Why do you need a hair dryer?

How to choose a hair dryer?

The beauty industry, developing at breakneck speed, does not lag behind the modern dynamic way of life of a woman. At the same time, the time which the beautiful half of humanity can spend on themselves has become considerably less. Its deficit is felt even in such habitual things as the creation of hairstyles. Regular hair dryers, not long ago, served the function of a simple hair dryer. Today these devices, with sufficient functionality and skill of the buyer, can render almost the entire range of services presented in a beauty salon: they give volume to hair, straighten natural curls, curl curls of any diameter. But how to choose the right hair dryer for your hair type, budget and styling skills?

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Why buy?

Many stylists say that a person’s image begins to form with his hair. For a quality and current haircut, as a rule, are responsible beauty salons, but the styling of many, in view of time constraints do their own hands. With the help of combs and hair dryers. This familiar household appliance allows you to quickly and, with some features, conveniently and safely dry and style the most troublesome hair into a pleasant hairstyle. When choosing a hair dryer, many people face a wide range of problems and questions, because this simple household device has so many fine-tuning and nuances. The rules do not work here: the more expensive the better, the more functional the better and the more powerful the better. Let’s start with power.

How to choose the power hair dryer?

Many people mistakenly believe that the power affects the temperature of the air, but this indicator depends only on the speed of air flow. Modern household hair dryers for hair have a capacity in the range 1200-1600 watts. This is usually all you need to use the appliance regularly in your home. Professional models, as a rule, have a power exceeding 2100 watts. They dry hair faster, and they leave you less time to style your hair. Given that professional hair dryers are heavier and more complex than household, to cope with a couple of minutes styling can only hairdresser. So it is worth chasing after devices with higher power values in the event that drying speed is more important to you than what hair will turn out afterwards. Also, when selecting power you should be guided by the type of your hair.

For brittle, dry or short hair, you should choose a hair dryer with a power not more than 1200 watts, t.к. Higher power can damage the hair structure.

For thick, long or heavy hair, a device with a power of 1600 watts or more is suitable. This power is enough to give your hair volume and lushness.

The best way to find the right wattage is to buy a hair dryer with an adjustable airflow. This feature will allow you to use one hair dryer absolutely all members of the family.

What types of hair dryers are?

The range of hair dryers, nozzles and other accessories is very wide, with a strict classification and division by their characteristics these devices do not have, so it is worth paying attention to the scope of application.

The most budget and low-power type of device. As a rule, manufacturers equip these hair dryers with a minimal set of options and extensions, or do not complete them at all. Their limited functionality and power are sacrificed for mobility. They have a folding handle and can be carried in a small bag.

Some models are battery operated, making them as convenient to use as possible. The disadvantages of compact appliances are obvious: low power, no nozzles. The only function of these devices is hair drying, and it is a slow drying process.


Recommended for drying short hair or for customers who regularly travel, go to the gym or the pool.

With technical characteristics that are only slightly higher than those of compact hair dryers, the household class of devices has a number of advantages. The low weight of these devices allows for free manipulation, and their power is enough for daily needs. In addition, household appliances are the most ergonomic and convenient option for do-it-yourself use. The control buttons and the handle are designed so that they can easily be found by touch. On the other hand such hair dryers, as well as compacts are not designed for long-term work,


Recommended for a wide range of consumers.

recently, this category of devices was used exclusively in beauty salons. They are the largest in size, weight, power, and usually the most extensive in equipment. They usually have a shock- and heat-resistant body, interchangeable filters, a long cord, and hair extensions of any length.

They can work for a very long time without interruption. The greatest disadvantage of these devices is their ergonomics. The knobs and buttons for switching modes and speeds in these devices are rather ground for the work of professionals, and may not be quite convenient for individual use. Also, professional hair dryers are very heavy, and holding them one hand over your head for extended periods of time can be difficult.


Recommended for professionals and buyers who have the necessary skills and training, but want to get the most out of the appliance.

