Why is the washing machine greatly vibrates when operating

The washing machine jumps and vibrates, what is the reason?

During operation of the washing machine, light vibration is acceptable. However, shifts, strong trembling and roar should alarm the owner. The reasons why the washing machine jumps or vibrates greatly, can be different: improper operation or complex malfunctions. The elimination of the reasons from the first group is available to most users, the second group requires diagnosis and specialized assistance. The simplest and most manifested factors already during the first use, as follows:

One of the frequently found reasons for the vibration of the machine during spin is the wrong choice for its placement. Errors can be as follows:

  • flooring of insufficient stiffness (floor floor);
  • The floor is too smooth and slippery;
  • the surface is uneven (level changes under the legs will increase shaking).

In this situation, it is necessary to provide a solid and monolithic coating under the machine, a rubber rug is allowed. It is important to put the technique strictly horizontally in level, adjust the position of the legs to exclude the loosening. Using the construction level, make sure the evenness of the coating and the correct placement of the machine relative to the floor (along the width of the case and depth so that there are no distortions).

In rooms with floors made of wood for washing machine, you need to make an even hard base, for example, from concrete or tiles. If the new washing machine, installed in level on the tile, still vibrates greatly when spinning, you can lay a rubber mat or special anti.vibration stands for the legs under it.

Imbalance from a large amount of linen

Another point due to which the washing machine jumps around the bathroom when spinning is a violation of the uniform distribution of things by the drum. The reasons:

  • Things were lost in a ball/knot (small ones hid in large ones);
  • the recommended weight for loading linen;
  • The niche of the drum is filled more than 70% or there are too few things.

It is difficult to gain the desired speed of speed during overload, and things are pressed to the lower site. If things are not loaded enough, then they throw them throughout the drum.

If the balance of the loaded linen is broken, then the machine squeezes the linen and swings intensively, the display can issue a UE or UB error signal. To prevent this, consider that wet things are harder, and terry things absorb a lot of water and increase the total weight of the laundry. Follow the weight of the weight of the laundry for different laundry programs.

Wash bedding and small things separately so that volumetric balls are not created.

If you suspect that the technique knocks on the fact that the machine has been overloaded, then stop the wash, take out part of the things, and distribute the rest carefully on the surface of the drum, then start the program again.

Why it vibrates strongly and bounces?

With normal operation, some vibration of LG washing machines should be, especially at the stages of intensive rotation of the drum. over, in apparatus with belt transmission it is higher than in direct drive. This is due to structural features. But there should not be significant shaking.

washing, machine, greatly, vibrates

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All the reasons for the “bouncing” LG washing can be divided into two conditional groups:

Among the violations of the rules for using technology:

  • The timely removal of transport bolts has not been completed;
  • uneven/smooth floor;
  • installation is not in level;
  • overload;
  • seaside of shoes;
  • hitting an extraneous object into the drum.

With breakdowns of the device, the situation is more difficult. Vibration, because of which the machine can literally jump around the room, are:

  • problems with a counterweight (displacement, destruction, etc.D.);
  • wear of bearings;
  • Motor breakdown;
  • the presence of foreign objects in the tank (coins, scrapers, etc.D.);
  • damage to shock absorbers;
  • Distribution of springs.

Some reasons for the shaking of the device can be eliminated quickly and simply. With serious breakdowns. you may need the help of a specialist and analysis of the apparatus in a workshop.

Light and narrow LG models are more susceptible to vibrations and “jumping” than thorough, large and heavy weight.

What to do?

Before disassembling the LG washing machine and proceed to inspection of the nodes, you must make sure that the reason is not a simple violation of the rules for installing and operating.

In this case, experts recommend diagnostics in this order: from easily accessible nodes. to complex.

Transport bolts

When transporting the LG washing machine, transport bolts are installed from the side of the rear wall. Later plugs are fixed instead of them.

The bolts serve to reliable fixing the tank, and to prevent its free movement inside the case. As soon as the machine was brought and installed in a permanent place, the bolts can be removed.

The use of bolts is recommended not only when transporting a new machine from the store, but also with any other transportation of washing equipment.

Balance or imbalance of things in the drum

Things placed in the drum during washing and during spin are subjected to intensive effects and movement. Becoming heavier from water, they are not always evenly distributed.

If the laundry is lost in one lump, which literally throws up and hits the walls of the drum during washing, a large load is created for nodes. Unevenly distributed things swing the drum, the LG machine begins to shake and jump.

