Why the compressor of the air conditioner does not turn on

The compressor and air conditioning fan does not work and does not start

Any equipment has its weaknesses. Even the most technically equipped unit is easy to remove from the system if you stop looking after it, and let the process on its own. The air conditioner will work regularly in winter and in summer, if you follow the rules regarding the temperature regime outside the window, the state of filters, the amount of refrigerant. To understand why the air conditioner does not turn on, you need to understand the principles of the device.

Cooling devices are divided into budget and expensive. Cheap devices require more careful circulation, compliance with all operation rules. In their electronic control unit there is no protection against improper use, so they are easy to break. It doesn’t matter. an expensive or cheap model is installed in the apartment. the repair of the compressor will cost half the cost of the unit itself.

Dear air conditioners are not so easy to destroy, because they refuse to start if the conditions for normal work are not met. At this moment, there is a distrust of expensive technology, but in this way it protects users from unnecessary costs for spare parts.

The device of expensive and cheap cooling devices is not much different:

  • The compressor makes Freon move in a circle in the system.
  • The heat exchanger in the external unit cools the liquid.
  • The heat exchanger in the inner block evaporates the refrigerant and converts it from the liquid form into a gaseous.
  • The fan blows the heat exchangers of the external and internal blocks.

The general air conditioning principle is a fence of warm air, its cooling inside the unit and delivery back to the room. On a copper pipeline, the cooling liquid circulates under pressure.

If the air conditioner has stopped blowing, then an error has occurred in one of the main nodes. The reasons can be different. serious and banal.

Air conditioning does not work. the reasons for the problem

In order to save time and nerves, you should consider simple reasons leading to equipment breakdown:

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  • The battery life has ended in the remote control panel. They should be replaced and try to turn on the unit.
  • The remote control is located outside the reinforcement zone of equipment sensors.
  • The fork does not fit tightly, the air conditioner does not receive power supply.
  • The device is slowly working and does not cool enough: a lot of people gathered in the room or devices that give heat are included, open windows in the heat do not allow the device to work fully.
  • The device turns off shortly after the start of the work: the set temperature is achieved, you need to reconfigure the sensor to a stronger cooling.
  • An obstacle appeared on the air flow path, for example, furniture that needs to be removed to ensure the normal passage of warm and the release of cold air.

If the air conditioner does not work well and weakly gives out the cold, perhaps the power of the specific room was incorrectly designed.

After checking banal operation errors, you can proceed to more serious breakdowns. They occur due to a systematic violation of the rules for using climate technique. One of these errors is to include the device in the frost for heating. The air conditioner can only heat the house in the offseason. in the spring or autumn, when a plus temperature holds on the street. In winter, you can turn on in cooling mode if the external unit is equipped with a winter kit. drainage and crankcase heating.

compressor, conditioner, does, turn

Below 0 degrees in winter, the air conditioner does not turn on. It is used in “cold” mode to reduce temperature in the server room or computer class.

Batteries in the remote

First, see what you have with batteries in the control panel. Whether they are there and whether they were discharged after a long winter break in work. Try to install another, guaranteed worker, a set of batteries in the remote control and run the air conditioner again. Very often a search for the reason why the air conditioning compressor does not work, and this ends. The reason was in the batteries of the remote control.

The supply of electricity is broken

The fact that you have light in your apartment does not mean that your air conditioner receives power with the required parameters. The voltage on the network may differ from the norm, the outlet may be faulty, the vein can be blown out in the network cord, and on the distributor shield can knock out the machine gun just on the line on which the air conditioner “hangs”.

In other words, everything is fine with the compressor itself, but what is the case with power parameters. check with a multimeter or at least inspect the network cord and check the machine on the shield.

The fan of the internal unit has broken

A non.working fan sharply worsens cooling, and the control module after a while may well turn off the air conditioner.

Symptoms: any: if the control unit has failed, it is impossible to predict its behavior: for example, the air conditioner may arbitrarily turn on and off, indicators are feverishly blinking and the like madness

To accurately determine that a faulty control unit is to blame, of course, only a qualified specialist can be guilty. And you should definitely not climb into it for an unprepared person: the consequences will be fatal, including possible breakdowns of other expensive components of the air conditioner. Usually the control module is changed or reflash.

The air conditioner does not turn off

It all depends on how you are trying to turn off the air conditioner: this is usually done with the PU, and if the appropriate button does not turn off the device, you need to make sure that the remote control is to blame. To do this, try to turn off the air conditioner from the control panel on its inner unit. If the remote control is to blame, then most likely you just need to replace the batteries if it did not help. Change the entire remote control.

If the air conditioner does not turn off after pressing the button on the inner block. Your affairs are bad, and you have to call a specialist.