How to choose a nozzle for a hair dryer?

One of the main criteria in choosing a hair dryer is the equipment. As a rule, the manufacturer is ready to offer customers several nozzles at once, each of which is designed for certain manipulations.

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Concentrator is the most popular with hairdressers and customers nozzle, it has a tapering flat tip and is indispensable for styling and styling hair. It is believed that for all its speed and convenience, the concentrator can cause damage to the hair, because it. к. concentrator collects hot air at a single point. The optimal width for styling hair is 7090 mm, for drying the tip of the nozzle will be enough 90110 mm.

The diffuser is the second most popular attachment. It represents a wide bell, the narrow part put on the end of the hair dryer. Due to the many holes, it passes through a powerful jet of air, like through a sieve, turning it into a gentle warm breeze. The main function of the device is fast drying of hair, and the nozzle copes with it perfectly. But marketers also give this accessory the ability to add volume and shape curls. However, to get a diffuser to do these things you need at least a basic pair of professional hairdressing skills and a knack for it. Nevertheless this attachment saves time, moreover makes a powerful hot air jet more soft, scattered and gentle, protects the scalp from overdrying.

This type of appliance combines the functionality of a hair dryer and a brushing brush. The power of these appliances is usually low, so they are better suited for creating hairstyles rather than drying hair.

As a rule, manufacturers for this type of devices offer a wide range of styling attachments that will straighten hair, give them more volume, curl curls. It is a type of hair dryer that should be handled skilfully and is usually used by beauty salon professionals.


Recommended for those customers who need a styling tool rather than a blow dryer.

How to choose a curling iron head?

You can usually buy your hair dryer with the following types of attachments:

The half round brush head is good for chemically styled hair if curls need to be straightened. The half-circle brush head lifts hair easily from the roots and smoothes curls.

A standard round brush with plastic teeth for curling.

The brush head for grooming, drying and adding volume.

The wide drying and styling comb.

Standard curling tongs.

Small-diameter curling iron for tight curls.

A round brush with natural bristles for added shine.

The brush with retractable teeth for curls, no possibility of tangling hair.

What materials a quality hair dryer is made of?

The housing should be of high quality material. Cheap plastic tends to melt at high temperatures, so after 10 minutes of drying you can feel quite an unpleasant and acrid smell of burning. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to tell the bad plastic from the good plastic. Often the quality certificate does not say what material the hair dryer is made of. When choosing the body material one universal advice works: if already in the store window an unpleasant smell of plastic is coming from the device, you definitely should not buy it.

The heater can be budget metal or more expensive ceramic. The use of the first type in the construction of a hair dryer can lead to the fact that the hair is heated unevenly. And this can negatively affect their condition. Ceramic heaters dry hair much faster than metal heaters. It heats hair more evenly, so it is safer for your hair.

Please note

In case you have decided on the class of the device, when buying you should consider the following parameters:


Ceramic heating element: provides even heat distribution, hair drying safety, long drying time without overheating.

Ionization function: neutralizes static electricity, protecting the hair from overdrying.

The tourmaline coating: it produces more ions, drying hair more manageable, smoother, and shinier.

Diffuser: to prevent the hair from overheating and damaging the hair.

Concentrator: to precisely direct the airflow. This nozzle is very convenient for styling.

Filters : protect the hair dryer internals from dust and hair.

Power: 1200-2000 watts is enough for home use.

Body material: must be made of heat resistant and shockproof material

The shape of the appliance: hair dryers are currently available in two shapes: a pistol and a cylinder. The first is more convenient for drying hair, the second for styling.

Ergonomic: It must fit comfortably in your hand. The controls for switching power, speed and temperature should be positioned so that you can easily feel them with your fingers without changing your hand.

The weight of the appliance: It must be checked individually in the store by holding it in your outstretched hand for a few minutes. Optimal weight for home use up to 500g.

Appliance noise: you can check this in the store by turning the appliance on. If it is too loud or the noise is irregular, the motor may not be operating properly.

