable frugality is always needed.

The heating elements in such panels can be different:

First, the working area is heated in them, which then transfers heat to the bottom of the dishes.

which, choose, glass, ceramic, stove

In addition, there is a special type of glass.Ceramic hobs. Induction. In them, the bottom of the dishes heats up immediately when contact with the surface of the burner due to the effect of electromagnetic induction. The magnetic field occurs between the surface of the burner and the ferromagnetic coating of the bottom of the pan or any other dishes. And if, in general, the main requirement for dishes for glass.Ceramic slab is the correspondence of the diameter of the bottom with the diameter of the burner, then for induction, one more is added: the presence of a coating with magnetic properties.

Functions of glass.Ceramic plates

In addition to the direct purpose for the preparation of various products, there are a number of features of the surface made of glass ceramics that many housewives will appreciate:

  • Pronounced heating elements make it possible to ensure uniform supply of temperature over the entire area of ​​the bottom.
  • A special timer allows you to maintain the temperature at each of the stages of preparation.
  • Automatic functions of cooking products depending on its volume and mass, which can be installed.
  • When everything is ready, you can hear the sound signal.
  • Salvation from running noodles by using the boiling function. This means that when a certain liquid is brought to a boil, the bake itself will automatically reduce the intensity.

The security system will help protect the surface from the participation of small huts and their hands from strong burns. It completely eliminates accidental on and off.

Requirements for dishes

In addition to the requirements on the material, there are some more features of the dishes itself, what to consider. This applies to many factors, including shades, shapes and textures. It is worth paying attention to them in more detail.

The surface of the bottom

The main thing is that the bottom is thick and even. On some types of dishes it is even slightly concave, and when it heats up, it is aligned. It is better not to use the dishes that the long term was used on a gas burner: it is deformed.

The thickness of the bottom

The thicker the bottom, the better. This will be the key to uniform heating. It is important that there are no chips, scuffs, soot or other deformations at the bottom. Minimum indicator. 3 mm. The thickness of the walls will become no less important conditions.

The color of the bottom

Stainless steel utensils are suitable. But if the material is different, it is better to choose dishes of a dark shade. It is preferable if the color is matte. This will provide better thermal conductivity.

Diameter of the bottom

It is better to choose pots or pans for glass.Ceramic plates, which are suitable for the breasts in diameter. However, modern manufacturers create surfaces where the heating parts automatically recognize the diameter of the bottom and begin to work. Therefore, in perfect form, it is better to have several different pots.

The shape of the bottom

Most often the bottom on the kitchen utensils of the round shape. This is a classic version and generally accepted. But now there are different forms. The most common. Square. This form most often has a frying pan-grill.

Bottom material

It is necessary that the bottom is anti.Stick coating. Then its thickness will be greater, which will provide better warming and faster preparation of products. It can be Teflon or ceramic, to choose from housewives.

Features of the hob

To understand what dishes can be used on a glass.Ceramic hob, you need to figure out what parts are responsible for the operation of the fire. Under the heating zone “hid” elements of heating of different types: tape, halogen, induction. Each of them has its own characteristics and nuances:

  • Ribbon or hi-light fireplaces. These are spiral elements consisting of corrugated metal ribbons of high resistance. Heating and cooling occurs within a few seconds. The work of such a burner is silent, all pollution, except for syrups and sugar, are easily removed. It is characterized by increased energy consumption, the surface of the heating zone has a high temperature, careless treatment can lead to serious burns. This type is currently the most common due to high reliability during operation and ease of care.
  • Halogen burners. Energy consumption is the same as that of Hi-Light models, but the service life is much less. The surface heating occurs almost instantly due to spiral tubes filled with halogen steam. One of the advantages is the possibility of changing the size of the burner. The hob of this type has practically no restrictions on the materials of the kitchen utensils used.
  • Induction flaxes. They differ in that the surface does not heat up, the effect goes directly to the dishes used for cooking. Heating occurs due to the interaction of electromagnetic coil and current. As a result, a vortex flow acting on the bottom is created, bypassing the surface. To make food on such a stove, you can put only those containers that are made of materials that have magnetic properties. Electricity costs are minimal compared to other types, but the required dishes are much more expensive than usual. You can also note some noise that occurs in the preparation of food.

To avoid problems with household appliances and utensils, it is advisable to adhere to the requirements of manufacturers. To select precisely those containers (pots, pans), which are designed for plates with glass.Ceramic coating, and are also compatible with heating elements.

