Why in a two -chamber refrigerator only the freezer works

LG refrigerator stopped freezing: search and elimination of reasons

LG refrigerators are made from high.quality components and materials. They often have been working for many years without breakdowns. If the LG refrigerator does not freeze, this may indicate both a violation of operating rules and failure of individual parts. Some problems can be identified and eliminated independently at home, while others will require contacting a service center to perform a comprehensive diagnosis of the performance of the device and repair.

LG refrigerators are characterized by a high degree of reliability. It is recommended to conduct diagnostics independently only after the completion of the warranty period, t.to. Dismantling may cause a refusal of further free maintenance in service centers. It is worth considering that most models in the modern line of LG manufacturer are equipped with a rather complex electrical circuit and electronic control.

The main feature of LG refrigerators is the presence of self.diagnosis function. The system is able to independently identify an error or breakdown. After that, it displays the code to the control panel. Properly deciphering it, you can accurately determine the nature of the problem. Some of the most common codes that indicate improper setting the operating mode are often indicated in the operating instructions.

Independent diagnostic instructions

Primary diagnostics can be carried out independently. It involves the implementation of a number of simple actions. At first, if the refrigerator is poorly freezed, you need to pay attention to the “Debatement” button. It can be located on the case or inside the upper chamber. It is likely that the owner of household appliances accidentally pressed it, and the device stopped freezing. If the problem is this, you need to disable this mode and the device will quickly gain operating temperature.

If the freezer or refrigerator stopped freezing, be sure to make sure of the integrity of rubber seals. They are located on the doors and prevent the loss of cold air. Even if obvious damage is not detected, this does not mean that the seal performs its function.

The problem may lie in a decrease in its elasticity. In this case, the seal will not fit tightly to the body when closing the door doors. Due to the penetration of warm air inside the refrigerator, the refrigerator is constantly working, but does not gain the desired temperature.

Be sure to check the temperature sensor. If a low.set temperature is displayed on the scoreboard, but the freezer does not freeze, this indicates the failure of the sensor. In addition, you need to listen to the compressor work. If the noise is absent or the sound is uncharacteristic, there is a high probability of a breakdown of this system element. It is advisable to measure the voltage on the motor by the tester. If it is absent, then the problem is not in the engine, but in the thermostat.

If the refrigerator works fine, but does not gain operating temperature, this may indicate a freon leakage. It is impossible to independently eliminate this problem and the help of the master will be required.

Serious grounds for failure

Remove serious breakdowns with your own hands will not work. We’ll have to call a master who knows what to do if the freezer works and there is no refrigerator. Such breakdowns include:

  • A drainage hole is clogged;
  • Blockage of the capillary pipe;
  • The failure of the temperature sensor;
  • Refrigerant leak;
  • A magnetic valve failure that switches the modes;
  • Fan failure;
  • Engine breakdown in two compressor unit.

Each of the listed factors requires careful diagnosis. It is necessary to call a specialist who has certain knowledge in the structure of refrigeration equipment and knows why the refrigerator does not work.

If at hand there is a minimum set of tools and experience with household appliances, you can try to eliminate the failure yourself. For this, every reason why the equipment does not work should be considered in more detail.

The clogging of the capillary

The element can clog with oil. A different reason is a malfunction of the evaporator. To establish the exact cause, professionals analyze temperature indicators. Before calling the master, you can pat on the tube. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the device that does not cold. A specialist can be invited in a situation if this actions did not correct the failure.

fridge not cooling downside and Refrigerator low cooling fridge fan Not work How to check cooling

The drainage hole is clogged

If the hole clogs, the technique immediately cools poorly. This nuisance can be prevented. This requires periodically clean the drainage with a ruff. The blockage usually consists of such elements as:

This interferes with the normal outflow of liquid. Water does not follow a special container. If preventive actions were not carried out, you will have to eliminate the blockage. You need to use standard sprint.