Cord length: 1.5 to 2 meters is enough for home use.

Cold air function: it allows you to fix the style without damaging it with high temperatures.

The choice of temperature mode and speed: the more of these modes, the wider the set of combinations for drying and styling hair. At a minimum, both of these parameters should be adjustable in two values.

Types of household hair dryer

There are three types known to users:

  • Classic model. It is bought most often, t.к. this hair dryer is easy to dry your head and do your daily styling. There can be up to two nozzles in a set;
  • Hair dryer-brush. Choose a hair dryer-brush for hair, if you want not only to dry, but also straighten, curl, stack;
  • Travel model. Features compactness, such a hair dryer weighs very little, while it has a small power. But it’s a great option for those who frequently travel for business or travel.

Rating of hair dryers

The rating presents the best hair dryers according to the reviews of women. Almost all are great for both professional use and for home use.

Coifin CL5R

Coifin CL5R5 hair dryer.0 2.2 kW power is well-suited for home. The device is equipped with 4 modes and 2 speeds. There is a function of cold air, the design provides a removable filter. Included with the Coifin CL5R5.0 comes with a concentrator nozzle.

Mostly reviews of the Coifin CL5R5.0 positive, but there are negative, because of which the hair dryer is in last place in the ranking. First of all, the disadvantages are associated with the underdeveloped network of service centers servicing this brand. In the case of a hair dryer breakage, to find an official service will be problematic. In general, Coifin CL5R5.0 quickly and well dries hair, is easy to handle, has sufficient functionality for home use.

Parlux 3500 SuperCompact

The Parlux 3500 SuperCompact 2 kW hair dryer for the home has eight different modes, which are enough even for a hairdresser. It has a cold air outlets, and the Parlux 3500 SuperCompact comes with two nozzles. Reviews about the hair dryer are good, women note the compact size not to the detriment of the power, as well as the reliability of the device.

The one disadvantage of the Parlux 3500 SuperCompact is the fragile plastic of which its parts are made. They poorly withstand the load with which to work professional hair dryers, so it is better to use the model carefully and watch that she did not overheat.

BaByliss BAB6160INE

The model BAB6160INE from the famous brand BaByliss not so popular. The hair dryer does not shine with characteristics, but for many women they will be more than enough. The power is 2 kW, there are two temperature modes and two speeds, there is a supply of cold air. BaByliss BAB6160INE has a useful ionization function, and the design provides a removable filter. The only accessory included is the concentrator.

There are few reviews of the BaByliss BAB6160INE, and those that are there on the obvious disadvantages of the hair dryer do not indicate. Positive feedback from women who tried the hair dryer in the case of his reliability.

Philips HPS920

The Philips HPS920 characteristics emphasize well that it belongs to the professional segment. The power of 2.3 kW is enough to tame the thickest and thickest hair. It has 6 modes of action, so you can tune in to any type of curls. Cold air can be blow-dried to help hold the style securely in place. Together with Philips HPS920 in the box you can find 2 concentrators for the convenience of using a hair dryer.

Technical characteristics of Philips HPS920 are more than decent, but the manufacturer screwed up with convenience and ergonomics. The buttons for switching the modes are not conveniently located, as it is often noticed in the reviews. In the process of drying and styling hair to switch modes have to intercept the dryer. Well the users of Philips HPS920 speak well about the regular nozzles, which allow you to do a lot of things. The styling results are also satisfying for the vast majority of women.

Philips BHD176 DryCare Advanced

This hair dryer from Philips is similar in features to the previous one, but the price of the BHD176 DryCare Advanced is lower, which makes it higher in the ranking. The hair dryer is good for both hairdresser and home use. The Philips BHD176 DryCare Advanced includes a diffuser in addition to a concentrator.

In general, women are happy with the capabilities and convenience of the hair dryer. The Philips BHD176 DryCare Advanced is gentle on your hair, even on thick, heavy hair. The disadvantages include the strong heating of the body, which makes it uncomfortable to work with the device.

