Why are car scales needed

Electronic automobile scales: specifics and problems of choice

The task of commercial enterprises is the desire to increase profits and reduce costs. Achieving such goals is possible only with strict accounting of raw materials, consumables and finished products. Here we will highlight the main issues that arise when choosing authors.

What should be considered if you decide to purchase authors:

The length of car weights. The desire to save and choose the scales exactly along the length of the wheelbase of the car is not always justified. Firstly, it is not very convenient for positioning the car on the scales. Secondly, take into account the prospects of your development. Purchase is usually preceded by a desire to control the turnover at the enterprise. The subsequent growth of such companies is obvious for us. Remember that the scales will last you 10-15 years old. We advise you to choose authors 2-3 meters more than the maximum length of the wheelbase.

scales, needed

How to calibrate weighing scales

Maximum weight capacity of the scales. Again, it is worth calculating it in advance. Keep in mind that if you buy scales up to 60 tons, and the mass of the car will be 62 tons, you cannot weigh it. Conduct an analysis of the fleet: maximum weight of the empty car maximum cargo weight. Perhaps here it is worth taking “rejection”. In addition, we can offer you an accuracy twice as high as a standard one: 10 kg on authorses up to 40 and authorses up to 50 tons, 20 kg per scales up to 80t and up to 100 tons.

Weighing method. According to this parameter, authors are divided into models for static weighing (the car should stop on the scales), and for dynamic weighing (weighing occurs when car is moving). With statics, the most accurate results are achieved, but dynamics. saves time.

Installation method. Avtovesses are terrestrial, cut and lining. The former are mounted on a monolithic reinforced concrete base, or (in the option with an endless installation). on a special metal frame fixed on asphalt or road slabs. The latter are set in the pit, at the level with the roadbed. In the first case, it is easier to care for weights, in the second. you save a place due to the lack of ramps. Simple scales are light and mobile and suitable for monitoring axial loads.

The need for automation. If you have an intensive transport flow, you can automate movement control. An additional advantage of such a decision will be an increase in control over shipments and a decrease in unfair intervention. Example of use: the car drives up to the scales, the camera recognizes the license plate, lights up the traffic light to the entrance. RFID tags allow you to accurately preserve the car on the scales and give a signal to stop after the arrival. Further, the weight is fixed, the information is entered into the database with photos. Traffic light/barrier allow the car to move on.

The main types of weights for cars:

Cargo scales for car service are produced in a wide range.

The most popular are such models of authors:

Platform scales are equipped with full.sized sites, on which cars with cargo are located. If necessary, they can weigh cars with empty body compartments.

Rulate scales for trucks are equipped with two special panels designed to move the wheels of the vehicle. The design is usually installed on a special foundation made of concrete material. This allows you to weigh a large number of cars in comfortable conditions. In the absence of a concrete base, ordinary road slabs laid on the ground serve as a support.

Saw scales for weighing trucks are used to weigh the vehicle in a forty of the vehicle in relation to the workers’ axes of the machine. A universal fit is considered to be a submarine to determine the mass of the transported goods. It is ideal for any car or truck brand.

Libra of the lining types can be installed in any place convenient for consumers. In this case, an absolutely flat and solid surface is used. The equipment is characterized by simplicity and relatively low cost.

How to choose the right cargo scales?

To choose the right scales for weighing cars, the following criteria must be taken into account: maximum load capacity; the size of the working platform; the rigidity of the supporting structure; type of foundation; type of weight measuring sensors; The level of automation of the process of determining the mass of cargo. Absolute safety of authors is ensured when they are connected using a tensometric cable protected by reliable polymer insulation and durable metal braid.


Recently, buyers have been paying special attention to the products of the plant LLC “Variety Equipment-For” plants. Products are characterized by high.quality and technical characteristics. You can weigh transport on them with completely any types of goods, and in any difficult weather conditions, be northern frosts or hot deserts of Kazakhstan, this does not affect the accuracy of measurements. This is a high.strength metal structure of steel 09G2C with a set of high.quality electronic equipment, which is designed to measure the mass of empty and loaded road transport weighing 10 to 400 tons.