Warm water is collected and poured into the hole. If necessary, it is recommended to use wire. Usually after two such manipulations the blockage leaves. This is checked with standard water filling. If everything is cleaned, it will pass through the drainage quickly and easily.

Loss of the refrigerant

The leakage of the composition occurs due to mechanical or corrosive damage to the elements of the pipeline. As soon as cracks and holes form, gas comes out, the device does not cool. Only a master can fix this situation. It has the necessary skills, tools and equipment.

Magnetic valve problems

The part can elementarily jam in one position. If this happens in the cooling mode of the camera, you will have to invite the master to replace the knot. If the repair will be carried out by a person without qualifications, you can cause other malfunctions.

Damage to the thermal attewer

Erroneous parameters cause a failure in the functioning of the compressor. If the refrigerator breaks down, you also need to invite a professional. He is able to eliminate the failure in electronics and establish mechanics. As a result of correctly performed manipulations, the temperature regime is restored and becomes a balanced.

Fan and engine malfunction

If the freezer works well, and the refrigerator is very bad, and suspicious sounds are heard, you can judge violations in the work of technology. The engine or fan usually fails. In the second case, the essence of the failure lies in the fringation of the blades. It is enough to defrost the device here.

If everything is fine with the fan, you can judge the engine failures. In this case, without the help of an employee of the service center, who is engaged in the repair of refrigerators, you can not do. The compressor can be established with tools.

If the freezer works, but there is no top, if the refrigerator stops cooling, the main thing is to correctly establish the cause. Certain malfunctions can be eliminated independently. But in a more difficult situation, you will have to invite a professional.

If you are energetic, responsible, independent!

You have experience in the repair of household or industrial equipment, then join the strongest league of professionals! Call or send a resume.

Diagnostics of the refrigerator when heating the camera

A breakdown of household appliances, of course, upset its owners. There are no circumstances when electrical appliances are not needed at all. Separate attention is deserved by the refrigerator breakdown. You certainly can’t do without it. Therefore, it is important to correctly determine its malfunction. Our editors have prepared several events that allow you to find the problem.

Primary inspection of household appliances

Upon arrival, the master must visually inspect the refrigerator body as a whole and its back wall. The presence of functioning sealants, as well as the absence of cracks and dents, is originally determined. Such defects primarily affect the performance of equipment. The receipt of electricity to the compressor is necessarily evaluated. For this, the supply cable is nicknamed.

Checking by special equipment

The operability of the refrigerator is determined by professionals using a special mechanical device. Such equipment helps to accurately identify a breakdown place, which further facilitates the repair procedure. Consider which tools are involved in testing household appliances:

  • Digital thermometer. Helps at an automatic level to determine the temperature inside each chamber. Diagnostics in a matter of minutes.
  • Digital tester helps to determine the degree of resistance of the compressor winding, thaws and thermal relay.
  • Vacuum pump. Suitable in case of major repairs of the refrigerator. Performs purging and cleaning the pipes of the refrigeration unit. After that, the latter is again refueling with a refrigerant.

If you have a tester at home, you can independently diagnose the problem except for professional devices, you must have some inventory on hand, which will come in handy in case of disassembly.

What to do if the problem of the breakdown is detected

Of course, if the refrigerator is dear to you, you need to correct this breakdown. The repair method depends directly on the malfunction. Consider below exactly what problems can be found. If the malfunction lies in the technical part, the master will take the equipment to the service

The seal on the doors of the refrigerator or a faulty thermoregulator deteriorated

The only way out in case of damage to hermetic elastic bands is their complete replacement. Do not try to glue or apply an additional sealant layer from above. Such manipulations will be useless.

Когда проблема, связанная с тёплым воздухом в камерах оборудования, возникла именно из-за терморегулятора, его проще заменить, чем отремонтировать. Inside this mechanism there is a miniature scheme, which is far from reaping to every master.