Polaris PHD 2079Li

Decent hair dryer for the home at a low price. The power indicator of the Polaris PHD 2079Li is 2 kW, it is possible to independently regulate the temperature and air pressure. The heating temperature has 3 modes, and the speed is regulated by 2 modes. There is a function of ionization and cold air, which at a small cost makes a hair dryer very attractive to buy.

The low price of the Polaris PHD 2079Li does not affect the quality of the result. The reviews praise the hair dryer for a good professional feature set that gives great results.

Rowenta CV 5351

The Rowenta CV 5351 is a worthy hair dryer for home styling. The 2.1 kW power is also sufficient for a hairdresser’s work. Modes only 3, but there is a function of ionization and cold air. The design includes a filter, and together with the Rowenta CV 5351 comes with a concentrator.

The hair dryer from Rowenta good value for money. Drying is quick without damaging and drying the hair. From the positive sides in the reviews of users also highlight the low noise of the hair dryer.

Parlux 385 PowerLight Ionic Ceramic

The manufacturer presents the Parlux 385 PowerLight Ionic Ceramic professional hair dryer as a highly reliable and durable device thanks to the silver contacts on the switches. The engine capacity of 2.15 kW dryer is electronically balanced and generates a low noise during operation. In the presence of 4 heating modes, 2 speeds and the “cold shot” function. The hair dryer comes with two nozzles with a narrow nozzle.

The Parlux 385 PowerLight Ionic Ceramic is more than good, but its low price means that it is not in demand for home use, which puts it in third place. There is no criticism of the Parlux professional hair dryer in the reviews, and the low noise level makes it really easy and comfortable to dry hair.

Braun HD 780 Satin Hair 7

The Braun HD 780 Satin Hair 7 combines state-of-the-art technology with the time-honored expertise that professionals demand. The presence of built-in sensors allows the hair dryer to clearly control the temperature throughout the styling process, which is a definite plus for the quality of drying and hair health. Using a hair dryer at home you can easily achieve the result, as after visiting a beauty salon, at the expense of professionally embodied ventilation system that creates a strong and dense air pressure.

Like all professional hair dryers, the Braun HD 780 Satin Hair 7 has a 2 kW “AC” motor. There are 4 temperature modes, 2 speeds and “cold shot”. There is a removable filter, as well as a hair dryer is equipped with a nozzle concentrator.

Women who choose the Braun HD 780 Satin Hair 7 at home, do not regret and responsive to the hair dryer only positively, which in the ranking allows him to take a worthy second place. Especially users note the careful attitude to the hair and excellent build quality.

Philips HP8233

Women give honorable first place to Philips HP8233 hair dryer. With it, styling goes quickly and without harming the hair, thanks to the ThermoProtect technology, which maintains a constant temperature at an optimal level. A useful ionisation function for shiny, healthy-looking hair. The power of 2.2 kW will be enough for home and professional use of the hair dryer. Philips HP8233 has 3 temperature modes, 2 speeds plus TurboBoost mode, there is also a function of “cold shot”. The hair dryer comes with a concentrator and diffuser.

As it should be the leader of the rating of the best hair dryers for home reviews of Philips HP8233 are positive. They noted an excellent result of styling, good reliability, ease of operation. over, the device with these features and functions has a very affordable price, which is also a significant advantage.

Your perfect hair dryer. What you need to know before you buy?

For many girls the hair dryer has become a necessary thing. After all, if in the morning you are in a hurry to work or school, and you still need to wash and dry your hair, without a hair dryer you can not cope for an hour. Requirements for appearance make this device indispensable, especially when you need to create a spectacular styling, quickly styling and drying hair as necessary. And if you still do not have this assistant in your house, or something happened to him, and it’s time to choose a new one, then you need to be as careful as when buying a TV or a laptop. So it is necessary to know exactly how to choose a hair dryer, which parameters to pay attention, because we are all different, and from such a device requires completely different properties: someone just need to dry his hair, and someone spectacularly curl them and give volume. But first things first. The classification of all possible models of hair dryers is more or less wide, but we will consider the choice is the one that is designed for home use, a little stop on the road and hair dryers. But for now let’s skip the choice of professional models, which are used mostly in beauty salons.д.

