Why is a hole on a vacuum cleaner pipe

Dry cleaning for everyone. Almost for free, remake a regular vacuum cleaner to a vacuum cleaner to collect water

Many motorists refuse to independently clean the passenger compartment due to the absence of a detergent vacuum cleaner in the farm, whose task is to remove the remnants of chemistry from carpets and tissue upholstery of seats. Those who decide to independently clean the seats have to remove excess moisture with microfiber wipes. But you can also absorb liquids with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. for this you only need to collect a simple structure, which we will talk about.

The idea is simple to disgrace, on YouTube dozens of videos, the authors of which implement a similar scheme. In fact, we will make a primitive analogue of the cyclone filter. The stores are sold in stores of factory manufacturing, but they are expensive, and buying them for episodic use looks dubious.

We will need: a bucket with a lid, a hose from an old vacuum cleaner and a rubber plumbing cuff. In our case, the vast majority of expenses were on the 20-liter bucket, which cost 12. But if your farm was lying around, for example, a bucket of paint is excellent, you will not have to spend money on the purchase.

We got a hose from the old vacuum cleaner for free. It can be replaced with a long corrugated pipe, which is sold in the plumbing department of any construction hypermarket.

Finally, rubber sewer cuff. A receiving pipe from a vacuum cleaner will be inserted into it, so it is better to select in place. In our case, the D32x50 was perfect, which cost 99 kopecks.

Some of those who have already collected similar designs, for convenience, additionally used a sewer corner, or even two, inserting the hoses into them. We decided not to complicate. Therefore, we take the lid from the bucket and cut out two holes closer to the edges: we insert the coupling into one, the hose, passing it for ten centimeters for ten. Ideally, the holes need to be drilled with crowns of a suitable size, but we used a stationery knife.

If you use the old hose from the vacuum cleaner to collect liquids from carpets and seats, make a hole corresponding to the diameter of its inside. Since the corrugation of the hose is a spiral, it will be able to screw it tightly. In this part, I went too far with the diameter. I had to resort to the help of silicone sealant.

How To Clean Out A SpotClean Hose | BISSELL SpotClean

We insert the cuff into a cut hole and seal with a silicone. When replacing the hose with a sewer corrugated tube, you will need a second cuff of a suitable diameter.

We are waiting for all this to dry, and proceed to the tests. We insert the vacuum cleaner pipe into the cuff, close the bucket cover, turn on, and at the first attempt to suck something from the carpet, the situation is happening-the bucket begins to collapse. So that it does not plush it strongly, you have to open the valve on the tube through which air is sucked.

After the first tests, we make small changes and additions to the design. An “amplifier” is inserted inside the bucket from a metal.plastic pipe, and the place of passage of the hose through the lid is sealed instead of silicone by thermoclay. Since the hose and the lid are constantly “walking”, the dried sealant quickly breaks. Although, when the vacuum cleaner is on, it still provides the necessary sealing, since it is attached to the gap.

Water. in the bucket

We start field tests in the car. After cleaning the carpets, within the reasonable limits moistened with chemistry, inside the bucket were mainly small garbage, pile particles, the remaining coats of the animal that was carried in the car to me, and a small amount of moisture. But without the supply of water for rinsing, a full.fledged washing vacuum cleaner would hardly suck a lot more.

From a wet sponge or an abundantly impregnated carpet, the moisture is taken much more efficiently than from a barely moistened. Abundant foam, which is given to cleaning the upholstery of the passenger compartment, selling in aerosol cylinders is well collected.

Well, you can clearly check the effectiveness and performance of our device by simply dipping the hose into a container of water, which is very quickly at the bottom of the bucket. At the same time, the cuff and the tube going to the vacuum cleaner remain absolutely dry.

In addition to moisture absorption, this design is suitable for collecting construction waste. He remains in the bucket, without falling into the bag of the vacuum cleaner. But if you plan to absorb concrete dust, an extra filter, for example, a piece of the old “salon” at the entrance to the vacuum cleaner, it will not hurt.