The refrigerator motor overheated

As a rule, all details in the technique are interconnected, therefore, in case of incapacity of the thermostat, overheating of the main compressor may occur. This is due to the fact that the sensor gives the wrong command to the motor. Because of this, he constantly works at full power. Work without stops leads to overheating. Overheating of the refrigerator according to statistics is more common in the summer

A fan or compressor broke

The fan malfunction can be determined by the unusual sound. During operation, the device begins to knock or create oscillatory sounds. Correct this problem by replacing the fan. Overheating of the electric cable causes the problem in the operation of the fan and the compressor when the compressor breakdown in the cells in the chambers can be carried out both in full and in part. Strong knock and rattle during the operation of the unit are the main signs of the motor malfunction. In this case, to restore the old compressor is inappropriate. practical and more reliable to install a new. Of course, first of all, it is necessary to decide on the model of equipment and entrust the work to specialists from the service.

Blockage in a filter-dryer or in the capillary system

One of the main causes of air overheating in the refrigerator chambers is the blockage in the filter-dryer filter. Although it has a small size, it plays a fairly significant role in the normal work of the refrigerator. In this case, you will need to replace the filter-dryer by cutting the old and installing the new. Previously, using a vacuum pump, all moisture from the system is removed. To check and clean the refrigerator filter, it must be removed, and then solder, when buying a new refrigerator filter, you need to take into account its size and the model in case of blocking the capillary tube, the problems in the refrigerator begin to appear immediately. These problems are quite dangerous for equipment in general.

To eliminate the blockage, it is necessary to warm up the entire system of capillary tubes. Before the procedure, it should be dismantled. After warming up, the system is blown with nitrogen. Therefore, in order to correctly carry out the connection and pumping of Freon, it is better to entrust the work to the specialist. If the refrigerator has two compressors, it will have two filters useful to know! The cleaning of the capillary system may require up to 20 treatments with liquid nitrogen. Therefore, be sure to keep patience if you do your job yourself.

Refrigerant leak or problem with the valve of the tackle

Freon leakage most often due to the fault of the owner of the refrigeration equipment. This may be due to improper operation. Less commonly, a factory marriage is the reason. When a refrigerant deficiency is observed, heat is accumulated in the refrigerator, since the compressor does not cope with the cooling of the available volume of the freon. It is better not to repair the valves and timers, but to change it to new ones with frosts on the rear inner wall of the refrigerator, it’s time to think about why it does not thaw.

The breakdown can cause a breakdown, or the user incorrectly sets the operating mode of the equipment. In this case, it is precisely the mechanism of tackle that suffers that. In the best case, you have to establish the valve, or, as an option, replace it completely.

The heating element has burned out at the refrigerator with the No Frost system

What can be seen when burning heating? First of all, this is ice on the walls of the freezer compartment and, of course, the presence of heat in the refrigerator. Eliminating the problem with your own hands, you need to choose the right type of heater and its configuration. It is better to entrust this business to a specialist. If the device is selected correctly, it will not be difficult to install it. In the refrigerator heater, wiring can be damaged, this must be able to diagnose

Light breakdowns, due to which there is no cooling of the refrigerator

You can predict a breakdown by observing the behavior of a low-temperature chamber, it should be much colder than necessary, and a temperature of about 15-20 degrees Celsius is constantly kept in the refrigerator. Rarely about too high temperatures becomes known with the help of a special emergency alarm of the refrigerator (if, of course, it is added by the manufacturer), or the red indicator on the control panel of the refrigeration cabinet will burn.