Rarely, but there are situations when the air conditioner does not turn off due to the breakdowns of some internal nodes: it is certainly not to do without calling a qualified master for diagnosis and repair.

Why is the unit does not work

It happens that the air conditioner does not turn on. The first indicator of a malfunction in the work of technology is the lack of a signal from the remote control.

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Check if the unit is connected to the mains. Turn it off for some period, and then connect it again. The same needs to be done with the remote control. Check if the batteries are discharged in it.

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Causes of malfunctions in air conditioning

The reasons why the air conditioner does not turn on, a lot. Sometimes the user cannot understand the problem on your own.

compressor, conditioner, does, turn
  • The air conditioner does not turn on due to the instability of the voltage in the mains. In our country, this is a fairly urgent problem. A similar factor contributes to the fact that the unit functions uninterruptedly at high temperature indicators, which causes drying out of insulation and breakdowns in the winding of the case. In the absence of grounding, the air conditioner poses a threat to the user’s life. The ignition of the unit is not excluded.
  • Temperature drops can also cause a breakdown. For climatic zones that differ in the instability of temperature indicators, the devices are made of certain materials that can withstand both heating up to 100 ° C and cooling before.40 ° C without the presence of degradation of parameters, the appearance of cracks, melting, loss of color, strength and other indicators. Metal parts are also made taking into account the level of expansion from the heat of materials and have appropriate tolerances and landings. Such models have a high cost. Air conditioners for tropical and northern countries are produced taking into account the presence of stable temperatures. Their materials take out a cold and hot climate, but the range of possibilities of such an unit is not so wide.
  • The negative effects of icicles, stones and domestic garbage, due to which the integrity of the unit is damaged, become the causes of malfunctions. From old.style houses, stucco molding, tiles or window cornices sometimes fall off. Various objects fall from the balconies.

Break off the case

A torn exposed wire, for example, compressor contact, can get to the metal case and cause a short circuit with all the ensuing consequences.

If when the compressor is turned on, the plugs are knocked out, there may be a short circuit due to the compressor clicking, or the closure of start-up capacitors. Without special tools and skills, such a problem cannot be solved, so it is better to call the master.

The remote control does not work

Rarely someone turns on the air conditioner through the control panel of the internal unit, so if you press the button on the remote control, and the air conditioner does not turn on, the idea that the air conditioner has broken down immediately.

But the problem may be in the remote control: to make sure of this, try to turn on the air conditioner directly from the air conditioner control panel. Most often the reason is banal. Batteries were discharged. Replace them and try again. If it has not helped, most likely, the remote control itself is faulty. We must buy a new one.

Compressor malfunction

The compressor is responsible not only for the acceleration of Freon, but also for maintaining “homeostasis” between the internal and external block. Typically, the malfunction is temporary, and it is associated with overheating of individual parts of the injection mechanism.

  • Complex pollution. If the air conditioner does not work, check its hauling. Pooh, dust, insects often get into the external block, even birds love to twist nests there. It is decided by complete cleaning.

If the specialist did not measure the level of freon, there is a chance of disconnecting the external unit.

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There is no connection between blocks

For repair, it is necessary to steal a fistula, but a complete replacement is recommended.

  • Electric. Power supply to external air conditioning blocks is supplied from the apartment network. In some cases, wires can be damaged, for example, due to birds.

In this case, we need to roll off or replace.

How to avoid breakdowns?

As experts say, problems with the split system usually begin at the time of its installation, if this is done not according to the rules.

If you do not work in this, Freon will begin to slowly leave the system.

compressor, conditioner, does, turn

Incorrect, not very neat operation. this is also a not.so.rare situation.

When moving from season to season, such a diagnosis is especially important. The specialist will refill the unit, clean it, check the pressure.

If you decide to carry out repairs yourself, consider the following points:

  • Cleaning the system is possible only after it is disconnected from power;
  • Any process is carried out carefully, with a guideline on the recommendations of the manufacturer;
  • If you need to check the freon leakage, the pressure gauge on the gas tank manifold is used.

The heating mode should not be launched if the temperature on the street dropped below that is prescribed as the maximum in the operating instructions. Check the freem pressure in the system at least once a year. Both system units also need to be cleaned at least once a year. And remember, only specialists can mount the device. Let the split system work without problems and longer than the warranty period!

The next video will talk about how to save time and money if you suddenly have a leak of a split system.

Precautionary measures

Many homeowners are wondering: “Why is the heating on the split system not turned on?»The reasons for such a malfunction are given above, but besides them it is worth observing some precautions that impede the occurrence of breakdowns

Do not turn on the option with a significant decrease in air

When the system cannot frosty the room outside the window to the desired temperature, since there is a certain temperature limit in its settings, above which it cannot bend heat.

Check out the instructions

Before the inclusion of the “warming” option, you should carefully study the provisions of the attached instructions. Such a guide is clearly spelled out, all the capabilities of the system.