NIMH accumulator

Although now this is already a rarity, nevertheless, there are still sometimes vacuum cleaners equipped with inexpensive nickel.metallhydric batteries (NIMH) with a “memory effect”. loss of container in case of non.compliance with the rules of operation and charging of such a battery. So, if the entire charge of the battery is not spent, it cannot be recharged, otherwise the time of operation of the vacuum cleaner will be equal to the time, which in the previous cycle remained at the battery before recharging. We turn the effect of memory: the battery can be discharged and charged again, but at the daily pace of life to remember such a feature is inconvenient, and the vacuum cleaner can suddenly refuse to work at the most inopportune moment.

Another minus of the NIMH accumulators is a high percentage of self-discharge: a battery loses up to 10% of the charge per day even without work. To be always ready for cleaning, such a vacuum cleaner should always be on charging. And if the vacuum cleaner with the NIMH accumulator is not used for a long time, it is recommended to completely charge it first, and then remove it (if possible) and store it separately. Who keeps all this? Unless very meticulous and technically pumped users, and the rest simply lay down with the inevitable deterioration of the vacuum cleaner (well, or write negative reviews about it).

Briefly: today it is better not to take a vacuum cleaner with a NIMH accumulator.

A small time of autonomous work

How long does it take to clean a standard kopecks with a vacuum cleaner? Minimum. forty minutes, and if you need to spill not only the floor and upholstered furniture, then more. From this we must proceed when choosing. The characteristics of the device always indicate the maximum operating time without recharging, but it should be borne in mind that it is most often meant working on minimum power. The higher it is, the faster the battery discharges. Therefore, standard “40 minutes of battery life” most often mean “40 minutes for a slightly contaminated smooth floor”. If you use such an average model at an average power (subject to its presence), then it will work without recharging about 20-25 minutes. And if you turn on turbojet (maximum power and motorized brush), then 7-8 minutes.

In recent years, there are many models with interchangeable batteries in the market: while one works, the second may charge. This solution allows you to increase the operation of the vacuum cleaner twice or more if the charge time is minimal.

Briefly: if an additional battery is included in the kit. this is very good.

Types and their characteristics

At first glance, it may seem that all vacuum cleaning hoses are arranged the same, however, this is far from the case. Perhaps their only common feature is a corrugated performance that allows you to lengthen the sleeve as necessary. There are much more differences in models, the first of them is their diameter, which completely affects the absorption power. The larger this value, the less effective the vacuum cleaner will absorb dust, and vice versa. Another, no less important sign according to which the sleeves are classified, is their specialization. Three varieties of hoses are distinguished by this criterion.

Universal models

Represent the largest group of sleeves and are designed to carry out dry cleaning of the premises. Many of them are equipped with an option to adjust the force of absorption, which allows you to make effective cleaning of a variety of work bases. from transhas to lining of upholstered furniture. Such models are available in two versions. simple and frame.

The former are a thin.walled corrugation that does not have a frame and retains its forms thanks to numerous turns, playing the role of a rib of hardness. The advantage of such models is their low cost, low weight, good consumer availability and wide range. The disadvantages include the probability of overturning the sleeve during operation, frequent ruptures of the joint of the corrugation and extension cord, low antistatic properties and some flimsy of the locks.

Universal frameless models include sleeves made of hard plastic. They also do not have a wire base, but due to the use of coarse plastic, they have high stiffness and bend poorly. The advantages of such sleeves include their low cost, and among the minuses note the rapid appearance of cracks in folds and an ambulance. In addition, when turning, such a sleeve can easily turn the vacuum cleaner, which is due to its non.beating and an almost complete absence of elasticity.

hole, vacuum, cleaner, pipe

Frame hoses are a rigid structure, which is based on a twisted wire reinforcement. The outer part of the hoses is also made of corrugation, which makes frame models flexible, elastic and at the same time very strong. The advantages of frame sleeves are a long service life, excellent elasticity and the ability to stretch well. The disadvantages include high cost and complexity when performing independent repair. The latter is due to the fact that for the repair of frameless, it is enough to cut the hose by break and reinforce it to the tip or castle.