4th place

AMT produces all the dishes at its factory in Germany. The strictest, multi.Stage quality control and the desire to make the best dishes made AMT the owner of many prestigious awards in its field.

The AMT Frying Pans series includes a wide range of dishes necessary in any kitchen.


Paper packaging with the necessary information about the product, but everything in English. The manufacturing company, AMT awards, instructions for use, precautions, marking of environmental friendliness and technical characteristics are displayed.


  • PFOA FREE means that blood acid was not used in the production of the coating;
  • Dishwasher Safe shows suitability for washing in a dishwasher;
  • 25 years of warranty on a cast aluminum base;
  • Supervision;
  • Energy effectiveness is certified.

Lotan anti.Stick coating structure.

  • Protective abrasive coating;
  • Titanium oxide (in hardness is close to diamond);
  • Anti.Corrosion ceramic coating;
  • Hard layer with mineral particles;
  • Patented anti.Prigar Lotan layer with an antibacterial effect;
  • Increased coating thickness (100 μm).

Lotan coating features.

Lotan. Patented coating with unique antibacterial properties. Easy to wash and easily maintain cleanliness. Lotan. Ecologically clean coating, heavy metals and harmful impurities are not used in the manufacture (PTFE, PFOA). Products with such a coating never overheat.

Advantages of coating in increased strength and super.Hard surface. Resistance to scratches and wear, the ability to prepare with a minimum amount of small or without it. The coating is easy to wash, its antibacterial effect will help you protect all your family members. Increased coating thickness (100 μm) provides long.Term anti.Stick properties.

Pluses of the pan 28 cm with an AMT Gastroguss Frying Pans removable handle.

AMT Frying Pans series dishes is supplied with a paper label, without a box. Information in English and markings are applied to both sides of the labels.

AMT Frying Pans lips 5 cm high, the bottom is wide. 23 cm. The pan is ideal for frying portioned pieces, for extinguishing and warming up. The walls at right angles will help to mix the ingredients without fear of dropping something on the stove. Wall thickness 4 mm and bottom thickness of 10 mm guarantee uniform heating of the dishes. The bottom does not deform over time.

The internal coating of Lotan is especially strong and durable and has an antibacterial effect. It is perfectly easily washed with a soft sponge or wipes with a napkin if the products were not fat. This pan will give excellent anti.Stick properties and without the use of oil.

The bottom of the pan is round, a metal disk with the image of the AMT logo and the countries manufactured Germany.

The place of fastening of the handle is not through, there are no rivets inside the pan, which means that there are no weaknesses on the coating either.

Metal hollow prefix, to which the handle of the pan is attached, will not let it warm up. High.Quality bakelitis, from which the handle is made, does not heat up and does not interact with acids and alkalis. Handles can be used even in the oven at temperatures up to 240C.

The handle itself is very comfortable, the bend repeats the shape of the palm. On the back of the pen there are recesses for the fingers, which makes the grip reliable.

which, choose, glass, ceramic, stove

A rounded handle without sharp corners, tactile and visually very pleasant. Removable handle smoothly and easily removed with the movement of the thumb. The mechanism itself is very durable and durable.

The pan has an additional small tongue to support a heavy pan. It is small, it will not interfere with the storage of the pan, but is very useful when moving the frying pan with cooked food.

By reliability, the pan receives 10 out of 10.

Thick walls and a bottom of 10 mm of the base, manually cast from an aluminum alloy aluminum, a super.Strength coating of 100 microns with an antibacterial effect, a strong mechanism of a removable handle. Outstanding characteristics of the pan.

In environmental friendliness, the pan receives 9 out of 10.

Lack of PFOA and PTFE, patented environmentally friendly anti.Produced Lotan layer, European fierce quality control. Very good results.

In terms of durability, the pan receives 10 out of 10.

The basis is not deformed, due to its special thickness, and the revolutionary coating will allow the use of the frying pan for the longest possible. 25 years of warranty on the basis and at least 3 years of warranty on the basis, observing the operating rules.

According to the functionality, the pan receives 10 out of 10.

STOP! Don’t Cook with Cast Iron on Your Glass Stove Top Until You Watch This!

Of the advantages: removable and non.Removable handles, the ability to use in a dishwasher, dishes are suitable for the oven, and stewpan can be used as thick.Walled braziers, a large assortment, non.Heat.Heat handles, the ability to use metal accessories and store prepared food in a pan. The dishes are like an induction stove, in the series there are perhaps all the dishes, which can come in handy in the kitchen.

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