To eliminate the problem, the work of the washing room needs to be stopped, and the things are evenly decomposed. At the same time, make sure that there is no overload.

Overload or underload

Too many things in the drum create a large load on the nodes that are involved in the process. The overload not only causes shaking, but also worsens the quality of washing, and also contributes to a faster wear of details. Solving the problem. stop the operation of the device and pull out part of the things.

A significant underload may also lead to a shaking of the case. If only one small thing has been sent to the washing of LG, the washer is not always able to distribute it in the drum evenly. If it is impossible to do this, the vibration is transmitted to the case.

Installation by level

The correct installation of the washing machine includes the mandatory compliance with the requirements of the device exactly. To do this, use a special tool. the construction level.

But if the floor is lined with glossy tiles, then even with high.quality installation, the machine can tremble and jump, especially by spinning. To solve the problem, it is best to use special overlays for the legs of the machine.

If the flooring is uneven, then you need to level the floor itself or you will have to make a small catwalk that provides a flat reliable installation of a washing machine.

When you don’t need to?

When washing athletic shoes, the outlet should not be installed. But if the user went around the ban, and set the washing on the mode with an annex, the LG washing machine will suffer.

Shining against the walls of the drum of sneakers, they will begin to swing it hard. Even good dampers are not able to extinguish such vibration.

As a result, the machine can tremble so hard that it will even easily shift from a place specified for it.

Extraneous subject: find and get

An extraneous item that fell into the drum can cause big problems and serious breakdowns. If it is freely rolling in the drum, then it can fight about the surface. In this situation, the washing process should be immediately stopped, the water is merged, and the object is extracted.

washing, machine, greatly, vibrates

If, by oversight with things, keys, nails, paper clips, etc. got into the LG washing machine.D., They can get between the tank and the drum. In this case, the shaking of the case, damage to the integrity of the tank, jamming of rotation is possible.

The “guilty” extraneous thing can sometimes even undergo and get it from the side of the drum (for example, the sticking bone of the bra), but more often there will be a partial disassembly of the washer. Knowing that an extraneous subject is in the tank, the problem cannot be ignored.

Shock absorbers

A system of two dampers located under a certain inclination under the tank is responsible for stabilizing the position of the tank inside the case.

They are able to extinguish even significant fluctuations. But with wear, the damper cannot cope with the load.

The tank can make so strong fluctuations, then it will fight against the walls of the machine, provoking its trembling and even jumping. The solution of the problem situation is to replace two dampers at once. How to do this, read here.


There are hard springs above the tank that hold it, extinguishing fluctuations. With their wear, the tank can make fluctuations in large amplitude. As a result, the LG machine will begin to jump and shake.


There is a weight on the tank on top. a counterweight that stabilizes the position of the tank and prevents it from fluctuations. In rare cases, this detail can lose integrity or shift. If the fasteners are shattered, it needs to be tightened.

Engine breakdown

With the wear of the engine in LG, the selection can occur in jerks or even stop. Replacing this part. the procedure is complex and quite expensive, is carried out with disassembling the device.

District of bearings

Bearing bearings begin to signal the breakdown first at the spin stage when the drum rotation is at high speeds. Over time, if nothing is done, it will become difficult not only to squeeze, but also washing.

Destroyed bearings need to be replaced. To do this, the LG washing machine is disassembled. This article will tell about the replacement of bearings.

What to do if the washing machine vibrates

To diagnose the type of breakdown, you need to know the characteristic features indicating a malfunction:

  • Damage to the bearings. It is characterized by extraneous noise when washing, swinging the apparatus and poor.quality squeezing. To eliminate the problem, you need to shoot a drum and replacement of bearings.
  • The failure of the counterweight. The reason is the weakening of the counterweight fasteners, as a result of which the destruction occurs. You need to replace the fasteners and adjust the counterweight.
  • District of bearings. The situation similar to the breakdown of the bearings. It is required to replace the part before its complete destruction.
  • The electric motor is faulty. If immediately after the water set, the drum begins to spin at full speeds, then the problem lies in the malfunction of the electric motor. Replacing this part requires special technical skills, therefore it is better to consult a master for help.
  • Extraneous objects. The rattle may also indicate the presence of foreign objects between the tank and the drum. To clean the apparatus from garbage, you should remove the heater and get rid of excess.
  • Shock absorbers are faulty. Knock and vibration often occur with a malfunction of shock absorbers. To diagnose, open the hatch, pull the tank and release. If the drum starts to shake, then the shock absorbers should be replaced.