When repairing frame sleeves, you also have to deal with the wire, which in the absence of a special tool is problematic to do.

Washing vacuum cleaners hoses

They are arranged somewhat differently than universal models, and in addition to corrugation and frame are additionally equipped with a thin elastic tube designed to supply water. In addition to the tube, the sleeves are equipped with a trigger, with the help of which control is controlled by the supply of washing liquid and its number. The advantage of hoses for washing vacuum cleaners is their multifunctionality, ease of use and high design strength. The disadvantages include the fact that often such sleeves are made for a particular brand of a vacuum cleaner and are not combined with other units. In such cases, you have to either use an adapter for connection, or look for “your” hose.

Specialized models

Are reinforced sleeves designed for use in industry and construction. They have rubber-twentry, equipped with a frame and equipped with reliable locks. The length of technical sleeves is much higher than the length of household models and can reach 5 m, their inner diameter is 5 or more centimeters, and the working pressure reaches 0.5 MPa. This significantly expands the spectrum of their use and allows you to effectively cope with serious coarse pollution. The disadvantages of industrial hoses include great weight and difficulties in performing the repair.

Additional devices

Most vacuum cleaning hoses are produced in standard configuration, which, in addition to a corrugated sleeve, includes several most running nozzles, brush and a telescopic extension handle. Such models are combined with most vacuum cleaners and do not experience problems with the presence of spare parts: locks and tips. However, there are more “advanced” samples equipped with a number of additional functions and devices. So, some hoses are equipped with an electronic or mechanical control panel built into the handle. It has a suction power regulator and a fluid pressure switch in detergents in detergents.

The presence of such options allows you to manage the process without leaning to the vacuum cleaner.

From additional equipment, a wall holder for a hose should be noted. The device is made in the form of an arched metal gutter, which allows you to place a vacuum cleaner hose in it. The device is made of stainless steel and mounted on the wall of the niche or household room. The hose placed on the holder does not twist and does not ferment, due to which it serves much longer than its analogues, which were stored in constrained conditions in a formed half form

Independent repair instructions

If the flexible sleeve of the vacuum cleaner is damaged, this is not a reason to make a decision regarding the change of household appliances.

As user practice shows, a defective corrugated vacuum cleaner hose is quite affordable to bring into a normal working look. And to do it just with your own hands. Consider the options.

Option #1. repair with a simple cut

Most often, impulses are formed in the places of connection of a flexible hose with solid plastic ending-beams.

It doesn’t matter in which part a rush formed-at the point of connection of the tube under the bar or at the connection point of the pipe-zamka. The principle of repair in both cases is the same.

Inner region of the pipe-zamka one of the models of the household vacuum cleaner. The track lines are clearly visible here. guides along which the end of the sleeve is screwed, creating a kind of threaded connection

For repair in such cases, a single tool will be required. a sharp knife.

  • Make an even section of the hose a little away from the rush.
  • Generate the residual material of the corrugation from the inside of the ending.
  • Process the cleaned internal area with sealant.
  • Gently accept the ending to the cut end of the hose.

How to change a vacuum hose machine end

As a rule, the end plastic parts have a screw plant inside.

Therefore, the flat.cut part of the corrugation is well screwed into the inner region of the ending, and due to the smearing of the “thread” by sealant, the connection is sealed and quite strong.

The design of the collapsible ending, which includes a nylon sleeve with an internal thread and a ring. The nylon sleeve is screwed onto the corrugated sleeve, then the assembly is inserted into the case of the ending and is fixed by the ring-prose

Many modern vacuum cleaners, such as Samsung, are equipped with hoses with collapsible ending. Inside which a nylon sleeve with a thread “sits”, where the end of the hose is screwed. The nylon sleeve is fixed inside the pipe of the end of the ring traffic jam with clamps.

The principle of repair of such assemblies is similar. It will only be necessary to squeeze the locks, remove the ring cork and the nylon sleeve with a torn piece of hose.

Then extract a ragged part from the sleeve, cut the hose, wind up a nylon sleeve for a trimmed end and collect everything in the reverse sequence.