As for the cost of car weights, reliable and high.quality products cannot be cheap. The cost depends on the model and configurations. To clarify the cost and order conditions, contact the sales department at uzvo.ru

Methods for installing car weights

For most models of automobile electronic scales, several methods of installation of weights are provided:

Foundation. The scales are mounted on a pre-prepared concrete or reinforced concrete foundation, flooded on a sand-gravel pillow, taking into account the norms of the foundation for buildings and structures, in accordance with the properties of the soil in this region. Clothes for Libra are carried out on metal, concrete or combined ramps. The foundation can be either continuous, located under the entire surface of the scales, or only under the joints of the platform joints. The choice of the type of foundation depends on the length and maximum weight capacity of the scales.

scales, needed

The scales of the demonias are founded. For the installation of the scales, road slabs are used, which are laid directly on the ground, or on a sand-gravel pillow. Founding work is not required. Quickly put the scales into operation. This is the simplest and cheapest way to install car weights. Used for all types of car weights. But there are restrictions on the possibility of installation for some types of soil and certain climatic zones.


Small car scales. Smeal.type scales are mounted at the same level with the surface of the Earth to the foundation of the base, and a drainage system is necessarily organized. With this type of installation, some savings in cost can be noted, since ramps and side fences are not required, which allows you to reduce the area occupied by weights and allows you to easily maneuver when arriving on the scales.

Simple automobile scales, otherwise they are also called portable ones and are considered to be different simplicity of design, relatively small dimensions, and most importantly, the possibility of quick installation without special preparation of the surface, except for the above, do not require the construction of a special foundation. This type of scales can be installed directly on the asphalt roadway or in its absence on dense soil.

How to weigh your car using bathroom scales

scales, needed

New technologies and development of weight producers

Recently, when developing weight measuring devices, special attention has been paid to the search for information processing methods to increase measurement accuracy. The most promising is a lot of integral method and signal processing with weight function. A somewhat improved method of double integration was also proposed, in which the dynamic component is weakened by integrating the signal during the two approximately the same time intervals shifted relative to each other by half the period of fluctuations in the main frequency of interference.Currently, one can note a special desire for manufacturers of weight measuring equipment to reduce the size of the platform and mass of the cargo reference device.

With a ramp or puzzle

Depending on the installation method, car scales are of two types: some are mounted with access ramps, others are mounted in a pit, while at the same time at the same level with the road surface. Each type of structure has its pros and cons of. The advantages of the design with access ramps include relative simplicity when installing it. Minuses are that the entire structure is quite bulky, and also less convenient during operation.

The design, mounted in a pit, on the contrary, is convenient when operating, but it is extremely inconvenient to serve, since sensors are practically out of reach. over, its installation is very laborious and associated with the conduct of volumetric construction work. the manufacture of the foundation, as well as the preparation of a special foundation pit.

How to choose car scales right

Motor transport is widely used for the transportation of solid, bulk, liquid materials for various purposes. At the same time, at industrial enterprises, warehouses and logistics nodes, these cargoes for technological and commercial accounting are carried out, for which specialized weight equipment is used.

The quality of weight control depends on the correctness of the selection of this equipment. To do this, you must be guided by the following criteria.

Weighing mode. On this basis, car scales are divided into the following types:

  • Static. On them, the car is weighed whole or in a motionless position, which provides higher measurement accuracy;
  • Dynamic. On such weights, the vehicle is weighed in motion, which allows you to accelerate the procedure, but reduces the accuracy of measurements.

For commercial accounting of products, where high acceptance accuracy is required, car scales are used. However, the static regime significantly limits the throughput of the weight control point, in addition, such equipment requires considerable maintenance costs. In conditions of intense cargo flow, it is advisable to use dynamic scales.

The largest weighing limit (NPV). This is the maximum load on which a specific car weight model is designed. Exceeding this indicator threatens not only by distorting the results of weighing, but also with the rapid wear of the equipment. Also, when choosing car weights, you should take into account the length of the freight platform. It must correspond to the dimensions of the weighed transport.

Libra type. Equipment for weighing vehicles in its device is divided into 2 classes:

  • Wright. Set on a leveled solid base (concrete or asphalt). For a more stable position of the loading platform, the installation frame is placed under it. The advantage of nefudicial weights is the simplicity of the design, which allows them to put them into operation relatively quickly, as well as simplifying installation and dismantling work.
  • Foundation. To install weights of this type in a soil base, a recess in which a monolithic or prefabricated concrete foundation is equipped in a soil base. This design significantly increases the accuracy of measurement, prevents data distortion due to uneven distribution of the load or soil movements. However, their installation requires a lot of efforts and time, including for the arrangement of drainage that allows groundwater.

Libra quality. Weight equipment for weighing vehicles should withstand high loads. High.quality scales are made of strong structural steel and covered with a protective coating that prevents corrosion during operation in the open air. Electronic weight components must also be protected from external influences. sensors, cables, computing equipment.

Software. Modern models of car weights include an electronic computing unit that processes data from tensodists and forms the final result of weighing. When choosing this equipment, pay attention to whether it allows you to save and archive information, integrate into the general enterprise management system, etc. D.