Excessive shaking during washing provokes further wear of not only cars, but also furniture standing nearby with it.

If problems are found in the work of equipment, it is worth starting to search for their solution.

How to eliminate a shaking at washing machines of different brands

LG washing machines

Often, the cause of high pulsation when spinning in LG washing machines is a factory marriage and the failure of the bearings. In order to change the bearing should be:

  • Remove all elements of the case. Remove the meter from the front, remove the rubber cuff from the groove and unscue the front cover.
  • Disconnect the device itself. Filling damper, plum pipe, all the Tena terminals, the flood pump and the cables feeding it, the motor cables, the counterweights, goods, shock absorbers, a water level sensor with a pipe.
  • Disassemble the tank and unscrew the bolts (there may be latches), disconnect the pulley, carefully knock out the axis.
  • Remove the bearing to disconnect it with neat movements, free the opening of the drum from garbage and old lubricant.
  • Put a new bearing. Fix the oil seal in place, lubricating it in advance.

Samsung washing machines

One of the most common breakdowns. This is the damage to the drive belt. In order to replace this detail you need:

  • Open the back panel;
  • Pull the belt, pulling it between the pulley and the engine;
  • Free him from the gutter with a cross.shaped screwdriver;
  • Replace the damaged belt with a new one, putting it on the pulley and scrolling it a little.

Bosch washing machines

High pulsation, often appears due to blocking the filter on the front panel. Which can be cleaned yourself:

  • Remove the sealing gum from the front of the machine;
  • Take out a retractable container for washing products and the lower panel;
  • Disconnect the door lock;
  • Reject the tire;
  • Cleanse the sleeves and stretch it;
  • Wash the sleeve and process the internal walls of the system with a ruff.

The presence of failures in the work is determined using the test diagnostic mode. Also, the unit must be installed by the construction level and difficulties will not appear.

Washing machines Indesit

This budget brand has increased vibration during work and especially during an annex. Often the repair is reduced to installing the machine on a solid surface and the correct load of the drum. One of the most time.consuming repairs is considered / and breakdown of any drum details (often this is an oil seal). This is the replacement of the entire block or buying new equipment.

Than all this is dangerous?

The main problem is that during the pulsation, the car can easily break away from the drain hose or from the supply of water, and in this case the flood in housing is guaranteed.

Front-Load Washer Vibrating — Front-Load Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Frequent overload leads to abrasion of belts and complete failure of the unit.

When working with a faulty belt, an unpleasant smell of rubber can occur and smoke can go.

The machine will not be able to make a complete washing cycle if the drive belt is broken, since the system of fence and drain the water is disturbed.

The drum may stop spinning or the equipment starts to flow if you continue to use a machine with faulty bearings.

Identification and elimination of a malfunction

We will try to study in more detail the possible breakdowns and ways of their independent elimination. Because nevertheless some can be solved without even performing a disassembly of the body of the washing machine. It is better to entrust the hands of the masters from the service center, because over several years of active operation, much could have occurred. We will analyze the situations in which the user will be able to do something himself.

Incorrect installation

This is a common problem that is due to the fact that the technique is not exhibited relative to the horizon. Any equipment, in the design of which there are suspensions and oscillatory movements occur, needs an accurate exhibition. If this is not done, then the center of mass of the drum will shift to the side and it will be unpleasant to knock.

At high speeds, beatings will occur that will lead to a shift in the car from their place. To set equipment, you need to use the level. Take a longer length than 60 cm so that it lay on the ribs on the sides. Should be set in two planes. First longitudinal, then transverse. Installation is carried out using special adjustable legs. They are rubberized specifically in order to partially compensate for the vibration and so that the technique does not slip on the tile. Adjustment is carried out by twisting or twisting these legs from all 4 angles.

In addition to setting a washing machine by twisting or twisting the legs, it is also worth determining if the floor is even. Of course, even significant deviations from the horizon can be adjusted with legs, but it is still better that the surface is also even. In addition, the legs are not controlled, therefore, with a slight vibration, they can be twisted, which will lead to a further increase in the staggering of the body. To eliminate this defect, it is recommended to put thin pieces of rubber under the legs, which will additionally compensate for the amplitude of the jumps.