Option #2. Using the Method of the Pave Bandage

This kind of defects usually appear as a result of damage by mechanical hard objects and often due to the fault of the owner of the technique. over, damage may have the form of cuts, tears, punctures.

Methodology for restoring the operability of a vacuum cleaner sleeve by using a piece of rubber chamber. For these purposes, the camera of a conventional bicycle has a slightly smaller diameter and good properties of stretching is well suited

Here, a rather practical and effective way to restore the performance of the corrugated hose of the vacuum cleaner is to use a piece of bicycle rubber chamber as a repair material.

  • Cut the damaged corrugation segment evenly (perpendicular).
  • Well clean (degrease) the ends on the cuts.
  • Take a whole piece of bicycle chamber with a length of 80-100 mm.
  • Put a piece of camera on any of the segments of the corrugation and stretch a little further than the cut place.
  • Apply to the ends of cuts of the “moment” glue and combine hose segments.
  • Process the surface of the corrugation in the connection area with universal glue.
  • Stretch a piece of the camera in the opposite direction along the hose until the junction of the junction of the junction.

Rubber of a bicycle chamber has good stretching properties, so the broaching along the hose is not difficult.

At the same time, the slightly smaller diameter of the chamber allows you to get a fairly dense tightening of the hose corrugation at the connection point. The applied glue enhances tensile strength.

In this way, a neat connection is obtained, which actually does not violate the elastic properties of the corrugation.

Option #3. application of the thermal method

There is another technique, more complex than the methods marked above, but the result of quality can be obtained at the level of factory performance. We are talking about the thermal method of restoring the defective hose of the vacuum cleaner using a thermal tube and a construction hairdryer.

The method of recovery using a heat.shrink tube. To use such a technique, it is necessary to have a construction hair dryer or some similar heat tool

It should be noted: in this option to cut (shorten) the hose is not necessary, which has its advantages.

The instruction for the work of the work is as follows:

  • Pick up a heat.shrink tube by color and size of the diameter of the corrugation.
  • Disassemble and dismantle the tip on an entire part of the hose.
  • Through the released end, put on a heat.shrink tube and stretch to the gust.
  • Close a damaged area with a margin of several centimeters along both edges with a heat.shrink pipe.
  • Heat the heat shrinkage with a construction hairdryer, gradually moving the tool along the entire length of the patch.

This method is also well suited for correcting punctures and cracks in any part of the corrugated pipe.

Another question is that a construction hair dryer or a similar tool is a rather specific equipment and may not always be at hand.

Option #4. Repair of corrugation with internal conductors

Another rather complicated business from a technical point of view is the repair of a vacuum cleaning hose, the design of which contains a switching electric fishing line for a trimmer.

Conclusions and useful videos

In the video below, the master will demonstrate the method of repairing a hose containing inside a communication fishing line for a trimmer:

The repair of the vacuum cleaner hose often does not cause any special difficulties in the user. The main criteria for the production of independent repair of the hose is the ability to hold in your hands a fitting tool and, accordingly, a creative impulse to perform repair work. Without that and the other, the quality of the repair is not guaranteed.

There is something to supplement, or there were questions about the repair of a flexible corrugated hose? You can leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the publication, participate in discussions and share your own experience in repairing this part of the vacuum cleaner. The communication form is located in the lower block.

What are the types of vacuum cleaner hoses

When such an important process takes place as the choice and acquisition of a vacuum cleaner, everyone makes a classic mistake, considering only its power, functions, absorption power, etc.D., But no one pays attention to his sleeve. But in the vacuum cleaner, metal rings are inserted inside the hose and not everyone knows why this is done, and how important it is.

At first glance, absolutely all existing tubes are completely the same, but if you consider them more closely, this is far from the case. The only thing that unites them all is the fact that they are all corrugated, this is done in order to compress and stretch them for convenience during operation. But there are much more differences.

The first thing you need to pay attention to. all hoses have a different diameter, and even the same manufacturer makes different sizes, because not all of them can be replaced. The power of absorption of the vacuum cleaner depends on this indicator: the smaller the diameter, the more efficient the dust will be absorbed.