Our company has design, production, installation and maintenance of car weights for various purposes. We supply ready.made solutions with specified characteristics or develop and manufacture weight equipment, the totality of the characteristics of which is adapted to the requirements of a particular customer.

Classification of car weights

It is often difficult to understand the question of how some car scales differ from others, why the cost of some is much higher than others and which scales are suitable for my enterprise?? In this article, we will try to give an expanded answer to such questions.

This is the main type of division of different models of authors, which implies a global difference in the design and, accordingly, for the purposes and tasks for which the automobile scales are used.

Stationary automobile scales of platform type are designed to weigh transport with a full arrival at the GPU.

This is the main type of authors, which is used by industrial enterprises, logistics companies, a mining industry, warehouses, including for commercial use.

  • Strong freight platform with a frame that can withstand significant overload
  • A large resource of equipment designed for a long service life
  • The possibility of commercial use
  • The need for foundation
  • High price, which includes not only the cost of equipment, but also the cost of delivery, renting special equipment, the construction of the foundation and installation

Stationary rutual automobile scales are a modification of the previous point designed to reduce the price of equipment, make it more affordable.

They have a technological niche in the design of the loading device. the intercodier space.

  • A significant decrease in the price of equipment compared to platform automatic weights while maintaining most of the resource and service life
  • The possibility of commercial use
  • Lower strength and stiffness of the structure compared to the previous paragraph
  • The presence of inter.stone space creates an increased risk of car flowing
  • The need to build a foundation or installation of road plates

Low.tonnage automobile scales are designed to weigh small trucks and dump trucks. gazelles, Kamazov, Zilov.

Fundamentally, except for size and maximum load, they are no different from stationary models.

  • A full.fledged capital foundation is usually not made under them, but road slabs are installed or the site is aligned and sprinkled
  • The price is much lower than that of previous models
  • Relative mobility of equipment and the ability to install in a new place
  • The possibility of using for commercial purposes

Poster automobile scales measure the mass of the car in stages, during the arrival of each axis on the cargo reference device.

This type of authors is used to monitor the axial load of the car, and the total mass of the car calculated by summation of the results is an optional value.

  • This type of scales is optimally adapted for weighing vehicles in motion, which significantly increases their throughput
  • The potential opportunity to measure the mass of automobile trains of any length and mass
  • With a relatively low price of the authors themselves, the cost of erecting the foundation and access roads can increase costs several times
  • Cannot be used for commercial purposes to ship the goods

Simple automobile scales are a compromise solution that solves the problem with weighing transport if it is impossible to use full.fledged units.

Varieties of Libra for Machines

The following types of weights are distinguished:

Stationary (foundation) scales for machines are attached to the previously erected surface. Weighing is very accurate, since there are no factors that distort the measurement data. The assembled and installed design undergoes a thorough recharge. Stationary scales are tightly built into the foundation, ensure the reliability of all manipulations, the durability of the service. Installation maintenance is quite easy. Special sensors responding to the pressure of the cargo are clearly triggered. Information about the total weight mass is displayed on an electronic board.

Awatheistic scales for machines must only be installed on perfectly even surfaces. Asphalt, concrete are suitable for attaching such weights. The advantage of this type of scales for cars believes in the fact that they are mobile and collapsible. This allows you to use them in various temporary works. Fundage scales are easy to move from one surface to another due to their simple installation and dismantling. They are simple in transportation and transportation. These are popular varieties of weights for machines.

Zhi offers customers nefudinal scales for cars 3 meters wide and 2 to 30 meters long. If necessary, dimensional indicators can be changed and made in the way that the customer wishes.

Career scales for machines are used to weigh loaded white in the mining industry, quarries and crushed stone factories. They are distinguished by a special reinforced design, which accepts weight up to 200 tons. Such scales for machines are provided for operation in extreme climate in case of severe axis loads. The principle of action of career scales is the same as that of ordinary automobile. However, the size is significantly different. Career scales are wider and shorter, respectively, loaded BelAZ completely placed on them. Libra for machines do not occupy a large area, make it possible to make maneuvers when arriving.

Smeal scales for machines are installed at the same level with road surface. They occupy a small area when installing. They need a strong, high.quality foundation and rainwater removal. Weighing can occur along the axes and in motion.

Portable lining scales for cars are so weighing road transport. They are easily tolerated, maneuverable, they can be used anywhere in any place. Easy devices in mounting and weighing. These varieties of weights for machines are in demand.

Features of the purchase

The weight equipment plant offers an analog or digital weighing system. The client can additionally order reinforced side fences of weights for cars or additional flooring in the center.