Damage in the design: failure of the bearings

The most important reason for the vibration of the washing machine when spinning is the production of bearings. over, this is an inevitable process, especially if they were installed poor quality. In the process of work, they are acting forces striving to reject the axis to the side.

The bearing serves in order to hold it and thereby ensure a slight turnful. Due to the acting perpendicular to the shaft of the force, there is a production in the internal, outer clip and the balls themselves. It is usually seen by potholes and scuffs on details. The difficulty of this reason lies in the fact that together with the vibration of the drum very often arises and its leak. That is why it is better to notice the problem as soon as possible, so as not to replace other details also.

Also difficult, this problem is considered for the reason that it is almost impossible to eliminate it with your own hands. At a minimum, professionalism and special devices will be required to knock out bearings. But you can independently determine that they still have a production. It is done very simple. It is necessary to hit the drum back and forth, like a wheel when checking for backlash in a hub. There should not be any beats at all.

Distribution of springs

As previously indicated when familiarizing themselves with the design of this technique, it usually contains 2 or 4 springs. These are quite powerful products made of thick spring steel with a rod diameter of at least 3 mm. It is available from the two ends of the ring with which it is suspended in the case and holds the drum in this state. They must ensure partially free movement of the drum so that the housing is not swinging. They are attached to special eyeballs in the case.

Distribution of springs

In some cases, due to the poor quality of metal or non-compliance with the hardening technology, the spring is less resilient and soon aged. This leads to their deformation (extension) and relative elongation. As a result, the drum is again shifted to the side, which is why unevenly acting forces arise, leading to its rocking.

To check the condition of the springs, we in the workshop set the equipment in terms of level and calculate the location of the center of the drum. If it is shifted, then one of the springs is stretched. We recommend changing two with a preliminary check of each spring. If there is a strong vibration of the washing machine, then one of the springs could even crack.

Demomper’s malfunction

The damper acts as a shock absorber. It makes it difficult to move the drum up and down when it is swinging. This is carried out due to the effort acting on the rod of the part. Over time, the seal is abrasion, which leads to liberation and a more free move. As a result, there is a chatter on one side, in relation to the other.

Due to the distortion of the drum trajectory during swinging, it is also disturbed, which causes strong chaotic shocks. On cheaper models of washing machines, it will not work to replace this part independently, because they are attached to the casing with steel rivets. They will need to be drilled, then installed on ordinary screws. In our service center, this is what a similar repair is being carried out.


Damage to the pulley

Your washing machine jumps, and what to do, you do not know? There is a decision to contact us in the service center. Also in such a situation it is worth paying attention to all the details. If there is no beating in the drum, it hangs in the center and the springs are intact, then there may be damage to the pulley. This is a duralumin part in the form of a large rim on which the belt is wearing. Duralumin is relatively strong metal, but still it can be damaged from bending to break. Of course, in the latter case, the breakdown will also be well audible. This can be if you purchased a used washing machine from unknown hands.

Damage to the location of the springs and damper

Vibrating the drum of a washing machine can not only due to damage to the spring or damper. Rarely, but still such cases happen, the eye is damaged, to which these elements are fixed on the case or the drum itself. Unfortunately, you will not only not be able to repair this breakdown with your own hands, but we will not do this in the workshop. The reason is that it is extremely difficult and actually impossible to repair the attachment sites. Only one thing will remain in such a situation. buy a new washing machine. We are ready to buy the old one from your spare parts.

Is it worth it to carry out repairs with your own hands

A washing machine can and is a relatively simple household appliances, but, in fact, it only seems like that, because in it, like in any other, there are many nuances. In particular, there may be many reasons why the washing machine jumps. To correctly diagnose specific, it is better to contact the service center immediately.

Experts will conduct a number of tests and quickly determine the breakdown. Also, they willingly provide advisory services to their customers. In particular, they will help to properly conduct diagnostics. For example, to identify the production in the bearing, it is necessary to shake the drum on yourself and from yourself. If you feel a knock, then this is the development. During rotation, he will be thrown from side to side.

As for the definition of production in springs and damper, you can also do it easily easily. Click on the drum exactly in the middle and abruptly release it. In normal condition, he should evenly jump upward until he stops. If it takes him away from the first pitching, then there are problems with the depreciation.

It is important to identify defects in time, because constant vibration and jumps can lead to rupture of pipes, cuffs, damage to the oil seal and, as a result, the occurrence of leaks. He, in turn, can cause other more serious external problems. By the way, if you are thinking about buying a new washing machine, it is better to purchase a direct drive equipment. For the production of such a machine, LG has a license. Due to the absence of a belt, pulley and thicker shaft, the number of probable causes of vibrations is significantly reduced.