The length of the hose is also of great importance, because the convenience of operation directly depends on its length. The shorter he is, the more inconvenience. At the same time, you should not be afraid of power loss, because in principle, the power unit of the model with a long hose is designed for this.

The detergent devices hose has several differences from ordinary ones, since it is supplemented with a special tube along which water is supplied, as well as a trigger, to control its number.

modern hoses have a special remote control, so you can adjust the sucking level.

Cheap options are made of low.quality polypropylene, which, despite its softness, has one significant drawback. during operation, hoses can be squeezed out.

The second type, on the contrary, is more rigid, and it is so unbending that sometimes it can even turn the vacuum cleaner on one of the turns. over, such a hose often breaks during the excesses, and picking up a new one is quite problematic.

The most ideal option should be not only optimally tough and soft at the same time, but its inner layer should be reinforced with a special wire reinforcement. Only in this case he will easily bend, and will not break.

Operation Rules

In order for the hose to serve faithfully as long as possible, it is very important to handle it correctly. Not everyone puts the vacuum cleaner in a box in which he was when buying and very in vain, because it is for this that it is intended.

If you do not disassemble parts of the vacuum cleaner and store it entirely, you must ensure that the hose does not lie under your feet, and was not in a naked form.

If we are talking about a moisture vacuum cleaner, in this case it is very important that it remains clean. After use, all its parts should be washed and dried so that internal corrosion does not occur (more about the maintenance of devices. in the article an eternal vacuum cleaner, or the rules for caring for household appliances).

If a characteristic whistle was seen during the operation of the vacuum cleaner, then this may not always indicate a breakdown of the hose and a violation of its integrity, sometimes cellophane or another object that gives rise to this sound (more details. in the article why the vacuum cleaner began to buzz at work during work ). In order to make sure that there is an extraneous object, you need to stretch the hose and look at the hole in the hole. To get rid of blockage, you can use a long and dense wire, preferably with a hook at the end.

So, what role do metal rings play inside the vacuum cleaner hose? Thanks to them, the hose can be exacerbated and stretched without fear that it can break.

TUTORIAL: How to Unclog a Vacuum Cleaner

Change the angle of inclination

With improper angle of inclination of brushes relative to the stator, spark. The correct position is when both brushes are strictly on the same line passing through the axis of rotation of the collector. Over time, from constant vibration, the fastening of the brush holder can shatter or even get mechanical damage. Carefully inspect the surface of the nodes. Parts with cracks, chips or traces of corrosion are subject to replacement.

Each manufacturer brings design features to the line of their products, and therefore various types of vacuum cleaners have different types of fastening brush. However, in general, all models have the same device, and the brush holder is usually screwed with two screws and allows you to adjust.

Eliminate pollution

The surface of the collector at the contact point with the brushes should be clean. Coal or metallic dust formed during friction of brushes on the ring or collector can have a harmful effect on contact. The pollution of the latter causes sparking, from which the cargo is formed. Independent repair of the vacuum cleaner in this case involves the usual cleaning. If the surface has traces of pollution, it is necessary to get rid of them with a fine skin, and then degrease, wiping with alcohol or gasoline. You should also pay attention to the space between the contacts on the rotor. If they are clogged with dirt or graphite dust, they should also be cleaned and degreased.

The most unpleasant thing that can happen to the vacuum cleaner engine is an interval circuit in the winding. As a rule, sparking in this case occurs in a circle, engine speed falls, claps are possible, collector plates have significant blackening. In this situation, you are facing the replacement of the motor as a whole, t.to. The cost of the anchor can be 70-80% of the cost of the entire electric motor, and to rewind in domestic conditions is not a task of simple.

Almost the perfect vacuum cleaner

Two years ago, believing advertising, I bought a Samsung SC6570 mild vacuum cleaner. The first impressions were wonderful (which I wrote about then in However, very soon a global drawback was discovered, which crossed out all the advantages of a free.free technology: small particles of dust fly past the container and get stuck in the foam phylon Filtre. As a result, the absorption power decreases by an order of magnitude and the filter has to be washed. Wash it for a long time, dirty and disgusting. And then dry. You have to wash the filter after any large cleaning.The vacuum cleaner with a bag also has a significant drawback: the bag is quickly clogged with fine dust and the power is reduced. In appearance, such a bag seems almost empty, but the vacuum cleaner sucks poorly and smells of dust, despite all the HEPA filters.