If the refrigerator is controlled by a mechanical method of switching temperature, then you can find out the temperature inside the compartments through the thermometer left in the container with water in the non.working compartment for half a day. If the refrigerator is controlled through the electronic method and there is a screen, the temperature itself will be displayed on the device display. In this case, diagnosing a malfunction is much easier. The final symptom is the nozzle functioning of the compressor. However, the simpler reasons that cannot be called too complicated in correction can be involved here, the following are most often found:

  • Damage or wear of the elastic band on the refrigerator door is the cause of the spoiled tightness of the refrigerator, if so, then to correct a malfunction with the temperature regime, you need to change the gum for a whole.
  • In addition, tightness can be disturbed due to the weakly adjacent chamber sash, then the heat from the room enters the refrigeration chamber. The reason for this can serve as a damaged sealing gum higher and an uneven floor on which there is a refrigerator.
  • If there is too much food in the freezer, then it begins to interfere with the transition of the air between the chambers, and in addition, the entire power of the compressor is used only to ensure the operation of the freezer, but the refrigerator is no longer enough power. To fix this problem, you need to remove extra products from the freezer and defrost the refrigerator as a whole.
  • If there are heaters, batteries, oven, radiators, etc. nearby near the refrigerator.D., then devices of many companies (Bosch, Stinol, Vestel, Beko, and T.D.) begin to fail with such “neighbors”. This can happen, and if the back wall is closer than 5 cm to the wall of the apartment. To deal with such a problem, it is again necessary to defrost the refrigerator and rearrange it to a more successful place, away from the wall (further than 5 cm), from the heat source, to the smooth surface.

As you can understand, the first reason for such problems with cooling is the simplest and most successful, it can be corrected without problems at home, without much expenses, which is in terms of money, which is in terms of time.

Heavy breakdowns, due to which there is no cooling in the main chamber

But there are some more severe malfunctions that are not possible to quickly fix it, they can only be fixed with the help of a master. To such problems of refrigerators, when the freezer works as it should, and the refrigerator has an elevated temperature, the following are:

  • The capillary tube was clogged with something.
  • The drainage hole clogged.
  • The temperature sensor has broken.
  • The refrigerant leaked.
  • The magnetic valve failed, which is why it is impossible to switch the temperature regime.
  • The fan engine stopped working.
  • One motor inside two.compressor refrigerators covered.

Keep in mind! Any of these problems should be fully examined by an experienced specialist with the knowledge of the device of refrigerated cabinets, otherwise an illiterate attempt to repair will lead to even greater problems.