Using a screwdriver-indicator

When checking the power of the motor, use the screwdriver. It will help to install the presence of electric current in the system

Identification of the non-ability of the air conditioner to warm the air to the desired temperature signals about the presence of some kind of breakdowns in it. An independent inspection of the unit helps to eliminate simple problems in its work. The corresponding masters who should be contacted are capable of contacting the internal unit!

Batteries in the remote control

First of all, it is worth checking the most harmless version. Batteries have been working for a long time, but over time they need to be changed. This is especially true after a long break in work during the winter. By replacing the batteries, the device will work stably.

The presence of electricity in the apartment does not guarantee that the current enters the air conditioner. It also does not be enough for normal operation of the split system. It is recommended to entrust the installation of specialists. They know the features of the installation of climate technology, so they can do everything right. They also provide a guarantee for their work. In Crimea, you can contact the Mikro-Climat company to install air conditioner.

It’s cold outside the window

Any device has a working temperature. Most air conditioners can work if there are no more on the street.5 degrees. Otherwise, the device will not be turned on. If you use the device in winter to heat the room, then you should pay attention to how many degrees on the street. Experts do not recommend turning on the air conditioner already at 0 degrees, as this makes the compressor work at high power.

This is a normal process, which in any case will happen sooner or later. With its deficiency, the compressor begins to work at high power. But with severe deficiency, it does not turn on. It is required to check when there was the last refueling of the device, to understand whether to contact specialists again to add a freon.

It is important to understand that the refrigerant deficit will lead to the compressor overheating and its breakdown.

How to remove air conditioning

To disconnect, the first thing the working fluid is stopped, the air conditioner is turned off and the already flooded liquid is drained from it. After that, you need to turn off the unit from the network and turn off the drain. Then the tubes that supply the liquid are removed, and the air conditioner is finally removed from the wall. In more detail, this process can be read in the article “How to dismantle the air conditioner with your own hands: instructions, video”.

DIY radiator repair

  • powerful soldering iron (at least 250 watts);
  • solder;
  • rosin;
  • iron sawdust;
  • cryolite;
  • sodium sulfate;
  • Two activators for flux. chloride lithium and salt salt.

DIY radiator repair is a responsible and difficult matter

First, the air conditioner is dismantled and de.energized. Then the lid lifts, filters are removed and about one and a half liters of water are poured over the radiator. If it did not result in a drainage tube, then there is an internal course.

After determining the location of the leak, it is dried, cleaned and degreased. In the case of a copper radiator, after processing the flux, tin is applied, warmed up, and you can proceed to soldering.

Water is poured again to check the integrity in the radiator.

If it is aluminum, then on the cleaned, low.fat and dry (!) the surface is applied with an iron quanifol, and the part where the solder will be rubbed with a red.hot soldering iron. When rosin begins to spread, the part is attached in the soldering zone with a solder from tin and lead, with the addition of iron sawdust.

Checking the compressor performance

Filters replacement, elimination of leaks or refueling of the air conditioner are the first steps when leakage of the refrigerant, darkening of insulation or oil. But sometimes these measures are not enough, and a more thorough diagnosis of the compressor is needed. And according to its results, it may turn out that the compressor needs a more serious repair. For this there is an express oil diagnosis. To make a sample, you will need a test tube, hose and a fluid capacity. Next, you should do this:

  • turn off the unit;
  • Wait until the oil wars on the walls of the pipeline;
  • Connect the hose with the tap to the service port, and lower the free end into the prepared capacity;
  • Open the crane and collect oil;
  • give the clock to stand and pour it into a test tube.

If the oil is darkened and has a burning smell, then the compressor overheat. The reasons could be: the leakage of the refrigerant, the clog of the external unit, the deterioration of the blowing fan, the absence of the winter kit.

The greenish color indicates the presence of copper salts in oil. This means that moisture fell into the freon contour. The danger is that it does not manifest itself, and then the compressor refuses. Compressor repair and oil replacement are carried out exclusively in the service center.

What problems are not subject to repair

If we are talking about cleaning filters or ordinary prevention, then this is a non.ar task for any user. But in the case of serious malfunctions, when you need to replace the details or check them on special stands, your own repair will be inappropriate and even dangerous!

You will have to contact the service center if necessary:

  • Compressor replacement;
  • Elimination of refrigerant leakage or refueling;
  • Repair or replacement of electronic modules;
  • Oil change;
  • Vacuuming the system.
  • Replacement of thermal insulation and other complex manipulations that cannot be done at home.

Now you know how to diagnose air conditioning, eliminate many of the problems and prevent the occurrence of problems with the climatic device. DIY repair is not only saving funds, but also satisfaction from obtaining new skills and knowledge.

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