The reasons for the vibration of SMA

If a new washing machine, which was installed recently, vibrates and jumps, the reason may be:

  • In transport bolts. These are protective bolts that are installed for fastening the tank. Thus, it is protected from damage during transportation. If the bolts are not removed on time, the main details begin to wear out, the car is noisy and staggering with an annex. The bolts are located on the back panel, you can pull them out on your own.

Save transport bolts. When moving, they can be installed in place.

  • If the washer is shaking and shifts when washing, the reason may be in the wrong installation. When the technique is installed on a wooden floor, it sags over time. Check if the car is staggering in a disconnected state. If so, the case is the installation.
  • Why is the washer jumping, twitching and jumping on the floor? Improper operation leads to an imbalance. The overloaded drum will vibrate greatly when spinning. And if you put large things, they can go astray on the same side of the drum. In modern machines there is protection against imbalance. But it is better to stop the laundry, drain the water and evenly distribute the linen.
  • It happens that a small object enters the space between the tank and the drum. You can find it by scrolling the drum with your hand. Try to get the item by bent by the hatch cuff. If it was not possible to do this, you need to remove the heater and remove the item through its hole.

What models vibrate most often

Manufacturers each time improve the design of washing machines, trying to reduce the noise level. The drum is spinning at high speed during the spin, so natural vibrations are simply inevitable. They are the most jumping:

    . Due to the narrow case, the supporting part is reduced, therefore, if the machine is poorly fixed or built, it will move around the floor in the bathroom.

  • SMA with metal tanks also greatly rattle during operation.

When buying, pay attention to the methods of attaching the washing machine, as well as the materials of its design.

Technical problems and their elimination

The reasons for the vibration of the washing machine can be more serious malfunctions.

Bearings. hum, roar, jumping

When the drum bearings are already worn out, this is impossible not to notice. Noise is heard, the car is thunder and jumps. Such a check will help to make sure that the malfunction will help:

  • Open the hatch door and scroll through the drum with your hand. Noticed heterogeneous rotation? Perhaps the drum is spinning with difficulty. So the matter is in the bearings.
  • Sweet the drum with your hand up and down. If he moves away from the tank, forming the backlash, the bearings are worn out.

It is difficult to replace the bearings yourself, because you need to completely disassemble the washing machine. But this is necessary to do this, otherwise the shaft will begin to wear out, and then the car of the machine. As a result, you will have to buy new equipment.

How to complete the replacement of bearings in different brands of SMA, we wrote in previous articles.

Counterweight. knock

Concrete counterweights are attached to the tank for extinguishing vibrations. Counterweights rarely fail. The reasons for their breakdown can be the exhausted fasteners or a split in the concrete base.

If the counterweight is faulty, you hear a knock during work for. You can confirm the guesses like this:

  • Remove the upper part of the case, twisting the screws in the back.
  • Depending on the model of washing, the counterweights can be attached from above, in front or back.
  • Inspect their fasteners, tighten if necessary.
  • If the counterweight collapsed, he needs a replacement.

You need to replace the counterweight in the reverse order.

Shock absorbers and damper. dugout

These two details also serve to extinguish vibrations, soften the jumps of the tank during an annex. Shock absorbers were installed on old models of SMA, almost all modern machines are equipped with dampers.

Front-Load Washer Vibrating — Front-Load Washing Machine Troubleshooting

You can check their serviceability by removing the front or rear panel:

  • Press your hand on the tank. If he quickly fell into place, then everything is in order with the springs. If the tank began to hang out, inspect the details.
  • Below under the tank are dampers. Inspect them. If a breakdown occurs, you need to replace two parts at once.
  • Unscrew the lower mount of the part to the body.
  • Fix the damper bushing in the upper part to neutralize the latches.
  • Pull the sleeve with pliers. Install a new part.

Along with shock absorbers, there are springs on which the tank hangs. They fasten him for the hooks from above. Over time, springs can stretch and lose elasticity. You need to replace them only.

Engine. swinging machine

The electric motor can also cause strong fluctuations in washing rooms during operation. Most often this happens due to weakening the fastening bolts. You need to remove the rear panel and inspect the engine. Fasten bolts must be adjusted and fixed.