  • Clogging of the capillary tube. It can be clogged with oil, in this case, the frost passes as it should, but the refrigerator has too high temperature. In addition, this is possible all due to the problem in the work of the evaporative block, since the signs of incorrect work in such non-proceeds are extremely similar to each other. Experts find out the exact cause of the malfunction by analyzing the temperature indicator on a certain segment of the device, such as the compressor-concentrator. If the blockage is small, that is, a chance to cope in person. through patting on the right pipe, but you need to do this lightly, otherwise you can harm it. If the problem has not been resolved, then it is still worth calling the master of refrigerators, since such actions can cause many other problems associated with the wrong repair methods.
  • Blockage of drainage holes in the so.called “crying” devices. a normal situation if the refrigerator has a ruffle in front of a drainage hole from the rear cover. It is advisable to periodically clean the device, since frequent cleaning reduces the chances of large blockage. Keep in mind that food and other small grains can create traffic jams that prevent the liquids from leaving normally. If the blockage is formed, then it interferes with the drain of water into the desired container located on the floor. Sometimes you can use a sprint for the cleaning procedure, for this you need to collect not cold water, but warm and pour it into a drainage hole with pressure. You need to do this at least twice and pour water from the container under the compressor. In addition, you can clean the drainage hole in another way: using a soft wire or a manual pump. If you choose a wire, then you need to rotate and move it back and forth for at least 3 minutes. To check whether the drainage hole has passed successfully, it is necessary to pour a little liquid into the mug and pour this water into a special groove near the hole through which the drain occurs. If the drainage is very clean, then the water disappears instantly, but if the water begins to stagnate, then it should be cleaned again, after which we check this method again.
  • If the refrigerant flows from the system.This can happen due to the effect of corrosion or physical damage to the pipeline, since the leak of the freon, associated with the damaged tightness of the cooling circuit, begins. If small cracks or holes appear, then the road to the gas to the output is open. In this case, the compressor tries to correct the lack of cooling, and it begins to work without a break, however, as you can understand, this does not help. Only a refrigerator repair specialist can repair a problem. He will find a leakage, fix it and add the missing refrigerant to the pipeline again.
  • Magnetic valve breakdown. if the refrigerator is made with a single compressor, the magnetic valve distributing the cold can get stuck in one position. Often he gets stuck on the freezer of the freezer. In order to deal with this problem, you just need to replace the valve, however, it is worth entrusting such a thing only to the wizard for the repair of refrigeration equipment, otherwise you can cause other malfunctions in the absent qualification in this matter.
  • Damage to the temperature sensor. in the refrigerators controlled by electronics, the sensors are directly inside the refrigerator itself. And this means that it can not be deliberately damaged. In this case, he begins to fail and transmit incorrect indicators, which makes the compressor work at full force. But not one temperature sensor may break, other electronic refrigerators can also be covered. In addition, even mechanical buttons can break or clog. The refrigerator can respond to the failure of the automatic system in different ways, for example, strengthen the freezing of the freezer, but increase the number of degrees in the refrigerator compartment.
  • Engine breakdown at the fan. If you hear strange sounds from the refrigerator, then there are problems in its functioning. The source of suspicious noise can not always be a broken fan motor, since its blades themselves can simply freeze. To check this version of the breakdown, you need to give the device time thawed, and then start the refrigerator again. In case of no solution to the problem, call the master in these matters.
  • Damage of one of two engines at the refrigerator with two compressors. in the case when there are two engines, but only the freezer is active, there is a chance that the whole problem in a broken compressor that regulates the temperature in the main part of the aggregate. Accordingly, during a breakdown of another compressor, they change places, now the refrigerator is freezing, and the freezer compartment has a certain temperature indicated.

The simplest problems

The origin of damage to the refrigerator compartment is different: from the lack of electricity on the network, to a compressor breakdown.

Analysis of the search for the cause of the problems begins with a check of the availability:

The lack of cold is possible due to a long time of operation of the unit without defrosting.

The power of the compressor with a tight filling of the freezer with products goes to freeze and for other cold departments is not enough.

Installation of the refrigerator, impending the wall or near the heating devices, leads to a malfunction of the temperature sensors.

Detectors give signals to the compressor about increasing power, but cooling in the refrigerator does not occur. This happens if the freezer is located inside the unit.

Frequent causes of breakdowns and their elimination

Belarusian Atlanteans have been holding the level of quality and durability for more than 50 years. The unit with 2 compressors has a more complex design than with one. Find out why the Atlant two.chamber refrigerator does not freeze, it’s easier: 2 schemes are checked independently.

The characteristic damage to the brand models includes:

How does a Refrigerator work?

  • blockage in a drainage tube (water is collected at the bottom of the unit);
  • clogging the capillary system (the freezer and refrigerator do not work);
  • damage to a mechanical thermoregulator (inappropriate cooling level);
  • Automation block failure (impaired operation of the scoreboard and lamps);
  • Damage to the insulating system (ice growth).

Consultation in the service center will help to find out what to do if the freezer does not freeze, and why the refrigerator compartment does not work.

Breakdown in conducting systems

A master can understand the damage to the conducting pipes of the refrigerator:

  • The drainage system is polluted when using refrigeration equipment, congestion is formed from the remains of products, fat and dust. Water accumulates in the lower part of the refrigerator and flows out. This leads to the oxidation of the metal parts of the equipment and the formation of corrosion. The drainage tube needs regular cleaning, which is produced using water filled with water, manual pump or wire.
  • The capillary tube is designed to create the difference in the pressure of the refrigerant, which at the output boils into the evaporator and takes the heat. Together with Freon, the compressor oil circulates. Paraffins that are formed as a result of interaction are postponed in capillaries and lead to suction. To find out the reason why the upper chamber does not freeze, the temperature of the discharge system is measured on the “condenser-compressor” segment.