It is possible to install license plates, traffic lights, additional surveillance cameras, video and photographs of weighing, other automated components. As you can see, the types of weights for machines are offered a variety of.

You can buy scales for cars from the weight equipment factory by calling the phone number. By writing to us by e-mail: info@uzvo.ru, leaving an application for a return call or filling out the order form in the selected version of the scales and sending it to our specialists.

Transport scales. where they use, what are

The sphere of use of transport weights is not only transport, but also agricultural and heavy industry. And they are also needed in large factories and mines.

In modern conditions, the most popular are transport scales. They work on the principle of changing the electrical conductivity of special sensors on the weight platform during its deformation. Thanks to this method of weighing, the result is as accurate as possible, especially compared to the mechanical process. Also, electronic equipment makes it possible to process and maintain the results of weighing transport automatically.

Car transport weights have several most important technical characteristics. And these are such parameters as:

  • Carrying capacity with a few dozen tons.
  • Exact indications of the measurements within the measuring scale.
  • The presence of a wide working platform on which you can weigh different types of road transport.
  • Lack of influence of weather phenomena, such as precipitation, atmospheric pressure, humidity, for the accuracy of indications.

Classification of transport weights

On the principle of action, in addition to electronic, there are also mechanical scales, but in recent years they have been losing their popularity and are practically not used.

As for the method of weighing, the scales are divided into dynamic and static in this parameter. The latter, in turn, carry out weighing with a full arrival of transport on the GPU Libra. Social measurement of weight involves the phased measurement of each axis of the car and the addition of the results, and inpatient weighing involves measuring the weight of the entire vehicle. The dynamic method of weighing the cargo is carried out with non.stop traffic. It is worth noting that determining the weight of products in this way involves a fairly significant measurement error, which can reach an indicator of 3%. However, this method has an advantage that consists in the fact that it is convenient and profitable to use at enterprises with large cargo flows.

Transport scales are classified and installed by the method of installation

  • foundation. such devices are mounted on a special reinforced concrete or concrete foundation on which transport enters the ramps;
  • Woodful-road slabs are used for their assembly, which can be installed on a sand-gravel pillow or directly on the ground;
  • Sredal. authors that are mounted on the same level with the surface of the earth. Such devices occupy a smaller area compared to other authorses, since they do not need the presence of lateral fences and ramps;
  • Portable authors are distinguished by simplicity of design and small dimensions, installed immediately on the roadway or on dense soil.

In recent years, consumers have been paying special attention to products from LLC “Weight Equipment Plant”, which is characterized by improved technical and high.quality characteristics. You can weigh transport with completely any types of goods, and in fairly strict weather conditions, this does not affect the accuracy of indicators. This is a high.strength metal structure with a set of high.quality electronic equipment, which is intended to measure the mass of loaded and empty vehicles weighing 20 to 200 tons.

As for the cost of authors, high.quality and accurate products cannot be cheap. Its price depends on a number of indicators, including the manufacturer.

You can buy car scales from the weighting plant by calling the phone number. By writing to us by e-mail: info@uzvo.ru, leaving an application for a return call or filling out the order form in the selected version of the authors and sending it to our specialists.

Types of authors

Automobile weight equipment is mechanical and electronic. Often electronic units are used, consisting of special tensodists, reducing the time of weighing. Also, due to a single automated control system, the enterprise has the opportunity to connect to electronic automobile scales. In the method of weighing, dynamic and static authors are distinguished, to weigh the cargo in a static position and when moving the vehicle.

According to the method of installation, weight units are nefudinal, lining, platform. Fundamental models are often used by industrial, construction and agricultural enterprises in conditions when it is necessary to periodically change the place of installation of the scales. Substream Libra are not used for commercial accounting. They are designed to control axial loads, and are operated with a small passage of vehicles. For large flows of trucks, platform foundation scales are used, which are suitable for enterprises that pass a significant number of cars daily.

The pluses of authors

Among the main advantages from the use of car weights:

  • High accuracy of measurements. This will allow you to control suppliers, staff, customers during loading and shipping of goods.
  • Increasing the speed of work. The use of modern weights provides minimal time for weighing time. This makes work processes quick, and the work of employees is effective.
  • Automation of work processes. Using modern software, you can integrate electronic scales into the warehouse system of accounting.

The accuracy of weighing in electronic authors is 0.01%, and the accuracy of weighing on mechanical weights or alternative measurement methods is from 5 to 10%.

That is, it can be argued that from each shipment you can save up to 9.99% using electronic authors.

Car Libra is an opportunity to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise!

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