How to properly dry your hair with a hair dryer?

It turns out that using such devices is even more useful than waiting until the hair itself dries. However, this is true only if you know how to properly dry your hair with a hair dryer and follow a few simple rules:

  • Immediately after washing the curls should be wrapped in a warm towel for about 15 minutes to remove excess moisture, but do not squeeze the curls by twisting the towel;
  • It’s wise to choose a medium or low temperature when blow drying, as overheating can be dangerous to the hair. It’s easy to check the temperature as the degree of heat should be just right for the back of your hand;
  • The hair dryer should be used from the roots to the tips of the hair, but it should not be used for a long time on a single strand;
  • The device should be kept at a distance of about 40 cm from the hair;
  • It is better to leave the curls slightly damp, as prolonged exposure to heated air can cause dry hair.

Protect your tresses from damage. Numerous hair care products with thermal protection have been specially formulated for this purpose. It is very convenient to use products for styling with this property, so as not to overload the hair with several different products. In addition, you should avoid very constricting hairpins and rubber bands, especially when hair is wet. Constantly gather curls into braids for grass or a ponytail can not, from time to time the hair should rest in a loose form.

Drying technique

For medium to long hair, start with your head tilted back and your hair hanging down to create volume. Shake the hair against the direction of growth with your fingers and move the air powerfully in all directions. When your hair is about halfway dry, lift your head and style the style. Brush short hair first with a blow dryer and then ruffle it against the grain with the brush, with the head forward tilted. Hold your hair dryer so the air blows from the roots to the ends of your hair as you blow-dry and style. This drying process sets the scales properly and leaves hair shiny. And don’t bring the hair dryer too close to your head, the optimal distance is at least 20 cm.

What’s hair dryer ionization?

The health and beauty of your hair depends on many things. It’s the environment, stress, and your hair care and nutrition choices. It hurts your hair drying with a hot hair dryer, irons, tongs and other beauty appliances. Static electricity accumulated in the air also has an influence, especially during the cold season when the rooms are additionally heated and the air can be excessively dry or, on the contrary, humid. Electrified air weakens the curls, loosens volume, makes them dull and brittle, makes hair frizz and crackle under the comb. To combat this unpleasant effect were invented hair dryers with ionized airflow.

A concentrator is a cylindrical nozzle that gradually tapers in diameter. The result is a narrow stream of hot air, so it’s easy to direct it at each individual strand.

The nozzle of the nozzle is its narrow opening, which forms the desired air distribution. The narrow nozzle creates a powerful flow that is not safe for the hair and scalp. And the wide nozzle will distribute the air to neighboring strands as well, which prevents proper styling. Experienced masters recommend to use hubs with nozzle width from 70 to 90 mm with the power of 1800-2000 W. Choosing such a hair dryer will provide both a gentle touch and allow you to style your curls without difficulty.

Attention! Unscrupulous manufacturers have learned to disguise hair dryers as professional equipment. To avoid falling into their trap, consider the width of the nozzle: if it is too wide (more than 1 cm), it means a low-grade assembly. It is also necessary to check how tightly the nozzle is attached to the hair dryer. If it is slightly wobbly, twists and does not fit tightly to the body, then it is better to give up on such a device.

Before you buy a hair dryer, the photo of which is presented above, it is necessary to understand what kind of device it is. Hair dryer is called a device designed to dry hair. After plugging the model into the outlet and activating it, hot air begins to flow from a special hole, and users can dry their head in just a few minutes.

Today there is a wide variety of models with different functions on the market. As a result, consumers can set a suitable operating temperature, and then not only dry their hair, but also curl, twist, and straighten it with light hand movements.

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