The master can repair the system, which:

  • install a new capillary tube;
  • Change the filter-drying filter;
  • will remove the air from the evaporator;
  • Dem getting a refrigerator with a cooler.

Problems with automatic electronics

A temperature regime detector is installed in the refrigerator. During operation, it is damaged by substances and liquids that fall from food products. Incorrect indicators of the sensor lead to the fact that the motor is working, and the refrigerator stopped freezing.

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In Atlanta with 1 compressor and Nofrost function, the problem can be caused by a stuck of the cooler regulator of chambers. In freezing mode, the compressor does not cope with the load. We have to change the valve.

The refrigerator control board is responsible for:

  • display work;
  • maintaining the temperature regime;
  • inclusion of light when opening the door;
  • Compressor and fan operation.

Due to the jumps of electricity, the memory of the electronic control unit is buggy and rubs information. Restore the performance of the board by reflashing. The burned part is replaced by a new one, it is not profitable to repair.

Refrigerant leakage from the system

Damage to determine which special equipment is used. a refrigerant leak from the refrigerator. Over time or with improper operation of refrigeration equipment, microscopic holes are formed in the tubes, and the cooling gas flows out. This leads to compressor wear.

Malfunction of one of the compressors

In Atlantes with two engines, one may break. In this case, the freezer or the second compartment does not work. Understand what the causes of the malfunction will help the launch and sharp stop of the compressor will help. Replacing one compressor will solve the problem.

Sealing rubber band problems

The seal on the door of the refrigerator dries over time, peels off or crack.

Warm air enters the refrigerator, the temperature inside increases. The compressor increases the momentum, bending more cold, and wear out faster.

You can restore the elasticity of the seal by processing with boiling water:

fridge not cooling downside and Refrigerator low cooling fridge fan Not work How to check cooling

The gap in the seal is glued with silicone. The situation is corrected by outweaving the refrigerator door to the other side. To prevent problems, the master is recommended to regularly clean the rubber of debris and mold, which is formed in the folds of the seal.

Mechanical and chemical damage

During use on the refrigerator housing, mechanical malfunctions appear: cracks or holes of the rear wall. The air penetrates into the chamber, the temperature inside does not reach the level, the motor operates in enhanced mode, but does not cool.

A small hole is repaired with your own hand:

  • equipment is turned off;
  • defrost;
  • dried;
  • the place of damage is cut off;
  • Fill out with insulation or foam;
  • Cover with foil on top.
chamber, refrigerator, only, freezer

The walls of the case crack and from the inside of the unit. The repair is carried out using sealant.

Easy Refrigerator Fix, Reset (Defrost Timer) Switch, if it stops running, cooling or working.

Oxidation and rust on the pipes

Green oxidations occur due to the reaction of soldering flux with oxygen in the room, they do not belong to corrosion, and it is prohibited to remove the plaque.

With spots of rust on the tubes, it is easy to cope with your own hands, for this:

The corrosion of the tubes over time leads to the flow of refrigerant and damage to the motor. Against rust, processing with a special composition or household vinegar helps.

Breakage leading to the fact that the freezer is freezing and the refrigerator does not

Flame of refrigerators are typical and have certain signs. They diagnose and repair the device are carried out on them.

