Why is the back wall of the stirrer stink

What to do if the ice is intent on the back of the refrigerator

Frequent refrigerator malfunction is the appearance of ice on the back wall. Products located in such an environment will also quickly be covered with ice, and after defrosting they will be tasteless. It is important to find the reason why the ice intends on the back of the refrigerator, and get rid of it.

Sometimes the appearance of ice is not associated with the breakdown of the refrigerator, other reasons are possible.

Incorrect operation

Often the formation of ice on the walls is associated with improper use of the refrigerator.

To avoid this, do not put hot dishes and drinks in it. Because of them, a lot of moisture appears in the chamber, and ice forms.

Non.Compliance with the temperature regime

The problem is usually due to the fact that cooling is included in the maximum during the heat. You should not do it: the temperature inside the cameras does not depend on how hot it is indoors.

Important! You should not include the supermur function for a long time: in this case, the engine works at full power, which can lead to its rapid wear.

No sealing

If the refrigerator door opens too often or does not fully fit the body, a loss of sealing is possible.

When air often gets inside the chamber, this leads to a violation. Also you can not leave the door of the device for a long time open.

Ice can intend if the gum on the door does not fully fit the body

Malfunctions due to which the ice is intent on the back wall

The fact that the refrigerator is required may even indicate a thin layer of hoarfrost. If the fur coat occurs constantly, this is an occasion to call the master for diagnosis.

The reasons why the snow intent on the wall of the refrigerator:

back, wall
  • Wondered seal. If the elastic band on the door is dry, cracked, fit loosely, warm air enters the camera. The problem will be solved by replacing or repairing the seal.
  • The appearance of blockages in the capillary system. With this malfunction, Freon cannot freely circulate through the tube and evenly cool the air. Because of this compressor, you have to work more intensively and rarely disconnect. An additional feature talking about this problem is the heating of the refrigerator body outside.
  • Refrigerant leak. Freon disappears from the system when it is damaged or clogged. The tube is often corroded, cracks appear in these places, through which Freon comes out. In this case, the ice does not cover the entire back panel with a single fur coat. The growths of snow appear in separate places. Exactly where the refrigerant flows.
  • Damage to the thermostat. This detail is responsible for maintaining a given temperature in the chamber. When it fails, the compressor does not receive signals about the change in the temperature regime. The motor stops working or disconnecting. Because of this, excessive freezing occurs, while ice is formed not only on the walls, but also on products.
  • The failure of the magnetic valve in one.Compressor refrigerators. This detail is responsible for the uniform distribution of frost in two chambers. When it breaks, cold air is not pumped into the freezer, but to the main compartment. Because of this, a snow fur coat appears on the rear wall of the refrigerator from the freezer, and in the freezer, on the contrary, it heats up.

These are the main reasons why the refrigerator inside is covered with snow and ice. But other malfunctions can also be an occasion. Only a master can determine the exact cause.

Ways to eliminate intentions

Regardless of what breakdown happened with refrigeration equipment, the problem can be eliminated independently by following the algorithm:

  • Check the location of the containers for storage, the temperature of the food in the chamber, the presence of lids on the liquids. If you eliminate all the shortcomings, and the fur coat continues to increase, then go to the next point.
  • Defrost the unit in natural conditions, conduct hygienic cleaning, blow the drainage system.
  • Operate the equipment in normal mode, carefully checking before included in the network:
  • Settings of thermal attires;
  • The integrity of the rubber seal;
  • Door fit density;
  • Adjustment of the legs on the equipment housing;
  • The location of the technique.

Attention! Finding in the immediate vicinity of thermal devices, heating systems and direct hit of sunlight significantly reduces the functionality of the refrigerator.

The reasons for the intention of ice and snow that are not related to the breakdown of the refrigerator

The cooling mode is selected correctly, but in the refrigerator and/or freezer is still covered with ice? Unfortunately, you have to state the fact of a malfunction.

Malfunctions requiring repair

When you have to defrost the refrigerator for too often, while the seal is intact, all operating rules are observed, and the regime is correctly set, you should think about whether the unit itself is working. Since ice is a consequence of the failure of one of its mechanisms.

This table shows the most common breakdowns.

This breakdown is characteristic of refrigerated cabinets with the simplest device.

In the devices of the know.How, with a drip defrust (Free Frost), the water begins to accumulate in the middle or under a refrigerator.

You need to clean the drainage with your own hand or invite a specialist.

A change in damaged units of the thawing system is required.

It is necessary to eliminate the leak and season the unit with a refrigerant. If leaks are in the evaporator. You need to replace it.

You need to clean the pipeline and season with a freon technique.

You need to change the electromagnetic valve.

If a problem is detected, you should first defrost the refrigerator. In the case when the ice on the back wall of the device intensifies again, this confirms its malfunction. If, after an independent check, ice reappears again, then the help of a specialist is required. He will conduct diagnostics, find the reason for the failure in the system and conduct high.Quality repair.

Plyushkin syndrome

A large number of products and ready.Made dishes. The reason why the rear wall of the refrigerator is covered with ice. The chamber should have enough space for mixing cold and warm air.

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If there is no sufficient convection, the back wall in the lower part will be strongly cooled. Moisture is scoundns and freezes on it. This mainly applies to refrigerators with a drop system. Household appliances with No Frost technology are less prone to the danger of ice formation due to lack of free space.

Why is ice intent on the back wall of the refrigerator

Ice in the refrigerator forms when the device is improperly operated or during breakdowns. Before calling the master, you need to make sure that there are no violations in the use of a home glacier.

Ice fur coat is the result of moisture accumulation on the back wall. Regular defrosting and racing of ice will not solve the problem. It is possible to deal with this phenomenon only to eliminate the main cause of incorrect work.