And yet there was a way out! This vacuum cleaner with a bag and cyclone at the same time. Releases the same Samsung.

Three models: SC5355, SC5356, SC5357. They differ in the color of the case (blue, golden, light gray) and equipment: 5355 an ordinary brush, a slit nozzle and a small furniture brush putting on on it. 5356. a turbo engine for upholstered furniture is added. 5357. A turbo engine for the floor has been added to the basic equipment. Unfortunately, 5357 has not been sold for a long time. 5355 costs 2900, 5356. 3000.

It is very convenient to use: all large dust and 80 percent of small ones are collected in a glass of cyclone. After each cleaning, the dust quickly and just spils out of the glass.

The remaining fine dust falls into a paper bag. When the furniture is vacuumed with a small brush, the cyclone is not used. In this mode, the bag is enough for several months.

An integral part of a good vacuum cleaner: electronic power control on the handle.

It is very comfortable. Turning and adjusting power is always at hand. By the way, on the Samsung website, an error that migrated to all descriptions: the SC5355 model is drawn with a power control handle on the case. In fact, 5355 has the same electronic control on the handle.

The output is the HEPA-11 filter, delaying microscopic dust particles and reducing the smell during the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

The main brush is standard with two positions of the half-shower.

The nozzle for cracks is short, small and not very comfortable.

Furniture brush is planted on a slit nozzle. Also not enough.

Furniture turboratory (only in the SC5356 model) is strange. The twisting brushes are flushed with the surface of the brush and do not protrude either a millimeter. I don’t use her.

How to repair a vacuum cleaner hose?

Petbrush turboratory (only in the SC5357 model) is very effective for cleaning carpets and carpet. All dust and hair are combed from the carpet. Unfortunately, only the missing model SC5357 is equipped with this brush, but it can be bought separately.

The only drawback of these, in my opinion, almost perfect vacuum cleaners, small and uncomfortable slit nozzles and a furniture brush. Therefore, I bought an excellent furniture brush for 99 (now 159) rubles:

With the help of this brush, vacuuming tables, furniture, audio equipment, columns.

And I also had a set for cleaning the Swirl computer with a miniature brush for a long time:

Bags sold in Auchan. 5 pieces for 100. Called “Worwo S-01”

My SC5356 is over a year and I have been very pleased with them. During this time, on my advice, mom and friend bought the same. No less positive reviews on Yandex market: http: // Market.Yandex.ru/Model-Opinions.XML?Modelid = 966530hid = 90564

By the way, if you have a vacuum cleaner with a bag, in some Samsung service centers you can buy a glass-cycle glass (800), and if the diameter of the tubes is suitable, turn your vacuum cleaner into a cyclone-furry.

A handle on the hose is inserted into the hole of the filter on top. Hole. 32.65 mm (pipe on the hose 32.5 mm).Below the filter tube is inserted into the pipe to the brush. A tube. 32.50 mm (hole in the pipe 32.8 mm)

Why the vacuum cleaner began to work loudly

To identify the reason for the appearance of a loud noise during operation, often only an experienced specialist is in strength, so it is recommended not to engage in independent repair, but to give the device to the service center. If you decide to search for a malfunction yourself, you should know that the most likely causes of excessive noise can be:

  • Excessively filled dust container. This is usually the case due to the untimely cleaning of the bag or container for dust. As a result, there is a difficulty in passing the air through a vacuumber, which leads to an increase in the load on the engine and increasing its noise. With excessive pollution of the filtration system, dust can fall into the motor compartment and settle on moving parts. As a result, interruptions in the operation of the engine begin: it works “for dry” and there is a hum and whistle.
  • Failure of components. The definition of a faulty part can only be carried out by a specialist of the service center, so if such a malfunction is suspected, it is better to stop attempts to independently repair in order to avoid excessive financial expenses for the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner.
  • Faulty engine. if the vacuum cleaner is relatively new, then the factory marriage of the engine may take place. If there is a warranty period, you should give the device to the store, and if the guarantee is already over, then contact the service center.