  • If the refrigerator freezes only the freezer, the fan does not spin, and the defrosting did not help, perhaps the reason is the faulty motor, which is responsible for the rotation of the blades. To eliminate the problem, it is changed to a new.
  • When an oily puddle forms under a two.compressor unit, while the engine turns on, it works for a few seconds and turns off, the cause is looking for a compressor that cools the refrigerator. The specialist who will conduct its diagnosis will be eliminated and replaced in the event of a breakdown.
  • Situations when the refrigerator does not cold, unlike the freezer, occurs when a freon leak. This problem is accompanied by various signs. If the wall of the camera is bloating and the reckoning of ice with an uneven layer, most likely, the refrigerant flowed at the place of bloating. To eliminate the problem, set a new evaporator and season the system by freon.
  • The appearance of rusty spots and subteces on the case in the area of ​​the freezer indicates a leakage of the refrigerant in the area of ​​the steel circuit. This problem is characteristic of models in which the freezer is installed below. The drainage system brings it to it. As a result, water accumulates on the front of the freezer, where under the plastic panel there are steel pipes of the circuit. Water seeps through plastic, the metal rusts, cracks are formed on it through which the refrigerant comes out. To eliminate the problem, the damaged area is cut off, the system is sealed and seasoned with freon.
  • If the refrigerator stopped freezing after the tickling, in which there was a mechanical effect (failure to have ice from the walls, placement in the hot water chamber, etc.), the reason can also be a leak of freon. Incorrect actions lead to damage to the evaporator. To correct the situation, find this place, the system is sealed and seasoned with a refrigerant.

Not all breakdowns, because of which the refrigerator does not work incorrectly, are accompanied by characteristic signs. To detect them, it is better to contact a good specialist who, using special equipment, will diagnose the device.

A failure in the system is possible due to the following problems:

  • Launch relay failure. The malfunction leads to natural wear or voltage jump. To eliminate the problem, the details are changed to a new.
  • Blockage of a capillary system or filter-dryer. The oil circulating through the pipes thickens and burns under the influence of high temperatures. As a result, clots clog the system, and the unit ceases to function normally. To fix the problem, oil and refrigerant change in the system.
  • Damage to the temperature regulator. This malfunction is characteristic of units with mechanical management. The compressor does not start due to incorrect temperature indications. To eliminate the problem will help replace the details with a new.
  • A malfunction of the air thermal attewer. The part is installed in models with electronic control. With a breakdown, it ceases to give signals that the chamber is warm and it is time to cool it. As a result, the compressor does not start. To eliminate the problem, the replacement of the part is required.
  • Control in the control unit. When it fails, the unit begins to behave unpredictably or does not turn on at all. The temperature in the cells jumps. In this case, a sound signal about an error or an icon on the display appears. To eliminate the malfunction, the system is reflash or change.

What to do so that the refrigerator cools

If the unit stops cooling after the voltage jump, check the RCD and the machine on the shield, it may have been knocked out traffic jams. Could fail the network filter. When everything is in order with electricity and the light bulb burns, check the established mode on the thermostat.

Then pay attention to compliance with the rules of operation of the device and the density of the door of the door. If the problem is a rubber seal, it is changed or try to restore its properties. This procedure is carried out independently or using a specialist.

If the unit began to work incorrectly after moving, rearranging or defrosting, most likely the reason is the leakage of the freon, which occurred after mechanical damage. In this case, they turn to a specialist who finds the place of leakage, seal it and refuels the system with a refrigerant.

When the refrigerator stops cooling in the device with the No Frost system, it is defrost. If this does not give a result, the masters cause.

Some malfunctions can be identified independently by certain characteristics. The failed details are changing, but this requires experience. It is more difficult to find breakdowns without symptoms. Therefore, it is better to entrust this to a qualified specialist so that independent repair does not lead to more serious consequences and the complete failure of the equipment.

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Frequent malfunctions

To understand why the refrigerator does not work after defrosting, you must carefully study its condition. The cause of the breakdown often becomes an failure of any part or violation in the work of the entire cooling system.

  • the failure of the compressor of the freezer;
  • malfunctions in the air sensor;
  • a thermostat breakdown;
  • damage to switching valve;
  • Freon leak;
  • defects of the contour with coolant;
  • disagreement in the control module.