If the frost does not linger on the wall for a long time and constantly melts, this indicates that the device is working. The reason for the appearance of frost is improper operation.

Questions. Answers

Svetlanazdojet.Refrigerator Atlant one.Chamber defrosting loaded products into the freezer, and found in the morning.What freezes only over the first box.The rest of the products did not freeze.Just cold.Red indicator burned half a day.Now went out.The super.Commercial included.Tell.Please.What with the refrigerator.Thanks.

Master’s answer: Svetlana, if the refrigerator has not gained temperature during the day, then the case may be in the leak of Freon from the system.

back, wall

Julia.Like afternoon. The fur coat grows inside the chamber of the upper. Lower freezer norms always. The fridge of the eyelid. A red square with a vocabulary sign flashes on an electronic display. The gum adjoins tightly. We do not add to the wall. We store fruits in the lower bath and the upper chamber fruit vegetables. Fans have been rarely working lately. If at first they worked periodically turning on and turning off themselves.Then now how you can’t open they are always turned off. Sometimes I press the screwer button on the board, and they do not turn on ignore. The first six months, it was not heard how it works. And now what sounds I just do not hear and the noise and turning on the shutdown of the motor and turning on the hiss of some kind of draining gurgling all kinds.))) What about him?

Master’s answer: Julia, first we recommend that you defrost the refrigerator for a day. If after defrosting the refrigerator does not work, then the case may be in the leak of Freon.

Hermanv of the upper part of the refrigerator Ariston intends the ice.Refrigerator with the function of the know.Free.What to do to correct the situation?

Master’s answer: Herman, check the freezer, if there is a lot of snow, then the case may be a malfunction of the thawing system (a grinder or heater) of the evaporator.

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Tatyanaspasibo big for consultation, all the best to you.

Master’s answer: Tatyana, thanks for your review!

Tatyanaspasibo for the answer, but I have drops not in the cell, but in the refrigerated cabinet on the back wall appeared.

Master’s answer: Tatyana, on the back wall of the refrigerator, it should be so. Then they heat up and thawing down down. This is the norm. Do not worry.

Tatyanazdojoye, please tell me what’s the problem.We bought a new refrigerator, 3 hours after delivery turned on and appeared on the back wall of a drop of water and ice.What to do now, back to the store.Thanks.

Master’s answer: Tatyana, drops of water and ice. This is an absolute norm for refrigerators with a drip system of the refrigerator. This ice creates a temperature of 5 degrees in the chamber.

Aleksey put in the refrigerator not cooled foods, after which ice began to form on the back wall.Tell. It is really possible to fix or carry it for repair yourself?If something in the mail. Ya73patriot@yandex.Ru

Master’s answer: Alexey, you just need to defrost the refrigerator so that it thaws.

Lyudmilaholodnik Sniga, the third month works, the freezer chamber below. The problem was very frozen boxes and spirals under them.And on the door of the camera in one place is frost (tell me what the problem is? Thanks

Master’s answer: Lyudmila, check if you have the “Super.Summary” function. There may be a reason for this.

Olgakapillary system is blown up by. It seems to be clean there

back, wall

Master’s answer: Olga, how you checked it? To check the capillary system, you need to produce a freon and check the system with a vacuum pump.

The Olgakholodnik Atlant freezes on the back wall at the top, then does not defrost itself (there is no water at all).Even after defrosting, everything was repeated.The reason for the freezing?

Master’s answer: Olga, the reason is most likely in the block of the capillary system.

Andreidvuhkamarmer refrigerator Indsitis, began to intend to too much fur coat in the upper part of the freezer. Damage to the seal is not visible. This may happen due to heating the jumper between the cameras? Heating quite strongly.

Master’s answer: Andrey, the reason is most likely that you have a freon leak in the refrigerator or a blockage of a capillary tube.

Hope. Indesite refrigerator. No frost.2 chamber. Freezer is below. At the very bottom, behind the lower box, ice freezes. What can be the reason and how much will you cost repairs if necessary?? Thanks in advance.

Master’s answer: Nadezhda, good afternoon! In your refrigerator, a drainage hole in the freezer or a broken heater of the dropproof system of the know frast can be closed. Remove the rear cover of the freezer and check the drainage.

Alekseyatland MXM 1704 delibes an uniform fur coat on the rear wall of the refrigerator, even for 1 and does not melt as before and the compressor threshes apparently constantly that it could be? Something else clicks from behind when the compressor of the refrigerator tucked

Master’s answer: Alexei, either the thermostat of the refrigerator, or the blockage in the capillary system of the refrigerator, failed.

Annaspasibo for such a quick answer. Probably did not notice drops, t.To. I spent most of my time at work) Yesterday I just spent 3 hours in the kitchen with him and noticed that often (it seemed to me that this is often) turned on. About just 30-40 minutes buzzes and turns off for 20 minutes. Thanks again)

Master’s answer: Anna, we were glad to help you! Contact!

Annibular afternoon! I have such a question. With what kind of rot should turn on and buzz the refrigerator? Mine seems to have become very often buzzing. It strains it. It seems that it was not heard before. And holes and drops form and freeze on the rear inner wall in the refrigerator chamber. From your article, I realized that this is normal for the refrigerator with a drop system of defrosting. But why then this was not at first from the first day of the purchase?

Master’s answer: Anna, good afternoon! If you have a refrigerator with a drip system of defrosting of a refrigerator, then freezing of drops on the back wall is an absolute norm. And so it was always with you, you just did not betray the importance of this. The work of the refrigerator compressor should be in relation to the rest. 2 to 1. That is, the compressor works for 40 minutes. 20 minutes “rest”.

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