The vacuum cleaner vibrates and noise

Increased vibration can be present only on old models where metal fans are installed. Replacing such an element will cost enough, so it’s often cheaper to purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

It works loudly and makes an unpleasant odor

Even with caring care for a vacuum cleaner, an unpleasant smell may come from it. And this may not be the fault of the manufacturer or a long service life of the device-there are several reasons that can lead to the appearance of a specific smell:

  • Dust and SOR, which are absorbed by a vacuum cleaner, contain a large number of bacteria, which, when propagated in a humid environment, can emit a specific smell. With the device, the smell is turned off may not be, but during its operation and heated, its explicit detection occurs.
  • Purish an unpleasant odor when heated by a vacuum cleaner can be of poor.quality plastic from which the case is made.
  • Sometimes the cause of the smell may be the closure of some elements of the vacuum cleaner, which leads to their melting.

In some cases, if the vacuum cleaner buzzes strongly, does not pull dust and heats up, it is necessary to contact specialists. Only they can find the true cause of the breakdown. You don’t need to do anything yourself, since you can still damage the device.

Mechanical damage to the gadget

The easiest way out of such situations is the replacement of the broken part of the device with a new. This will not take much time and will immediately use it. Or the unit should be attributed to the service for the diagnosis of breakdown and its elimination.

Types of pipes

They are distinguished by the material of manufacture. There are plastic and steel tubes. Steel are more durable. But in operation is easier than plastic. Although easily break.

Modern vacuum cleaners are made with durable clamps on the tubes. It is they who often make it difficult to disassemble the element.

The device of the telescopic pipe

The telescopic absorption pipe is a holistic system consisting of two tubes: external and internal. They built one or more elements of a stupor fixed in the internal grooves of the sleeve. Thanks to this, the inner pipe is held. Fixes the system of a special built.in spring.

The telescopic pipe LG (as in other known models) is closed from the inside. And there is no way to open it. The springy element is made in the form of a curved ring. In addition, inexhaustible cloves and caps are added. But enterprising people still find ways to make out and repair the telescopic pipe.

Analysis method

If the tube in the vacuum cleaner stops functioning, the following actions can be performed:

  • In the place where the fixer button is located, drill a small hole.
  • To unscrew the screw. To do this, pull the button from the tube (it is easier to consider the location of the screw). Aim at a drill and make a hole.
  • After this, part of the tube will easily disassemble the details.

Parsing pipes on vacuum cleaners Samsung and LG

Telescopic pipe for the Samsung vacuum cleaner is similar to the elements to LG. Therefore, their analysis and repair will be similar.

Samsung telescopic pipe for vacuum cleaner

Such tubes can also be opened without fault. Using some rules:

  • To remove the upper and lower parts of the latches, you need to turn them 10-15 degrees and pull them out. Where to direct the turn is better to determine by touch. No indicators are provided here. If it does not spin in one direction, twist into another. No need to use force if it does not work. Otherwise, the tube will just break.
  • There are two halves in the remaining central part of the Samsung pipe. They will be visible. Without great efforts, they should be gently shaken.
  • Inside is a sleeve and two plastic stoppers. These are very small details.
  • After the analysis, it will be seen. from which the breakdown occurred.

After eliminating the problem, the Samsung telescopic pipe is subject to reverse installation. It is recommended to lubricate all metal parts during the assembly process with silicone lubricant.

Some act in another way. For example, in Dyson vacuum cleaners are connected by strong latches. To reveal them, you need to take a flat wide screwdriver, push the latch and slowly advance it to the side. The latch should “jump”. But this method requires accuracy. Otherwise, the tongues of the latch can break. And you have to buy a new telescopic pipe.

Useful recommendations

To avoid even greater problems with technology, it is better to take it to repair.

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