Top Load Washing Machine Drum Vibration Repair/Solution | Washing Machine Balance Problems

If the reason is not in the bolts, it is better to contact a master for a detailed diagnosis of the device.

The reasons for the problem and their solution

If, when examining the LG washing machine, there are no obvious causes of vibration, you need to proceed to the analysis of the states of the nodes that can cause the shaking of the case when squeezing.

Destruction of bearings

Over time, especially when it is in a wet room, and with frequent moisture, the bearings of the LG washing machine are destroyed.

The first signs of the appearance of a defect in this node may be a rattle that accompanies the squeezer, and then washing. At the same time, the shaft receives a free lateral move, which leads to the vibration of the washing machine.

Use LG washing machine when there is a suspicion of wear on the bearings, you can’t. If the breakdown worsens, and the bearing will fall apart, various nodes can suffer, which will complicate the repair, and make it even more expensive.

There can only be one solution to the issue. replacing bearings. The guide to replace the bearing in the LG washing machine with your own hands. here.

The fastenings of the counterweights were shaken

On top of the tank is a counterweight. At its core, this is a heavy block, which ensures the stability of the washing machine and also stabilizes the position of the tank relative to the LG washer body.

Over time, the counterweight may begin to collapse, and then it is changed. But more often there is a loosening of its fastening. In this case, a knock may be heard during work, and the vibration increases. At the repair stage, the part of the part is restored or the replacement is being replaced.

Physical depreciation of shock absorbers

According to statistics, it is precisely those who have become unusable that the dampers most often cause vibrations. Shock absorbers that are located under the tank are designed to extinguish vibrations that occur at large speeds characteristic.

The longer the LG washing machine lasts, the stronger the dampers wear. Additionally exacerbates the situation and accelerates the wear of washing with violation of the rules. the reloading of the drum, the installation of spinning during the processing of sports shoes, etc.D.

If the shock absorbers are not in order, the washing machine can signal the breakdown not only by vibration, but also with a knock at the push.up stage. the tank blows on the case. Only replacing damper will help to solve the problem. Change the damfords only by a couple, at the same time both.

Instructions for replacing shock absorbers on LG washing machine with your own hands. here.

What else can be done with the shock absorbers of a “galloping” machine, tell

The springs holding the tank have worn out

In conjunction with damper, to stabilize the position of the tank with intense rotation, springs work. They are above the tank and partially extinguish its fluctuations. With a long service life, especially with frequent violations by users of the operating rules of equipment, the springs begin to lose hardness.

Deprived of the necessary elasticity, they cease to extinguish the oscillatory movements of the tank during spin, and vibration appears. Repair with such a breakdown. replacing both springs.

washing, machine, greatly, vibrates

The motor broke

If the motor does not work stable, jerking, then vibration may be created. High.quality pressing under such conditions does not occur.

To restore the normal operation of the washing machine, the motor replacement is most often required. How to determine the malfunction of the LG washing machine and replace it, this article will tell.

washing, machine, greatly, vibrates

Stretched belt

During operation of the LG washing machine with a belt drive, a drive belt may stretch. As a result, the rotation from the motor to the drum is transmitted unevenly. jerking, which causes vibration and trembling of the entire washer body. For machines with direct drive, such a reason for the appearance of vibration cannot be.

Calling the master

If you find the reason for the vibration of the LG washing machine when spinning it independently, it is necessary to call the master from the company for repairing household appliances. Finding such a company is easiest on the Internet.

You should pay attention to whether there are positive reviews about the work of the company, how long it has existed on the market. Such a thoughtful approach will allow you not to get to scammers.

On average in the capital, the price will start from such amounts:

Wear of the seals and bearings

Worn or destroyed bearings cause a free rush of shaft with a drum. First, the machine begins to make a lot of noise, then strong vibration appears. Such a machine cannot be used, since this can cause more serious breakdowns and subsequent expensive repairs. DIY bearings replacing a complex and time.consuming process. It is more reasonable to use the services of our specialists. They will quickly and efficiently replace the bearings.

Uneven distribution of linen

The cause of strong vibration can be banal and consist in uneven distribution of linen in the drum. When wet clothes curl in one large lump, it has considerable weight. The rotation of such a coma can also provoke vibration and bouncing of the machine. The solution to the problem is very simple. to stop the washing process and decompose each thing separately.

Strong vibrations can lead to damage to the drum and tank of the washing machine, if such symptoms are detected, you need to immediately contact our masters.

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