Diagnostics and repair

When the refrigerator does not turn on after defrosting, you do not need to immediately contact the service center. If you study the problem a little, then you can find options for getting out of this situation.

Freon leak

The most common cause of breakdown is the leak of coolant. It appears due to a defect in the contour obtained due to wear or damage.

chamber, refrigerator, only, freezer
  • The motor operates at maximum power, but the temperature in the chamber remains high;
  • The refrigerator stopped freezing, but the light in the case did not stop shining;
  • The device began to cool, but after a while I turned off.

If such symptoms are detected, you need to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the arising freon can harm human health.

  • Inspect the outline and find the damaged area.
  • Localizing the place of leaks.
  • Perform the replacement of the drainage.
  • Twist the system by freon. Special devices are needed to perform this work, so it is recommended to contact specialists for refueling.

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Compressor breakdown

Equipment manufacturers produce units with 1 or 2 compressors. In the first case, the failure of this part of the structure is determined by the characteristic features. These include the following:

  • The refrigerator stopped freezing, but the light burns inside it;
  • During operation, the compressor clicks and makes suspicious sounds;
  • The motor works a couple of seconds and then turns off;
  • The device operates, but does not freeze.

Two.compressor units have other signs of the presence of a problem. They are more pronounced, and notice them is much easier.

  • flashing indicators on the display;
  • After defrosting, one of the compartments does not freeze;
  • an extraneous sound is heard during the compressor;
  • The motor has been working without pauses for a long time.

Most often, compressors break due to the expiration of the service life. It is difficult to repair this detail of the design, so the correct solution would be to replace.

Control block

The main reason for the breakdown of this part of the structure is moisture. When defrosting, it accumulates on the control unit, gradually disabled it. You can determine the presence of the problem by such signs:

  • The operating device may be offset and re.turn on;
  • The temperature in the chambers drops sharply or rises;
  • After starting, the equipment remains in working condition only 2-3 seconds;
  • The unit makes extraneous sounds;
  • Damage indicators light up or an error message appears on the display.

Fixing the situation will help to fix the device or replace the system board. It is problematic to carry out both operations at home, so you will need to send the unit to a repair workshop.

Repair and how to choose the right master

If, after a visual inspection, it was not possible to determine the cause of the breakdown breakdown, and it stopped cold, you should contact the service center. It must be remembered that the cooling system is a fragile design: one incorrect movement can aggravate the breakdown and, accordingly, increase the cost of repairs.

You should contact a reliable company. Professionals will be able to quickly repair equipment in a short time. The price will vary from 1000 to 3000 (depending on the complexity of the breakdown).

The reliability of the company is judged by the following signs:

chamber, refrigerator, only, freezer

Pay attention to such qualities of the master: competence, professionalism, urgency, accessibility.

Do not forget about the timing of the warranty

The repair of equipment is carried out for free (with any complexity) during the warranty period.

How to prevent breakdowns

Over time, any equipment fails. Proper operation and timely care help to extend the life of the equipment.

To protect the refrigerator from the breakdown, you should follow the recommendations for operation:

  • It is necessary to turn off the device correctly: install the thermostat to zero and only then remove the fork from the outlet.
  • It is recommended to wipe the back of the refrigerator several times a year to avoid dust accumulation. The cleaning is performed with a damp sponge, while trying not to touch the wires and pipes (so as not to damage them).
  • It is not recommended to turn on the refrigerator immediately after cleaning. The device must be ventilated, dried and only then connected to the mains.
  • During the cleaning of the refrigerator, chemicals cannot be used: they can damage the enamel, connecting channels, are able to disrupt the operation of various elements and microcircuits (when inside).
  • You can not scrap ice in the freezer. this can lead to the appearance of microcracks in details.

It is important to keep the refrigerator away from the sink and stove, heating pipes and other systems. Experts also do not recommend putting equipment too close to the wall (the minimum distance should be 4-5 cm).

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